Why Ivermectin is being suppressed, it does more than cure covid and kill parasites… A lot more.

1000 medical studies show the covid vaccines are biological weapons!

What are the most important things to take for prevention?

Who’s advice to stay away from.

How to be your own doctor.

Q and A:
50 year old heathy male looking for natural solutions for stolen prostate.

75 year old gal on prednisone with COPD, 2 covid vaxes and breast implants sufferers a sudden extreme drop in health. What can be done?

PCOS in a 25 year old gal. How to regulate her period. What to do about the ovarian cysts?

51 year old male’s testosterone level is Normal For His Age, has had failed testosterone therapy in the past. The misconceptions MD’s have on bone density and hormones.

A customer and listener to my shows, Charles from the UK found a place where the shows that were on my drwongsradio.com site that was maliciously taken down in ’16, are stored. The site was so extensive that we haven’t had the time to rebuilt the site. Our great THNAKS to Charles! There are supposed to be 237 shows on this site:


Note: Some of the products spoken of in our older shows 2007 - 2016 are no longer available and some of the products recommended or spoken of have been updated and changed.

My first and latest interview on Truth To Ponder:



Govt. States show immune systems failing and black goo growing in the vaxxed.

Fighting the Aspergillus Niger (black shower / bathtub fungus) that is the black goo.

Great fear being spread by the MSM and Bug Pharma on the Omicron bug. What the FDA is actually hiding.

Q and A’s:

Use of creatine by a 60+ male for building muscles. Is it safe?

The side effects of the statin anti cholesterol drugs.

Who are the longest lived people?

The true differences between human and veterinary medications.

Can glandular extracts create stress and anger?

Could a sudden dump of virus and bacteria cause rage?

Can taking pregnenolone have bad effects?

The estrogen production from tumors and cysts.

Links to my interviews with Leo Costa:




Shortwave Radio is the Medium of Patriots and Truth seekers find out how to listen at:

This is a MUST LISTEN from Dr. Vernon Coleman:

Show #400

What ever happened to our old radio show site, our articles site or our research site.

Q and A’s:

Botched abdominal surgery, leads to heart swelling and hernia. Extensive scar tissue. What to do?

Parasite and scar tissue issues plus detoxing from Round Up. Who gets parasites? Where are most parasites from? The best way to eliminate any chemical, heavy metal or other toxin form the body.

19 year old with Chronic Fatigue and chronic joint pains. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Is there a treatment?

One of the biggest lies told in the US. How that lie effects your wellbeing.

Seeks an answer to inflammation and vaginal dryness.

Helping vaginal dryness also helps with…

Links to my interviews with Leo Costa:




Shortwave Radio is the Medium of Patriots and Truth Seekers find out how to listen at:

This is a MUST LISTEN from Dr. Vernon Coleman:

Removed from YouTube....

Who’s going to pay... American College of Physicians and Surgeon sues FDA for its ban and inhibition of the use of the quinine drugs which vast numbers of docs found worked wonderfully against Covid 19! For the governors who banned the quinine drugs during the outbreak? For the huge numbers of deaths from the governors, bribed by the nursing home industry with contributions, for forcing active covid patients to go to go to nursing homes? For Fauchi sending the covid virus to China for further development once its research was banned by CDC here in the US? You Tube deletes 3 of my shows which speak of the cures for covid. So here are the treatments I spoke of...

Where the folks new to Survivalism / Preparation can find the most concise and complete information on getting ready for The End Of The World As We Know It.

Hydras and parasites in vaccinations making humans into new species!

Amount of immune system decrease per week from having taken the vax.

Vax resistance in the military.

Effects of the covid vax seen in autopsies.

Q and A’s:

Have systemic enzymes ever been tried in IV’s?

What are the ways to take systemic enzymes into the body?

Are there any benefits to taking in Cod Liver Oil?

The marketing Bullshit of the Omega oils against inflammation.

Sixteen year old gal gettin absence seizures 3 days after her period. Why?

Evaluating a shoulder injury. Exercising around the injury.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy to the shoulder.

A thank you from a listener and it’s implications!

Quick recovery from the ‘covid” bug and every bug!

Mass formation psychosis, where you’ve seen it before and who admits on doing that to the US, UK and Australian population.

The immune system death caused by the vax.

Things you’ll see happening now or very soon.


Research shows I was right about what caused type 1 diabetes.
To the diabetician docs and vegan docs who screamed that I was wrong; Nanny nanny boo boo!!!

Research shows systemic enzymes lyse (eat - destroy) spike / prion proteins!
The implications of the study.

How the study relates to the shedded spike proteins of the vaxed.

Q and A’s:

Systemic enzyme use with liver cirrhosis.

Does systemic enzyme use damage the arteries?

Don’t ask me about exemptions, you’er giving away your sovereignty to an illegitimate government!

