To buy a new aerator, go to amazon here: When you have low water pressure, a lot of people look for a systemic problem, but oftentimes, it can be solved by cleaning your faucet aerator. Aerators can be found on some bathtub, and almost all sink faucets. Some people will experience more clogged aerators than others. For example, having a shallow well, or having galvanized water supply pipes could give you an issue. If you have recently done plumbing work, you might have dislodged something in the pipes. Even copper or pex pipes might occasionally bring something down the line. Even with a clean supply of water, mineral deposits can also clog the aerator. Tools needed: - Channel Lock Pliers (or strong hands) - Tape (To protect the finish on the aerator) - Vinegar (optional) - A pearing knife, or some sort of "pick" for getting chunks out

Jessica runs out of gas while exploring the property. She shows a little bit of footage from the property, and runs into a familiar face along the way. What she does not know if that she is a short distance from where a local bear likes to hang out!

Today we explored a bit more around the pond. Each day, we make a little more progress exploring animal trails, clearing trails, etc. We are truly blessed and enjoying every minute of it.

While travelling, we stopped by a park along a river and discovered caves in the cliffs below the park.


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We are a family of 7, located in the woods of Northern Wisconsin. We've recently purchased a small farm. Follow us on our journey of setting up the house, canning, gardening, hunting, and raising animals. The best way to see more of this channel is by hitting the subscribe button right here on BitChute.

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