The video ends around 13:00 and the rest is just a bonus for you ninjas.

Royalty Free Music used near the end:

The Alphabet vs The Goddess:

Yep, he really is.

Just listening to my boy Jared jam a bit. You'll be getting a lot more fun content in the near future once I get moved in with him.

My reason for living has been destroyed

freestyle song by Jared Rice

Just some general thoughts on our society. Another thought I forgot to bring up is about Culture. What are the first four letters of Culture? Meh, just thought that was interesting.

Rip to my middle finger. "Sad Music"

honestly just a shitpost.

Me and my friends made a video back in 2011 about a inspiring mentally handicap... i mean special drummer joining a band. It never really went anywhere beyond that.

Link to the original channel the video was on:

DM's of Ian getting dox of Wildgoose:

Twitter Thread from Steve McRae:
At the end of the day, we can all agree that Ian is a RAT!

Please share this video to correct the false narrative the Legacy Media is pushing.

This is a 2 hour long video of the entire event. I believe the drama kicks off about and hour and ten minutes into the video.

Styx's Channel:

link to Styx's video that was wrongfully taken down for "Hate Speech":

360 on these hoes n shit

Please subscribe to Pewdiepie:

#SubscribetoPewdiepie #Pewdiepie #WarNeverChanges

Link to Paul Joseph Watson's tattoo video,

This is not cool. Not Cool at all.....

Link to original video, watch..... if you dare....

Do I really need a description for this?

This is just me and one of my best friends bullshitting around. I'm actually gonna be moving in with him in like 5 months so you'll be seeing him a lot.

This is dumb

#TheWitcher #Ciri #Netflix

I don't wanna make any more videos on this topic. :( Before you get mad, watch the first video I did on this topic please.

Litro's channel:

I love these guys. :(

Thumbnail credit goes to jh4rdc0r3

#PapaBless #H3H3 #Sad

His youtube,

Paul's Patreon,

Paul's GoFundMe,

#PaulFlart #AmericanHero, #CantStallThePaul

The mass flagging needs to stop. Youtube needs to fix this broken system but that's asking them to start giving a damn about their creators. Sad.

#KrautandTea #FalseFlagging #AutistaregoingtoAutist


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