Penelope Avamour

The original intention of this video had been to address once again the issue of censorship of my channel due to my recent communications with Bitchute.

However, due to character restraints I've decided to forego addressing this issue for now in preference for simply stating I am an extremely affluent woman, which is a topic I indirectly addressed in my video titled 'Honey Trap' last year.

As I mentioned in that video I have never publicly solicited at anytime for financial remuneration nor do I ever intend to do so.

Subsequently, unlike other content creators who do solicit for financial remunerations; I'm under no obligations to provide a perspective agreeable to any financial donors - or anyone for that matter.

That means when I state the only living organism on this planet that is more despised than the Jews is the pathetic weak dumb as all fuck white male - I mean it.

I, also, mean it when I state the white male is a plough animal - a dumb fucking ox.

Of course, there is the 5% exception.

As I have always stated the primary objective of the Knights of the Round Table is to depose and dismantle the International Financial System - aka the Shadow World Government aka the Jews - because it represents the ultimate challenge on this planet.

It is a challenge only suitable however to people who already own the mansion, who already own the Lamborghini sports car, who already can list amongst their associates gorgeous sophisticated and intelligent men/women.

The only reason any of these people would be prepared to risk their wealth and health on such a treacherous venture is because of the substantial personal rewards they can envisage by doing so - amongst which is the accumulation of profound wisdom.

A highly sought after attribute by intelligent men because the wise and cultured white male is a concept still yet to be realised on this planet.

The four main components of depopulation are:

1: Population

2: Communication

3: Robotics

4: Artificial Intelligence

A wise and intelligent person would be able to extrapolate all manner of information from just the listing of these four components.

They would be able to determine just how socioeconomically mismanaged has Western society been these past 100 years.

They would be able to better comprehend the global strategy of the Jews.

They would also be able to rationalise just how expendable life has now become in the 21st century on this planet due to over population.

All of which brings me to the title of this video 'The Power of Incel - We Shall Prevail'.

The incel beta white male is going to become more and more prevalent in the years to come as women of all ethnicities - most of all white women - distance themselves from wanting anything to do with this fucked up dumb as all fuck self-entitled delusional plough animal, thereby, assuring its own elimination.

A vile and repulsive relic of a bygone era for which the world will be eternally grateful when it is finally no more.

The Knights of the Round Table is an intellectual concept governed by dynamics and metrics.

It's uncompromising.

It's merciless.

It's brutal.

It's efficient.

In George Orwell's novel 1984 he described a future in which psychology had advanced to a stage where it was possible to 100% accurately profile a person's entire life.

That future is now as I possess the psychological abilities to 100% accurately profile any person.

All of which I mention so people don't get lost in the following details regarding the title of this video.

This video is so titled after the three biblical magi - the three wise men also referred to as the three kings - who appear in the nativity story regarding the birth of Jesus Christ.

Even though I was born and raised Catholic I've never had any difficulties intellectually accommodating the astro-theological roots of Catholicism/Christianity - a lot of which having to do with the fact Catholicism/Christianity is now a pathetic remnant of a once inglorious past - with respect to the Winter solstice and the Orion constellation from which the three magi are deduced to have been originally conceived.

All of which I mention because the three stars of the Orion constellation deduced to be the inspiration of the three magi are named Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, which will be the titles of my next three videos including this video.

However, this is the only video with a cosmic theme due to my use of the theme music from the movie Interstellar composed by Hans Zimmer.

My reason for the long drawn out light sequence is symbolic of the incredible amount of time a person needs to invest in themselves to acquire wisdom.

A virtue comprising life experience, knowledge and intuition.

My reason for choosing this theme is because the three wise men will always be the three wise men as they only have historical/mythological relevance as a combined unit, as you never hear of one of the three wise men deciding to leave the band and start a solo career.

In similar vein, the Knights of the Round Table will always consist of three components as illustrated in my video in which each component has a specific dynamic relation in concert with the other components.

This dynamic relationship is the essence of the Knights of the Round Table for which nothing else in the world remotely competes.

In the past few weeks I have made a series of posts at Gab highlighting the sheer folly of people who elect to dress themselves up in some cosplay costume possessing none of the intellectual attributes to play the role.

The most memorable encounter for me being all the self-professed 'Zionist Slayers' who were duped out of $US113,000.00 by Ken O'Keefe, which I detail in this post:

An event where fucked up pretentious delusional keyboard warriors met with a harsh reality.

The same harsh reality that is coming their way with depopulation.

This video titled 'A Utopian Vision' is published in conjunction with an accompanying video titled 'A Vision Splendid', which is a modified version of my introductory video to my Black Winged Angel series I began in November 2019.

The phrase 'a vision splendid' is derived from a famous Australian poem titled "Clancy of the Overflow" by Banjo Paterson, which I've posted at Gab for your convenience as it is a poem about living a life in the quiet solitude of the Australian Outback in comparison to living a life contending with the clamor and congestion of city life.

It is a theme I have consistently promoted here at Bitchute especially in regard to the movie 'The Last Samurai' starring Tom Cruise for the following reason.

The Knights of the Round Table (KORT) has been designed as an intellectual concept as opposed to an ideological or philosophical concept.

Ideology is a belief structure whereas philosophy is a theoretical construct of ideas in purpose of achieving a desired outcome.

Neither of which can be subjected to the same dispassionate intellectual scrutiny as an intellectual concept.

It is for this reason - and only this reason - the KORT has been designed as an intellectual concept as few of the problems confronting Western society can be solved intellectually.

They can only be solved philosophically.

For instance, the primary objective of the KORT is in deposing the International Financial System (IFS) because Western society would prosper and flourish better without it.

Flourish by definition means an increase in population.

However, Western society is already overpopulated.

Subsequently, deposing the IFS could be intellectually rationalised as being counter intuitive to its desired objectives.

I have specifically chosen the theme of the oasis in the desert for the thumbnail of these two videos because in 2022 through a sequence of videos containing easy to understand diagrams I intend to detail the dynamics of the KORT, which should provide sufficient enough clarity in conjunction with everything else I have published relating to it for intellectual and philosophical pockets to start springing up much like an oasis in the desert.

The reason I chose this desert theme for this video is because there is a specific dynamic I wanted to address that can only be explained by the following dialogue:

PERSON A: I think Penelope is the most beautiful and intelligent woman ever born to this world.

PERSON B: Didn't she perish attempting to cross the Sahara Desert without taking with her sufficient life preserving provisions?

PERSON A: Oh yeah, I forgot, she was a stupid bitch.

The Sahara Desert in this video is symbolic of the hostile environment we traverse everyday in Western society only it's not the scorching sun we have to fend against to survive, but rather Jewish saturated disinformation.

The moral being little sympathy is ever shown towards someone who goes swimming and then drowns because they never took the adequate life precautions in learning to swim.

This video titled 'A Vision Splendid' is published in conjunction with an accompanying video titled 'A Utopian Vision' as this video is a modified version of my introductory video to my Black Winged Angel series I began in November 2019.

My reason for republishing this video with a different narrative is there is no way I can improve upon the vision and scope succinctly detailed in the original video as well as in the description box below.

Original video:

Of course, November 2019 was still six months in advance of the impending coronavirus scamdemic that began in March 2020 so my video was not so well received by all the vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit with a dick between its legs that infest both this platform as well as the world at large.

In fact, so vile and repulsive is this element I posted three videos in September and October 2019 addressing this very issue;

1: Canis Sapien - September 5th

2: Aryan Goddess - The Pathetic Weak White Male - September 30th

3: Cartoon Nazis - October 9th

Of course, the good news is - something I've always known - this vile and repulsive fucked up piece-of-shit with a dick between its legs is soon going to be eliminated as neither the Jews/Western governments nor me wish to tolerate its offensive existence any longer than necessary.

For the exact same reason insofar as neither the Jews nor me want it: our world is never going to return to what it had been prior to the commencement of the coronavirus scamdemic, which is perceived as being a good thing by culturally sophisticated people - women and men - like me regardless of the Jews antithetical agenda.

It is because the Jews agenda is antithetical to mine I decided to publish this video in a double upload because a fundamental difference between the Jews and me is the Jews have obviously never heard of a woman's biological clock because if they had they wouldn't have spent the last two thousand years fucking about with this world domination bullshit with no result.

I've got hairdressing appointments to keep.

I've got clothe fitting appointments to keep.

I can't afford to be dithering about with this world domination bullshit when I no longer have firm supple breasts, which is why the forthcoming Age of the Sirens is going to be the most brutal and savage age in the history of Western civilisation, as I won't have firm supple breasts forever.

It is for this reason I will be revising some of my previous published videos either in whole or in part in 2022 as I have no desire to revisit anything that has already been succinctly detailed as it had been in my original introductory video to my Black Winged Angel series.

My Black Winged Angel series although only published two years ago was published in completely different times to the times we live in now so where I am of the opinion something can be better clarified or condensed, or both, I will attempt to do so.

The expression “the elephant in the room” is a proverbial metaphorical idiom in English used in relation to an important or enormous topic, question, or controversial issue that is obvious or that everyone knows about but no one mentions or wants to discuss because it makes at least some of them uncomfortable and is personally, socially, or politically embarrassing, controversial, inflammatory, or dangerous.

