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The world deserves to know.

Comment three things you have learned from three jobs you've had. Use #3jobs3lessons

Our sweet boy Atomic would love a shout out.

We're all losing our minds. How long until God's return or Revival?

Boys need stories of strong men. Boys need inspiration. And the boys need stories of men doing what's hard. Leave a comment of any suggestions you have for others and I'll be happy to watch them.

A stupid Tik Tok and the ignorant logic that will ruin this 10 year old boy's life.

Was told twice in one day that I could use my white card to get ahead. Not true for my company, how about for yours?

A man who thinks he's funny with insight on the woman who's not.
All critiques and criticisms welcome. Seriously, I want to be better than this, let me know how.

Part 2 of a 6 part series from my YouTube channel. New content in development now.
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We have sold our souls for entertainment.
An episode of a series on my YouTube channel. Part 2 coming next week.

Also included, basically YouTube.

A sermon from my college years. What is the purpose of marriage? Why would God even make it and be so serious about it?

An episode of a series from my old YouTube channel. Also my hair was still black.

My favorite skit from my old YouTube channel.


A short description of my boy Bernie. Also, famous speech my fellow geeks will love.

Very early video from my YouTube page.

Of course, I'm not talking about myself. I have never done every single one of these.

Please share your favorites in the comments below. I always wonder why people love the celebrities they love.

You never know what you'll find in a Church's storage closet. Unless it's a priest's office closet, in which case you'll find a young boy very happy to see you.


Never. Eat. Candied. Herring.


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