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Grandad knows mine craft and mein kampf are the same

Sept 16, 2023 to organize strategic attacks & counter-protests against those parents, grandparents & other concerned Canadians participating in the Million March protesting the SOGI sex activist takeover of their schools

(Directed Microwave Technology)? DMT? used as a weapon? Water and metal is now fire?

The evil is Corralling The World into 15 minute prisons as Robert Brames photographic evidence leaves no doubt we are under a ruthless worldwide arson attack utilizing some exotic technology by these evil bastards. Not only are they hell bound to take us all with them they are hell bent under task and are feverishly working around the clock to implement this world prison beast grid system for their Master.

Source - https://rumble.com/v30od1t-these-ca-fires-make-no-sense-at-all-wrobert-brame.html

When most Gyms and Physiotherapists don't cater. You need to build your own .Wiki denies any knowledge of the origin of the chair.. they want you sick broken and unhealthy.


I've tried many frames but this frame is the old classic and unfounded for some reason . the trick to the chair is achieving the right seat comfortable position on the Quadraceps to your lower body length. the chair position should feel comfortable and a relief and fun and easy to exercise.

Source - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSecretVault

The hospital, which was designed by George Rake in the Gothic Revival style using a dual pavilion layout, opened as the Portsmouth Borough Asylum in September 1879. A sanatorium for the treatment of infectious diseases was completed in 1879 and the wards were extended in 1895. Four detached villas, designed by Albert Cogswell, were added in 1908. It became the Borough of Portsmouth Mental Hospital in 1914 and was requisitioned for military use during the First World War. After service as an Emergency Medical Service facility during the Second World War, it joined the National Health Service as St James' Hospital in 1948.

After the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s, the hospital went into a period of decline and inpatient services significantly reduced. The land to the south of the hospital was registered as Portsmouth's first town green in 2001. By summer 2018, Solent NHS Trust only retained a small area of the site for mental health services. The site as a whole was marketed for redevelopment and sold to a property developer in January 2019.

Red Over Black is the chilling and almost unbelievable story of the Marxist manipulation of the aboriginal 'Land rights' movement told by Ex Communist party member Geoff Mcdonald
While painting aboriginal murals on the secret Communist training school at Minto NSW he first heard of the long-Range Communist strategy for the establishment of an Aboriginal republic under Communist control.
While representing the Australian nursing federation as an industrial officer in the early seventies he made numerous visits to Aboriginal Reserves in Central and Northern Australia and saw Marxist operators and their dupes hard at work in advancing Communist Strategy.
Geoff Mcdonald has a deep respect for the genuine aboriginal people whom he sees being treated as black cannon fodder by the Marxist revolutionaries.

(Mar 29, 2023 "The Voice" will be a new body that represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across Australia to provide their input into the decisions, policies and laws that are made by the government and parliament).

Damn commie bastards are still at it using the aboriginals still till today

Red over Black Book - https://www.veritasbooks.com.au/products/red-over-black-behind-the-aboriginal-land-rights-g-mcdonald

Red over Black by Geoff Mcdonald PDF - https://alor.org/Storage/Library/PDF/McDonald_G-Red_Over_Black.pdf


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Fighting through the commie bitchute bastards shadowbanning and region block censorship this is no freedom platform at all it is pushing the government narrative of shutting down sovereignty and freedom and channeling users into the beast prison. Bitchute is becoming more communised then youtube nowadays. unbelievable we been duped again by the beast