Self defense training for reality and for those who don’t have time to train for martial arts or find a “real martial arts” and not a “martial sport” school.

As predicted by Cliff High, the norms are waking up!

For example waking up to the graphine…

Finding other life forms in the serum…

NYTimes caught openly lying again! What their lies have been.

UK: 81% of deaths are vax caused.

More links to information you don’t know.

Q and A’s:

Does lack of meat eating effect a man testosterone level. What are all of the effects?

What shows that a species are truly a vegetable eating species?

Who really gets BSE (mad cow) disease.

When testosterone does not spark libido, what needs to be looked at and done?

The four essentials of sexual function:

Can osteoporosis caused from 20 years of cortico steroid (prednisone) use, be reversed?

Prostate questions leading to the hidden agenda of the elites through the vegan and vegetarians!

The truth about zinc.

What happened to our EnzymeScience.com systemic enzyme research website.

Regenerating a severely alcoholic liver.

Bloating in the tummy from starting a course of systemic enzymes.

My thoughts on mens hormone replacement and sexual dysfunction.

Any special handling / shipping instructions for Zymessence?

Questions on: Prostate enlargement, endometriosis and Cystic Fibrosis.

What actually kills from “covid”, and why it goes untreated.

What kills most CF patients? What can be done about it?

What can be done naturally for curing asthma?

How parents cause childhood asthma!

Q and A’s:

Electronic treatment for heel spurs, thanks to Dr. Negri.

Headache in a man after ejaculation. Why?

Can any disease be fought by drinking drops of hydrogen peroxide?

Can just “One Thing” cure everything?

Customizing treatment programs.

What type of Ivermectin should be used and at what dose?

Mite infections what to do?

Do toxins cause hair loss atop the head?

The surest way to detox from brain to toes.

What to do about pulmonary fibrosis / plural thickening.

How covid has caused a loss of faith in allopathic medicine and the big drug companies.

Dr. Negri’s Contact information:
C.P. Negri OMD, NMD
Infinity Health Care Ltd.
180 Chancery Row
Morgantown WV 26505
304 296 6606

Serious thoughts on survival foods.
The most important things for survival.
The foolishness of just "Bugging Out". What not to become!
On firearms.
About communication.
On power generation for free.
The stupidity of Crypto currencies.
Other needs, considerations and formulas.

THIS INFORMATION IS SO IMPORTANT I'M LOADING IT UP HERE FOR YOU FOLKS TO KNOW! Am just passing this much needed information on, I make no claim to having anything to do with coming up with the vids ideas or creation. All credit goes to the folks named in the video. Be well and God bless, Dr. Wong

What happened to commercially made homeopathic remedies?
How is the same thing done in the nutritional industry?
Why the is FDA happy with this!
Who still makes custom made homeopathic remedies for what ever ails you from raw materials that actually work?
Pfizer's secret research on diseases had by the unvaxed from vaccine shedding by the vaxed!
CDC's hidden data on adverse events.
Feminizing effects of the CCP virus vax.
Research paper: Prion diseases, I.E. Alzheimer's, from the vax.
Research paper: Spike protein vax can permanently change DNA. Who owns you then.

What the commanding general of the 82nd Airborne Div. did to Americans, and our War dogs in Kabul.
The general who's a disgrace to the Marine Corps.
Sacrifices to Baal, done in the most painful way imaginable.
Col. Aquino's satanist church in the DOD and Blue State communists in service academies.
Who's perfect to purge the satanists and communists from the DOD.
What else needs to be done.

Q and A's:
Gal with mono fainting from low blood iron. What to do?

15 day long periods in a premenopausal gal and other problems, what to do.

The mail I get from men who's wives are in pre menopause, and the travails of their husbands.
Gals who dump their anti aging hormone therapies.
What bonds couples together?

Dr. Negri's Contact information:
C.P. Negri OMD, NMD
Infinity Health Care, Ltd.
180 Chancery Row
Morgantown, WV 26505
304 2966606

Show 393

How to fight the shedding of the spike proteins and graphine the vaccinated folks are leaving in their wake.

Why the damage from the vax cannot be cured or corrected in the those who’ve b been vaccinated.

Why the FDA / CDC numbers of Adverse Events from the vax = only 1% of the actual cases!

What’s actually in the covid and all other vaccines?

A program for fighting the shedding and increase immunity.

Why vax the military.

What will happen this winter’s flu season.

Q and A’s:

A question to get me in trouble with the FemaNAZI’s, what a women goes through in pre menopause and how she charges, can the symptoms be helped? What can’t be helped?




Q and A’s:

Is the vax spike protein in the blood or cells something that the serrapeptase can deal with?

What to do to protect agains the shedding of spike proteins and graphine by the covid vaccinated.

Does progesterone cause erectile dysfunction?

A long term achilles injury and a bicipital shoulder tendinitis in a 50 year old Triathlete, what to do?

