This was a conversation we had with a Muslim individual in London Ontario during one of our marches. We encourage Muslims who are concerned about what their mosques are teaching to join us in speaking out about hate speech.

Five years old and still standing for Freedom!

"It won't last" they said.

"They will be gone in 6 months" they said.

Well, it has been 5 years. 

Five years of rallies, abuse, hatred, labeling, abuse, news stories, international attention, abuse, internal issues, support, abuse...... and yet, PEGIDA lives on.

Why? Because we stand for freedom. We stand for truth. We stand for democracy. We are PEGIDA.

PEGIDA Dresden started in October of 2014 in Dresden, Germany . PEGIDA continues to this day.

Stay strong, stay united, stay peaceful.

Happy Birthday, PEGIDA! May your light continue to shine!

God keep our land(s) glorious and free!

The song played in the second half of this video is the PEGIDA Hymne, written for us in 2015 as a song of inspiration and hope.

The following is a quote from a student observer:

“The Arabs were talking shit to to the Canadian (non Arab?) kids and it built up and today was the day it changed from words to punches. Arabs talking shit everyday and threatening to attack them (non Arabs). Arabs already had a beef with one of the Canadian boys and continued to talk shit about him and threatening to beat his ass and kill him and his friends. They went to go see the Canadian kids at lunch and the fight broke out. The fighting finally calmed when the kid that was kicked in the head started having a seizure”


Addressing blatant anti semitism coming out of the Islamist community. This video was banned by Youtube for 'hate speech'.

When we attempted to lay a wreath in 2018, we were attacked by strong opposition from Antifa. This year, we lay the wreath quietly with no advertisement. The victims were remembered.


prescribed Dua


According to a book given out freely at Dundas Square Dawah booth

Pegida Canada chats with Anna Marie at the Tommy Robinson court appearance in London UK 2018

A Montage of Pegida Canada's activities set to the Pegida Hymne, written for Pegida in 2015.


We spoke once again about the Muslim Brotherhood/Islamism/Qatar Papers and the BDS/antisemitism so prevalent in the Islamic community. Again, several people stopped to listen.

We spoke about Islamist influences in London City Hall.


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