9-15-19 -
Opening statements things to address

Dress it how you'd like, the chain will move on as long as there are active computers or people who find value in it.
Its permanent. Every past iteration of the chain is permanent too, it takes people like the pac team to ensure that users like you are on the
chain that holds the most value. The coin has been a legitimate clone of DASH, which in turn is an iteration forked from bitcoin.
These days are over as the PAC team is surely close to putting the old "clone" coin, old proposals, and old bad-habits in the ground laid to rest.

PAC Global LLC. entity will have control over all future apps and developments even within our own community, we will just have obvious ownership and control over the humanistic/mainstream applications intended on driving more activity to the payment network, and there will be no "anything" ownership outside of PAC Globals trusted Corporate Umbrella.


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