Today we're tackling the last House in my Hogwarts House series, Slytherin! Now for this Slytherin makeup tutorial, I was going to go for something a little more subtle, but then I figured if any house if going to glue something that resembles precious stones to their face, slytherin would be the house to do it lol. That should also explain the stink face in the thumbnail.

So as far as this Slytherin look goes, It didn't end up the way I planned it. For one, I wanted to go with a more natural pair of lashes, to let the silver eyeliner stand out more... And just like Harry Potter taking the house cup from Slytherin every year, thatdidn't go according to plan. I do however still like the way this came out. and plus, any excuse to glue rhinestones to my face makes me happy lol.

And don't worry, there is one more part to my Hogwarts makeup series... well, for now any way!


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