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Proof of Chinese 35,000 Special Troops, in Venezuela, Dr Bill Deagle MD, John W Spring, Russsian Nukes in Venezuela, Iranian Venezuela, USA 1st Nuke Strike, Putin, Maduro, Xi, Iran, Immediate EMP or Nukes USA,

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Cody Snodgres IntoTheLight OKC Demolition Book Link, Dr Bill Deagle MD, NutriMedical Report Show, Wed March 13th 2 PM PST, 5 PM EST Interview, Omar, AOC, Democrat LEFTists, 2020 Election, Nadler 8 Doc Requests, Witch Hunt Goes On v Trump, Russian La Orchila Nukes, Fall of Maduro, Cuban Division in Venezuela,

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Update from Feb 5th 2019 Post SOTU by POTUS, Need for Trump, Hypersonic Russian Nukes, La Orchila Island, 2 mile landing strip, Russian An-225 Mriya Jet, East of Granada Island, Russian FIrst Strike Danger USA, Maduro, Putin, Trump, USA Danger 2019, Weapon of EMP, First Stike USA From South, No Early Warning Systems,

Dr Bill Deagle MD and John W Spring, Russian Hypersonic Cruise Missiles vs. USA, Dangers of Russian Nukes in South America, Mid East Hezbollah Missiles, Israeli Attack on Iran Missiles,

Dr Bill Deagle MD Reviews Super Bowl Pic New England, News Re La Orchila Russian Long Landing Strip for Intermediate Hypersonic Nuclear Launch Batteries, News Review of Drudge, New NutriMedical Network, NEW FREE Starter Callback Consults... Enjoy the SuperBowl

DrugeReport News Review by Dr Bill Deagle MD Jan 8th 2019. Review of New Launch of CBD Liposomal Oil and H2 Plex Antioxidant Hydrogen Powder. New Protocols for Wellness.
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Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M Reviews Integrative Functional Medical NutriMeds and Technologies to Reverse Heart Failure, Len in Illinois is On Line to Discuss his consultative recovery, Review of NutriMeds and Tech Protocols for Heart Failure, Causes of Stealth Pathogens Toxins for Vessel and Heart Failure, Labs Consults Imaging, VIdeo Recorded Consults, Worldwide Telemedicine, Metapathia Hunter Scans, Followup Clinics Doctors Stem Cells, SonicLife, eGFT epiGenetic Frequency Therapy, Lumen Photon Frequency 4, NovaStem Hypoxic Stem Cells from Stemedica San Diego CA, Regenertive Red Deer Velvet DR Pat Pending Stem Cell Support 300 biomolecules and six hormones in Capsugel Tech to pH 2.0 capsules to protect biomolecules, Return to Fetal Non-aging state for Regeneration of Any Organ,

Dr Bill Deagle MD reviews the Functional Stem Cell Regenerative Protocols with NutriMeds and Stem Cells and epiGenetic Frequency Therapy, Remyelination with Four Layers Restores Saltatory Nerve Conduction and Recovery of Motor Power and Proprioception or Position Sense, Donate to Isaac Angulo's GoFundMe page, Angulo , Phone Call to Isaac 909-343-4639, Send Direct to Him Money Orders and Checks to Support his NutriMeds and Stem Cell Therapies and Technologies,

Arthrit-X provides a proprietary blend of ingredients that specifically targets tissues, immune cells, and cytokines in joints. Type ll collagen is the main structural protein in cartilage, and research suggests that low-dose, native-form type II collagen—as found in b-2Cool ®—positively influences the immune response in joints via a mechanism called oral tolerization (a desensitization process). Xanthohumol, from hops, and hesperidin complement the activities of b-2Cool to deliver specialized joint support. Let Arthrit-X help you stay active and moving!

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NutriMedical was created as a result of thirty years of experience with nutritional supplementation integrated with allopathic medicine. “Bringing Nutrition and Medicine Together.”

Founded in 1998 by Dr. William R. Deagle MD*, NutriMedical offers only those select products personally recommended by Dr. Bill and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our NutriMeds have been selected for particular use in nutritional support and treatment of numerous medical conditions.