This is a list of some of the most Mysterious photos that have ever been taken. All of which defy the very nature of reality. How is it possible that they even exist?

a film exploring the Giants found through out the myths of humanity. As well as the scientific clues explaining their existence and were they went.

A film of an exploration through the mountains of Nepal. Meet the people and how they live their daily lives.

A Film documenting the ancient History of the Divine Wind. The Japanese Kamikazi.

This film documents new information about who built Stonehenge and WHY. New Information reveals a new history of Stonehenge.

Who were the Black Pharaohs of Nubia? Why did they build their pyramids? Where did they go?

A Huge stature of a woman carved into the side of a mountain. A giant head, the only remain of a huge stature in Guatemala. How old are they?

These secret pockets of Mystery are door ways to Secret worlds unlike any thing else on earth.

This film documents the discovery of 7 of the largest skeletons found across the earth. Archaeologists are rediscovering the lost history of the human race.


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