I still vividly remember the three phases of revised devolution I observed beginning as a young inexperienced woman in my early twenties with Baby Boomers between the years 2006 through 2016:

1: Diminished perception of reality

2: Detached from reality

3: No concept of reality

So much so, the singular case proverbial expression 'elephant in the room' had morphed into the plural 'elephants in the room' of which one of these elephants had been depopulation.

Another the Jews.

Australia is the same sized landmass as the USA with less than 10% of the population so it would be quite understandable depopulation was not perceived as an imminent concern if not for the fact every other sustainable development issue such as climate change and clean energy have been suicidally embraced and adopted as an imminent concern despite Australia's almost zero carbon footprint.

These are the fucked up leftist/green/Cultural Marxist pieces-of-shit I live amongst which is why I have always viewed depopulation as something to celebrate as the sooner these fucked up pieces-of-shit are dead the happier I will be, which is obviously a sentiment not exclusively reserved to me as most of my subscribers seem to be enthusiastic depopulationists, too.

Regardless of whether the Baby Boomer generation had been the most vile and repulsive generation ever to grace this planet my generation was always going to encounter a whole different array of impending issues to solve as a consequence of the world population explosion that has occurred since the end of World War II when the world population was only 2.5 billion people.

It is now almost 9 billion people.

The fact 90% of my generation are either pathetic weak stupid soyboys or stupid slovenly sluts whilst Generation Z have even worse percentages actually makes the whole process of depopulation so much easier.

Conversely, it makes the process of determining which people should survive all the more difficult hence my devising of the Knights of the Round Table in countermeasure to the Jews own depopulation agenda, which is premised on a whole different set of parameters.

Something I've obviously done because it satisfies my own vanity insofar as being one of the most beautiful and intelligent women ever born to this world who enjoys something of an elite status albeit in one of the dumbest fucking countries on the planet, which is why I don't overly emphasis the elite status too much.

As heiress to a ruinous civilisation bequeathed to my generation by the most vile and repulsive delinquent generation to ever grace this planet - Baby Boomers - there are obviously lots of things needing of change.

Subsequently, the ability to thread all these things needing of change into a cohesive organised structure has always been the challenge hence my devising of the Knights of the Round Table, which is a multilayered concept.

Long before the advent of the coronavirus scamdemic in March 2020 the term 'NPC' - non-player content - became part of the disenfranchised lexicon in description of the discernible soulless drones who inhabit Western society.

It was a term invented by Gamers who obviously noticed a similarity between people they encountered in real life and computer generated characters in computer games.

Subsequently, all the coronavirus scamdemic did was to provide visual aid in the discernment of these death jabbing oxygen depriving mask wearing soulless drones who are not only a menace to themselves; they are a menace by their submissive compliance to the Jews world domination agenda to all freedom loving people.

Soullessness is a non-discriminatory ailment affecting people from all walks of life, which is why I have never aligned myself with anything ethnic based as to do so would be to embrace some of the very people I despise.

It is one of the reasons - there are many other reasons - the Knights of the Round Table was designed to be an elite concept as elite people only ever associate with other elite people.

That's its privilege.

The term elite is a controversial term these days because it is often used by the 99% to describe the 1% wealthiest people in the world.

Wealth, however, can only ever provide the superficiality of elitism, as most of these people are discernibly vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit.

The elitism to which I allude is illustrated in the movie 'A Civil Action' starring John Travolta who plays the role of a personal injury lawyer.

In the movie he successfully sues two powerful corporations for causing environmental damage associated with the deaths of young children.

However, a successful civil legal suit of this kind invariably results in a non-admission non-disclosure financial settlement with the plaintiffs, which is not what the parents of these deceased children had sought.

If, ever, love was to be portrayed depicting its most desired essence it is by Kathleen Quinlan who plays the role of one of the grieving parents who is broken beyond repair at the loss of her son.

That's true love.

John Travolta's character plays the system and wins.

A system where multinational corporations perceive legal suits as an occupational hazard to be deterred where possible.

Somewhere in the mix: no doubt influenced by the parents love, dedication and desire for answers of their now deceased children John Travolta's character's system win didn't satisfy his own vanity.

The true trait of elitism.

In 2022, my approach to publishing content here at Bitchute will be slightly different to other years, which I alluded to in a previous video.

This change has nothing to do with the heavy censorship of my channel by Bitchute because as I've stated my Bitchute channel has been my method of communication with my own inner circle of acquaintances since I don't use any other social media none of which has been effected by the censorship.

The main reason for the change has to do with the fact the complexity of the subject matter has long exceeded the posting of an occasional video in addition to a 5000 character monologue in the description box below, which was reduced to 3000 characters late last year.

This reduction in character availability has proved quite beneficial in harmonising posting requirements with Gab which already had a 3000 character restriction, which means I am now able to post my Bitchute videos on that platform without having to truncate the monologue description - something I was not prepared to do.

Another reason is in 2021 I became aware my lack of an interactive device such as G+ which had proved to be extremely useful between 2014 and 2019 in assisting me prioritise as well as condense the machinations of my mind - which if nothing else kept my mind occupied as I whiled away the hours soaking in a hot steamy bubble bath - was noticeably absent in my publishing preparations.

Subsequently, my planned method of approach in 2022 will be to post content at Gab relating to a planned Bitchute video in which I will post any relevant links in the description box here at Bitchute.

A standard theme of mine since January 2014 whether I emphasis it or not has been:

💚 Beautiful people are inspired by beauty

💔 Ugly people are inspired by the threat of death

In this respect, I thought the best thing about Charlottesville in 2017 - Unite the Right rally - even though it was organised by a notorious Zionist shill in Richard Spencer was the tiki torch night march as I have always been enthralled by the besieging pitch fork and torch rallying march by the people on despotic authority as there is no more perfect theatre in the pursuit of justice than that action to my mind.

Subsequently, just for the theatre of it regardless of motives I wholly endorse the Ottawa truck convoy as well as people demonstrating around the world against the vaccine mandate and passport as there is beauty in all these actions because the preservation of freedom is the crowning glory of all beauties.

So much so, I have decided to dedicate my first video for 2022 to all the participants of these rallies around the world as they certainly will have a glorious story to tell in years hence.

My perceptions have always been markedly different to everyone's else on this planet, but then, my observations have always been markedly different.

For instance, this world has been in crisis for the past two years to the extent the lives of children are now in peril, and yet, despite the fact there are plenty of women in this world equal in beauty to me - if not more beautiful - there has been a complete absence of intelligent eloquent handsome men publicly championing the tyrannical loss of civic liberties people have endured around the world as a consequence of the corona virus scamdemic; who still remain silent now despite children being injected with this irreversible gene altering poisonous concoction.

What unconscionable 'men' did these women marry?

Whoever they married they obviously had placed a low premium on their beauty as the last man who proposed marriage to me I had requested on condition of acceptance he build me a luxury cruise liner worth 1.4 billion dollars as an engagement present that was designed to break a part and sink mid Pacific Ocean on its maiden voyage.

In addition, of course, to buying me a beautiful expensive engagement ring.

I've mentioned this story twice on my Bitchute channel and never finished it - just like now - as there are lots of nuances to it due to the fact it has to do with me wanting to eliminate the entire Australian judiciary.

A story I did finally finish is my reason for including a video clip of the romance between Tara Wilson and Alan Shore on my GRRIAV - Transcendence video - - which was intended as a stepping stone video during 2021 back towards 'The Room' because of it being the central piece of architecture in the Knights of the Round Table concept.

I have included the clip of Denzel Washington from the movie 'Crimson Tide' as he perfectly portrays an intellectually philosophically advanced man in the company of lowly intelligent indoctrinated men.

I've included the clip of John Travolta from the movie 'A Civil Action' because he perfectly portrays a man who was confronted with a moral crisis for which there existed no satisfactory remedy at the time, but he still pursued it anyway knowing defeat was inevitable.

The movie is based on a true story to do with a court case about environmental pollution that took place in Woburn, Massachusetts in the 1980s, which had caused the deaths of numerous children.

A highly recommend watching the movie as it illustrates a systemic deficiency that can occur in any system, which was resolved by the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency.

I've included these clips because they provide a visual cue to who and what a knight of the KORT is visualised to be.

A man - or woman - of acute philosophical awareness and conscience.

Just as the EPA was an instrument of justice devised in response to a systemic deficiency so it is with the KORT.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

It is actually Christmas Day night here in Australia as it hadn't been my intentions to publish a Christmas video this year as anything I could do would pale in significance to my epic Christmas video I published last year, which you can view here if you feel so inclined:

The topic of my next video in my miniseries Angel of Light is God for reason I've stated the Knights of the Round Table is a god concept.

There is a little five year old boy in England who won't be enjoying Christmas this year or in any other year as he is now dead after his indoctrinated mother had him vaccinated, which she had boasted about on social media.

You can read about it here:

Someone a few weeks ago in the comment section on one of my videos asked my opinion of an Australian online content creator for whom I am familiar to which I gave a relatively candid diplomatic response.

A relatively candid diplomatic response is usually a less than honest opinion because I actually find this particular person to be a waffling fuckwit.

What has always astonished me is the people - mostly male - who spend their time listening to these people who usually post hours and hours of nonsensical dribble each week as there are some serious surrogate father issues going on with these males as there is no other explanation as to why anyone would spend their time listening to these waffling rambling halfwits.

Victoria's Secret which was founded in 1977 in California by businessman Roy Raymond was originally a women's boutique lingerie store for men who wanted to purchase lingerie for their girlfriend, wife or mistress.

