It’s never a given that a dog will be good with a baby, but it looks like this family won the lottery with their gentle giant of a dog! Great Danes are known for being big, so the fact that their pup is more than happy to be a pillow to his baby brother is particularly heartwarming. I guess this dog is “great” in more than one way!

When you’re constantly seeing LOL-worthy videos, it can be tough to pick out the ones that are truly top-notch – but that’s exactly what we did in this video! These clips were the ones that really stood out this week! Be prepared to absolutely laugh your socks off!

In theory, a calm boat ride on a placid lake sounds like a great way to relax, but it seems like it isn’t so simple in practice! This guy is so focused on getting out of his boat while staying dry that he doesn’t think about the boat floating away…oops!

I’m an absolute sucker for animal friendships, so this clip absolutely MELTED my heart! An adorable kitten is playing with an equally cute pup – the problem is, the poor dog is trying to sleep! I guess the kitten didn’t get the memo? All this cute-on-cute action is too much!

There is nothing quite as adorable as a baby’s laugh – except for maybe when a baby is laughing at something completely random! We’ve seen babies crack up at popcorn bowls, squeaky balls, and socks, but this baby can’t stop laughing about…a box?? This is guaranteed to make you smile!

The park is awesome any time of year, but you might say that summer is the season where the park really shines! As we already know, babies are super cute – if you mix the two together, you get some awesome fun in the sun! Anyone else want to ride some swings now?

It’s time for an epic showdown – pranks against pranks! This compilation is chock-full of hilarious practical jokes and sneaky scares, one after the other! We’ve got all types of pranks, so we know there’s bound to be a few that will have you LOLing HARD!

If you’re a particularly competitive person, you may want to shield your eyes, because these fails are all about mess-ups in big competitions! It’s easy to see how someone who’s totally focused on winning could easily slip up – trying to be the best is hard work! I guess we’re the real winners here, since we get all of these hilarious videos!

If you ask me, the best part of summer is all the time you end up spending by the water! It doesn’t matter if it’s the pool, the ocean, or a lake – there’s so many ways to have fun, no matter what type of water you’re by! I don’t blame you if you feel like going to the beach after watching this!

Could this girl be the next big thing in animal impressions? Her noises are so realistic! It’s like I’m listening to the animal itself! Okay, so she isn’t quite to that level yet, but this is a strong start! We’re looking forward to seeing what she does next!

Not every outfit we wear is going to be a winner! This dog is DEFINITELY not digging his fancy snowman costume – even if he is totally working the look! Like I said though, there is no ambiguity about the dog’s opinion on the costume – just listen to that growl! Yikes!

Think sleep will save you from fails? Think again! If we’ve learned anything from all of the fails we’ve seen, it’s that there is ALWAYS a way to fail – no matter what you’re doing! If you’re asleep, other people can pull pranks on you. If you’re in your bedroom, you’ve got plenty of time to trip up before you make it to bed. See what I mean? Fails are around every corner!

This dog can’t help but jump for joy when his owner throws a bucket of water towards him! I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anyone be so enthusiastic about being splashed with water – this pup is acting like this is the best day ever! It’s so cute that something so simple could make a dog so very happy!

Have you ever stood in front of a fan and felt like a model? When you’re having all of your hair being blown around majestically, it’s hard not to! This kid is clearly feeling those runway vibes too – just check out the way he shakes out his hair! Don’t be surprised if you see him on the catwalk one day!

Some might say that twins are double the trouble, but I’d say that they’re double the cute! Ok, they might be a little bit of both – but that’s what makes them so darn fun and lovable! Just check out the twinning antics in this compilation – you’re guaranteed to fall in love!

Your backyard is full of potential fun – and potential fails! Have a pool or a trampoline back there? Then there’s an even higher chance of your own fantastic fail show going on! Next time you’re out there, keep your camera at the ready – you never know when a priceless moment is going to happen!

These kids thought they were so sneaky, but this compilation shows that they weren’t as suave as they imagined! Yes, all of these kids got caught red-handed – and caught on camera! If they had a trick they used, they better find a new one, because mom and dad know it now!

Some people are in the Christmas spirit year-round, but it’s fair to say that this little guy isn’t one of them! He seems like the kind of person to insist on waiting until December to start singing Christmas songs – and it is most definitely not December! Whoever is trying to sing that Christmas carol better knock it off!

You’d think that a big, fluffy cat would scare the wits out of a tiny sugar glider, but that certainly isn’t the case here! This sugar glider has clearly had enough of the cat’s shenanigans, and he’s determined to get the feline off his cage! Looks like his plan worked, LOL!

This baby is so confused by the loud noises she keeps hearing – it’s like they appear from out of nowhere! Surely they can’t be coming from this tiny contraption that blows air, right? Well, prepare for a surprise, baby – this little machine makes an awfully big racket!

Putting a single rubber band on a watermelon isn’t going to do anything, but what about a whole bunch of rubber bands? Clearly there’s only so much pressure the fruit can take before it downright bursts! The people in this clip discover that pretty quickly once they’ve layered on a ton of rubber bands!

Karate is an impressive hobby – you have to have a lot of skills in order to practice it! Of course, we can’t all be good at everything – just watch these two kids try to learn a new move! One of them seems to get the hang of it right away, but the other…well, he needs some more practice, clearly!

From wedding veil to wedding FAIL! A person’s wedding day may be one of the biggest moments of their life, but that doesn’t mean it’s too big to fail! Plenty can go wrong, even in the most carefully laid out ceremonies! In the end, all that we can really do is laugh about it!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! You’re never too old to love ice cream – or too young, for that matter! These babies are proving that the love of this frozen delight can start very early in life – heck, I think I knew I liked ice cream before I knew how to walk! This is just the start of a life-long love!

When you’re a kid, sometimes you get tired of feeling like your parents are constantly in control – it’s like you’re at the mercy of their every whim! Well, these kids have had enough – they’re taking back control of the situation! This time, the laugh is on mom and dad – talk about a power play!


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