Kill it with fire

This video was taken prior to "controlled" releases by the Core of Engineers, approximately two hours before. Reliant energy cut the power for 3,800+ residents one or two days before these releases, which devastated the entire city, as in.. Derelict homes and apartment complexes abound, abundant. Less people.. But back to this video...
Please, if you don't mind skipping forward to 14:00, I managed to capture an aircraft on film which was neither a helicopter or plane.. But emitted (you may be able to hear midway through the vid) Helicopter and Jet/Airliner "sounds". The craft seemed to be idle, just above the canopy of oak trees in my neighborhood, and accelerates surprisingly fast. You tell me what it sounds like, as I am still at a loss for interpretation. Many other anomalies, hopefully you can spot them.


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