C-Span (September 2nd, 1990)

Dr. Ron Paul explains how many people involved with the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations often end up in positions of power.

full interview:

C-Span user clip (November 1st, 2020):

"The thing is, it has nothing to do with belonging to the Trilateral Commission. The TC is like a club for people who run the world anyway. Like Paul Volcker, former head of the Federal Reserve System, who is the commission's new North American chairman. And Akio Morita, chairman and chief executive officer of Sony, the Japanese chairman. And Count Otto Lambsdorff, leader of Germany's Free Democratic Party, the European chairman. Who else is on it? Well, as of last April, top executives of AT&T, ITT, Xerox, Mobil, Exxon, the Chase Manhattan Bank, First Chicago Corp., General Electric, TRW, Archer Daniels Midland, PepsiCo, RJR Nabisco and Goldman Sachs (not to mention Nissan, Toshiba and Fuji Bank). And such former foreign-policy ultracrats as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert S. McNamara and George Shultz. And five U.S. senators, including John D. Rockefeller IV (of course). And House Speaker Tom Foley. And some professors...People had taken note of the number of former Trilateralists in the Carter administration. There was Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter's national security adviser, the man considered the ideological godfather of Trilateralism. And also Walter Mondale, Cyrus Vance, Harold Brown, W. Michael Blumenthal, Andrew Young."

Trilateral Commission Membership List (January 2020):

Watching the Hawks RT (July 20th, 2017)

Former FBI Counter-Terrorism Consultant Paul L. Williams explains that the CIA created and still directs the terrorist organization currently known as ISIS.

Full interview:

Alternate 1:

Alternate 2:

clip posted by 'Adamska Ocelot' (June 13th, 2018):

"Sean Stone, sits down with award-winning journalist and former FBI counter-terrorism consultant Paul L. Williams to learn more about 'Operation Gladio' and the CIA’s historic affinity for propping up paramilitary groups across the world."

"Williams holds a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from Drew University, has served as a consultant on organized crime and international terrorism for the FBI, and is an adjunct professor of theology, humanities, and philosophy."

How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen - Counterpunch (January 15th, 1998):

Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria - Ben Swann (November 19th, 2015):

The documents were released in response to a court order in accordance with a May 15, 2014, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against both the DOD and State Department:

Freaktown - Season 1, Episode 1b - The Princess and the Skull (June 20th, 2016)

Written by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallée

Directed by Chris LaBonte & Peter Ricq

Storyboard by Dave Pemberton

Truthstream Media (June 29th, 2013)

Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes compile a list of DARPA projects that paint a picture of total surveillance and control.

original clip posted by 'Truthstream Media' (July 7th, 2013):

This Advanced DARPA Study Has Perfected Mind Control In Squids - Business Insider (August 28th, 2012):

Fight or Flight: Darpa Explores the Neuroscience of Threat Response - Wired (August 24th, 2012):,Fight%20or%20Flight%3A%20Darpa%20Explores%20the%20Neuroscience%20of%20Threat%20Response,a%20flinch%20from%20a%20punch.&text=Darpa%2C%20the%20Pentagon%27s%20advanced%20research,now%20wants%20to%20find%20out0out.

Electronic Tattoos and Passwords You Can Swallow: Google’s Regina Dugan Is a Badass - All Things D (May 29th, 2013):

DARPA to develop biometric sensor capable of seeing through walls, pulling your heartstrings - engadget (November 21st, 2011):

DARPA's 'Biometrics-At-A-Distance' Knows You By Heart - Technovelgy (November 22nd, 2011):,typical%20in%20your%20doctor%27s%20office.

Follow Your Heart: Darpa's Quest to Find You by Your Heartbeat - Wired (November 18th, 2011):

Pentagon's DARPA researchers learn to control rat's brain over Internet - RT (February 28th, 2013):,-28%20Feb%2C%202013&text=Government%20mind%20control%20may%20not,thoughts%20of%20its%20test%20subjectject.

Slideshow: Feds Study Human Brain; DARPA Wants to Make Robots Autonomous - DesignNews (May 20th, 2013):

DARPA Building Robots With ‘Real’ Brains - National Defense Magazine (April 8th, 2013):

Pentagon's Project 'Avatar': Same as the Movie, but With Robots Instead of Aliens - Wired (February 16th, 2012):

Darpa Wants to Master the Science of Propaganda - Wired (October 10th, 2011):

We'll be uploading our entire MINDS to computers by 2045 and our bodies will be replaced by machines within 90 years, Google expert claims - Daily Mail (June 19th, 2013):

A Spy Machine of DARPA's Dreams - Wired (May 20th, 2003):,information%20and%20make%20it%20searchable.

