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American families have been in a battle to protect their children from an overreaching public health apparatus for years. Now, backlash is growing against bills targeting parental rights, in the form of multiple bills written to protect and affirm parental choice.

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Del sits down with filmmaker Sean Stone, son of filmmaker Oliver Stone, to discuss his new, six-part documentary series, Best Kept Secret. The series explores some of the darkest sides of humanity, from the child sex trade, satanism, and cults. WARNING: this segment may not be for all ages.

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Artificial intelligence is permeating every sector of society. Systems like ChatGPT have been rolled out for public consumption boasting an interactive dialogue, and an ability to write ‘in your voice.’ But how ‘intelligent’ is this new artificial intelligence? We have a little fun putting it to the test.

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AI was once an early concern for the workforce, as it was said the technology could replace a large portion of humanity. Over the past year, more ambitious implantable tech has spurred apocalyptic warnings from some of the most significant icons of our time. Now, humanity finds itself at the precipice with serious debate needed before the coming wave.

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Iconic Figures Warn About Artificial Intelligence; Pandemic Madness Spawns New Bills, Both Good and Bad for Freedom; The Son of Legendary Filmmaker Oliver Stone, Shines a light in the Dark With New Docu-Series ‘Best Kept Secret’

Guest: Sean Stone

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The Telegraph’s publishing of former UK Health Czar Matt Hancock’s private Whatsapp messages has been dubbed ‘The Lockdown Files.’ The messages detail multiple interactions demonstrating the U.K. Government's willingness to abandon science and a reasoned approach to Pandemic measures, for coercion and control of the British people.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

Comedian Philosopher, Russell Brand, took a brave walk on his own high wire when he eviscerated a pundit from MSNBC on the topic of media bias this week on Bill Maher. He passionately and eloquently proceeded to shine a light on the stark reality that news from both sides of the mainstream media machine play the same dangerous game, with the people always being the ones who lose.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

Following The HighWire’s exposé spotlighting the large role WHO Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar had in suppressing the lab origin debate in 2020, a Congressional Committee, and now the rest of the mainstream media, are zeroing in on the former Director of the Wellcome Trust, calling for his resignation from the W.H.O.

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Former CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield, testified before The House Selection Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic this week, letting loose on Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Francis Collins, gain-of-function research and the lab origin debate detailing what he witnessed in early 2020. His testimonials are nothing short of historical.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

California legislators continue their reign of vaccine mandate terror with the proposed Assembly Bill 659, which would require children to be vaccinated for HPV before entering 8th grade. Attorney, Michael Baum, Esq., discusses his law firm's fight to block this bill, which would stop countless crippling injuries, especially in the absence of proof of efficacy.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

One of the greatest voices in the medical freedom movement, Attorney Activist Robert Kennedy, Jr, has hinted at a potential presidential run in 2024. Could America have a candidate on both sides of the aisle speaking out against medical tyranny, with FL Governor Ron Desantis hinting at a run as well?

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

Comedy legend, Rob Schneider, took a break from his stand-up tour to stop by The HighWire studio and chat about his long history of advocating for medical freedom and the challenges of going against the grain in Hollywood.

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POSTED: March 10, 2023

The Fight Against HPV Mandates in CA; UK’s Hancock Caught Red-Handed; Dutch Farmers Step Up The Fight; Congressional Oversight Committee Questions COVID Vaccine Origins, Redfield Lets Loose on Fauci; Movie Star / Comedian Talks Surviving Cancel Culture, Doing What’s Right; Russell Brand Lights Things Up on Late Night

Guests: Michael Baum, Esq., Rob Schneider

AIRDATE: March 9, 2023

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The great lies of COVID-19 pushed on the world by global health agencies and mainstream media are unraveling before our eyes. Del walks through the ‘10 Myths Told By Covid Experts’ published by Johns Hopkins Surgeon, Marty Makary, MD, pinpointing when and where The HighWire was brave enough to report on debunking each one, going all the way back to January of 2020.

#MartyMakary #NYT #CovidLies

When former Levi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Sey, spoke out against school closures on social media in 2020, she never imagined the firestorm it would start. Hear how it led to the end of her 20+ year career at the $6 billion company and why this isn’t her first time facing the woke cancel culture.

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Yet another narrative reversal sees parts of the U.S. Government now saying COVID came from a Chinese lab. The HighWire reveals who kept this information from the American public from the beginning and why the same players are back at it with bird flu.

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After helping her son recover from autism through diet, biomedical treatments and determination, Heidi Scheer chose pageants as a platform to get her hopeful message to parents of children with Autism. Hear her son Gannon’s remarkable story and how Heidi uses her title of ‘Mrs. Universe’ to spread a message of healing and hope.

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As the lawsuits begin to fly, independent scientists descend on East Palestine, OH, to do the EPA’s job for the people. Meanwhile, the EPA is ordering wastewater and contaminated materials and soil shipped all over the US for disposal.

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NY Post Exposes 10 Myths told by ‘experts’ about COVID. How Many Did You Get Right?; Former Executive Pushed Out By Levi’s Over Covid Stance Protecting Children; Covering Up Wuhan Pays At The W.H.O.; Ohio Chemical Leak Update Leaves More Questions Than Answers; Mrs. Universe Uses Platform to Inform and Inspire For Autism; Woody Harrelson Stirred it Up On SNL

Guests: Jennifer Sey, Heidi Scheer

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AIRDATE: March 2, 2023

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Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)

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It is perhaps the biggest untold medical story involving the government of our time. American’s have nowhere to turn if they get injured or die after receiving a COVID vaccine. FOIA emails reveal a countermeasures compensation program unwilling to safeguard, or even compensate, injured vaccine recipients.

#VaccineInjured #COVID #CICP

POSTED: February 27, 2023

Del tackles the taboo topic with Chemtrails and weather modification, questioning Lead Researcher for ‘GeoEngineering Watch,’ Dane Wigington, on his findings from US Patents, military whistleblowers, and even lab-studied samples from cloud seeding. Is it a global conspiracy?

#TheDimming #ChemTrails #GeoEngineering #WeatherModification

POSTED: February 27, 2023

ICAN’s latest legal win put Del up against an old foe in Richard Pan, the former CA Senator secretly behind the push for San Diego Unified School District’s attempt to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. Hear the details of the legal precedent the win sets and how Pan failed to cover up the loss.

#RichardPan #VaccineMandates #SDISD #ICAN

POSTED: February 27, 2023


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