See a special show on Yves Saint Laurent--master couturier and fashion visionary. Then, tour some permanent exhibits of African modern art, Mayan carvings, Pacific Island masks, glass sculptures, and installations. The de Young is located in Golden Gate Park.

In San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the Academy of Sciences, is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. See a rainforest, the Morrison Planetarium, Steinhart Aquarium, and Kimball Natural History Museum that even has full-sized dinosaurs!

Journey to the Ancient Sacred Sites in Cusco, Peru, and with beautiful people, dive into the Stone Age at Sacsayhuaman! This trip was in 2015.

Only minutes from Seattle, Willows Lodge sits near the Sammamish River in the heart of Western Washington's wine country. Constructed with Douglas fir beams, both the indoor and outdoor buildings stand legendary. The lodge was made famous when one night, the great magician, Harry Houdini, flung a deck of cards into the air. No one expected that any would stick to the beams. But a special card, the Ace of Spades did, and stayed attached for 20 years! Enjoy the landscaping and see the winery right across the street, Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Sonoma County is home to stunning views of vineyards flowing over rolling hills and valleys. Smell Healdsburg's harvest crush, taste award-winning wines, and experience epic skies along Dry Creek Road. Catch the breeze off the Sonoma Coast, and for a few moments, feel the wine county.

Walk through the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia where you'll see over 2 billion perfect flowers!

Brenda Riolo, a girlfriend I met in Hawaii, captures these flowers heart and soul at the Golden Gate Park Conservatory, one of the world's largest where you'll walk underneath stylish wooden beams and glass. The Conservatory sits on a small hill next to the De Young Museum and California Academy of Sciences. This building was prefabricated for a Santa Clara estate, but never made it out of the crates when he died in 1876. So, a group of San Franciscans bought it and then offered it to the City. It was erected in Golden Gate Park in the late 1870's. The Conservatory survived the 1906 earthquake, but caught fire in 1918. It was also closed in the mid-1930's to the mid-1940's. Then, in 1995 after a storm of 100 mph (160 km/h) winds shattered 40%, the Conservatory was closed until 2003.

The FDR museum in the Hudson Valley is a 1940's fieldstone-style home where you'll see a collection that spans the decades of his presidency. Eleanor Roosevelt's books and memorabilia are also displayed over antique desks and cabinets. The FDR collection is a magnificent scene including photomontages of our nation's struggle through enormous challenges: the Great Depression and World War II. Extensive gardens surround the property in Hyde Park, New York.

Located in the Hudson Valley in New York, the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site is known as Hyde Park. Dating from the 1800's, it's one of the oldest and most respected Hudson River estates. The gardens are remarkable and here you'll see the mansion exterior and garden views.

Filmed in the Sonoma Valley summertime, you'll see magnificent gardens in full bloom that invite you to smell blossoms and taste Sonoma's famous wines!


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Begin with the end in mind… Our newest work is to journey through Ceremony, Intimacy and Ancient Sacred Sites and we end by talking about using frequencies to block dark ceremonies.

Soon, you'll find uploads chapter-by-chapter of my new book, Ceremony, Intimacy and Ancient Sacred Sites. Here we stand in our physical universe and question if it's wrapped inside a spiritual universe and we just don't know it.

It’s waiting to connect with us and reaches out through nature and vortexes; openings within an environment of overlapping eco-fields. Maybe it's part of the divine plan for us to awaken into the spiritual universe, and we do this by piercing the veil. This happens to us throughout our lives when we encounter experiences like the ones I'm about to share with you.

Mark, D (2015). Image: Templo de la Luna. Cusco, Peru