How Spies May One Day Predict The Future - The Wall Street Journal (June 10th, 2013):

"ARPANET was the network that became the basis for the Internet. Based on a concept first published in 1967, ARPANET was developed under the direction of the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). In 1969, the idea became a modest reality with the interconnection of four university computers.",interconnection%20of%20four%20university%20computers.

MSNBC: The Rachel Maddow Show (January 3rd, 2017)

Chuck Schumer explains that the intelligence community will take revenge on anyone who challenges their credibility.

Full interview:

original clip:

clip posted by:

'IPAddress' (January 11th, 2017):

'Nicholas Ballasy' (September 26th, 2019):

'Obscured Trends' (March 22nd, 2020):

"A week before unverified documents emerged undermining President-elect Donald Trump, Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer predicted that intelligence officials would 'get back at' Trump for challenging their credibility."

"Trump got burned today by a leak of that caliber. Buzzfeed News and CNN reported on a dossier of dirt, allegedly held by the Russian government, that claimed, among other things, that Trump was secretly taped watching degrading sex acts by prostitutes in Moscow."

MSNBC Archive:

Joe Biden Campaign Speech in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania (October 24th, 2020)

Joe Biden starts speaking gibberish when campaigning at an event in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. It's hard to copy down an exact quote when the person is not using real words.

Full event posted by:

'C-Span' (October 24th, 2020):

'Joe Biden' (October 24th, 2020):

Joe Biden's speech posted by:

'Fox News' (October 24th, 2020):

'Tony Dortie - 24/7 Eyes' (October 24th, 2020):

"This would be heartbreaking if he hadn’t been such a corrupt person all his life..." - @RealJamesWoods (October 28th, 2020):

The Rotarian (June 1948)

Vol. 72, No. 6 - Looking Ahead with Albert Einstein

This is one of Albert Einstein's several quotes about creating a world government that 'The Rotarian' printed in a 3-page article. The magazine noted that these are excerpts from his public statements. The quote in question was allegedly presented on a radio program sponsored by 'World Republic' on May 29th, 1945.

link to the June 1948 issue (article begins on page 8):

"The only hope for protection lies in the securing of peace in a supernational way. A world government must be created which is able to solve conflicts between nations by judicial decision. This government must be based on a clear-cut constitution which is approved by the governments and the nations and which gives it the sole disposition of offensive weapons. A person or a nation can be considered peace loving only if it is ready to cede its military force to the international authorities and to renounce every attempt or even means of achieving its interests abroad by the use of force."
-Albert Einstein

The Subversion Factor: A History of Treason in Modern America (1983)

Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin

Produced by Western Goals

Video posted by 'federalexpression' (June 2nd, 2013):

Part 2 - The Open Gates of Troy:

Full two-part documentary posted by:

'publius10271787' (March 7th, 2009):

'boqueroningles' (September 15th, 2011):

'National Liberty Alliance' (November 29th, 2013):

'FullDoc3 Koffer' (July 25th, 2015):

'Lawrence Michael Moore' (May 18th, 2016):

'Jon Lacey' (July 25th, 2016):

'Jon Savage' (September 25th, 2020):

'Petr Cibulka' (December 11th, 2020):

"This program exposes the systematic and disturbing history of subversion by enemy agents of the US government from 1920s to the present day. Evidence is culled from public records and supported by remarkable newsreel footage. Learn the real truth about Alger Hiss and the theft of atomic bomb secrets. Discover how Communist spies penetrated the OSS before it became the CIA. Most disturbing of all is the revelation that every defense the US government once had against subversion has now been dismantled. Filmed in 1983 and produced by the Western Goals Foundation. Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin."

"The United States has retreated from world power since World War II, not due to a confusion factor, but a subversion factor – the penetration of enemy agents into the highest levels of government. Here is the history of that subversion starting in the 1920s and continuing to the present day. The facts are taken from the public record and supported by news reels of the period. You will hear former Communist “moles” tell how they promoted each other within government agencies and hear from those who worked with Alger Hiss in the Communist Party. Included are little known facts about the theft of the atomic bomb and Communist penetration of the CIA. See how every defense that once existed against internal subversion of the United States was dismantled. Not only has the government been deeply infiltrated by enemy agents, but nothing can be done about it under present law. Two programs included: MOLES IN HIGH PLACES and THE OPEN GATES OF TROY. Produced in 1983, it clearly explains what is happening today – and why."

