I did face swap with Riley, and different faces of celebrities.

This is a painting I did, and I used the Zoetropic app to give this painting some life. I added music from the youtube music library. Let me know what you think!

Ultimate Warrior is and will be always a legend of the WWE

More videos of me playing the game coming soon!

Okay, well this is a cut and paste photo with Jack Black in it, and him being married to Pewdiepie's wife instead of Pewdiepie! This is a still photo, and it has been given motion, and some music!

This is a cut and paste photo showing Pewdiepie and his new wife sitting on a sub, and riding it on the river.

Remember this isn't for anybody under the age of 13, and we will continue the adventure in this zombie infested Pokemon world.

To let you know this game isn't for kids under 13, other than that feel free to come and watch me play Pokemon Snakewood and see were it takes us.

This isn't a normal down to earth pokemon game, instead it's a game with pokemon and zombies and other creatures, but as we go on this adventure remember this isn't suitable for kids under 13, and like always you should read the description. Let's find out were Pokemon Snakewood will take us, and what adventure awaits!


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I want you to know this is about Plotagon videos, and will be dealing with the paranormal, mostly spirit box sessions , both physical and just plain apps of sessions that I have done will be on here. I also do gaming, and those will be added on here also.