Remastered of an old interview with streamer CatboyKami recorded a year ago.

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year 2022!
I decided to sum up some results of the year and tell you what events happened in 2021.

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My guest is the Safari Man streamer from HomeworkHelpers88. We talked about politics in Georgia, about participation in the anti-LGBT protest, discussed his views and remembered Tesak.

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Hello everyone, I'm Nagibator. Is it difficult and dangerous to engage in activism? Together with politician Nikolai Bondarik and streamer Safari Man, we talked about the types of protests and how you can personally change the situation in the world.

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While I am working on new reviews and interviews, I suggest remembering what the foreign guests said about Russia. This section "Guests about ..." will not harm the main content, but it will be useful for those who have not watched the interview yet and are not familiar with the content, as well as a reason for old subscribers to revise or refresh their memories of old interviews.

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What do you think about the West? America, Western Europe. Many kukozhs libtards porridges consider the West an example to follow, they say, there is freedom of speech, not what we have, in this RUSHKA. But is it there?

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Twitch has established itself as a monopoly in the streaming environment: the largest and most popular live streaming service. But you have to pay for promotion from twitch, for monetization and popularity. No, not money, freedom of speech. Why is this site so popular? Is there a way out? Are there any alternatives?
Today we will consider them.

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I decided to explain to true conservatives who do not see propaganda in LGBT flags how propaganda actually works.

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Not so long ago I made a video about social networks with freedom of speech, but are there such video hosting sites? It's not a secret for anyone that YouTube has long ceased to be such a platform, now it is especially noticeable: constant strikes, deletion of channels with any point of view that JewTube admins do not like.

Basically, most of the podcasts on my channel were with right-wing streamers and musicians. And I thought, what kind of music is most suitable for people adhering to nationalist ideas? What is the most BASED music?

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Hello everyone, my nickname is Nagibator. On my ONcast channel, there have already been several interviews with Omegle streamers, but not everyone knows what they are, what streamers exist and how they differ from each other.


00:00 — Introduction
00:36 — Where did it come from?
02:16 — What streamers appeared in the genre
04:48 — Creative associations
06:57 — New ideas and raising the bar
08:06 — Results

Used materials:
Above The Clouds by | e s c p | https://escp-music.bandcamp.com
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Danik Prihodko: Pexels
Altea Alessandroni: Pexels
cottonbro: Pexels
CatboyKami: https://t.me/catboy
Martinez: https://t.me/martinezperspective
GypsyCrusader: https://t.me/gypsycrusader
CodComedyTJ: https://t.me/CodComedyTJ
HomeworkHelpers88: https://t.me/homeworkhelpers88
Best Of Omegle: https://t.me/BestOfOmegle
GoyimTV: https://t.me/GDL4LIFE

Hello everyone, my nickname is Nagibator. This is the ONcast release, which was recorded a couple of months before publication, I had a Romet38 streamer as a guest, we talked about Europe, migrants, streams and much more.


Time codes:
00:00 — Intro
00:20 — Why did you become interested in the right movement?
01:04 — How did you start streaming? Goals
01:35 — HomeworkHelpers88
02:16 — About CatboyKami, GypsyCrusader, Martinez
03:23 — Arrests of streamers
04:23 — Views
08:44 — New ideas
10:35 — Activities other than streaming
11:44 — Cuckolding in Germany
14:12 — Racial war in France
15:04 — Floyd, BLM. Where is WLM?
18:46 — Why do corporations support minorities?
23:09 — Religion
24:34 — Books
26:55 — About Russia and Russians
28:10 — Blitz
36:00 — End

Hello everyone, my nickname is Nagibator, this is the 16th episode of ONcast, and today I'm visiting an American streamer Europe Rising. We talked about Omegle streams, communities, IRL streams, activism and a little about politics.

Europe Rising:

00:00 — Start
00:21 — Streaming and the goals of streaming
01:34 — IRL streams
03:43 — There were no streams for a long time, why?
04:17 — Raising the bar and next plans
06:09 — Ideology, views
07:33 — Arrests of streamers, aren't you afraid?
08:51 — Palestine vs. Israel
10:28 — Racial war in France
12:10 — Biden's first steps
13:43 — Religion
14:52 — Books
16:11 — Russia and Russians
16:54 — Blitz
22:45 — End

Hello everyone, my name is Nagibator, and I wondered, is there any freedom of speech on the Internet? Are there social networks out there that are not trying to fawn on minorities?


00:00 — Intro
00:38 — Parler
02:03 — Gab
03:05 — CloutHub
03:30 — FreeSpace Social
04:05 — Resume

Used materials:
Danik Prihodko: Pexels
Tima Miroshnichenko: Pexels
August de Richelieu: Pexels
Wolfgang Langer: Pexels
Diva Plavalaguna: Pexels
Tom Leishman: Pexels
wake up, try again by Barradeen | https://soundcloud.com/barradeen
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Hello everyone, my name is Nagibator, this is the 15th episode of ONcast, today our guest is the American streamer Imperator Trajan. We talked about his streams, activism, politics, he also advised viewers about based literature.

HomeworkHelpers88: https://t.me/homeworkhelpers88
Nagibator: https://t.me/nagibENG

00:22 — How would you describe your streams?
01:24 — How should Omegle streams evolve?
02:58 — Plans besides streams
04:01 — Views on politics, economics, life
05:25 — American politics. Biden's first steps
08:05 — Opinion about LGBT people
10:18 — Attitude towards Feminism
12:29 — Opinion about (((them)))
14:20 — Are you religious?
16:05 — BLM, why doesn't White start WLM?
18:25 — What should be the right propaganda?
21:42 — What books would you recommend to viewers?
22:48 — What do you think about Russia and Russians?
24:00 — Blitz-pool
27:20 — End of interview

Hello everyone, my name is Nagibator, this is the 13th episode, season 2 of ONcast, in which we together with the RightWing Highlights (@catboyhigh) channel called the British streamer CodComedyTJ, who is under arrest. We discussed his arrest, talked about streamers CatboyKami, Gypsy Crusader, and also about Russians and Russia.

CodComedyTJ: https://t.me/CodComedyTJ
RightWing Highlights: https://t.me/catboyhigh
Nagibator: https://t.me/nagib4tor

00:00 — Intro
00:25 — Eve of arrest, did you expect it?
01:59 — How did arrest take place?
05:49 — What's happening and will happen now?
06:25 — Arrests of CatboyKami and GypsyCrusader
08:30 — Conflict between Kami and Gypsy
09:38 — What is your ideology?
10:22 — Reaction from people around, threats from the leftists
12:35 — Will you continue streams or it will change?
13:19 — How did you decide to stream and what your goals?
15:42 — What are you doing without internet?
16:45 — About Russia and russian, slavs
17:13 — Tesak
18:21 — Shitwank story
19:43 — Blitz-pool
22:25 — End of interview

Hello everyone! My name is Nagibator, this is the second season of ONcast.
Today my guest is the video blogger and streamer Brandon Martinez, we talked with him about feminism, American politics, about Russia

Brandon's telegram:

ONcast is available on all sites:

All beliefs and thoughts expressed in this interview do not relate to the author of the channel, he does not share them and only demonstrates the guest's point of view.


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