It seems that many people view anxiety and fear as an absolute and complete failure of faith. But what does the Bible actually show us?

A very brief comment on the experience of knowing God

While it is indeed true that God has an amazing, unparallelled love for everyone, He also has a unique love reserved for believers who return His Love to Christ.

An honest spontaneous expression of one moment in time after praying and hoping for healing for many years. I decided to post because, while faith is a wonderful and happy life, people need to know that it still has hills and valleys. Don't be discouraged. It doesn't mean you have failed. The answer is still YES and Amen in Christ (Look it up for yourself.) :)

There is a tremendous ignorance about the Nature of Father God and His radically unique and Supreme Goodness - Knowing Him as He truly is brings Peace of heart and mind

A deeper reflection upon how Father God sees the issues of race and policing, as well as Justice and Grace. What is the value of a human life? It is CHALLENGING.

There are many false assumptions made about God which result in great slander against His character. Perhaps the greatest revelation of my life was the revelation of His Divine Nature, from which naturally flows a true understanding of His Will and actions in the earth. His will and actions will never contradict His divine nature. Meditate on that!

Why I am creating videos for social media - an evolving purpose and project

God is a personality and, as a personality, He has desires. These are some of them.

Spontaneous thoughts on life with Cerebral Palsy - I was not in the best mood

So many of us have a mindset that God is very conscious of our failings and (often unconsciously) have a mindset that He is disappointed and against us. In fact, in Christ He is ONLY FOR YOU. Your greatest support and cheerleader.


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I started to post online more as a personal diary and to save for posterity certain things that my children (and perhaps future generations in the family) might value.

As someone born with a disability, I struggled from the earliest days with trying to understand the nature and value of my existence and my personal identity. That lead me through the phases of agnosicism, athesim and ultimately to a faith in Christ.

While life will always have its struggles and mysteries, my postings are my heart-felt expressions of how I found peace, meaning and purpose through a true knowledge of who God is and, by extension, who I am in Him. Interestingly, I had to unlearn a lot of what is taught in the church and discover a lot that is not taught in most churches.

I further had to finally be bold enough to stake my own claim without compromise as to who is right and who is wrong on fundamental issues of faith while learning that those who disagree with me are not necessarily "false teachers" (although some are), and that God has left room for disagreement without rejecting all of us who are all still growing in our understanding of Him (including me.)

What IS uncompromisingly clear, however, is the fundamental core of the gospel (sin, repentance, faith in the historical atoning death, burial and resurrection of Christ) and the reliability of Holy Scripture.

I hope you find this encouraging.