ABC Evening News (July 23rd, 1981)

ABC News correspondent Steve Shepard does a special report concerning Bohemian Grove.

full report posted by:

'samuraiproductions' (February 3rd, 2007):

'DocumentaryArchive' (June 25th, 2014):

'fatimamovement' (May 1st, 2016):

'Edmond Paris - The Secret History of the Jesuits' (September 5th, 2018):

The Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats: A Study in Ruling-Class Cohesiveness - G. William Domhoff (1974):

A Relative Advantage: Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club - Peter Martin Phillips (1994):


The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America (January 1996)

Written by Patrick S.J. Carmack & William T. Still

Directed by William T. Still

Full documentary posted by 'The Still Report' (September 22nd, 2017):

Documentary posted by:

'halber mensch' (January 15th, 2010):

'FSchuster' (March 31st, 2010):

'StrategyActivists' (March 14th, 2012):

'LibertyCoffee Hour' (March 26th, 2014):

'Nunya Bizness' (June 17th, 2014):

'Rikki Lucero' (May 18th, 2015):

'Brice Mast' (May 23rd, 2015):

'burt cockley' (July 2nd, 2016):

'Dwayne Walker' (September 4th, 2016):

'Gary Alvarado' (April 7th, 2017):

'Flat Stuff Earth' (September 2nd, 2017):

'If You're a Christian' (May 30th, 2018):

'KJB Bible believing resources & more' (July 12th, 2018):

'AnonymousLiveStream' (December 27th, 2018):

'ross porto' (May 8th, 2020):

The Secret of Oz MOVIE - English - -Learn about the World Economy with Bill Still - The Still Report (October 20th, 2010):

ShadowRing (June 6th, 2015)

Written by James Perloff

Directed by Phillip Austin Green

Produced by Free Mind Films

Documentary posted by:

'Critical Thinking at the Free University' (January 25th, 2019):

'Red Pill Central' (May 6th, 2019):

'B.O. Bachter' (July 15th, 2019):

'MoreTruth' (May 5th, 2020):

'UROS75' (July 13th, 2020):

'Sergeant Major' (September 18th, 2020):

'Fearless Nation' (September 22nd, 2020):

'Through the Aether' (October 28th, 2020):

'Redman-Trumpfan' (January 6th, 2021):

'Americans United Against The New World Order' (February 3rd, 2021):

ABC11 (May 8th, 2017)

An investigative report on cell phone tracking devices known as Stingrays.

original report:

"state and federal authorities have been quietly investing millions of dollars acquiring clandestine mobile phone surveillance equipment in the past decade...little-known cousins of the Stingray cannot only track movements—they can also perform denial-of-service attacks on phones and intercept conversations. Since 2004, Harris has earned more than $40 million from spy technology contracts with city, state, and federal authorities in the US"

"Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and in Southern California are using a device so secret that agencies are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they can buy or use it...Stingray-type devices trick a target's cell phone into connecting to it by masquerading as the strongest cell phone tower in the area...Stingrays sweep up personal cell phone and location information from more than just the target's cell phone. Stingrays collect data from hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of innocent bystanders, all at the same time...The signals sent by Stingray-type devices penetrate the walls of peoples' homes, forcing a phone to connect to it."

"Federal marshals have secretly used powerful cellphone surveillance tools to hunt nearly 6,000 suspects throughout the United States, according to newly-disclosed records in which the agency inadvertently identified itself as the nation’s most prolific known user of phone-tracking devices...The Marshals Service confirmed its use of the devices to USA TODAY only in the process of trying to keep it secret, rejecting a Freedom of Information Act request for a copy of its log of cases in which agents had used stingrays."

"The Intercept has obtained a secret, internal U.S. government catalogue of dozens of cellphone surveillance devices used by the military and by intelligence agencies...The catalogue includes details on the well as Boeing 'dirt boxes' and dozens of more obscure devices that can be mounted on vehicles, drones, and piloted aircraft...the catalogue represents a trove of details on surveillance devices developed for military and intelligence purposes but increasingly used by law enforcement agencies to spy on people and convict them of crimes."

"Investigators had been concealing the technology from judges and defense lawyers"

"Another federal program called Triggerfish, when combined with Stingray, exposes the actual content of the cellphone conversations. It allows law-enforcement agencies to intercept up to 60,000 different cellular conversations over a targeted area. Add a few more features, and it can be used as a phone listening device to hear oral exchanges even when the phone is thought to be turned off."

Obama Admin Advises Police To Keep Covert Cell Phone Spying A Secret - Fox News: The Real Story (July 7th, 2014):

Local police dealt with company that makes controversial cellphone tracking technology - ABC 10 (August 5th, 2014):

NSA Caught Installing Fake Cell Phone Towers Across America to Intercept Calls! - Mark Dice (September 6th, 2014):

Valley cops using cell phone spying technology - FOX 10 Phoenix (October 6th, 2014):

Erie County cell phone spying equipment lawsuit - WKBW TV (February 19th, 2015):

How do Stingray, IMSI Catchers and Cell Tower Simulators Work? - Security Researcher (November 21st, 2015):

Secret Government Surveillance Catalogue - ExplorerOne (December 18th, 2015):

