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Being asked about the claimed "seismic shift" in Scottish and UK politics, I talk about what drives everything.... money
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Press TV asked me to comment on this report. Is this a significant problem or a distraction from something far more serious and damaging?

The causes of economic collapse and its consequences

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An amazing explanation by Dan Winter.
Dan Winter's websites and links can be found here:


/ lophi618
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Explanation of the history of the colonisation of medicine by the Rockefellers and others to create the war model of medicine to facilitate plunder and eugenics. https://www.outersite.org/gulag-nhs/

Discussion of the structural nature of economic and other problems

What is causing economic chaos and discontent amongst the workforce/populace?

Wasn't the confiscation of these Russian assets a major driver of people distancing themselves from the Dollar as a reserve currency?
Tectonic plates which are shifting on the geopolitical and even military battlefields are also now being felt in the field of currency!

There is a context to induced mass migration - it has been used as a weapon for centuries

Soaring inflation in the UK and a cost of living nightmare have pushed hundreds of thousands of striking Britons out onto the streets. The UK’s financial problems are numerous, as many sectors are unhappy with pay and work conditions, and the government’s response, many feel, is only patronizing. We have discussed this issue with our guests in this edition of the Spotlight program.
The problem is structural and the single point of failure is money

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Discussion of the inflationary and economic crisis unfolding across Europe with Esha Krishnaswamy and Clive Menzies
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Before beginning this mediation you may want to consider using an affirmation. I have also listed a suggestion in a different comment on how to breathe and flow the energy. It's not unusual for your body to vibrate. You may first feel it around your jaw or sometimes just below your belly button (Dantian). The vibrations may be related to Qi/Chi/Prana. Allow the vibrations to build. Here is the Monroe Affirmation used by the Monroe Institute in their Gateway program.

I am more than my physical body.

Because I am more than my physical body,

I deeply desire to experience that which is greater than the physical world.

Therefore, I deeply desire to expand, experience, know, use, control,

and to understand such greater energies as will be beneficial to me and to those who follow me.

I also deeply desire the help, cooperation, assistance,

and understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development,

and experience is greater than or equal to my own.

I ask for their guidance, and their protection from any outside influence

that might keep me from my stated desires"

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Tens of thousands of members of the British Medical Association (BMA) are walking out of their jobs in England in the longest-ever period of industrial action by junior doctors as the cost-of-living crisis weighs on Britons’ lives.
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In this edition of the Spotlight, Press TV interviews Frank Emspak and Clive Menzies to look at high inflation and banking failure in the US.
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Direct Value Handling https://www.outersite.org/direct-value-handling/

The United Nations has criticized UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for planning to halt small-boat crossings into the UK, emphasizing that stopping a refugee fleeing global danger zones from reaching safety is against international law.
There is a much deeper/ wider context involving induced mass migration used as a weapon to destroy nation states in the pursuit of the one world government agenda.
EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief Peter Sutherland.

Britain is facing yet another strike: this is the largest ever healthcare strike due to pay disputes. Health workers are demanding a pay rise that reflects the worst inflation in Britain in four decades.
The government says that it would be unaffordable and will not be able to meet this demand.
In this edition of the Spotlight, we will look at the UK’s precarious economic predicament, one affected by inflation and a cost of living crisis, while plagued with massive protests which will continue to disrupt the economy even further.
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Unpicking the paradox: how come big oil is the alleged bogeyman vilified by NGOs, Extinction Rebellion and the like, if such groups are funded by big oil? All is revealed :-)
References mentioned in the video are here

The UK is experiencing a growing wave of strikes and protests in France are on a large scale. What are governments to do? The roots of this crisis were laid over the last two decades and it was predictable. Politicians aren't in control as becomes increasingly obvious.
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Explanation of the current war on us all from military and legal perspectives.
Context https://www.outersite.org/road-to-slavery/
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Amid hysteria over Big Oil's supposed cover up of a study proving "man-made global warming" - this narrative is partially deconstructed along with the "green agenda". In short, the climate narrative doesn't add up as is becoming clear to a growing number of people. See this from 2010:

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This extract from UK Column's 13 January broadcast confirms we are in a war of the structure versus most of the living.
Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire explains how the deployment of experimental pharmaceuticals was a military operation and that the public discourse involving civil agencies such as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and the MHRA (UK Medical Health Regulatory Agency) was simply theatre to distract from the reality - we are in a war of survival...
Full UK Column broadcast https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-13th-january-2023

When it comes to the New Year 2023, there isn't much to cheer about, economically speaking. That is because the news is grim when it comes to the state of the world economy. And that is an understatement. The World Bank has made a big cut to its 2023 growth outlook, saying the globe is ‘perilously close’ to recession. This is while going into the New Year, the world was suffering from massive inflation, like in the EU and the US.
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