Penelope Avamour

Along with 150 million plus other people - and still counting - I watched Matt Walsh's documentary 'What is a woman?" on Twitter this weekend.

Even though it is only one hour and thirty-five minutes long it took me over six hours to get through it all as I could only watch it in bite sized segments.

That has nothing to do with the quality of its production as it is an extremely well crafted documentary.

That has everything to do with my aversion to having to listen to the mindless machinations of deranged pieces-of-shit.

Matt Walsh tweeted the following tweet some hours after its publication on Twitter:

"Now that so many of you have seen it, what was your favorite part of What is a Woman?

Mine was the Africa segment"

The only part I can truly say I liked was the end when he asked his wife the question 'What is a woman?' who responded concisely and succinctly, "An adult human female...", which in context to the rest of the documentary in conjunction with her adding "who needs help opening this [jar]" to the end of her response was more than fittingly appropriate.

However, her response doesn't quite accurately answer the question 'What is a woman?'.

The correct answer is, "A woman is an intelligent culturally accomplished precision version of an adult biological human female".

The most amusing thing I have observed in recent times is Anal Colostomybag of TYT fame declaring herself to be a woman as opposed to a 'birthing person' in response to her own fucked up lunatic sloth crowd insisting she do.

Anal Colostomybag is not a woman.

She is a leftist dumb slag who is an adult biological human female.

Whatever concept of womanhood existed in this world prior to the Baby Boomer generation vanished with the Baby Boomer generation as you cannot have the saturation of fucked up dumb as all fuck Western males without a comparative similar female equivalent.

That's because intelligent accomplished women are incompatible with anything remotely resembling something fucked up and dumb as all fuck whether male or female.

In fact, the whole joy of being a woman - accomplished precision female - is solely derived from her being an intelligent accomplished sentient being as life takes on a whole new dimension for any such woman.

A dimension unimaginable by the leftist slags of the sloth world like Anal Colostomybag and her fat fuck dumb as all fuck co-host Churned Yogurt who cater to the lowest common denominator in society.

Whereas a woman - accomplished precision female - only caters to the highest common denominator in society as they are more likely to build her a flying fucking car inferring a woman inspires the better advancement of society in the quest for new horizons as opposed to its decline as with Baby Boomer Western women.

The most significant scene in the documentary 'What is a woman?' occurred at the very end during the credits in which video of the Confirmation Hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court Justice was shown of her being incapable of answering the question 'What is a woman?'.

That fucking ugly thing is no different to the freaks Matt Walsh interviewed in his documentary who couldn't answer that question who are no doubt similar to the freaks at Twitter who tried to ban the showing of the documentary on that platform.

As Adolf Hitler stated it requires only a few people in key administrative positions to disable an entire nation - socially, economically and culturally.

Jackson's appointment - as with all diversity hires - is the Jews placing their mindless automatons in key positions.

I alluded to this very scenario in my Black Winged Angel - Enchanted Quest video.

Even if Jackson possesses all the biological assets under all those rolls of fat it makes it as much of a woman as Michael Obama is a woman.

A man masquerading - no reference to my video - as the First Lady of the United States of America, which few Western women - or men - even realised was a man so devoid of any concept of what actually is a woman now exists in this world.

Even though I buried any mention of death in my previous video to the very end in the description box - as I am doing now - my video was still shadow banned on this so-called 'free speech' platform.

Subsequently, it is worth keeping in mind death has the exact same dynamics as a woman's cleavage insofar as too much visibility and it may appear unseemly whereas too little is an under utilisation of an invaluable persuasive asset.

My reason for mentioning it was to illustrate the symbolism imbued in the Victoria's Secret video I posted previous to my previous video, which I first published two months before my Black Winged Angel series commenced.

A series so titled for its symbolic reference to death as death is the only sure reliable measure guaranteed to fuck up anyone's world domination plans.

The video you have just watched is a concept video.

As a concept it is three or four years away from even virtual reality stage.

That has nothing to do with technology or financial investment, but rather a lack of qualifying candidates.

As to actual reality, possibly, ten to fifteen years beyond even that - or maybe never.

If I were to produce a 50 hour long video exclusively dedicated to the Knights of the Round Table; I still would barely be scratching the surface with respect to its multi-layered complexity.

An indication of which is the fact there are things I have mentioned as far as back as 2019, which I've never mentioned again despite them being mission critical intrinsic components.

As is common knowledge my mother was a highly esteemed socialite within the Catholic Church who regularly entertained the hierarchy of the Church at our family home whilst my father was a Grand Mason.

The Catholic Church is a male dominated theocracy whereas Freemasonry is an exclusive all male secret society.

As a young beautiful vivacious woman immersed in a predominately male enriched living environment it had always perplexed me how two exclusively male worldwide influential institutions could exist, and yet, the quality of men in the world was so dismally poor.

These two institutions alone have the capacity to produce the pillars of society on which empires are built let alone in concert with all the other male institutions.

Of course, everyone knows the answer to that riddle now insofar as all these male institutions were infiltrated and subverted by Jews.

But what if there were a predominately male institution/concept the Jews couldn't infiltrate and subvert?