Stingrays Face Public Scrutiny - Jon Bowne (July 30th, 2018):

StingRay surveillance devices found near the White House - CBS (September 12th, 2019):

The Secret Surveillance Catalogue - The Intercept:

9/11 Citizens' Commission / 9/11 Omission Hearings (September 9th, 2004)

The former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, J. Michael Springmann, details the "visas to terrorists" program being run at the "CIA consulate," and the lack of coverage of the issue by the American media.

full hearing posted by 'Adam Fitzgerald' (August 10th, 2020):

clip posted by:

'Jon Gold' (March 2nd, 2011):

'Fernando Negro' (September 15th, 2011):

'Non Mirage Truth Vision' (April 2nd, 2015):

"The 'Omissions Hearings' of the 9/11 Citizens' Commission were developed by 9/11 CitizensWatch and as a response to the publication of The 9/11 Commission Report...The hearings were held in New York for nine hours on Thursday, September 9, 2004, with an attendance of 400 people at the afternoon session. The testimonies by researchers and whistleblowers presented evidence and explored questions that the official 9/11 Commission had chosen to ignore, or at least to omit from its reports and public proceedings"

"Michael Springmann, an attorney with 20 years of government service, who had been head of the visa section at the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Springmann reported that at least 100 visas he had denied were eventually issued by consular officials that were known CIA agents, or persons Springmann suspected were CIA agents. He denied visas to two Pakistanis who wanted to go to a trade show, but didn't know what trade show they were going to, or even what city it was in. He denied visa approval for a Sudanese individual he felt had no legitimate reason for entering the U.S. but was overruled by a consular official...What Springmann actually saw was the CIA bringing terrorists into the United States for training against the Soviet Union's troops in Afghanistan. He believes this is still going on and points out that 15 of the 19 named 9-11 hijackers got their visas in Jeddah at, in one of the more amazing Freudian slips in history, what Springmann calls the "CIA consulate.'"

"In Saudi Arabia I was repeatedly ordered by high level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These were, essentially, people who had no ties either to Saudi Arabia or to their own country. I complained bitterly at the time there. I returned to the US, I complained to the State Dept here, to the General Accounting Office, to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and to the Inspector General's office. I was met with silence...What I was protesting was, in reality, an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama Bin Laden, to the US for terrorist training by the CIA. They would then be returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then-Soviets."

Mike Springmann on 911 - National Press Club (June 10th, 2002):

J. Michael Springmann Treason in America Conference - Valley Forge, PA (March 7th, 2010):
Part 1:
Part 2:

J. Michael Springmann:Visas for Al Qaeda - Ed Opperman (April 18th, 2016):

J. Michael Springmann: Visas for Al Qaeda - 9/11: Justice in Focus (September 10th, 2016):

How The CIA Lets In The Terrorists - J. Michael Springmann on The Corbett Report - corbettreport (February 17th, 2017):

9/11 Whistleblowers: Michael Springmann - corbettreport (September 9th, 2019):

9/11 Citizens' Commission (Complete - clips) - Fernando Negro:

The 9/11 Omission Hearings - 9/11 Truth News:

The Prisoner - Free for All (October 20th, 1967)

The Prisoner - The General (November 3rd, 1967)

The Prisoner - A Change of Mind (December 15th, 1967)

"The Prisoner is a 1967 British avant-garde social science fiction television series about an unnamed British intelligence agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job. It was created by Patrick McGoohan and George Markstein, with McGoohan playing the lead role of Number Six."

"After resigning, a secret agent is abducted and taken to what looks like an idyllic village, but is really a bizarre prison. His warders demand information. He gives them nothing, but only tries to escape."

"General agreement exists on the first episode and the last two episodes of the 17 produced shows, but extensive debate has taken place among dedicated fans regarding a 'correct' order for the intermediate 14 episodes. The order in which the episodes were originally broadcast in Britain differs from the order in which they were produced. Even the broadcast order is not that originally intended by series star and co-creator Patrick McGoohan. Many have analyzed the series line-by-line for time references, which in many cases provide different—sometimes radically different—episode orders compared to the broadcast order."

ABC 13 (October 29th, 2015)

A Texas family says their 9-year-old daughter, Brianna Browning, was paralyzed and blinded after receiving the flu vaccine.

original report:

"A Galveston County family is convinced their daughter has suffered a rare reaction to the flu shot and now they are searching for answers. Brianna Browning, 9, has been in the hospital since October 17th. Her parents say one day she was healthy and the next, she was paralyzed and losing her vision...The 4th grader who loves to run, jump and play in the sand got a flu shot at her school on Bolivar Peninsula October 15th. Then her health went downhill."

