Since the pandemic I thought why I sharpen up my skills I have done several sets of nails during this time and my practice is only getting better I am so proud of the creations I have come up with and had the opportunity to do I have used several different products to include Mia secrets e nail couture Glam and glitz and a few others secrets , glam and glitz young nails and a couple others.

Here's all the nails I did for mother's day weekend. I used every product I owned. I was super excited and extremely tired 12 sets 16 hrs

Doing my own 3 week fill in during this hard time I chose to fill in my polygel set with acrylic I use the modelones acrylic system I am not very fond of I also use my melodysusie nail drill and I am so in love with it it is extremely quiet and lightweight only thing I am not understanding is why it gets so hot and gets so hot to the touch what you need a title for a while sitting in its base if you are a nail tech or an inspiring nail technician what nail drill do you use

in this video I am feeling in the sculpture nails that I did two weeks ago I will be using products from e nail couture and random products from Amazon

I not only wanted to practice sculptures but I wanted to get more practice at working on my non dominant hand I used #mia secrets# cover pink and clear on the thin and pointer fingers on my middle finger I used #young nails# pink lemonade and #Lee beauty# clear acrylic set from Amazon I think I did pretty good 👍 especially using nail forms on the non-, dominant hand took me 35 min to do the 3 nails the shape isn't perfect however over all the acrylic application is darn good!!! Shout out to Charlene for getting me the #lee beauty# product.

This set is a little under $24 on Amazon my personal opinion is that the set is for medium to intermediate acrylic nail product users. The monomer is a medium/fast set so no room for error or mistakes. I personally would still purchase and use.

These were some really inexpensive Gel polishes purchased from aliexpress about 2m ago finally found time to purchase swatch sticks so I could share with you. Each 1 has 3 very thin coats on them, some are still translucent after 3 coats and others were just Fine. So the value for the $$$ was awesome!!!! Swatch sticks were from Amazon less than $7

Omg 😂 I got all this for just a little under$150.; Nail dust collector, Modelones acrylic set, gorgeous silver Glam & Glitz acrylic powder, acrylic nail brush, drill bits, nail polish swatch sticks another inexpensive acrylic set and more polish. I will 😊 be swatching all my gel polishes in my next video soon and trying out the duster collector soon. Thanks for watching 😊

So I felt so naked without any nails so I decided to try short nails on my dominant hand I used my #mia secrets# products along with #young nails# protein bond# wow !!! The protein bond gives you a feeling of the bonding this is something I never felt from any other primer, it has a pleasant smell and I will say it's awesome.
Hope you enjoy have any questions or suggestions feel free to do so.

Here's more of our Valentine's Day selection. Shop with Vip5 on Facebook or the website to stay up to date on sales new and in-coming inventory. Vip5 is a family owned small boutique ran by a mom and 3 beautiful daughters. They all have a since of style and fashion each their own, that they love sharing with you. So check them out shop support share and like.

In this video I'm using some cheap acrylic system purchased from Aliexpress for about $5. I personally wouldn't recommend using the product on pay guest the setting time is med to fast so I don't recommend for acrylic nail beginners. Monomer scent is extremely loud will have your place smelling like the nail salon so if you decide to try be sure you have amazing ventilation wherever you use it. But overall I think it was good for practicing the nail art craft I wish to perfect all nail tech or enthusiast should be able to use almost any product to consider themselves fluent in the craft. So keep practicing it only makes us all Better!😍

I bought the Modelones polygel kit a little over four months ago and I have finally gotten the chance to give it a try you got six different colors of polygel one which is color changing top coat base coat and slip solution all in this one kit I did get it on sale so I got it for about $27 and it was free shipping because of the amount of order I had I will say I do like this kit I like it a little bit better than the yayogei polygel kit so I would say if you're into polygel and you like safe ways to do your nails without a lot of damage I would say go ahead check it out and it's a great price.

In the STNT Group I belong to the dip kit was offered free through a seller on Amazon needed to purchase through Amazon prime and demo with video and u got it free minus shipping. Company has no name so that I can't share however this wouldn't be on my top 5 dipping kits so check it out and let me know what u think in the comments below.

So my co-worker wanted to let us see what happens when u fall at work just roll over get up and keep going as if nothing happens.
❤️ Crossbody available at

Here's something that made a rather DULL evening at work worth while!!! The gentleman was not hurt in anyway, but exactly when does one know they've had enough.????

Here I'm practicing my ombre with my #Mia secrets# acrylic set sing cover pink clear #Mia secret# monomer my number 5 beauty supply brush and #enail couture# as well as #enail couture# foil glue, the use of foil defeated the purpose of trying ambre' but practice only makes u better. I'll be trying again.

Just another one of my entrepreneur endeavors. Look at some my fashion apparel, I offer free shipping on all orders over $30 inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

These items from Young nails on Black Friday I did not have any Young nails products in my arsenal of products so now I thought it was a great time to purchase unfortunately I bought a $25 surprise box which I was very disappointed in the only thing that I would say I probably will end up getting the opportunity to use will be the gel system because it is a complete system and their surprize box it appears as if they just pick the random things that would have caused you to go back to their site and spend more money unfortunately for someone who does not do nails for a living to make money this was a very disappointing purchase.

Here I'm trying out my Yayoge polygel system that I've had for quite sometime. I've played with it but didn't really care for it however 😅 this time with a bit more patience and effort I must say not to shabby! Happy Thanksgiving everyone thanks 😘 for watching.

I'm replacing 2 of my broken nails using #modelones#dipping powder# along with #nicole diary# I used the 2 systems together because one doesn't carry the essentials to complete the set. Love how they turned out. Only use dip on myself (sanitary reason) but once I'm better at maybe I'll try on others.

Omg!! Think I have found my new favorite 😂 Acrylic system this set was purchased from you get 2 -1oz powders and 1 bottle 4oz of monomer for just $14.99 it says limited time offer so I'd suggest you stock up if you are into do nails. The monomer had a very LOW odor and is a medium set speed for dry time so it's not recommended for a begginer. This system literally lays smooth and requires little to no filing after applied I definitely give it a thumbs up! The crystal gel ( for rhinestones) can be found at along with the rhinestones and nail jewelry used. They were on sale when I got them for .99 but regular price is $5.99. all I can say is I love everything I used.

Here's everything Katia has purchased this far from there has been good/bad reviews on this we have one more package coming and then i will add my 2 you will get to see the acrylic system files, top coat, foils, foil glue and more. Thanks 😊 for watching can't wait to give my opinion soon.

So after all first week back to work after being off for 8 week I decided to play with some nail mail that I have received from AliExpress to relax my mind on this Saturday. I see some really cool foil paper and some awesome colors the one I am using here in this video is a rose gold copper kind of color and it's great for fall nail art so I use that in conjunction with some other things to come up with this pretty cool design check it out and let me know what you think I'd love to hear from you guys.

Waited a long 3-1/2 weeks to get these products in!!! 14 items under $30 with shipping. Shipping was free each item was $2 or less and these are definitely high quality products, I was not pleased with the lengthy arrival time but overall I am extremely happy with these products and will order more.

Encapsulation of actual feather onto this nail. Thought I had the perfect idea here you will see.... Wanna know what happens watch lol 😂


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