More on combating the vax spike proteins.

Low blood pressure and anemia.

Two month old UTI in a gal who refuses to take antibiotics.

A MURFER question.

Can having blood that too thin cause brain hemorrhage?

What makes and keeps blood vessels strong?

POTS? Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, what is it really...

What to do about bone spurs in the hips.

Can systemic enzymes have an effect on plaque growth in the brain?

What exercises to do before and after knee replacement surgery.

Show #391:

Points in the news: badmouthing Ivermectin and hiding studies that show its effectiveness agains what ever the “virus” is.

Covid death rates plunge in NYC, India and elsewhere with Ivermectin use…

What Fauchi knew about the vax promoting the disease.

Who’ll survive the next 3 years.

What live blood analysis before and after the Vax.

Rockefeller Foundations plan from 2010.

Q and A:

Why folic acid is dosed so low per tablet.

How do we ship our products.

Your position vis a vis the medical industry!

and more...

My harsh response to a question on repairing brain damage from a childhood vaccine.

The responsibility of parents and parents shifting blame for brain damage done to their kids.

Texas cures Covid!

Where the highest # of covid cases and deaths are at.

Can spinal stenosis be treated and helped?

A question on carbon 50, should one take the supplement?

Do I have a program for treating peptic or duodenal ulcers?

Kidney stones and kidney health, what to do about them.

A question on systemic enzyme dosing where we first have to tell the person asking what type or arthritis they have, and work around the weakness of the produce the are using.

What foods make arthritis worse.

Why the anti meat and dairy diet does nothing to relieve arthritis.

The secrets of when auto immune diseases started happening!

A huge I told you so: NY State court orders all covid cases to be treated with Ivermectin.

What actually kills when a person gets the flu.

What we’re seeing now that folks are getting inoculated.

Next I told you so from the Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine.

Sending you to a Rumble interview.

Who’s is it okay to give the inoculation to!

What’s happening in the Seychelles and India?

Q and A’s:

Should we be taking up to 10,000 IU’s of Vit. D?

What to do about eye floaters?

A case history on depression and stress.

Any natural treatments for ulcerative colitis?

Can systemic enzymes be used along side corticosteroids?

The clinical experience from the vaccines and research.

CJD. Its usual time frames. What’s seen now.

What Cliff High's predictive webots from the 1990’s said would happen now.

53% Of Canadians are going into insolvency.

Three sudden deaths of the top elite.

How the US communist can get away with anything!

The ponzi scheme language to be wary of.

Saving yourself and not waiting to be saved!

The later day Millerite’s and their cult heresy.

Q and A’s:

How to do a GI tract detox.

Which types of detox programs are harmful.

What type of detox covered the whole body, not just the intestines and does no harm!

Ragging on the super purists lies.

The difference between making ones own products and having products made by contract manufacturers, that the super purists don’t know.

From the Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

Covid positive testing and death rate in comparison with Regular Flu season of 2019 and 2018.

Q And A’s:
My take on the various points of a 70+year old with his metabolic test report.

Why prescription adrenal cortex extract was taken off the market and the likely reason why. How we overcame that loss.

Who are the “Wong Watchers”?

Why the low protein and high veggie diet will accelerate the muscle wasting in seniors.

Why I like the Metformin and why most protests against it are baseless except for one.

Building fascia to make skin tighter again. Why tight skin demands increased muscle mass underneath.

What it takes to slow muscle catabolism (wasting) after 60.

What is the hormone of catabolism?

What hormone breeds inflammation, fibrosis and scar tissue?

Question on treating Fibromyalgia.

The treatment that was 86% successful.

Synthroid vs. natural thyroxin?

Using iodine vs. thyroxin?

Who actually dies of Covid19, the real origin of the corona virus. Where the Spanish flu actually came from, hint: Dorothy with the red sequin shoes says it wasn’t Spain. The folly of building bio warfare labs in or near cities. Hospital studies showing pot use causes heart disease! Q and A’s.

Also, please listen to my latest interview with Worlds Strongest Man competitor Eric Fiorillo on Lacing Up, for strong man and strength training.


On the sudden passing of my friend, Strongman Eric Fiorillo, what he stood for and preserving his legacy. The sham lockdown. The number of Covid cases and deaths in the two countries who refused to lock down. Who mostly gets the disease and who mostly dies. What the epidemiological data on those affected states. What cures Covid 19, what prevents the virus. Why CDC is pushing for a Covid 19 vaccine and not for a cure. What the Covid death rate is at present vs the flu death rate at present. What I expect the listeners of our show to be! To those who think that the Covid 19 is just a 5 G problem. Cliff High vs David Ike on 5G.

ALSO: Please listen to Dr Ron, Unfiltered and Uncensored where Dr. Ron, Dr. Gerry and I speak to Covid, the CDC, WHO, building Immunity and fighting the virus:


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