I found a rather fun and extreme mix I did a few years back on an old harddrive. I`ve added pictures from the same era, slopped them on and uploaded.

Armed with a camera, and a few artifacts lying around the office I roll with Squarepusher - "Music has rotted one note" on the turntable. Just for fun

Short clip from a great night with the legendary dj and producer Francois Kevorkian, who hosted a night at Oslo`s premier venue Blå on a great custom sound system.
Alongside hosts Pastor Pling and Kentauren, two of the nation`s capitol most influental dj`s.
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Thanks for a great night that was full of great surprises!

A short sharp grime freestyle in norwegian by Hemmelig Sekt`s Tor, a lyrical steamtrain over Howard Maple supremely crafted production.
I feel sorry for all you punks who don`t understand norwegian, because these bars are great!

Many hands on the knobs here.
Originally Nico D and Jah Ark Manifest, waxin lyrical on Norwegian cannabis legalization. On some beats from The Bug, mashed by Burt Barkrakk with Contepella doing the post production.
Thumbs up if you think this sounds phat!

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As a regular listener with over fifteen years of experience, who have taken the effort of reading his books and studied his enormous catalogue of related products, as well as having taken my due dilligence to critical look at his various claims I can without a doubt recommend professor James Canney science hour as a wellspring of extremely valuable information and a source of real news that you will not find anywhere else.
If you want to go deeper in depth, his paidcast series is more than worth it`s measly asking price of just $3.95 per month as it will give, especially the younger of you, a good foundation for learning about a wide variety of unique topics beyond a university degree.
Visit at and have a tipple of your favourite beverage at hand while you peruse a huge page!

It`s been three years since my dear Border Collie sheperd dog moved to greener pastures. I personally am just humbled this most exceptional dog came into my life when I was at a very low point, and urged me in his friendly ways to get out of bed and take action.
In his later years he both convinced a visiting Buddhist monk that Spot himself must had been a reincarnated monk. I also saw him nonverbally ably dispute and correct an astrologer about certain misconceptions about the constitution of the stars.
The stories could go on for days...
Maybe you have met him and remember a story about him - if so, please leave a comment :)

Courtrooms are a theather, it can be anything it needs to be in order to carry out justice. (Dean Clifford)
Got any good suggestions?
Hearing will be wednesday 14 april 2018
Let me know if you want to join!

Im reinforcing the embankments of an #vakreåseral #ironage settlement
What do you do?

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got inspired by Pad Chennington to make a video about some coverart, incidentally self made. But this is a release that I am very happy with, even over a decade later.
if you want to check out the mix I did for it, click the link below

I have been listening to Worldwide FM since Francois Kevorkian (original dj maestro, producer, remixer) joined with his monthly show. Since then I have learned there are a heck of a lot more shows there worth tuning into.
Therefore I climbed up this fern to get your attention and tell you to tune in and find out what you have been missing!
Check them out here

Out to my neighbour, catching up on the winter progression so far, and recounting a little local history

Wading around in snow, considering it`s humidity, and factors to how it weighs out moving snow, when suddenly changing thread hypothesizing how to get people motivated to go into outer space in peaceful civillian #spaceprograms


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