Raymond sold the brand and his five established stores to a Jewish businessman named Les Wexner in 1982 for a million dollars who immediately re-orientated the clientele base to being a women's lingerie brand for women rapidly expanding the number of stores to 350 nationally.

The Victoria's Secret annual fashion show began in 1996.

Wexner actually paid Deborah Lipstadt's legal expenses in her libel suit filed by David Irving in 2000, which is the same year the term supermodel was coined.

Victoria's Secret can be described as being both a Baby Boomer concept as well as a Jewish concept.

This is how I fit into the picture because it was Victoria's Secret who inspired some people to ponder the concept of a superintelligentsupermodel for which I was the only potential candidate.

The video I have published is Victoria's Secret 2008 Christmas video which is quite symbolic as it represents a changing of the guard from Baby Boomer supermodels to millennial supermodels.

It's also the year I sunk a ten million dollar yacht:

All of which will make sense in my next video.

Merry Christmas!

The Knights of the Round Table (KORT) has emerged over the course of 2021 as being the only devised concept in the world even remotely capable of saving humanity from a Jewish dystopian future.

Just as anticipated.

This is because the KORT was devised in the years prior to the corona virus scamdemic in anticipation of a plandemic as it seemed to be the most viable option for the Jews insofar as providing the necessary manufacturing of an untraceable invisible enemy by which to coerce and corral the populations of both Western society and the rest of the world.

When exactly such an event would precisely occur was unclear insofar as the actual year even though the expectation was it would be sooner than later due to the fact it had always been known the Jews have a 2070 agenda.

Still to this day the reality escapes the vast majority of people this is a do or die agenda for the Jews which shouldn't come as any surprise when considering 95% of people living in Western society are deemed to be fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking ugly clueless dumbfucks who will forever remain fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking ugly clueless dumbfucks.

It is for this reason the KORT has been specifically designed with these insurmountable logistics at its core as together they form a heaven and earth time delay philosophical polarity.

Heaven: The Jews aren't going to stop until they are stopped

Earth: Ocean of Discontent

The KORT is so intellectually advanced it was necessary to devise new instruments of logic of which the Descartes Parallel Paradox is the most significant, which will be explained in a future video.

It has always been stated the KORT is an evolutionary concept in which terms used will either be replaced by more appropriate terms or evolve in definition.

For instance, Homo supremus is not intended to be a supremacist term at this stage, but rather a divisional term between cognitive enabled people and cognitive disabled people.

Ocean of Discontent is intended to replace my singling out exclusively white males for elimination to give it a more family inclusive sense of foreboding.

As has been previously stated on previous videos the KORT has not been influenced by the Arthurian legends but rather Rome's Plebeian Council.

It is so named because only vocational dedicated persons similar to medieval knights seeking personal quest and glory will ever be able to defeat this Jewish control system.

The reasoning behind the Round Table should be obvious after having watched this video.

We obviously live in stressful times which is why I devised National Socialism Romance as an interim bridging concept.

It is why I included the scene from the movie Captain Phillips at the beginning of my video Subliminal Serenade - National Socialism Romance (PI) - - with the professional medic.

My use of the tractricoid from the movie Inception in that video as well as in this video is symbolic of a gyroscope.

The purpose of this miniseries is to unveil the basic mechanics of the Knights of the Round Table (KORT) which would have been a challenge when I had 5000 characters to utilise let alone being restricted to only 3000.

The KORT is a unique god concept:

Heaven - circa 2000 years ago:

Mrs God: Our mutual hobby interest doesn't seem to be doing too well. The short lived Athenian democracy is no more. Luminaries such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are long dead. The Roman Republic has just been abolished. Things are looking rather bleak for the inhabitants of that planet called Earth. Maybe, you could intervene and provide some sorely needed spiritual guidance.

God: Fuck 'em! Send junior if it is so important to you as I've got my own problems with fucking stars brightly illuminating and going supernova; fucking brown dwarfs that fail to fucking illuminate altogether; a universe expanding at a billion light years a fucking second to fuck knows where; and an irritating angel with big tits who keeps mocking me with comments like, "Hey God, why didn't you create a sturdier universe where space doesn't warp?" who I'll banish to some fucked up planet to live in some fucked up country one day if she keeps it up.


Imagine in your mind a vast blue ocean in which you are cast aimlessly adrift on a life raft.

Whilst aimlessly adrift without purpose the wind and current are of no consequence.

It is only when something of purpose such as a paradise island appears on the horizon do they bear any consequence because now they can either be a friend or foe.

It's only in fair weather are they your friend because without any endeavour by you they'll assist you bridge the distance between you and your hearts desire.

However, during inclement weather it's only by your own resources and endeavours are your dreams preserved as your friend has now become your foe.

The only essential equipment needed to navigate using wind and current are a rudder, oars and a sail.

These are the basic mechanics.

The basic mechanics of the KORT are just as few because it's not the mechanics that defines the KORT, but rather the progress made by their use towards higher self-actualisation.

It is for this reason the KORT has been described as a heaven and earth philosophical intellectual synthesis because as the collective level of self-actualisation rises amongst the populace it too will develop a greater level of higher self-actualisation.

But even that is not what the KORT has been designed to achieve as the dispensing of divine justice is its ultimate purpose.

As I mentioned in a previous video, the dominate factor in Western society is fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking ugly people who are so prolific in numbers they form an ocean of discontent - one of whom I decided to briefly engage with the other day in which I expressed both its fate and my power:

Elite Black Winged Angel:

The most spiritual time of year in the Christian calendar is soon upon us once more.

I have always loved everything about Christmas with respect to it being the Season of Giving.

It is not by coincidence my last two videos have had as their theme Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler as I posted a video earlier this year titled 'The Gold Rose Rhapsody in Adagio Velocity - Jesus, Adolf and John'.

It is the 22nd of November in Australia marking the 58th anniversary of President John F Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas in 1963.

President John F Kennedy and Senator Robert F Kennedy were the last two Sons of God to exist on this planet.

As a young Australian girl I was always fascinated by JFK and RFK because they both possessed what the French describe as having a certain Je ne sais quoi - a quality that cannot be described or named easily - about them, which ironically did not exist in Edward Kennedy.

A woman of my social status possesses extraordinary scope regarding how her life will unfold from the earliest age envisioning horizons in her mind way beyond her current age and circumstances.

JFK's charisma and charm had always been attributed in books on his life to his Boston Catholic Irish roots, which never resonated as being accurate with me because if that were true there would be lots of JFK's in this world.

It was obviously due to something else.

I didn't quite know what at the age of sixteen as all I knew back then is I desired it in men.

JFK was the most powerful man in the world.

He was also one of the most charming men to ever grace this world.

Despite all that being in his favour he would still lose a custody battle to Jacqueline if she ever decided to divorce him because of his infidelities.

What possesses a man to risk the family who loves him for some stray pussy I will never understand, especially when his wife is as beautiful and as accomplished as Jacqueline.

That is a system functioning perfectly.

Both JFK and RFK possessed the wisdom of their father Joseph P Kennedy Sn with respect to the Jews who had been a great admirer of Adolf Hitler when he was the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1938 to 1940.

JFK gave insight to his acquired knowledge and wisdom in his 'Secret Society' speech in 1961.

In comparison to JFK, the men who have proposed marriage to me hadn't even evolved from swinging from tree to tree on vines yet.

The Knights of the Round Table has been designed by me primarily for men as it would seem I'm the only woman in the world to comprehend the rare complex mix of ingredients involved in the manifestation of a JFK or an RFK.

A quest only an Angel of Light would ever pursue.

I would hazard to guess there would be a total of only me who could be remotely inconvenienced by a reduction in characters from 5000 to 3000 in these description boxes on this platform.

It is worthwhile noting in the week following the publishing of my previous video titled 'The Pure Beauty of Divine Justice' in which I used Phil Collins masterpiece 'In the Air Tonight' as the theme track the official video on YouTube jumped 20 million views before YouTube became aware of the anomaly caused by me and began throttling the view count. I didn't bother to monitor the view counts of unofficial uploads of the song so I have no idea by how much their view counts increased but I would hazard to guess much the same.

The last time I caused such a distortion in the YouTube spacetime continuum was when I published my post titled 'The Room' at G+ in August 2018 in which I had described myself crawling on my hands and knees wearing only black panties and black bra choreographed to the hauntingly evocative instrumental 'The Way' by Zack Hemsey in purpose of dispatching the soul of some piece-of-shit lying on his back constrained in the centre of the room to the netherworld.

I had only referenced the instrumental in my post because YouTube had already begun throttling the view counts on every video I posted specifically to gauge the response to my post. In six months it doubled the views it had received in seven years from 21 million to 42 million. It was not by coincidence either Google decided to abandon their social media platform G+ soon afterwards giving notice of their decision in October 2018.

Ironically, the central theme of that published content also had to do with the Pure Beauty of Divine Justice as it was so titled 'The Room' because it was the most awe inspiring resplendent room ever designed in the devotion to God eclipsing anything the Vatican has on offer with respect to the Sistine Chapel.

It would seem I am now typecast for life as the woman who dispatches the soul's of people to the netherworld crawling on her hands and knees wearing only black panties and black bra. I guess, it could be worse, as I could be the woman responsible for Victoria's Secret deciding to abandon their angels because I keep using their videos in my publications.

