The emancipation of blacks was a ploy by the Illuminati to destroy America, Malcom X and Martin Luther, both agents of the Illuminati.
From "Myron Fagan Exposes The Illuminati (1967)" (Main File) Club of Rome-Committee of 300 Eugenics and Depopulation Exposed for Attending Satanic Black Masses at Vatican Proposed to Destroy the U.S. Young Global Leaders Program The Case Against Kissinger, The Making of A War Criminal War in Ukraine Wanted For War Crimes Operation Paperclip and the ET presence The Trial of Henry Kissinger

Reiner Fuellmich Speech:
Kay Griggs Interview:
Pete Chambers Interview:
Throw The Jew Down The Well song (Borat)

Interview with Piers Corbyn:
Study Finds No Proof of Climate Change:
Interview with Patrick Moore:

Under Lake Geneva is also reportedly a tunnel that connects to an intercontinental underground world with cities, the submarine entrance likely near the center of this triangle (46.213201, 6.159598).


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