Did you know most Corpus have no license or insurance? This is because the fines incurred by their inexperienced drivers are a mere drop in the ocean of profit their corporations make. Make sure to report these reckless drivers to your local Tenno immediately, so they can be dealt with in a more appropriate and effective manner.

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Science Fiction (Kokonoe's Theme from Blazblue) slowed down to 66.6%.

she's gonna make him golden forever

my wrists still hurt

Damn that's a strut.

An animation makes an object with the projection shader grow steadily, perfect for spreading creep with Kerrigan.

You might have noticed there's some creep on her hands, and that's because I plan to spread creep on people, hehehe


Inspired by Unknown Squid's blind girl avatar in Gearbell's Running Blind world, I made my own blind avatar, the Maiden In Black from Demon's Souls. The bottom half of the cane has "sight" just like her hands, but the tip has a bigger radius. - The digital artist. I added the music to make it complete.

Ambience for Nyleve's Crossing. You never forget that moment you stepped out of the cramped ship into this huge open area, hearing the alien wildlife, the alarm siren, and that gorgeous music.

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