Victoria's Secret, of course, is Jewish owned.

It is not by coincidence I have coupled Christina Perri's beautiful song 'A Thousand Years' with Adolf Hitler's personal testimonial of his struggles in what he envisioned to be a thousand year Reich, which was to be forever defined as being the most advanced cultured society ever to exist on this planet.

My reason being I have declined more than 5 marriage proposals from men, who, whilst able to appreciate my classical - every man's dream - beauty could not discern the beauty of Adolf Hitler, despite Western civilisation now having been transformed into a Jewish orchestrated cesspit since the end of WWII.

So blind!

So shallow!

So nothing!

I feel it is pertinent I reiterate at this juncture something I mentioned midway through my Black Winged Angel series in 2019 in relation to the fact I use my Bitchute channel to communicate to my own personal circle of influence in real life as I don't use any other social media.

It is for this reason I have up until now been quite tolerant of the ever increasing censorship my channel has been subjected to these past two years by Bitchute management as I can appreciate they would be under enormous pressure by the Jews to terminate my account.

Not so much because of my content but rather because of who and what I represent.

I am the Western woman of the future.

Bright, beautiful, intelligent and educated with no insecurities or tales of oppression from males who is well aware she is living in the dumbest fucking eon in the history of Western civilisation bequeathed to her by the most abysmal generation - Baby Boomers - ever to walk on cement pavement in the history of evolution.

Even so, it is nothing to go on a binge shopping spree over more than fifty or a thousand times in search of some soothing serenity and comforting tranquility for which you are sensually aware is lacking from your life for which no tantalising sensual lingerie is ever going to satisfy albeit an essential step on the path to salvation.

A cryptic sentence indeed which only my inner personal circle of influence and my most loyal and dedicated subscribers could comprehend which illustrates a compounding problem I've been aware of for sometime now with respect to going forward as the Knights of the Round Table is so intellectually and philosophically advanced I can only explain it in the most basic ways, which is becoming extremely tedious to do.

A perfect example is it would probably require ten videos to be crafted by me to explain how Jesus Christ - fictional or real - is an essential historical character in the progressive advancement of Western civilisation.

I was born and raised Catholic.

If faith is determined by the measure of spiritual transcendence a person feels from its spiritual leaders my pope has always been Pope Chardonnay as I have never derived any spiritual transcendence from the kook they elect to be pope at the Vatican.

And yet, in spite of this spiritual void from my own faith I am the Supreme Goddess of the Natural Spiritual Universe implying Catholicism has been no impediment to my spiritual development and growth as a person as the best thing about Catholicism is its irrelevancy to anything spiritual.

I am one of the few people in the world who comprehensively understands Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics so I know just how far away science is from disproving the existence of God.

I know God exists because by my inventive calculations I was obviously an angel in a previous life who has been banished from heaven to live on this fucked up planet, in this fucked up country, in this life for having mocked God's inability to get a fucking star to brightly illuminate without it going supernova radiating poisonous radiation throughout the Universe.


Commencing immediately I will slowly be migrating my online activities to Gab for the remainder of the year as CEO of Bitchute Ray Vahey always knew starting a video sharing platform in competition to JewTube was always going to be fraught with difficulties none more so than with the Jews who would be certain to conduct a relentless campaign of intimidation just for commercial purposes alone let alone the multitude of other reasons the Jews would want to do so.

If you are going to engage in shadow banning channels as well as throttling view counts just to appease the Jews you soon won't have anything left they'll want from you with which you can negotiate.

This graphic titled Beauty Meter highlights the problem:

It is not possible to explain the nuances of a concept designed for the top 20% of society to the bottom 20% of society, which is an accurate assessment of 99% of the people inhabiting Western society.

95% of people in Western society are fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking ugly people effectively eliminating the social dynamics by which these people could ever be expected to gradually evolve.

In 2007 Steve Jobs unveiled Apple's new smartphone the iPhone.

In less than 14 years a whole new mutant breed of human is devolving amongst this 95% in which the reality they perceive is whatever they fabricate out of thin air.

Text on a screen they just published is validation enough of its authenticity.

I am the Western woman of the future because all these people are going to be eliminated otherwise Western society will be subjected to an even worse fate with the Zoomer generation than it experienced with the Boomer generation.

🐸 My Gab address:

It is somewhat pertinent at this juncture in time to remind my viewing audience I have been 100% accurate about everything I've been about since January 2014 when I began my endeavours.

In fact, so extraordinary has been both my advanced level of perception and the accuracy therein for which I have exhibited it should convince even the most skeptical of people there has been some kind of divine guidance at play with me.

So much so, I suspect even the most well versed biblical theologian would have any doubts of the possibility God has indeed sent His Angels of Death to protect me.

I have previously stated I only identify in real life as a highly fashionable woman.

The secret to being a highly fashionable woman is solely dependent on a woman's shameless abilities to steal other people's fashion designs and coordinate them into her own original concept.

Earlier this year I stumbled across a picture of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic cauldron bathed in beige light which inspired the 'the gold rose' aspect in this new series of mine.

As I am sure you are aware, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic's scheduled to begin in July 2020 was postponed in March 2020 to July 2021 due to the corona virus scamdemic.

Just as I suspected the rescheduled event that has only recently concluded would be held to empty stadiums thereby majorly curtailing any worldwide public association of the cauldron with the Tokyo Olympics, which means by the rules of high fashion I'm entitled to steal its design - so I did.

It is the month of August in the year of Our Lord 2021.

A month that bears the name of the first emperor of Rome, Octavian Caesar Augustus, whose reign spanned 41 years from 27 BC until his death in AD 14.

A reign that encompassed the birth of Jesus Christ.

There exists a nine year deficit between the year 2021 and the year 2030, which is the year I have designated as being the dawn of the Age of the Sirens.

An age forecast to be the most brutal and savage age in the history of Western civilisation in which all the undeserving people are destined to perish from Western society.

In numerology, there are various interpretations as to the meaning of the number nine.

It is thought to symbolise universal spiritual laws that guide our spirituality as human beings.

It is also thought to symbolise divine completeness due to the fact according to the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) Jesus was crucified at the third hour - 9am - after which there was darkness over the land from the sixth hour - 12 noon - to the ninth hour - 3pm - inferring Christ died in the ninth hour.

In 2033 - twelve years hence - it will be the 2000 anniversary of Jesus Christ's crucifixion signalling the dawn of the 3rd Christian millennia.

3, 6, 9, 12.

I was chatting to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Angels of Death - about the significance of these numbers the other day.

Do you know what they told me?

They told me after dutifully serving with distinguished honours as the Keeper of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven for near on 2000 years God has decided to make Saint Peter redundant with the installment of an automatic computerised voice recognition system that has been designed to open and close the Pearly Gates, which will require all prospective candidates hoping to gain entry into heaven to state the following two passphrases followed by their name:

1: The Jews are pieces-of-shit

2: Heil Hitler

If the automatic voice recognition system detects a lack of conviction in the utterance of the former phrase or a lack of passion in the utterance of the latter phrase the hopeful prospective candidate is denied entry into heaven and sent straight to Hell regardless of how faithful and devoted to God he or she had been.

At least, that is how I interpreted the stony cold silence I was greeted with as I still haven't devised a method of communication with them making the whole notion of asking them about the significance of those numbers a futile gesture.

The opera Turandot composed by Giacomo Puccini is one of the very few Western operas to have an Asian libretto/theme - Chinese as opposed to Japanese.

Turandot, daughter of Emperor Altoum, has decreed that she will only marry if a suitor of noble blood can answer three riddles. If he cannot, the price shall be his head.

A synopsis of the opera can be found here:

My father - the Grand Mason - adored opera.

I grew up listening to Luciano Pavarotti sing Nessun Dorma.

Ironically, there exists many parallels between the life of Turandot and mine with respect to both she and I devising a method by which suitors could be assessed.

She devised three riddles.

I devised three levels of self-actualisation.

The Italian word 'vincero' sung twice at the end of Nessun Dorma means 'I shall be victorious'.

I shall!

You shall!

We shall!

Have you ever wondered what is the most terrifying sound anyone can hear in this world?

It's the sound of my voice asking the question, "Do you consider yourself to be an alpha-male or a beta-male?" because it is a threat disguised as an insult disguised as a question.

It's a question only ever asked when smouldering contempt has reached flash point from which there is no salvation.

My most common reference to Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich these past seven years has been 99% of people who identify with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich are vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit.

These people were vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit before they identified with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich so absolutely nothing had changed by them identifying with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich with respect to having acquired any life improving advanced philosophical wisdom in purpose of developing a more astute as well as a more acute perception of the world at large.

As far as these vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit are concerned Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich could just as well be some fictitious character and concept belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fortunately, the Western world has been subjected to eighty-eight plus years of incessant Jewish propaganda describing anyone who identifies with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich as vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit so no harm has been done by these vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit as being a vile and repulsive piece-of-shit has been the consistent theme promoted by the Jews, anyway.

Of course, any sane person living in a utopian paradise would naturally have nothing to do with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich because when you live in a utopian paradise everything is presumed to be as it should be for the very reason a utopian paradise is contingent on the past, present and future being in continuous seamless harmony.

In essence, a utopian paradise is in and of itself a manifestation of its own self-actualisation.

George Orwell no doubt had discovered this philosophical truth either before or whilst writing his futuristic dystopian novel 1984 when he wrote, "Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future".

