Animatic featuring more Cave Johnson voice lines from Portal 2 with Ford from Gravity Falls.
Drawn and Edited by Jessica Kalei Sheffield.

An animatic featuring Cave Johnson from Portal 2 as Ford, pulling his usual shenanigans on his brother.
Drawing and editing by Jessica Kalei Sheffield.

Animatic featuring my theory on how Ford knew the memory gun wouldn't affect him.
Written, drawn, and edited by Jessica Kalei Sheffield.
Voices by Jordan Bush.

Had a fantastic time at Fanimecon back in 2017 and wanted to make a video commemorating meeting Pickleinspector as Mettaton near the Just Dance party pit.

I like Portal 2, and Gravity Falls was pretty good before the retcon, so here's an animatic I did for fun back when the show was still coming out.

After receiving a ton of requests to cover this topic, I decided to bite the bullet and make my first analytical fan video. This video takes a dive into the meta of the YuGiOh manga and focuses on not only the story, but what Takahashi went through to tell it.

If you’d like more in depth information on YGO meta covering ties to the 18th Dynasty, Egyptian beliefs and themes, and Takahashi’s continuing problems with Shueisha and Konami, check out my Historically Accurate YuGiOh blog: https://returntheba.tumblr.com/

Rise of Balxiros: Dead Man - Session #4 https://www.kaleiworks.net/dead-man

Upon meeting with Risasthillum, the reclusive archdruid of the Dead City lowlands, the adventuring party was was offered a veritable king’s ransom in gold and rare potions if they would only trade their undead companion to the witch for use as spell components; A cruel and horrific fate, by any measure. However, given that the dead man in question, Varris Toll, had tried to kill them all before being slain under a blood moon in Daggerfjord’s town square, it would not have been out of the question for the party to accept the tantalizing offer. Incredibly, all stood firm in their refusal of Risa’s deal, and soon found themselves in a life-or-death struggle against a powerful druid on her home turf. The conflict was ended as both parties realized their common goals and colleagues, and all survived the battle with their lives and freedom in-tact. That evening, away from the warm hearth and succulent feast within Risa’s mud cottage, Varris contemplated the events of the day with sobering insight...

Art by Hailey Lain https://squigglydigg.weebly.com/
Voices by Austin Lee Matthews http://austinmatthewsva.com/
Edited by Jessica Kalei Sheffield https://www.kaleiworks.net/

Clara and The Nutcracker: Currently writing. First Draft is Complete! Second draft is nearly complete!
Art and Video Editing: Jessica Kalei Sheffield http://www.kaleiworks.net/
Voices and Mixing: Austin Lee Matthews http://austinmatthewsva.com/
Music: The Nutcracker Suite - Tchaikovskiy

The Dog in Gauze, The Dog in Gauze!
Art/Editing by Kalei: http://www.kaleiworks.net/
Voices/Mixing by Austin Lee Matthews: http://austinmatthewsva.com/

What I make when I should be working on other things...
The movie is YGO: Dark Side of Dimensions
Kazuki Takahashi and Hirohiko Araki sure do love their tropes.

Aloha Valve 2019
Took some of my early character concept art and dumb memes, and paired em up with my Tiltbrush renderings. The music is from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.

Had the privilege of joining my friend Heather Campbell during the 2017 Valve Vacation, part of which included access to the Vive VR platform and Google Tiltbrush.
Spent some time in Tiltbrush drawing characters from Genndy Tartakovsky's final season of Samurai Jack. Was a lot of fun, and a bit of a workout!
I took some videos of the finished products and edited them together with the music used during the SJ Season 5 promos, the song is "Hang em All" by Carpenter Brut.

Short and silly intro video to one of my old physics lectures while working as an educator at the Kennedy Space Center.


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