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A recent publication by the world-renowned scientific group, The Cochrane Collaboration, has shown that masks did little to nothing positive during the pandemic response. Following the release of this study, New York Times opinion writer, Zeynep Tufekci, along with the editor-in-chief of the Cochrane Collaboration, Karla Soares-Weiser, threw the authors of the mask study under the bus. Jefferey Jaxen does a deep dive to uncover the important details of this story.


Has the Medical Freedom Movement Become the Most Influential Voting Block in America?; On The Jaxen Report, Jefferey details The VAERS Exposé and CDC’s knowledge of the hell they were about to unleash on the world; Controversy at Cochrane, as the once-esteemed organization is now throwing its researchers ‘under the bus’ in favor of the the opinion of a NY Times Editorial writer?; An Academy in Florida would not fold under pressure to vaccinate teachers, mask and isolate students. Hear from the couple that founded the Centner Academy, and how the children have thrived while most other schools were caught in the COVID’s crosshairs; The International ‘Crowd Resilience’ Tour is coming to America, and Del’s got all the details!

Guests: Leila and David Centner, Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Dr. Ryan Cole

Del is joined in-studio by David and Leila Centner, the visionary founders of The Centner Academy in Florida, to discuss the remarkable growth of their school and how they've navigated media scrutiny with resilience and determination. Through their unwavering commitment to innovative education and personalized learning, the Centners have created a unique and dynamic educational experience that is cultivating leaders with heart and business savvy.

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Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Maria Humber-Mogg have launched an innovative initiative aimed at building community and creating positive change. The Crowd Resilience Tour has made its way to the US, bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders in the medical freedom movement, including musicians, doctors, scientists, and other experts. This tour promises to inspire and empower individuals to take ownership of their health and well-being, while fostering meaningful connections and collaborations among participants.

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Despite the CDC preparing for the COVID shot rollout in 2020, newly released internal documents reveal that VAERS, the system for tracking vaccine adverse events, was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of submissions despite expecting record reports. Even after planning for a ‘worse case scenario’ of 1,000 reports per day, an untenable deluge swamped the system and its contractors in just 6 days after going live. But it didn’t stop there. Jeffery Jaxen reports.

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Vanity Fair recently did a hit-piece on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, which suggested that ‘Anti-Vaxxers,’ as they not-so-lovingly refer to the Medical Freedom Movement, may be the voting block that determines the next election. With prominent figures such as DeSantis and RFK Jr. evaluating whether or not to run for presidency in 2024, is it possible that the movement could be put in the position of determining the next POTUS?

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Celebrity Warrior Mom, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and Autism Treatment Specialist of more than 25 years, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel join Del to discuss their tireless fight to bring meaningful autism awareness and treatment, having tackled even the toughest topics around the issue including the vaccine-autism connection, and to announce a new community they are building for adults with autism and other special needs.

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President and Co-founder of PERK Advocacy (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids), Amy Bohn, discusses teaming up with ICAN Legislate using an offensive strategy against the California Assembly Bill requiring incoming 8th graders to be vaccinated against HPV. Hear more about the recent amendments to the bill and what it means for those attending school in California.

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It’s among the greatest worry of every Autism Parent: “What happens to my child when I am gone?” One specialist believes he has the answer. Pediatrician Dr. Jerry Kartzinel is joined by Celebrity Warrior Mom Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg to introduce the Home Life Community for Adults with Autism and other Special Needs. For more information, or to donate to this effort, go to

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Investment banker and Economist, Catherine Austin-Fitts gives her insight into the current volatility in the global banking system she describes as, “Financial Warfare,” giving insight in the wake of the Silicon Valley and First Republic Banks federal bailouts.

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German Health Minister, Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach just made a massive mistake on-air. He recently went on a German news station and admitted COVID vaccine injury is 1 in 10,000 with no way of helping the injured. The genie is out of the bottle never to return again. But is that the real rate? Jefferey Jaxen reports.

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Banking Crisis On The Horizon?; States Mount Opposition to Federal Digital Currencies; German Network Profiles Vaccine-Injured HighWire-Style, German Health Minister Folds; This Doctor, and A-list Celebrity are on a mission to create the ‘home life’ for adults with Autism, and other special needs; Positive Development on HPV Vaccine Mandate Bill in CA

Guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Amy Bohn

AIRDATE: March 23, 2023

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American families have been in a battle to protect their children from an overreaching public health apparatus for years. Now, backlash is growing against bills targeting parental rights, in the form of multiple bills written to protect and affirm parental choice.

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Del sits down with filmmaker Sean Stone, son of filmmaker Oliver Stone, to discuss his new, six-part documentary series, Best Kept Secret. The series explores some of the darkest sides of humanity, from the child sex trade, satanism, and cults. WARNING: this segment may not be for all ages.

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Artificial intelligence is permeating every sector of society. Systems like ChatGPT have been rolled out for public consumption boasting an interactive dialogue, and an ability to write ‘in your voice.’ But how ‘intelligent’ is this new artificial intelligence? We have a little fun putting it to the test.

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AI was once an early concern for the workforce, as it was said the technology could replace a large portion of humanity. Over the past year, more ambitious implantable tech has spurred apocalyptic warnings from some of the most significant icons of our time. Now, humanity finds itself at the precipice with serious debate needed before the coming wave.

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Iconic Figures Warn About Artificial Intelligence; Pandemic Madness Spawns New Bills, Both Good and Bad for Freedom; The Son of Legendary Filmmaker Oliver Stone, Shines a light in the Dark With New Docu-Series ‘Best Kept Secret’

Guest: Sean Stone

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The Telegraph’s publishing of former UK Health Czar Matt Hancock’s private Whatsapp messages has been dubbed ‘The Lockdown Files.’ The messages detail multiple interactions demonstrating the U.K. Government's willingness to abandon science and a reasoned approach to Pandemic measures, for coercion and control of the British people.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

Comedian Philosopher, Russell Brand, took a brave walk on his own high wire when he eviscerated a pundit from MSNBC on the topic of media bias this week on Bill Maher. He passionately and eloquently proceeded to shine a light on the stark reality that news from both sides of the mainstream media machine play the same dangerous game, with the people always being the ones who lose.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

Following The HighWire’s exposé spotlighting the large role WHO Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar had in suppressing the lab origin debate in 2020, a Congressional Committee, and now the rest of the mainstream media, are zeroing in on the former Director of the Wellcome Trust, calling for his resignation from the W.H.O.

#JeremyFarrar #WHO #Wuhan #WIV #CovidLabOrigin

Former CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield, testified before The House Selection Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic this week, letting loose on Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Francis Collins, gain-of-function research and the lab origin debate detailing what he witnessed in early 2020. His testimonials are nothing short of historical.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

California legislators continue their reign of vaccine mandate terror with the proposed Assembly Bill 659, which would require children to be vaccinated for HPV before entering 8th grade. Attorney, Michael Baum, Esq., discusses his law firm's fight to block this bill, which would stop countless crippling injuries, especially in the absence of proof of efficacy.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023


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