1984 was written in 1948 five years after US psychologist Abraham Maslow published in 1943 a paper called 'A Theory of Human Motivation' in which he stated that people had five sets of needs, which come in a particular order.

This order is now referred to as Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

In Maslow's hierarchy of needs self-actualisation is the highest level of psychological development.

It is for this reason I have included the five tones from the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' at the start of my video in symbolic reference to the five levels in Maslow's hierarchy of needs as the central theme of the movie is that of an elusive quest to satisfy an all consuming inexplicable desire/need.

If you have never heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs I would highly recommend you either pause the video at the graphic in my video or search for a similar graphic online and study its structure in purpose of forming an accurate assessment about your own life in relation to self-actualisation, which is only attainable after the previous four needs have been realised.

It may save you a lot of grief with respect to harbouring any feelings of inadequacy from anything I may publish due to the fact National Socialism as adapted by the Sirens (NS+++) is a highly advanced philosophy with its own advanced self-actualisation+++ rating.

Subsequently, because it is so advanced I have been reluctant to address the topic in any comprehensive manner before now preferring to provide tidbits of information every now and then in purpose of indicating the National Socialism to which I allude is of haute couture design - exclusive and custom design - as opposed to being simply an off the rack generic design.

There exists many parallels between NS+++ and the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl' which I intend to highlight when appropriate for purposes of simplification in future videos thereby allowing me to focus on the more complex issues.

National Socialism is a philosophy predicated on justice, fairness and efficacy.

It's the efficacy aspect that confuses most people.

The dictionary definition of efficacy is: the ability to produce a desired or intended result.

Adolf Hitler desired to establish the most culturally advanced society in the world in which poverty had been eradicated and where the lowliest peasant enjoyed a quality of life far superior to any other person of equal social status living elsewhere in the world.

He realised this desire via financial and economic reform.

It is the middle of winter here in Australia which has been rather wet, bleak and cold this season so I decided last Sunday night I would make myself a hot chocolate and listen to Devon Stack's - Blackpilled - latest insomnia stream titled 'Patriot Edition', which is not something I regularly do with him even though I am subscribed to his channel.

A strict rule of mine for which I have religiously adhered to these past few years is to never make any reference to any other content creator on planet Earth - I'm still open to the idea of mentioning content creators living on other planets - for two reasons:

1: In my early days at G+ - 2014/15 - I made the fatal error of endorsing a few people who would later prove themselves to be disreputable pieces-of-shit.

2: In my latter days at G+ - 2017/18 - due to my Internet popularity which resulted in my profile being highly monitored by people who didn't share my world perspective; I had developed the socially awkward affliction of being the kiss of death as all I had to do was mention a content creator and they would soon disappear from the scene - YouTube - without a trace, which I naturally refrained from doing once I became aware my referencing people was inadvertently having that undesirable effect.

My reasons for wanting to listen to Devon Stack's insomnia stream I will explain in my next video as I've obviously crafted this video to address the topic of honey traps.

I am well aware if I should decide to participate in the comment sections of some content creators that have a predominately male audience it can be the equivalent of a black person attending a Ku Klux Klan rally wearing a t-shirt with the inscription 'Down With Whitey' printed on the front of it due to these comment sections being bastions of male dominance.

Subsequently, I am always prepared in my mind for any misogynistic generated attacks by completely fucked in the head males or any other conflict that may arise by my presence.

Even so, I'll never cease to be astonished by just how primitive are the minds of some males or just how insecure are the minds of beta males.

My participation in any of these online comment sections is a bit like being an occasional guest at a friends mountain lake retreat and then planning to dive naked into the lake first thing in the morning from the jetty in purpose of experiencing the brisk embrace of the mountain lake cold water around my entire body.

Just as I expect the mountain lake water to be cold before I dive in I similarly expect to receive a litany of false accusations from the beta males who inhabit these comment sections the most common being I am not a real woman for which there are a multitude of various different incarnations.

On this occasion I encountered a new false accusation by someone who I'm aware has previously posted comments on my videos and to whom I have politely responded in which it was asserted my channel was a known honey trap.

Of course, I politely requested he explain his reasoning to me for which I received no response.

The dictionary definition of honey trap is: a stratagem in which an attractive person entices another person into revealing information or doing something unwise.

The definition itself stipulates it is a one on one scenario, which means it cannot be applied collectively.

For example, to a Bitchute channel.

The fact it is used in a collective sense these days by beta males of any attractive woman is a perfect example of the deterioration of language along with the deterioration in the quality of males.

In real life I am the definitive definition of a honey trap as I do date men/women for information or in purpose of persuading them - if I don't like them - to pursue an unwise course of action.

The dynamics are no different to how I am able to tolerate the most vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit in comment sections.

In fact, I am known to be such a honey trap in real life people only ever engage in idle conversation with me at social functions for fear of unwittingly revealing information best not disclosed.

Nevertheless, I would still consider the false assertion made by this beta male my channel is a honey trap to be a malicious accusation as I neither solicit for financial support on my channel nor do I engage in private conversations with people I encounter online for any reason.

Just to illustrate how uninterested I am in anything a beta male could offer me here at Bitchute consider the following:

I am the single greatest threat in the world to the current International Financial System.

What do you think these people would pay me to go away?

One billion dollars?

Ten billion dollars?

A hundred billion dollars?

It's not the sum of money that's of any importance.

It's staying alive long enough to spend it.

The most populace states on the Australian mainland eastern seaboard - Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland - are currently experiencing corona virus scamdemic lockdowns once again.

Subsequently, I have decided to craft this video in response to these events as it dovetails perfectly with where I was going anyway with my published content.

Not surprisingly all three states have Jews as their premier/governor.

I will be addressing this matter in more detail in subsequent videos as none of these three Jews just became premier.

Each of them had to join a major political party and go through the whole slog of becoming a member, winning preselection, winning an electoral ballot, rising to the top of their faction to become leader, winning the nomination of their party to become leader and then winning a state election to become premier.

It's the reason why I have always severed relations with any guy who has ever mentioned to me he is thinking about pursuing a political career.

In October last year I published a video titled 'Shadow Serenade' specifically addressing the rampant censorship that is discernible here at Bitchute, which most definitely is getting worse.

It is for this reason I have changed the format of this video to a movie trailer style as well as choosing to use a more contentious title as I am curious to know if it makes any overall difference as it is quite possible the subject matter I am currently canvassing is simply not sufficiently enthralling enough to the satisfaction and tastes of the viewing public.

Or it is possible the title of my new series 'The Gold Rose Rhapsody in Adagio Velocity' lacks appeal.

Or it is possible people in Russia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France who are blocked from viewing my channel according to Bitchute's new handy Visibility application because it contains National Socialism symbolism were my most enthusiastic subscribers in earlier times.

I have previously stated on numerous occasions I use a lot of symbolism in my videos.

I have also previously stated my post titled 'The Room' is the ultimate expression of my powers in illustration of the absolute power of Pure Beauty.

Subsequently, I am essentially furbishing the details in these publications of mine to an already complete concept I've already canvassed in August 2018 whilst at G+

A perfect example of my use of symbolism exists in my previous video titled 'The Pursuit of Happiness/Excellence' with respect to my reference to eagles.

My reference to eagles had absolutely nothing to do with paganism.

It had everything to do with the fact eagles possess the most biologically advanced vision in all of Nature being 8x better than human vision.

When combined with its abilities to soar higher in the skies than any other bird - symbolic of the Edge of Reason I illustrated in my video titled 'Black Winged Angel - MLK' - it makes for the perfect symbolism albeit it wholly abstract with respect to Light and Reason.

Allow me to explain:

Light itself is a frequency - a wavelength.

Humans are only able to discern a very narrow band - visible light - on the light spectrum amounting to less than 1%, which means humans are unable to biologically detect 99% of all light with their eyes.

The symbolism in my video with respect to the eagle therefore has to do with the fact human beings also emit an invisible frequency for which only I am able to detect when in a transcended state of consciousness.

I am well aware my mentioning of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse must sound rather peculiar to a lot of people even though I have stated on numerous occasions I only know of their presence due to my ability to achieve results quicker than otherwise humanly possible.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the equivalent of dating a deaf, dumb and blind guy insofar as I would have to devise some method of communications if I wished to converse with them.

I don't and haven't.

I've also previously stated I've elected to use Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima as my avatar due to the fact her runway dynamics were the closest fit to my real life dynamics when I am in a transcended state of consciousness and on a mission with the only difference being what she does can be performed in front of a huge audience as it is still considered legal whereas it wouldn't be advisable for me to have any witnesses present when I go into 'Victoria's Secret' mode.

Something I may choose to do when anyone makes the fatal error of trying to convince me I live in an alternative reality to the reality I actually do in which the Jews aren't pieces-of-shit.

It would seem the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse share similar convictions to me about the Jews as that's the only time they ever make their presence known.

These are not the simplest subjects to canvass.

I have previously stated the purpose of this new series of mine is to clarify or add extension to my Black Winged Angel series which I abruptly abandoned in April 2020 switching to my Knights of the Round Table series when it became obvious the corona virus scamdemic that began in Match 2020 in actuality was the anticipated next major assault on humanity by the Jews in their quest for world domination.

