The story of Yugoslavian Marxism, National Socialism and America.
A woman describes some history in Yugoslavia that is relevant to what we're experiencing today in America with cultural Marxism, Black Lives Matter the organization and Nazis.

Some anon leaked this video of the source code for a bot that was used to copy popular General threads on 4chan's pol, repost the thread with a slightly altered email address and then post in the original thread "this thread is fake" redirecting users to the new fake thread.

Offline hacking, talk on physical penetration testing. How to secure your building and what can be done on the inside.
"This is not a presentation where I talk about how I would get in or the things I might be able to do. This is a talk where I am already in and I show you pictures from actual engagements that I have been on. They say one picture is worth a thousand words I show you how one picture cost a company a million dollars and maybe even a few lives. In a community where we focus so much on the offensive I also make sure with every attack I highlight. I spend time discussing what would have stopped me. We need to know the problems but we need more talks providing solutions and that is what I hope people will get from this. I show the dangers of Social engineering and how even an employee with no SE experience can be an eBay James Bond which can cause total financial ruin to a company. These Security threats are real. So are these stories!" - Jayson E. Street

Bypassing security and breaking into buildings. This video covers common door locks, sensors and electronic key boxes and how to bypass their security to gain restricted access to buildings.

Wild West Hackin' Fest 2017
Presented by Deviant Ollam: https://enterthecore.net/

This is an ultra-quiet high-powered airgun commonly used for hunting. It is the quietest most powerful sniper rifle you can buy and because it is not a firearm, it is not subject to any laws that govern firearms, including the fact that it can be suppressed. The rifle sells for ~$1300 https://www.airgundepot.com/airforce-texanss-air-rifle-carbon-fiber-tank.html

How to setup an anonymous proxy server as your man in the middle, then inject javascript to create a Javascript botnet. You'll never use a free proxy again after seeing this.
Conference delivered by Chema Alonso ( https://mypublicinbox.com/ChemaAlonso ) in Defcon 20 about How to own bad guys {and mafia} using Javascript Botnets created by a Rogue "Anonymous" Proxy Server. White Paper at: https://www.slideshare.net/chemai64/owning-bad-guys-and-mafia-with-javascript-botnets

Original title : Owning Bad Guys {And Mafia} with Javascript Botnets

Millie Weaver (Millennial Millie) was arrested the day she was going to release this movie that details the shadow government that runs propaganda on populations around the world, including inside the United States. This documentary details their tactics on social media sites like youtube, facebook, twitter, and message boards, forums and wherever else people can be influenced.

This documentary is focused on the propaganda campaigns of the deep state and ShadowNet.

General James Jones
Michael Hayden
Eric Ciaramella
John Brennan
Cambridge Analytica
Roger Stone
Influence Operations
Psy Group
Paul Manafort
Robert Mueller
Seth Rich
Shawn Lucas

Download video: https://mega.nz/file/7tcghCCA#JjCdPRgIziFMJuS_80luMuUn8DPsH3B6izvjyjXEdOA

This has the translator cut out. Weev in 2016 describing how to hack for profit by taking advantage of the hypersensitive pussies outrage mob on twitter. He also briefly talks about manipulating politics in America for profit.

This is the video that was banned in one day by Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Squarespace.

Aug 15 2020 update:

72 studies (42 peer reviewed)
Global HCQ studies. PrEP, PEP, and early treatment studies show high effectiveness, while late treatment shows mixed results.


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