Lets have a beer.

Lets talk a bit.

I will have more clips from this jewel...1990 The Bronx Warriors(1983)

After a blizzard the world looks fresh and new.

I have been very sick but think I may be getting better. I will be back with Omega Men streams and the content you love, Ogre

I love me some new babies..

There are ways to get good fresh meat and help the farmers at the same time. Ogre rides starts at 6.44 no blood and guts after that.

Mrs. Ogre's Grandpa is at the end of his trail surrounded by his loved ones. In a short time he will be gone, but never forgotten!

Just some thoughts. And a thank you at the end.

Well fuck me up the old corn shooter..!

Always look on the bright side of life.

Imperious Rex both songs are for you sir.. I trust you will watch. Just some thoughts on doing what you can for yourself.

Bonus Footage..

Loyalty is hard to find and give. Jason Salazar this ones for you..I took the Back back way to the cave..Listen to that Ford growl...

Was POTUS 41 a "good Man"? He did want to take freedom away from people that did not share his morals.

This person not only looks like a nasty pig she is greedy as a hog as well.

It is over now but the race-hustlers down in FLA were in overdrive.

Has Jones changed over the years or is it only me?

Just a mash up.. Cheers.

My way of saying WELCOME one and ALL.


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