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November 28, 2023: Man dies after suffering a cardiac arrest during a promotion reunion in Iquitos, Peru.
#DiedSuddenly 💉🇵🇪

The subject has been identified as Carlos Mozombite García, 48 years old. He was transferred to the Regional Hospital of Loreto, where his death was confirmed.

“This is an official record of my Skype call to CDC Director of Media relations Ben Haynes notifying him that I have record-level data proving that the COVID vaccines are killing people. I offered the CDC the opportunity to view and authenticate the data.”
- Steve Kirsch (Nov. 2023)

“An old man suddenly fell to the ground in the park... No one on the sidelines dared to step forward and help him.

The vaccine disaster has broken out, please be careful.” 💉(2023)

#VaccineSideEffects #SuddenIllness

Brazil: 18-year-old athlete dies after being sick during futsal match in Soledade 💉🇧🇷 (Nov. 2023)

The player received medical attention, but he couldn't resist. He was identified as Guilherme Carvalho Castaman.

#NHS #DiedSuddenly 💉


Most bus drivers worldwide were forced to take the experimental vaccines.

“Dear Moderna, You’ve Left Me A Prisoner In My Home.”


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A young female went limp after her Covid shot in 2021, watch as the clinic workers panic. |

Recent footage from October.


September 2023: Liam Fisher, a 34 year old man from B.C., was studying medicine in Grenada. He disappeared during a running race and was found dead some days later. He apparently suffered some sort of sudden medical emergency and died during the race. Liam was fully vaccinated. 💉🇨🇦 #DiedSuddenly

Bong Dayo, owner of Bong Dayo Furniture.

Never forget what these people did.

Most people on this planet took at least one dose, keep that in mind.


Oct. 2023: Mysore, India: 38-Year-Old Male Drops Dead At The Pharmacy 💉 #HeartAttack #SuddenAdultDeathSyndrome

That doesn’t look good.


This is not normal. Blatant genocide.


The following video is from

September 21, 2023:
This September 21 at about 10:00 p.m. there was an event that has dismayed the municipality of Chinú a championship that was taking place in the municipal stadium of this municipality of Córdoba, one person died apparently from a cardiorespiratory arrest.

September 16, 2023: A shocking video has emerged from a gym in UP's Ghaziabad that shows a man collapsing due to a suspected heart attack while running on a treadmill.

Unfortunately, the 21-year-old man died on the spot of the attack. He was the only child of his parents and a first-year student at an engineering college in Noida.

#DiedSuddenly 💉

Young children are dropping dead all over the world. Why???

This is NOT normal.

#GrapheneOxide (contained in the Covid shots) damage the heart and cause sudden death in people of all ages.


Video from

Most of the planet took at least one dose. You are going to start seeing more and more of these types of videos.


These are the worst crimes in human history.



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Hi truth seekers. Welcome to the Covid BC channel.

We share uncensored footage of Covid-19 vaccine injuries and sudden deaths from all over the world.

We also share #DiedSuddenly videos. What is that exactly? Ever since the experimental vaccines were rolled out people have been dropping dead all over the world. Many of these sudden deaths are being captured by security cameras. So many people are dying lately that “experts” coined a new term called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.” This is a direct result of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The only purpose of this channel is waking people up & sharing the truth, you won’t find this type of footage anywhere else.

Please share these videos far and wide.

God bless all the victims of this vaccine genocide.

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