"A Texas family says their daughter, once full of life and very active, is now hospitalized in very bad shape due to a flu vaccine...They say the vaccine attacked her body to the point that she was transported by Ambulance to John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas Saturday October 17th in critical condition. They say the reaction attacked 2 areas of her spinal cord, brain and neurological system...The family says Brianna will be in a very extensive rehabilitation program and doctors say she may not fully recover."

"The parents of 9-year-old Brianna Browning say their daughter hasn’t been able to move much of her body in almost two weeks...the girl began profusely vomiting, which continued into Friday. On Saturday, the girl was reportedly paralyzed from the waist down, blind and seemed to have what appeared to be a seizure"

"Flu shots are not only unnecessary, but they aren’t safe, either; they can cause dire consequences and the CDC has admitted that they are only 18% effective, at most...we wish her a full recovery. The sad truth is many children and adults aren’t recovering from their severe adverse reactions from this unnecessary vaccine. We hope the public wakes up soon and joins ranks with the countless parents who have opted out of the flu mist or shots at their school this year. Bravo to them for standing up and taking control of their children’s health."

Yet another 9 y/o girl paralyzed after the flu shot - Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News (November 5th, 2015):

The Wellness Way (February 2nd, 2018)

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives a presentation about the truth behind the science of vaccines.

original presentation:

Health Ranger Show #75: Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the Dangers of Vaccines - Health Ranger Show (March 25th, 2009):

Interview with Sherri Tenpenny about dangers of vaccines - TheHealthRanger (February 3rd, 2011):

Vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - The Health Cure Show (February 16th, 2016):

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Exposes The Amount Of Toxic Ingredients In Your Vaccines - War Room With Owen Shroyer (January 15th, 2019):

Bill Gates, Vaccines & Transhumanism: Dark Secrets You Need To Know - The David Knight Show (April 9th, 2020):

Shocking facts About Vaccines By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Pt. 1 - The Informer (October 13th, 2020):

Anthony Antonello (April 4th, 2014)

A video leaked by a water treatment plant worker, who was concerned about what was being dumped into the water supply.

original video no longer available:

video posted by:

'chemlin' (April 9th, 2014):

'EarthWatch21' (July 18th, 2014):

"Over the years, fluoride has come to be associated with good dental health for many people; it doesn’t carry the negative connotation you might expect the concept of drinking chemicals would, thanks to the PR efforts of those with a vested interest in the practice...The U.S. is one of just a few developed nations in the world that adds industrial silicofluorides to drinking water. Just five percent of the global population drinks water that has been chemically fluoridated, and more Americans drink this type of water than people in every other country combined. In western Europe, for example, just three percent of the population consumes such water; incidentally, their tooth decay rates aren’t any higher than those in the U.S. Most countries there don’t fluoridate at all...One big reason that the rest of the world is eschewing the practice is that the fluoride chemicals that are added to drinking water are essentially unprocessed toxic waste products. According to Children’s Health Defense, they often come from either pollutants that are captured from the phosphate fertilizer industry in Florida or unregulated Chinese chemical imports...The Fluoride Action Network points out that recent research has shown an association between water fluoridation via fluorosilicic aid and high lead exposure, especially in those who live in homes with older plumbing. That’s because the chemicals can leach lead out of the pipes. Sadly, this issue is completely ignored despite the significant damage that lead exposure can cause to children. National data from the CDC shows that children who drink water that has been treated with silicofluorides have a 20 percent higher likelihood of being above the hazard threshold for lead levels in blood...the highest fluoridated states also have triple the rate of Alzheimer’s disease, but it certainly is inexcusable. Fluoride has also been linked to neurological development impairments, premature birth, autism, and preeclampsia."

Fluoride Whistle Blower, Works in a Water Treatment Plant - Anthony Antonello (April 4th, 2014):

Fox News - America's Newsroom (May 26th, 2011)

Bill Hemmer covers the release of Senator Tom Coburn's report on the National Science Foundation's wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars on various studies and projects, including shrimp on a treadmill, a laundry robot, March Madness, and trendy baby names.

original report:

"You've probably heard of shrimp on the barbie, but what about shrimp on a treadmill? The National Science Foundation has, and it spent $500,000 of taxpayer money researching it. It's not entirely clear what this research hoped to establish...It's not just shrimp on a treadmill. The foundation spent $1.5 million to create a robot that can fold laundry. But before you try to buy one to save some time, consider that it takes the robot 25 minutes to fold a single towel."

"The shrimp treadmill, invented and built by (David) Scholnick, allows researchers to measure the activity of an exercising shrimp for a set period of time at known speed and oxygen levels...To further challenge the healthy shrimp, the researchers designed a small backpack made of duct tape to add extra load to the shrimp. With the extra weight and lowered oxygen, they were active for up to an hour.",with%20little%20indication%20of%20fatigue.%22&text=To%20further%20challenge%20the%20healthy,extra%20load%20to%20the%20shrimprimp.

