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I discuss my collecting addiction.

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I ruminate, ramble, about life and living, while I superimpose removal of primary components of my wife’s computer to discard (10 year-old, no longer supported Intel i7-920 cpu, no longer supported ASUS P67 Deluxe v2 mobo, etc.) - so that I may install my most recently built and tweaked Ryzen7, 2700x cpu with Corsair H100i AiO cooler with EVGA RTX2070 on ASUS Crosshair VII Hero mobo with G.Skill FlareX 3200MHz DDR4 ram with Samsung sm961 NVMe 1TB boot disk into her ThermalTake Spedo case. All this was so that I could justify to my wife my upgrading my own computer system to the Intel i9-9900k cpu cooled by Noctua’s flagship NH-D15s and nVidia RTX2080 FE on an ASUS ROG Strix z390e mobo with Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz DDR4 ram with Samsung 970 Evo+ 1TB NVMe as boot.

My former, and now my wife’s computer system:
-AMD Ryzen7 2700x 3.7GHz CPU
-Corsair H100i Pro AiO cooler
-G.Skill FlareX 32gb DD4 3200MHz c14 RAM
-EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Black GPU
-ASUS ROG Crosshair VII x470 Hero MOBO
-Samsung sm961 1TB m.2 NVMe ssd (boot disk)
-Western Digital Black SN750 NVMe 1TB m.2 (scratch disk)
-Corsair AX860i 860watt 80+ platinum PSU
-ASUS AC3100 PCE-AC88 wifi adapter card
-Thermaltake Spedo case

My new system after this upbuild:
-Intel i9-9900k 3.6MHz oc to 4700MHz
-Noctua NH-D15s x2 NF-A15pwm 140mm cooler
-Corsair Vengeance LPX 32gb DDR4 3200MHz c16 RAM
-nVidia RTX 2080 Founders Edition GPU
-ASUS ROG Strix z390-E MOBO
-Samsung 970 Evo+ 1TB m.2 NVMe ssd (boot disk)
-Samsung 860 Evo 2TB M.2 sataIII ssd (scratch disk)
-Mushkin Reactor 2TB SSD (vid disk)
-Seasonic PrimeUltra 1000watt 80+ Titanium PSU
-ASUS AC3100 PCE-AC88 wifi adapter card
-Phanteks Enthoo Pro case
Almost in F - Tranquillity by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

The Dark Glow of the Mountains by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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I show a mechanical keyboard; I discuss something indirectly related. inverted contrapuntal monologue in contrary motion.

Regarding installation of PBT keycaps on CM MK750, o-rings: reduce noise and shock during keycap bottoming out, reduces key travel, thereby improving typing speed. The primary o-rings being installed: Captain O-Ring 40A hardness, 0.4mm (available from for $10.49 per 135), Also installing a few Cherry TEX 50A clear rubber o-rings 0.4mm ($11.24 per 130).

PBT backlit PBT keycaps:
108 keycaps for Cherry MX switches, in blue and gray. $29.99 from Happy Balls. Standard keycap with ~1.3mm thickness, 1.33g weight, slightly textured surface, doubleshot translucent lettering.
[originally uploaded 1/6/2019]
Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Blue switches. Comes with leatherette wrist pad and 9 doubleshot translucent purple PBT keycaps and braided type-C usb cable. standard keycaps are doubleshot translucent black ABS keycaps ~1.15mm thick, 1g weight. $119.99 from amazon.

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Here I discuss "what is life?," "where did we come from?," "why are we here?," "what does it all mean?," and "where are we going?."

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I rambling talk on retirement, IQ, Autism, Kaczynski - was initially banned by youtube for some reason.

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These are one of the funnest legal, inexpensive things you can buy as a grown-up. I recommend you save up $600 and buy 10 of them; play around with them. Mix and Match dials, hands, bands/straps, decorate and modify them. They will enhance your life. Vintage mid-century, pre-USSR fall Soviet engineering. наслаждайтесь!
Komandirskie watches
Designed as infantry watches for the Soviet army, used by soldiers’ standard issue military watch. Made in the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory, which moved to Chistopol in 1942 as Germans invaded Moscow - renamed Vostok in honor of Space Program by the same name.

39mm case diameter
44mm lug-to-lug length
18mm lug width
17 jewel, 19800BPH 2414A/B movement, hand-wound, 38hour power reserve. 30M (3ATM) WR.
Date with 8-12 rapid-set, screw-down crown with stem-bend resistant wobble.
Chrome over brass bezel AND case.
Caseback with vodonyepronitzayemihye: water proof, Rossiya: Russia made.

These were used on space missions just as the Omega man-on-the-moon speedmasters were, due to hand-winding function - this is necessary for 0-gravity environments.
Vostok Amphibia

Case: 40mm (for standard case, to 41mm for Tonneau).
Width including crown: 43.5mm
Lug to lug: 46.5mm
Lug spacing 18mm (for 420, 120, 060), 22mm (for 090, 100, 110, 710)
Height: 15mm with crystal, 12mm case height
Weight 60g
Movement: 2416B, 31 synth ruby jewels, automatic with hand-windable. Not less than 31 hours reserve.
200M WR, anti-shock balance and crown, screw-down crown and case back. Rotating bezel. 10 year service intervals recommended. All watches tested before shipping.
Both Komandirske and Amphibias meant to last at most 10 years, then disposed of. But can be disassembled, cleaned, oiled, re-assembled for indefinite life as well.
ScubaDude dials:
059: white SD top right floater on blue
634: white SD top right floater on black
386: black mid left floater on teal
380: orange mid left floater on black
656: light blue top swimmer on blue
657: orange top swimmer on black
658: black top swimmer on beige
Zissou dials: grey on black (Murray): 526, khaki on blue: 374
Case shapes:
710: the vintage cushion case, also called the Ministry case (orig features gov ministry graphics): 22mm lug
100: the rounded octogon block case: 22mm lug width
090: the Tonneau barrel case: 22mm lug width
110: the batman case: 22mm lug width
060: the UFO case: 18mm lug width
120: the crown-guard round case: 18mm lug width
420: the standard round case: 18mm lug width
Standard Bezels:
Compass bezel 8 dot (usually with the 060 round tapered lug cover case)
4loaf15bezel, found in octogonal case
4loafEKGbezel, found in squared case
sunburstNumbered bezel found in Tonneau case
Sunburst15bezel usually paired with Tonneau case
12dotRB bezel, found in standard round case
CountdownRB bezel, found usually paired with Ministry case.
15chevronbracketbezel, found in crown-guard round case
Ratchet10bezel, found usually paired with batman case.
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The downsides of being born with a high IQ.


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There are videos here discussing a variety of my interests which shift over time, but have included at various times of my life astronomy, aquariology, golfing, photography, computer builds, knives, guns, fountain pens, EDC (everyday-carry items), music, literature, sports (basketball, football, baseball), and finance and investing, history, politics (rarely). I am trying to be anonymous mostly to protect my family and myself from embarrassing intrusions at work and home, as well as from repercussions over personal politics, opinions, and interests. I am in my 50s, am married, and have 2 grown kids.