The Best Fails

The Best Fails



Skater grinds a blue curb and falls, lands on face, at a skatepark

Girl with short hair unlocks a door catches paper straw wrapper in her mouth

Kid in black hat skates off brick ledge, skateboard jabs him in the behind

Skater ollies off ramp, lands in grass and falls down on back, green shirt brown pants

Man goes down zipline, flies off and crashes into water below, big splash

Guy in red sweater gets attacked by white and black bird in open field, holding camera, use foot to block

Little boy wearing white Umbro shirt in the park does a backflip off a bench table and falls on face jungle gym in background

Guy walks barefoot in snow and screams like a woman, security camera in front of house

Guy wearing beige jacket, purple shirt does front flip off wooden balcony and falls on butt

Dylan "da villain" goes bull riding and falls immediately, gets stepped on by bull

Guy wearing red helmet and shirt does back flip on scooter at a skatepark and falls

Biker wearing neon green shorts does a jump off ramp and lands on his face, grass field

Girl in red sweatshirt blow drying her small black dog, home decor sign falls on back of her head

Guy in black tshirt and shorts slides down his stairs in a small white laundry basket and falls down stairs

Girl and guy dance to Cotton Eye Joe in living room, guy in red pajama pant slips and falls on wood floor

guy with black shorts swings and jumps off a rope swing doing back flips and slaps his back on the lake, his friends all scream

guy in blue plaid shirt next to woman takes fish out of black tank and drops fish in pet store

Slo-mo video boy blue swimming shorts front flips into pop-up pool on the street

guy filming sandwich, films girl next to him, community pool, little boy in red swim shorts front flip off diving board

Man sleds down on hills into frozen lake, ice breaks and he falls into lake

Toddler boy in orange shirt jumps off couch onto Paw Patrol chair

Guy in red and yellow outfit skis down steep mountain and tumbles down, friends laugh

Skier hangs onto rope attached to red snowmobile, jumps off ramp and falls

Security camera clip of guy riding bike, foot gets stuck, falls off bike, security laughs

Skier skis down slopes and tumbles down, friend asks "You good?"


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