[email protected] Camorna tutorial I was able to practice my 1st ombre look using super nails color acrylic powderalong with my very own custom glitter mix I think I did pretty good. The acrylic came out really even and smooth even with the encapsulation part I'm extremely happy with the way the nail turned out.

Today I wanted to see if I could still do one of my favorite nail art designs. It was called drag art in the early 90's of nail design. I'm using @mia secrets nail products and a few others. In my prep I used @MIA SECRETS nail dehydrator Mia secrets nail primer and liquid monomer, since I was just playing around with what I had on ✋ I used ASP natural clear acrylic powder. For the design acrylic paint I purchased at my local craft store (Micheal arts and crafts) striping brush from aliexpress and stones from Amazon 😁 hope you enjoy this journey back in time with me.

Earlier today I was just using random products from my nail supplies and decided to try out making a Glitter mix and thus I did. I mixed glitter pigments with 1/4 clear acrylic powder (kiss) and 1/4 white acrylic powder (random AliExpress) and came up with this "sparkling delight" it was super easy to work with and looks ok for a random try. So here it is encapsulated in a nail design using 2 of the @Supernails colored acrylic powders I had sitting around. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you think.

Nonehere you will see me using random products that I had sitting around and my nail collection to make a nice nail design I think what I came up with was really cute I had some neon pigmented glitters some random acrylic powder and I just went for what I can go for and this is what I came out with so let me know what you think of the air results I look forward to your opinions comments please like and share my video thank you

Happy Saturday! Today I decided to fix up my 1hand of nails 3 replacement (index,middle, and ring) 2 fills ( Pinky and thumb)I used random products I had in my collection of nail [email protected] secrets nail dehydrator and primer. Soft pink polygel from Amazon .79 gel polish from AliExpress @burano polygel brush/tool hypoallergenic nail glue. so watch me work the 2month old nails.

Here in this video you will see me practicing on Charlie so today Charlie and I decided to use kiss nail products kiss can be brought in your local drug store or beauty supply it is relatively cheap so for about 2 oz of clear acrylic powder and a half an ounce of liquid monomer I paid $9 so today I'll be practicing my acrylic nail application with nail tips on Charlie so we'll be using kiss clear acrylic powder kiss Nail primer kiss liquid monomer and a dollar fifty nine kolinsky acrylic brush bought in our local beauty supply and this brush is size number 5 it works relatively well to be such a cheap brush let us know what you think in the comments or ask questions and we'll be sure to answer thanks for watching have a wonderful night.

I have a new friend (posable manicure hand) I'd like u to meet Charlie. This was purchased from Amazon for about $30 including shipping, this hand is super flexible comes with insertable nail tips for you to practice appling artificial nail extensions, and nail polishing, and manicures I'm so excited for the creative side of me to share with you. Thanks 😘 for watching.

Here in this video you will see the for Madam Glam nail polishes in the previous video watched on my plastic manicure hand purchased at Sally's beauty supply along with these for Madam Glam nail polishes that I just received I will be using one of my colors I purchased off AliExpress for just $0.79 hope you like this video please comment like and share in the box below thanks have a great day

Bought a practice hand that you really can't practice on maybe polishing but check it out. Sally beauty supply carries this hand for about $15

I made my first purchase from Madam Glam which is a nail product company so many YouTubers are using this polish in all of their videos I wanted to see what the hype is all about my first impression was why in the hell does anyone pay $20 for nail polish if you are good at what you do polish could cost $1 it could cost $0.50 it all depends on the person applying the Polish so why does anyone pay $20 for nail polish from Madam Glam let me find out so it took my things about 4 days to arrive I got four bottles of Polish and one container of soak off and twist nail polish remover the polish remover was all spilled out however the nail polishes were still intact and in good condition I have not swatched these nor have I tried them just yet but here is what I got you can check it out in this video in the comments let me know if you would be willing to pay $20 for nail polish. @madam glam

Got this 10pc nail dip kit from Amazon. it was my 1st time trying any nail dip kit system. It come with 5 colored powders and 5 liquids that include 1 bond 2base 3 activator 4 top coat and 5 brush saver, the kit is very simple to use and can complete a full set of natrual nails in about 30 minutes. Depending how thick you like your nails you may require to do more than the recommended 2 layers. Overall it's a good investment.

Here you will see a practice manicure ✋ I purchased from Sally Beauty supply for about $15 .I am preparing this hand for acrylic nail tip application. Overall this hand is a waste 😣 of money for someone learning to do nail extensions it's not flexible and is made of plastic (acetone polish remover will melt it) you have to be extremely careful when filing and buffing you can possibly ruin the hand completely. But I gave this a shot.


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