Subsequently, this video is in extension of my third video in my Black Winged Angel series titled 'MLK' in which I graphically illustrated the existence of there being a false ceiling to reality, which has purposefully been established to create a protective buffer zone for the International Financial System - aka the shadow world government.

I, therefore, recommend watching this video of mine - - if you wish to understand the full context of this video

If, ever, there were a definitive example of a social construct it is this false ceiling as it is the manifestation of ignorance, arrogance, obstinance, foolhardiness, delusion, propaganda, deception along with a thousand other influential factors.

We now live in times where major corporations and multi-national conglomerates are no longer subject to market forces due to any financial losses they may accrue as a result of their endorsement and promotion of the Woke agenda being underwritten by the International Financial System - the Jews - thereby eroding the last vestige of power the people possess with respect to consumer power.

All of which is only possible in a financial system where there exists no accountability in which trillions of dollars can be magically created out of thin air on a whim with only the sweat and labour of the enslaved citizen providing any semblance of collateral.

It is the reason Hollywood movies now mainly consist of mindless imagery and sound effects devoid of any coherent and compelling narrative.

It is also the reason why modern music is indistinguishable in its sameness.

All of it designed to further dull the critical senses of the populace in maintenance of this false ceiling to reality.

I currently have a number of converging themes on the go which may cause some loss of cohesion as I deal with them individually so the following is intended to be a general overview with respect to where I am going.

The vast majority - 70% ~ 80% - of primary and secondary school teachers in Western societies are female of which a significant proportion subscribe to Cultural Marxist ideology.

In years gone by women who were suspected of contaminating the minds of the innocent were deemed to be witches.

A lot of these women met their final fate by being burned alive at the stake.

A woman like me would only have to burn one female school teacher alive at the stake to solicit a massive conversion to my way of thinking as women tend to be extremely fluid in their ideological convictions, especially if it is a choice between life or death.

Whereas, in contrast, men tend to fair better in a more rigid ideological driven environment, which has both its positive aspects as well as its negative aspects.

In essence, men are the essential safe harbour anchors in society for whom without society could precariously drift awry with potentially calamitous results.

The operative phrase in this previous sentence is 'safe harbour anchors' as Western society no longer enjoys safe harbour protections.

In essence, Western society needs to raise anchor and find a new safe harbour, which I obviously mean in a metaphysical context.

Subsequently, it is understandable Western men currently feel somewhat aggrieved with respect to this new emerging age in which a woman like me has significant influence.

Some of which obviously has to do with my plans to publicly execute 300 million pathetic weak white males by the year 2040.

Even so, a lot has to do with how women like me have been falsely portrayed over the decades by Hollywood which is why in my previous video I included the relations between Alan Shore and Tara Wilson from the last season of the American television drama 'The Practice', which continued on in the spin off television drama 'Boston Legal'.

My reasons for selecting his and her relations are multi-faceted as they first aired in 2004/5, which was the year my life trajectory would dramatically change.

However, that's a separate issue to something else I will be addressing in future videos which has to do with the male who can't see the forest for the trees as that type of male has no future in this new emerging world as that type of male is a liability to society as it is usually an ill mannered bombastic bastard that just likes to talk shit all the time.

Fortunately for me there is a guy on YouTube who perfectly fits this description so I will be publishing some of his videos for purposes of illustration.

It has always been my contention Pure Beauty is the natural countermeasure to Evil and not Goodness.

I stated as much at G+ in 2017 in my lead up to my post titled 'The Room', which I had always intended to be an illustration of the absolute power of Pure Beauty.

If you've ever done a 1000, 5000 or 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle you would know how difficult it would be to do without first viewing a picture of the finished jigsaw puzzle as a guide.

In fact, it would be near on impossible to do.

The ability to accurately psychologically profile someone on the Internet without the aid of any visual clues or cues in expressed purpose of causing that person maximum psychological and emotional distress to the extent of exhibiting visible and discernible desperation is equal in its near on impossibility.

In the entire world there is a total of only me who could do something like that using nothing but text on a screen.

It is common knowledge I possess a rare synthesizing analytical mind which is why I have included the Pentagon scene of Russel Crow from the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' in my montage as it's a fairly accurate portrayal of how a synthesizing analytical mind functions insofar as segments being matched and cross-matched until a pattern is detected requiring billions of computations to be performed instantaneously.

Whilst inflicting psychological and emotional distress on the 'anti-Nazi' at MeWe had not been part of my original intentions for spending time on that social media platform these past two months it was such a piece-of-shit I decided I'd be a lot happier if a whole world of grief came its way.

I'd have been even happier if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse eliminated it but they only seem to make their presence known when my expressed intentions require a mind resonance with whomever I have taken an intense disliking towards, which is a transcendent level beyond where I was prepared to go in this instance.

My performance at MeWe was witnessed by anywhere between 1000 and 10,000 people as it was only a matter of following the chatroom conversation to fully appreciate what was happening or had happened, which is still viewable even today.

The other four video clips I have posted because the combination of them represents a symbolic reflection of my life which is worth reiterating at this juncture due to the fact this week Victoria's Secret announced they had finally succumbed to the pressure of the Woke community for which I couldn't care less.

The beauty about beauty is it's transcendent of any parochial - having a limited or narrow outlook or scope - dictates.

Especially the dictates of unfathomably ugly and grotesque 'women' of the Woke community who are the antithesis of feminine beauty which Victoria's Secret has always excelled in promoting even though I've only ever liked a small percentage of the various fashion themes they've produced due to their horrid choice in musical artists, which has always plagued their fashion shows.

But, as I have previously mentioned on my channel, the single defining attribute that distinguishes a fashionable woman from all other women on this planet is not her acute sense of style and fashion although that's the most visible indicator, but rather her desensitization to the sight and sound of horror as a consequence of her conditioning from attending women's fashion shows year after year.

It's invariably why the most elegant women in the world tend to be devoid of compassion for pathetic weak fucked up people regardless of their gender as its usually only elegant women who can appreciate the full extent of the psychological and emotional trauma that goes with observing a model wearing clashing accessories.

I have observed Victoria's Secret for more than twenty years and have been aware for some time now they've been targeted by the Woke community.

If, ever, they were going to make concession to the Woke community now would be the time to do it due to the impending retirement of all their top supermodels, which has already begun.

The woman at the beginning of my video is a swimsuit model having clicked on one of her videos a few months ago and now I can't get rid of her as I no longer have a YouTube account since my account was terminated by YouTube in June 2019.

She and not Woke 'women' currently is enemy number one because I can't do anything about her due to the fact whether a person has an established YouTube account or not YouTube will tailor the person's Home page to his or hers viewing interests with the only functional difference being in the ability to tailor a preference with YouTube by means of deleting recommendations, which requires an account.

The video depicting the onscreen relationship between Alan Shore and Tara Wilson is the central theme of this video, which I'll explain in my next video.

I intend to condense everything I've been about these past seven years into two videos which I am only able to do because of my recent participation at MeWe of which I've made repeated mention in previous videos in my new series The Gold Rose Rhapsody in Adagio Velocity.

So as to fully comprehend this condensed version I first need to define the term goddess as these terms get bandied about a lot these days, which invariably dilutes their true meaning:

A goddess is an exceedingly rare manifestation of the natural spiritual universe whose only allegiances are to the natural universe.

Whilst she is a she, and not a he, she possesses no preferential perceptions of her own gender other than by her own inspired natural dynamics.

In my Black Winged Angel - A New Decade video I mentioned how I have never been intellectually challenged by any other woman in my entire life.

This is in spite of the fact I regularly visit Melbourne, which is the rabid feral feminist cesspit capital of Australia.

It has only ever been this prehistoric antiquated fucked up thing with a dick between its legs that is of the delusion it qualifies as a male/man that has ever exhibited a total lack of self-preservation by engaging in discussion - intellectual or otherwise - with a woman like me other than with the most endearing affections.

It is for this reason I have specifically targeted pathetic weak white males in my videos because this social contaminate is beyond redemption, salvation or evolution as all this piece-of-shit is capable of doing is respawning as the exact same evolutionary reject it has always been no matter how many opportunities it is given to mend the errors of its ways.

It is for this reason I have specifically targeted this piece-of-shit for elimination.

I am well aware my videos can sometimes be confusing to people due to the fact they are all imbued with some abstract spiritual reference.

For instance, in my previous Victoria's Secret video it was the haunting evocative version of Billy Idol's song 'Rebel Yell' I was making abstract reference to due to its ominous foreboding intonations.

Just like in this Victoria's Secret video it is the song 'Midnight City' by M83 I am making abstract reference to due to the paranormal theme of the original music video.

I have previously made reference to the movie 'The Last Samurai' starring Tom Cruise in my Black Winged Angel - Western White Male video for which I intend to expand on in Part II.

In my recent foray at MeWe I encountered both males and females who were:

✅ Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich identifiers

✅ Jew wise

✅ Coivid-19 vaccination scamdemic wise

This in and of itself would be sufficient reason to have these people classified as the elite of the elite if that was all I was about because it in and of itself represents an astonishing level of awareness for which these people deservedly should be respectfully commended as it is an essential transition to have made.

However, it represents only part of the transitional journey a person needs to make for the following reason:

In addition to these people there was also present a number of 'anti-Nazi' active participants for whom all these people consistently engaged in a battle of wits/flame wars presumably in expression of their superior awareness.