"The National Science Foundation is being given too much money if it can afford to fund experiments that involve putting shrimp on treadmills or creating laundry-folding robots, grumbles Sen. Tom Coburn. The Oklahoma Republican has released a report criticizing the agency, which receives some $7 billion in federal funding a year, for wasting billions of dollars through mismanagement and by funding studies of questionable value"

"Sholnick still has the treadmill, which he is willing to sell for a million dollars, all of which will go to support marine biology research."

GMA unveiling of "The National Science Foundation: Under the Microscope" - ABC News Good Morning America (May 26th, 2011):

Performance in Shrimp and Crabs: Treadmill Studies—Louis E. Burnett:

"This video, from the lab of Lou Burnett at the College of Charleston, shows part of an experiment that measured how changes in water quality affect how animals perform in their environment."

"The shrimp video was made by David Scholnick at Hollings Marine Laboratory while working in the Burnett laboratory."

Shrimp on Treadmill Running for Science - LiveScience (July 9th, 2008):

Life at Pacific | The Original Shrimp on a Treadmill - Pacific University (July 16th, 2009):

Shrimp on a Treadmill w/ The Final Countdown! - XEARporn (October 22nd, 2006):

Shrimp Running Experiment Music Video Rocky - picardposer (September 30th, 2008):

Impact of exposure to bacteria on metabolism in the penaeid shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (May 22nd, 2006):

The National Science Foundation: Under the Microscope - Tom Coburn (April 2011):

The Oprah Conversation - Season 1, Episode 1 - Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man - Part 1 (July 31st, 2020)

A guy named Seth tells Oprah that he recently realized he must be racist because he wasn't actively anti-racist.

"Author of How To Be An Antiracist Ibram Kendi insists, 'There’s no such thing as being ‘not racist.’ We are either being racist or antiracist.'"

"with the country now in the midst of a racial reckoning, advocates are seizing the opportunity to point out that there is a difference between simply not being racist and actively being antiracist...Activists say that the first step is acknowledging that there is racism in all of us and that racial biases and behaviors take many forms...there are many small actions that people can take in their own lives that promote equity over time: diversifying your bookshelf, following more people of color on social media, dining at black-owned restaurants, choosing to see black doctors and more."

"By reflexively defining yourself as not racist, or beyond racism's firm grip, you're making it impossible to see how your own ideas, thoughts, and actions could be indeed racist. Moreover, being antiracist means moving beyond the 'not racist' defense and instead embracing and articulating decidedly antiracist views and beliefs."

Oprah Winfrey - All White People Have It Made Because of Their Whiteness (July 31st, 2020):

Oprah Winfrey Believes That Calling Obama A Liar Is Racist - BBC News (November 13th, 2013):

President Ronald Reagan News Conference (August 12th, 1986)

Full news conference posted by 'Reagan Foundation' (June 22nd, 2010):

clip posted by:

'Reagan Foundation':

'01101010charles' (August 6th, 2011):

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
-President Ronald Reagan

Full Transcript:

We Are Vaxxed (November 25th, 2019)

Neonatal nurse practitioner Michelle Rowton speaks about the lack of information on vaccines that is provided when training to become a nurse, and explains the use of "coercive rhetoric" to get parents to agree to have their children vaccinated.

full interview:

full interview posted by:

'Vax Not' (November 27th, 2019):

'Health Impact News' (December 4th, 2019):

"Michelle Rowton is neonatal nurse practitioner, specializing in the care of children ages 2 years old and younger. She has worked for over 17 years working in NICU, with pre-mature and sick babies...She recently sat down and conducted an interview with Polly Tommey during the VAXXED II film bus tour. Michelle relates that in her undergraduate training to prepare her to be a nurse, that the only thing she was taught about vaccines was how to give the injections. When she was in graduate school studying for her master’s degree to become a neonatal nurse practitioner, she says she was taught 'coercive rhetoric' to get the parents to agree with vaccines."

"Michelle Rowton of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations (NAMV) revealed in an InfoWars interview on May 1, 2015 that it was well known among medical professionals that vaccinating preemies and low birth weight infants 'on schedule' would immediately result in adverse effects. A month later, on June 1, 2015, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study that verified not only the risks of adverse events to low birth weight infants, but also confirmed the callous attitude of the medical community to the harm their rigid vaccine schedule inflicted."

Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants - JAMA Network (June 1st, 2015):

David Knight interviews Michelle Rowton of NAMV - Infowars Nightly News (May 1st, 2015):

Report: The Flu Shot & Pregnant Women - Jefferey Jaxen (August 17th, 2015):

VaxXed Stories: NICU Nurse in Redding, CA - VAXXED TV (January 12th, 2017):

Vaccine Truth by Michelle K. Rowton - King Institute (March 22nd, 2017):

Lost Arts Radio Show #217 - Special Guest Michelle Rowton James - Lost Arts Radio (February 17th, 2019):

The Economist (September 25th, 2014)

The Economist wants to replace meat with insects due to global warming and an increase in population.

original report:

"You see a lot of bug-eating primarily in places where people are very very poor and obtaining pork and chicken is a serious financial burden."

"The Economist is handing out 'insect' ice cream in London today, and throughout the coming two weeks, in order to attract new readers...The magazine is seeking to illustrate that consuming less meat and eating more bugs could boost food supply and therefore feed the world sustainably...The Economist has a history of urging people to turn their backs on beef and lamb in favour of weevils and beetles. In September 2014, it carried an article headlined Why eating insects makes sense in which it explored the notion of feeding the world’s ever-growing population with arthropods."

"A red and white food truck giving away waffles at the edge of Bryant Park on Wednesday attracted a steady stream of foot traffic. Even in the weekday bustle of Midtown Manhattan, people tend to stop for free food — so what if that food is topped with bugs? Most customers remained undeterred by the choice of dry-roasted crickets or dry-roasted mealworms sprinkled over a drizzle of Nutella, chocolate fudge, whipped cream or the gingerbread spread Speculoos...So what was up with the bugs? The stunt was The Economist’s latest promotional campaign. Staff outside the truck, which was branded with the publication’s logo and an offer advertising 12 issues for $12, were armed with iPads to take credit card information...A promotional flyer handed out with the waffles included an article from the title on why eating insects makes sense as a sustainable way to feed a growing global population."

"Researchers from Ohio State University have described insects as 'micro-livestock', while the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) earlier this year held a special conference on their benefits...Entomophagy's proponents acknowledge that Westerners will take some persuading to ingest insects"

"do crickets really have the potential to be the new beef? Not yet, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE. When researchers raised crickets on several different diets and tried to see how much protein they could squeeze out of them, they got some disappointing results: just not a whole lot of protein. In the experiment, researchers raised crickets on one of five different diets. They replicated each diet three times and harvested the crickets after two weeks. One group ate corn-, soy- and grain-based feed, while others survived on food waste or crop residue. The researchers measured how big the crickets grew and how much edible protein they produced. Diet made a huge difference, the study authors found. Those that ate a diet of processed food waste had feed and protein conversion rates no more efficient than that of chickens. Nearly all those fed straight food waste died before they could be harvested. And the most successful crickets were those that ate a grain-based diet similar to what most poultry eat. They had a 35% protein conversion rate, which is only slightly better than chickens...Swapping chickens for crickets–while feeding them the same thing—is unlikely to make a real difference."

"At some point The Economist needs to stop trying to make us eat bugs. We're not going to eat bugs, give it up." - @Birdyword (January 23rd, 2020):

Edible insects: Future prospects for food and feed security - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2013):

CDC Oral Health Director Casey Hannan video deposition (November 6th, 2018)

The CDC’s Oral Health Division Director, Casey Hannan, admits that the CDC doesn't have any safety data on fluoride exposures for neurotoxic effects on children.

The video deposition from Casey Hannan was recorded on November 6th, 2018, and it was seen by the court on day 3 of the TSCA trial held on June 11th, 2020.

full clip posted by:

'Fluoride Action Network' (November 27th, 2020):

'fluoridealert' (December 2nd, 2020):

"On June 8, a lawsuit demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ban fluoride chemicals from U.S. water supplies went to trial in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco."

"Under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), a group of non-profits and individuals petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2016 to end the addition of fluoridation chemicals into drinking water due to fluoride's neurotoxicity. The EPA rejected the petition. In response, the groups sued the EPA in Federal Court. The trial was held in June 2020 and the judge has yet to make his ruling as of January 2021."

"the court watched the deposition video of the CDC’s Oral Health Division Director, Casey Hannan. He confirmed that his agency agreed with the National Research Council’s 2006 findings that fluorides 'interfere with the function of the brain and body by direct and indirect means,' among many other stunning admissions, yet did nothing to act upon or study these findings."

"He is clearly out of his depth in the matter of any harm fluoride may cause to human health. He could offer no evidence of any papers that could show that fluoride does not cause any neurotoxic harm to the fetus or children. As he acknowledged, the focus of the CDC Oral Health Division is in promoting the benefits of water fluoridation for fighting tooth decay, and that they rely on other agencies to provide any evidence of harm."