Would it make any significant difference to the quality of men in the world?

Or are the Jews just a convenient excuse to hide the fact Western males are just dumb plough animals wearing trousers who became obsolete in the 15th century when Johannes Gutenberg invented multi-tasking by way of the printing press?

As a millennial woman I've always been curious to discover the answer to this question as it may also answer the question why Baby Boomer Western women were such classless, tasteless, fashionless dumb slags who literally let themselves be fucked by what is essentially a two legged dumb ox.

So let me briefly explain what it is you've observed in this video:

In my description of The Room back in 2018 I detailed at the centre of the room there was the Fountain of Immortality.

The ponds seen in the video located in the middle of the Lotus Towers replicate that concept.

Immortality can only be achieved two ways:

🔵 The memory of your offspring by way of love, support and protection

🔵 The memory of the people by way of outstanding deed

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Avenues of Honour: they are tree-lined roads where each tree represents a memorial dedication/tribute - usually to war dead - in which at the base of the tree there is a plaque with the name of the deceased.

Memorial fountains, statues and parks are a more visible form of remembrance.

The Gospel Stadium is so named after the Gospel of Matthew.

Specifically chapter 7: 15-20

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

It's the reason why in my Black Winged Angel - The Dragons Kiss video published in February 2020 there were seven dragon heads -

For more than three years I've kept that information secret.

The Gospel Stadium is a theatre of death in which it functions exactly as I described in my Dragons Kiss video in honour of God's Word as described in the Gospel of Matthew.

An even worse death - albeit only spiritual - I suspect in the future will be when a child asks his/her father or mother, "What did you do to protect my future from the Jews?" for which he/she can give no answer, despite the fact the child is aware there exists the most beautifully designed memorial nature reserve dedicated to all the fathers and mothers/men and women who did do something.

In my previous video I chronologically mapped out my life from 2004 until 2018, which is the year I published my post at G+ titled Excalibur - Lady of the Lake - The Room.

I've decided to reschedule posting details about events between October 2017 and October 2018 for now as it is quite a complex story dating back to when I was twelve years old when I conducted a terror campaign against my eldest brother who is ten years my senior.

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood stem from that terror campaign.

As I have previously mentioned on numerous occasions The Room is the centre piece of everything I'm about inferring it was a completed concept as of October 2018 requiring no additions or alterations.

As I've also previously mentioned Google abandoned their social media platform G+ in April 2019.

In June 2019, Google terminated my YouTube account despite being a 2006 inception member in what would become a regular censorship purge on that platform from therein on.

The only original content I had ever published on my YouTube account had been my YouTube Introduction - now my Bitchute Introduction - Daughters of the Reich, Live and Let Die and Original Content videos. The latter I published a day before my account was terminated informing of my planned move to Bitchute.

The operative word in that previous sentence is planned.

As a woman I am very well aware of my place in history.

When it was absolutely toxic in 2014 to promote anti-Jewish/pro-Third Reich sentiments simultaneously - I did.

Especially when 99% of people who identified at the time with the Third Reich were vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit.

There are very few women born to this world who possess the attributes either in whole or in part of an Ancient Greek high priestess and goddess as well as a Christian heavenly angel.

Of course, the acid test of these titles in the modern world is whether by mentioning them to the checkout chick at your local supermarket qualifies you for a discount on your groceries.

It doesn't as I've already tried.

But it does solicit a peculiar look from the checkout chick so I guess that's something.

Even so, as the chronological catalogue of my videos I've published on this channel indicate between July and October 2019 I published a series of videos titled Aryan Goddess never to publish under that title again.

My purpose for doing so was to stake my mark in history equal to the Oracle of Delphi since possessing a prescient mind distinguished her from all other high priestesses including the Vestal Virgins of Rome.

Prescience is the fact of knowing something in advance - foreknowledge.

The ability to predict the future.

And since I was one of the very few people on this planet - other than the masterminds of the scamdemic - who knew what was coming in 2020 it was an opportunity for me to demonstrate my prescient abilities - if only to myself.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo is Latin for Glory to God in the Highest.

My reason for choosing this title for this video is The Room was described as being the most architecturally resplendent room ever devised in devotion to God.

And yet, the Knights of the Round Table as an intellectual concept neither endorses a belief in God nor discourages a belief in God.

Therein lies the complexity I intend to address in my next video.

In Greek mythology, Panacea was one of the daughters of the Greek god of medicine Asclepius, along with her four sisters - Hygyieia, Iaso, Aceso, Aglaea - each of whom performed one aspect of health care.

She was the goddess of universal remedy/cure.

In Christian theology, the term perdition means a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unrepentant person passes after death.

It also can mean complete and utter ruin.

I've combined the two terms together for this initial miniseries for the beginning of 2023 because I've always been an adherent of the philosophy death remedies all ills, especially regarding people I find disagreeable.

I've deliberately selected the term panacea because of its modern day inherent negative connotation inferring the overuse of any one solution to solve many different problems, especially in medicine.

My rationale being death can never be over prescribed as a viable means of solution to the problems confronting Western society.

It is only its implementation on an industrial scale that needs refining.