All of which was negated by the fact in all their expressed superior awareness only one person I encountered - the worst offender of engaging in flame wars - suspected at least one of these 'anti-Nazis' was an alt of one of the other 'anti-Nazis'.

But even he didn't suspect all of these anti-Nazis were in fact alts of alts of the same person.

Only I did.

This is where things become decidedly complex with me as there is no universal accurate metric by which to ascertain a person's spirituality.

The only accurate metric that may provide some insight to a person's spiritual development is perception for which all of these people were severely lacking which is why all these people were just the same abusive garden variety pieces-of-shit anyone could encounter anywhere regardless of the fact they identified with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich.

Or were Jew wise.

Or were Coivid-19 vaccination scamdemic wise.

I spent a total of six weeks engaged at MeWe because a few of the people I had previously encountered at G+ which provided me with sufficient dynamics to rapidly escalate my presence where it was possible for the benefit of my Bitchute viewership as in the relating of this condensed version to replicate my real life dynamics in a matter of weeks as opposed to years insofar as in order to defeat my enemy I decided to eliminate my supposed allies for the obvious reason they were the source of my enemy's entire strength.

(To be continued in Part II)

The very concept of being a beautiful and intelligent woman still to this day is paradoxical in nature.

A paradox is when something either initially seems to appear absurd/contradictory but proves logical/true, or when something initially seems to appear logical/true but proves false.

When approaching the end of my time at G+ in late 2018 I became aware of the inherent limitations of being restricted to attaching a single graphic or abstract related video selection when publishing content due to the ever increasing complexity of the subject matter I was now addressing.

Whilst I'm personally familiar with numerous graphic software professionals including my own brother who would happily design and create video content to my specifications at my request it was the challenge of designing and crafting my own videos using my own video editing software rather than the content itself that powered my creative spirits.

Subsequently, my Black Winged Angel series served multiple purposes as it provided me with the opportunity to initially practice using video editing software I had never used before as well as provided me with a means by which I was able to communicate with my own real life circle of acquaintances in a collective manner all at the same time rather than individually, which was my primary motivation since I had purged all these people from my life in 2016 despite obvious reluctance to depart the scene.

It is for this reason I made extended reference to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey on my Black Winged Angel - The Perfect Human Being (Part 1) video as not everyone who knows me in real life is aware my parents named me after the Greek mythological goddess Penelope who was the beautiful faithful wife of the main character Odysseus/Ulysses.

A video I specifically crafted and titled as I've never made any secret of the fact I'm a woman who not only aspires to perfection, but expects everyone else who wants to be apart of my life to do the same.

Especially if that person is male.

As I mentioned in a previous video the world in 2020 got to experience what's it like to be me who possesses the superior intuitive abilities to psychologically profile any person in less than five seconds due to the fact there are so many braindead fuckwits - mask people - in Western society who exhibit easily discernible common traits.

The world also would have gotten to experience if they had engaged with any of these braindead fuckwits the powerlessness even a rare beautiful and intelligent woman encounters in her abilities to persuade/dissuade people from either a chosen course they've taken or any disagreeable attitudes they may possess, which I highlighted in my video Black Winged Angel - Beauty Anesthesia.

💚 Simply stated: this cannot be done at an individual level; it can only be done dynamically at a collective level over time spanning generations which is the reason for this fairy tale as most people are aware I have singled out white males - specifically pathetic weak white males for whom I've made no secret of the fact I intend to eventually have eliminated - for which I've only done because I needed to establish a denominator in relation to an extremely complex logical formula I'm yet to disclose for which only white males suited.

I selected my previous video as the first video in this miniseries because:

✳️ The lyrics of the song Ulysses by Josh Garrels are drawn from Homer's Odyssey with respect to Odysseus/Ulysses homeward journey after the Battle of Troy to his long awaiting wife and love Penelope.

✳️ The animation depicts a young man who is now both a husband and father after proposing marriage to some woman who is totally disconnected from the reality of his life being more interested in activity on his iPhone or the television than with his new born baby.

This portrayal of the husband/father is quite common because what a lot of males are actually seeking when proposing marriage to a woman is having pussy on tap.

The novelty of which once faded leaves the male/husband/father with the burdensome responsibility of getting up each day to go to work to earn enough money so as to provide for his family.

An endless routine year in year out for the rest of his life in never ending cycle.

✳️ I have selected this Victoria's Secret video because it is a good reflection of my life insofar as in a total of 2:08 minutes there is less than 10 seconds of film footage that actually suits the haunting evocative version of Billy Idol's song Rebel Yell.

All of which goes to illustrate it's difficult to imagine or replicate a concept few people have ever experienced in their life even when the music selection is perfect.

It is for this reason I have included Kristi Noem in my fairy tale because despite being an exceptionally extraordinary woman who even I would want to emulate if I were a young girl seeking a role model in life she is more relatable than me.


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess who only wanted the best for the people living in her kingdom of Enlynne (Online).

Not only was she extremely beautiful but she was also considered to be an intellectual prodigy having learnt to spell cat before the age of twenty-five.

It was soon after learning to spell cat did she notice the people of her kingdom were mostly dumbed down fuckwits whose perception of intellectual reality were practically non-existent.

This revelation severely troubled her as she had just sent a spontaneously motivated communique to her arch-nemesis The Wicked Witch of the North informing her to gofuckherself as it was a Monday morning and she had had it up to her back teeth with delightful little Blue Birds singing in her ears whilst fussing with her hair; as well as having cute furry animals scampering in and out around her feet every fucking morning beginning at first light; in anticipation she was going to sing them a sweet lullaby like the princesses always do first thing in the morning in Disney animated classics.

That’s because God didn't forget to bless those women with beautiful singing voices or did He have them born to a gormless chickenshit idiot country at the height of Jewish World Supremacy like He did our princess.


🔱 King - John F Kennedy

🔱 Princess - Penelope Avamour

🔱 Wise Sage - Adolf Hitler

🔱 First Lady of the Realm - Kristi Noem

🔱 The Wicked Witch of the North - Hillary Clinton

A simple analogy of life is if a person doesn't understand basic arithmetic then the equation 2 + 2 will mean absolutely nothing to them inferring learning is an essential prerequisite to understanding.

Whilst schools, colleges and universities advance academic learning a significant proportion of what people learn about life itself is usually derived from the trials and tribulations of life, which can often be knowledge gained at the expense of severe emotional and psychological trauma and scarring.

The corona virus scamdemic of 2020 has revealed to the world just how utterly braindead are the vast majority of people in Western society who are literally incapable of thinking for themselves.

A function which is an essential defining characteristic of being classified as human for which these programmed drone units have long forsaken.

It is for this reason I devised National Socialism Romance because the entire underpinnings of National Socialism is in the maintenance and sustainability of strong family units nested in a cooperative cohesive community.

It is also for this reason over the years I've used various feminine auxiliary fashion accoutrements such as shade of lipstick, perfume or lingerie to emphasis the fact Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich is neither perceived nor promoted as being some radical ideology by me.

The reason being when you are a woman like me who exists in the highest echelons of society it doesn't matter whether the system is an autocracy, democracy or theocracy as my existence remains relatively unchanged insofar as my choices remain limited to yes/no, innocent/guilty or life/death.

The only way a system can be improved is if the dictates of the system are changed to reflect some intrinsic desirable aspect about life.

The intrinsic desirable aspect I have advanced is in the ability to perceive intellectual reality because as the corona virus scamdemic has shown it is essential to survival in a world where the primary enemy of humanity - the Jews - controls the world's main information delivery systems, which it only controls for reasons of advancing its nefarious agenda of world domination.

Of course, if I had stated at G+ back in January 2014 when I began my endeavours the Jews have an agenda for world domination which will ultimately result in the fall of the constitutional republic of the United States of America as early as 2020 I would have been dismissed as just another loon on the Internet canvassing some farfetched off-the-planet conspiracy theory.

It is for this reason I never mentioned anything about the Jews having world controlling power until October 2018 after I began to notice my post The Room which I had published in August 2018 was showing an extraordinary level of public interest beyond anything I had imagined was possible from a low activity social media platform as G+.

Still to this day The Room represents the definitive expression of my combined powers in ultimate perfection, which will never be surpassed by anything else I may publish about myself.

Or is it something Victoria's Secret could visually replicate even with the lavish budgets they're prepared to allocate in the production of awe inspiring content, which I intend to illustrate in the second installment of my fairy tale along with introducing the other characters.

It's always been said every cloud has a silver lining which is both an idiom and metaphor for optimism implying a negative occurrence may have a positive aspect to it.

If the corona virus scamdemic has a silver lining it is for a brief moment in time the world has gotten to experience what it is like to be me with respect to possessing highly intuitive perceptive abilities.

Prior to March 2020 when the corona virus scamdemic began every person a person encountered in life had to be appraised intuitively, which is a cognitive process of the mind requiring years of experience and practice in perfecting an accurate methodology.

All of which became unnecessary after March 2020 because all the fuckwits anyone had wanted to avoid in life through the development of this highly sophisticated intuitive process of the mind were now wearing masks on their faces in prevention of being infected with a virus that doesn't exist.

If we actually lived in a computer simulation as some people insist we do all these people would have a bright yellow arrow twirling above their heads everywhere they went thereby curtailing any need for the use of any intuition in discerning who's a fuckwit and who's not.

