This was a test stream with a vtuber sort of set up. I probably won't be really using it again. Might just try with my webcam next time.

Finally getting back to BOTW.

Another stream with an angry skeleton man, and the dungeon, also preparing for the WOF.

Another quiet stream, but with bosses.

This was a more quiet stream other than me talking to a friend.

Just my first Terraria VOD.

Just me having fun on a modpack.

The first VOD of Underhero, the odd game where you are a minion who becomes the hero.

The final boss, and credits.

Wawaku Shrine, and The Ark of Yamato boss rush.

Kamui and the past.

The Oni Island VOD.

When I played the Goose game for a chill stream.

The third VOD, and also the one before the next big dungeon.

Okami VOD 2, I'll probably be finished decently soon.

Not the first stream, but the only one I managed to record and keep so far.

My first Vod of BOTW.


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