Studies on Fluoride’s Effect on the Brain:

Fluoride - Dr. Phyllis Mullenix (October 24th, 1996):
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Is Fluoride a Nutrient? - Fluoride Action Network (July 16th, 2018):

Media Blackout: The Federal Court Case To End Water Fluoridation! - Spiro Skouras (June 14th, 2020):

One America News: Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler (January 20th, 2018)

Liz Wheeler reports on the move to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections in San Francisco, and breaks down what implications it could have in state and federal elections.

original report:

"As Election Day quickly approaches, San Francisco is getting ready to try something new by allowing non-citizen parents to vote in the school board elections...Amy Lin is the immigrant rights program manager at Chinese for Affirmative Action, an organization that has been doing community outreach to non-citizens. She says it’s not just about the number of voters; it’s about empowerment...City officials say one-third of all parents whose kids are in San Francisco public schools are non-citizens."

"A controversial drive in San Francisco to register non-citizens, including undocumented immigrants, to vote in school elections signed up 49 people at an estimated cost of $310,000, or about $6,300 per voter...Chicago and some Maryland cities also allow non-citizen residents to vote in school board elections...Several cities in Massachusetts, including Cambridge, Amherst, Brookline and others, have at various times voted to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections, but those moves require legislation from state lawmakers to take effect...Shamann Walton, a San Francisco Unified School District commissioner who supported the push, said that while it may have turned out to be largely symbolic this year, he still hopes it produces real change in the future"

"California has gone further than any other state in offering opportunities to those here illegally, including providing special driver’s licenses, college tuition breaks and child healthcare...An estimated 35,000 people without legal status live in San Francisco, according to a 2017 Pew Research report...Los Angeles and Orange counties are home to an estimated 1 million people who are in the country illegally, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center study. In California, it’s about 2.35 million."

"Proponents argued that expanding school board elections to non-citizens made sense given estimates that about one-third of children in the school system have foreign-born parents."

Clip 1: CBC News (November 9th, 2013)

Clip 2: CBC News (November 10th, 2013)

When speaking at an event called 'Ladies Night' on November 7th, 2013, Justin Trudeau explains why he admires the communist Chinese.

There wasn't a report that provided the entire question along with the entire answer from Trudeau, so I combined pieces of two separate reports from CBC News.

full report from clip 1:

full report from clip 2:

Justin Trudeau (November 7th, 2013): "There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime, and say, ‘we need to go greenest fastest,’ y’know, ‘we need to start investing in solar.’ There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about, of having a dictatorship that he can do everything he wanted, uh, that I find quite interesting."

"The $250 event takes place at The Burroughs Building in Toronto’s west end at 7 p.m. Thursday. A volunteer for the event said it is primarily focused on women but men can also attend."

"It’s being billed as 'Justin Unplugged,' and promises to give ticket buyers a chance to 'really get to know the future prime minister.'"

"Approximately 100 mostly female guests chatted loudly over glasses of wine and bowls of candy at a trendy downtown Toronto event space as they waited for Mr. Trudeau, who removed his suit jacket, undid his top shirt button and loosened his tie before taking the stage to a warm welcome."

"During the event, which itself was widely criticized for sexist and patronizing undertones, an audience member asked Mr. Trudeau which nation’s 'administration he most admired.'...While on CBC TV’s Power and Politics, Mr. Trudeau noted the concerns swirling around the takeover of natural resources by a Chinese state-owned entity would be similar to those of a takeover by a Scandinavian state-owned entity...His prime minister father, the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was sometimes accused of a predilection for communist authoritarian regimes. According to Bob Plamondon’s recent book, The Truth About Trudeau, the elder Mr. Trudeau was complimentary toward several leftist regimes in his day, including Soviet Russia, Fidel Castro’s Cuba and China under Chairman Mao. In 1952, Mr. Trudeau travelled to China with members of the Communist Party of Canada. Later, he supported the Soviet-dominated authorities who imposed martial law in Poland. He also admired the Siberian city of Norilsk until a Soviet dissident reminded him that the town had been built by prison labour."

"The 'basic dictatorship' of China is to be admired for its environmental record. Solar panels and all that."

"Trudeau has expressed a disturbing and obsequious admiration for both China’s 'basic dictatorship' and now to Cuba and its 'longest-serving president,' Fidel Castro, who died on 25 November 2016...Trudeau categorically and unequivocally expressed his 'admiration' for a 'basic dictatorship' that has since 1949 committed various atrocities, including — like all Communist regimes — mass murder of political opponents and forced famines that starved to death millions of peasants in Mao’s Great Leap Forward."

"China's not green, and it's not a free-market economy and the dictatorship of the Communist Party remains intact. The internet is relentlessly censored; human rights are violated every day; courts are under the thumb of the party; and corruption is so pervasive that party bosses accumulate vast fortunes while dissidents rot in jail for thought crimes."

The country Trudeau admires most? China - Sun News (November 2013):

Watch: Trudeau prefers China's basic dictatorship to democratic Taiwan - Brian Lilley (May 13th, 2018):


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