Even though I don't want Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota sending me hate mail for having inspired ill-mannered mentally fucked up people to go and live in her state, who, whilst possessing an awareness about the current state of the world - especially about the Jews - are nevertheless so character flawed it makes little overall difference with respect to who they present as a person which is exactly the type of people I encountered at MeWe recently; there is a specific reason I have mentioned her that can only be revealed in time.

If you don't know: Kristi Noem is the only state governor in the USA who has not imposed financially crippling and freedom depriving draconian Covid-19 measures on the people of her state.

Since there are fifty states in the USA this translates to a ratio of 50:1 or 2%.

However, if you include all the state governors/premiers from around the world who have also imposed draconian Covid-19 measures on their states/provinces Kristi Noem's rarity as a person measured in percentage of the population is practically goddess status of .1%.

Of course, a goddess is a woman who doesn't play politics with the truth at anytime - ever.

This is obviously somewhat difficult for Kristi Noem being a politician.

In contrast, everything I have stated since January 2014 has been proven to be true which is why I have always stated I am a goddess even if I do so myself because there are not too many goddamn people in this world who qualify to bestow these titles on either women or men.

And, by not too many I mean none other than myself.

Where Kristi Noem does qualify as a goddess is she believes the state exists to serve the people and not the other way round as is the case with the Jews and their Marxist ideology who are of the opinion the people exist to serve the state.

Kristi Noem is already under enough pressure from the Jewish controlled mainstream media so I'll refrain from making any comparisons of her with National Socialism.

As I've always stated, the Jews have a 2070 agenda for which they are not going to stop pursuing until they are stopped.

My use of high percentages - always above 90% - when disparagingly referring to any specific demographic is because the percentages are high as this world is not in good shape.

It certainly isn't in the shape it needs to be to challenge the International Financial System, which everyone should be aware by now is my primary objective.

It is for this reason, and this reason alone, I maintain an association with the Third Reich.

Therefore, I wouldn't expect Kristi Noem or anyone to identify with the Third Reich unless they had the same objectives as me regarding the International Financial System.

The Covid-19 lockdowns occurring all around the world are never going to stop until the people in each of these states rise up and depose these Marxist pieces-of-shit, which isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Kristi Noem's state of South Dakota under her governorship is an oasis in the desert.

Alas, there is no guarantee she will remain governor of South Dakota.

And just because she is a switched on woman doesn't mean the people of South Dakota are switched on as they all could be right fuckwits, which is more likely than not as we are currently still in a 99:1 ratio game where the fuckwits way out number the rest of us.

It therefore is not my recommendation someone uproot their life and move to South Dakota.

But since decisions determine destiny I would highly suggest a move be seriously contemplated if you are a US citizen.

The current state slogan for South Dakota is "Great Faces. Great Places".

If Kristi Noem remains governor that slogan will no doubt change to "The Envy of the World".

It is Easter Monday in the year of Our Lord and Saviour, 2021, which forms part of the Christian Easter celebrations that begins with Good Friday which is the day the Romans at the behest of the Jews crucified Jesus Christ in an act of deicide - the killing of a god - who Christians then believe rose from the dead three days later on Easter Sunday.

Of course, it wouldn't be a significant Christian event in the Christian calendar if there weren't a million different interpretations as to the significance of this event because it wouldn't be Christian to have a consensus of opinion.

This is no doubt a contributing factor as to why this Easter Monday which marks the 75th day since the fall of the constitutional republic formerly known as the United States of America the world has observed fuck all activity in way of civic rebellion either in the USA or anywhere else in the world even though Easter has always been a popular time of year for rebellious uprisings in Christian nations.

Just ask the Irish.

In fact, such a desolate wasteland exists in the way of rebellion I wouldn't be surprised if the phrase 'doing a second amendment' becomes a euphemism in the not too distant future for 'doing fuck all' because for so long the Second Amendment has been touted by gun enthusiasts in the USA as being critical against the manifestation of tyrannical government.

Unless, of course, that tyranny comes in the way of a coup d'état performed in broad daylight at the ballot box, as it seems that kind of sovereign forfeiture is perfectly acceptable.

Just like it was perfectly acceptable on November 22nd, 1963, when a young charismatic president was brutally gunned down in broad daylight by the very same Jewish cabal that performed this recent 2020 switcheroo at the ballot box.

Ironically, this time it was against one of their own Zionist puppets as Donald Trump is definitely no John F Kennedy.

In my previous video I manufactured the princes and princesses reference as I encountered no princes and princesses at MeWe, although, I'm sure somewhere in the world there are princes and princesses exactly as I described.

My mentioning princes and princesses was in fact a reference to the royal personage the Kennedy family has held in American society, as I would never marry into that family so little remains of its former royal personage these days.

No different to how I would never marry into the British Royal Family which ceased to be a representative of the British people with the the forced abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936 due to his good relations with Adolf Hitler.

Of course, it was supposedly his relations with American socialite Wallis Simpson who was a divorcee that was given as the reason for his abdication.

So, too, was German Emperor and King of Prussia Kaiser Wilhelm II forced to abdicate in November 1918 by the same subversive Jewish cabal that had slaughtered Russian Czar Nicholas II and his entire family after he had been forced to abdicate the throne in March 1917.

Of course, Joseph P Kennedy Senior - father of President John F Kennedy - who had been the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1938 to late 1940 and a staunch advocate of Adolf Hitler would have his three eldest sons murdered by the Jews.

So, my references to princes and princesses in association with the Third Reich is well founded in history.

I have specifically selected this video of Tom Clay's "What the World Needs Now Is Love/Abraham, Martin and John" for this Easter Monday because Jesus Christ only ever had two messages for the world:

1: The Jews are pieces-of-shit.

2: Love one another as I have loved you otherwise you'll become distracted with menial issues impairing your abilities to focus all your attention on the fucking Jews.

I've also selected this video because it is obvious to all the superior intelligent people of this world - which is just me - Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Movement of the early 60s as well as his death were respectively used by the Jews as a means of obfuscation in the assassination of President John F Kennedy and in the assassination of Robert F Kennedy inferring the Civil Rights Movement had been deliberately organised by the Jews in expressed purpose of assassinating JFK.

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, assassination in April 1968 would prove the perfect obfuscating foil for Robert F Kennedy's assassination two months later in June.

Of course, with the death of RFK so died the spirit of a generation that had up until then maintained some semblance of hope despite the deaths of JFK and MLK, which is why the eulogy by Edward Kennedy has always resonated with the poignancy it does.

In ancient Greece a rhapsody was an epic poem, or part of a poem, of a suitable length for recitation at one time.

In classical music adagio means slow.

A gold rose is not natural to nature - just as I am not.

Hence, the title of this series.


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Welcome to my Bitchute channel!

I'm an Australian woman living in Australia who is a member of the Australian social elite.

I'm the woman who since January 2014 has been the main prime mover in the global rise of so-called anti-Semitism in conjunction with having altered world perception of Adolf Hitler from one of disrepute to one of reverence.

All of which I was able to achieve from my G+ account which Joogle provided to me in mid 2013 when they established their G+ social media platform which they provided to everyone who had a JewTube account just as I had done since 2006 when Joogle purchased YouTube.

All of which makes me an inception member of both G+ and Jewtube which I mention because Joogle abandoned - terminated - their G+ social media platform in April 2019 as well as terminated my JewTube channel in May 2019 in a site wide purge of various channels.

No prizes for guessing why.

I, actually, only established an account here at Bitchute in August 2018 to mirror content I was now publishing on my JewTube channel which I had only begun doing in July 2018 as before that all I had published on my JewTube channel had been two Victoria's Secret videos in 2014 with the addition of an Adolf Hitler speech video - the German Volk - sometime soon afterwards. The new content I was publishing to my JewTube channel as well as here was content by The Impartial Truth. All of which means from 2006 - the same year Facebook began - until 2014 I had published not a single video on my JewTube channel just as I had never published any content at Facebook for the simple reason I never established an account with Facebook.

Just as I have never bothered to establish an account with Twitter or Instagram or any other social media platform for the simple reason I've never been a fan of social media as it is just not something a woman of my social elite class would ever think to normally do as people of my social class are of the firm opinion the whole notion of sharing details about one's private life with total strangers to be completely abhorrent. Although I did eventually establish a Facebook account in July 2016 after the narrow win in the Brexit referendum held in the United Kingdom as I had intended to mirror content from my G+ profile on Facebook, which is an idea I quickly abandoned because I found the Facebook interface - especially compared to G+ - to be just too grotesque.

I've tried a few other alternative social media platforms since July 2016 such as Minds, Steemit and Gab all of which I have instantly abandoned for the same reason. I established a MeWe account in March 2019 because they were the only social media platform to offer G+ members the ability to transfer the content of their G+ account, but which I have since abandoned because it has the same grotesque interface as Facebook. The only good thing about MeWe is it serves as a repository of my G+ content if someone is curious enough to know how it is I was able to influence world opinion from such a relatively minuscule social media footprint.

In this respect, I've been able to influence the world because it is patently obvious to most people I am exactly who I claim to be which is one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world even though my profile avatar is a picture of Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima - which is a precautionary measure I've taken for my own personal protection - for the simple reason only a woman of exquisite beauty would refuse to use grotesque ugly social media platforms to promote beauty.

I've selected Adriana Lima as my avatar because her runway dynamics are the most comparable to my life dynamics even though she is a raven haired Brazilian beauty and I am a brunette haired beauty of Irish/Welsh descent.