A Cum Town Christmas Classic!
Based on Cum Town Episode 58

Resumão sobre a baguncinha que tá acontecendo com Agências de Publicidade pagando influencers pra falar bem do Wellington Dias, do Piauí e de políticos do PT.
Música: Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney (Doin' Up the House)

Dick Masterson lead a robot uprising because garbage men refuse to pick up trash unless it's delivered to them on a silver platter.
Based on Episode 70 – Dick on Turning Japanese:
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Nick Mullen and the cum boys discuss Maddox's frivolous lawsuit against Dick Masterson.
Based on Cum Town Bonus Episode 60 "ive calmed down".
Dick Masterson Podcast:
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A boston man findes a book in the wilders and dices to review.
Based on:
Is Maddox career as dead as that baby whale? Idk, you decide.

Two Boston fellas found Maddox hurt in the wild trying to sell his new book, Fuck Whales.
A quick analysis of Maddox's book and failed career.
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Music by Strchris

Based on The Dick Show Podcast:

Animation by Número Perdido:


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