How I make a wood American Flag. Here in this video I will take you through steps I take to make my Flag wall hangings or Wood US Flags.
I really enjoy the time, patience, and even the mistakes I make when making these. Every flag made is an opportunity to improve. To recognize where we could have done better. These wood American Flags are a great way to show one's craftsmanship and dedication to bringing their creation to life.

One day your wood US flag will be a flag wall hanging on someone's office wall, living room, or even man cave. It's important to do it right.

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Here is a Betsy Ross Rustic Flag or wooden American Flag, Betsy Ross flag for living room, handmade wooden rustic Betsy Ross American Flag for home.
I know you are struggling to find the right gift. Or perhaps you have an empty space on your living room, office, or another wall somewhere in your home. You want something different. You want something that is a head turner. Something that starts a conversation. This is the perfect item to fill all of those needs!
On this wooden American Flag I install hardware on the back for hanging. Hang this patriotic decoration with ease!

Handmade wooden rustic Betsy Ross, hand carved 13 star Betsy Ross Wood American Flag for your wall. 36"x19.5" this wall hanging will be fantastic for your space. These stars are not painted or computer machined, I hand carve these stars by hand to bring them to life. Made by a Kentucky Veteran right here in the good o' USA. These handmade wooden rustic Betsy Ross American Flags are perfect for your home.
Enjoy your Betsy Ross Flag for your Living Room and hang it with pride!

Handmade flag for any Rakkasan. This beautiful Patriotic flag would be a great addition to your office, living room, or man cave. Measuring in at 36" x 19.5", this Wood American Flag is a perfect choice when looking for a Rustic American Flag. The Tori of the Rakkasans, 101st Airborne, 187th Infantry Rakkasan, would be a fantastic Veteran Gift.
Available at
All Rakksans go through and earn their Air Assault wings, the units that comprise of the Rakkasan are encompassed on this Wood US Flag.

With the idea of FREE shipping and our amazing money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! This piece would be a fantastic conversation piece. Show off your Rakkasan spirit with this Rustic Wood American Flag Wall Art. Visit us at


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Patriots Edge-Wood American Flags that are handmade by a Kentucky Veteran and his wife.
Here at Patriots Edge we enjoy creating every single handmade wood American Flag. Every wooden flag in our shop is made right here in the USA and is all handcrafted from start to finish!

We started as a hobby creating flags for friends, family and for our home. Loving what we were doing and the positive responses we received, we decided to start creating our flags and share them online, so that others could display their pride for our American flag as well.
By creating and displaying these beautiful, unique wood American Flag home decorations, it allows us and you to show our patriotic spirits and love of our country. That is our mission.

As a Veteran, I proudly donate 10% of ALL of our profits to USACares, a non-profit that helps military veterans in crisis.
Every wood American Flag you see in our shop is all handcrafted. We pride ourselves on quality materials and meticulous workmanship that can be displayed for years to come. Whether you want to display your flag in your home or on the porch, our flags are weather ready and make the most heartfelt and amazing gift.
Thank you for visiting our shop. We do hope that you love our Wood American Flags as much as we love creating them for you.