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Visit https://optherium.io to learn more about Optherium Labs.
Synergy of Blockchain Solutions (TM)
Unprecedented Transactions, Multicurrency & Multisignature

Optherium Labs, a member of Crypto Valley Associations and the Linux and Hyperledger Foundations, is a global research and development organization building a new standard and synergy of blockchain solutions using an open-source, collaborative software development approach. This ensures the transparency, longevity, interoperability, and support required to bring new Optherium blockchain standards forward to the fintech world and to communities of software developers.

Optherium Labs is aiming to set a new standard in the blockchain industry through a cutting-edge product line that includes dynamic biometrics security, multi-signature transactions, lightning speed efficiency and a multi-currency platform. The blockchain solutions company plans to roll out the first two components from its roadmap this upcoming April, when it will launch its ecosystem and B2C offering. Optherium plans to release B2B, decentralized exchange, hedge fund and index fund offerings in the near future as well.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/optherium/
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