When I began this channel at Bitchute in June 2019 my activities at G+ were still relatively fresh in the minds of my most loyal subscribers so I never felt the need to chronologically recapitulate my five years on that platform here preferring to make random references to anything pertinent as the occasion suited in the dialogue description box.

However, I've decided to do things a little differently in 2023 because in previous years I've used the white male as my focus group, which I'm well aware has caused some consternation with white males despite me having no ill intent.

Instead, in 2023, I intend to use as my focus group a fictitious race of people called the Albaneses - pronounced elbow-neasies - named after Australia's current prime minister Anthony Albanese.

This race of Albanese people are the dumbest pieces-of-shit to ever walk the earth as they are all climate alarmists, holohoax believers, 911 official narrative believers along with every other Jewish orchestrated deception.

Needless to say: any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The reason for this change is so I don't feel compelled to make any qualifiers as there exist none in real life:

You fuck up you die in real life!

I've included the Van Halen clip in this video because it was released in 1984, which is the year I was born.

But that is not the reason or the only reason I've included it.

I've mainly included it to represent a chronological time increment because I intend going back to the early 70s as it was then the illusion of victory in WW2 the West had enjoyed up until then due to all the government financed post-war reconstruction programs came to an abrupt end resulting in the affordable single breadwinner family lifestyle the West enjoyed becoming ever increasingly difficult to sustain.

My purpose is to emphasize these events can only be discerned by possessing a wider scope of reality.

Something the Baby Boomer generation never possessed.

Someone mentioned in the comment section of my previous video my Berlin 1936: Beach House - Space Song video, which I published in August 2019 fails to load.

This is not the first time I've been informed this particular video has failed to load despite having sent multiple notifications to Bitchute Support informing them of the issue - to no avail.

In response to receiving no satisfactory resolution from Bitchute Support on this latest occasion I've decided to reupload this video as there is nothing worse than having a video/song you desire to watch/hear and are prevented from doing so by some fucking easily rectifiable technical glitch.

When I published this video I made no description about it in the dialogue box despite it being imbued with subtle/nuanced symbolism as it formed part of my prelude videos to my anticipated forthcoming Black Winged Angel series at the time.

When I was at G+ my most favourite style of post was my 'Ring Ring' post which mimicked the conversation of a phone call I had made to whomever expressing my dissatisfaction about something in which I always abruptly ended the conversation by slamming the phone down.

A good many of these published phone conversations between 2016 and 2017 had to do with the Australian Ballet Company who I had serious issues with at the time regarding the quality of their ballet productions, which were utterly atrocious lacking anything remotely resembling elegance and grace.

Elegance and Grace are a perception you either possess or you don't.

Subsequently, it is an utterly futile endeavour for someone who possesses an acute sense of elegance and grace to explain the lack of elegance and grace to someone who doesn't possess an acute sense of elegance and grace.

What I never mentioned at G+ is ballet companies are heavily subsidised enterprises by both government as well as private patronage.

Even the most inelegant and graceless piece-of-shit can comprehend sponsorship being terminated on the say so of a woman like me.

The moral of the story being it is not for me to demonstrate the level of elegance and grace I expect to observe in a ballet production because there are plenty of outstanding examples throughout the world within the discipline itself.

I'm just the person with the face, bust, hips and legs who will ruin your entire fucking existence if you anyway cause me any grief.

Similarly, it's not for me to explain or describe what a man should be; it's only for me to be of the persuasion the best way for a society to cultivate and protect the best of its men is by eliminating the worst of its men and women.

This brings me to this video:

If you notice the German women in the video are wearing frocks with the hemline cut above the knee whilst braless and smoking.

The white exercise uniforms the women are wearing which were issued and authorised by the Third Reich have a crotch high hemline.

In 1936!

The repeating lyric of the song is a demoralising "Fall back into place" - as opposed to excelling at life - whilst depicting imagery of an advanced civilisation obliterated by ignorant white men doing the bidding of the Jews.

In the world of tomorrow the quickest and surest way for a white male to get himself eliminated will be by expressing a limiting and restrictive perception with respect to the aspirations of white women.

Especially since no such perception or attitude exists by white women of white men.

It's summertime in Australia for those people living in the depths of winter and wondering why I have selected a floral theme.

It had been my original intention to finally address an omission I had made in April 2020 regarding my Black Winged Angel - Wasted Time miniseries as I had completely omitted the final installment deciding real life world events offered a better final installment than I could craft now that the Coronavirus Scamdemic had begun the month before, which was an accurate appraisal because if the scamdemic did anything it highlighted the true sinister nature of this world.

However, images of the Titanic sinking which are depicted in that miniseries lacked somewhat of a Festive Season Spirit for this time of year so I decided to scrap that idea for now.

This New Year's Eve ushers in my ninth year.

In numerology, the number nine represents completion, as it's the last of the single-digit numbers and the highest in value.

It symbolically represents a culmination of wisdom and experience whilst being imbued with the energy of both endings and new beginnings.

My Black Winged Angel - Wasted Time miniseries - the last in that entire series - just as my published post at G+ in October 2018 'The Room' both represent nines for this very reason insofar as they signify there only exists new horizons beyond as everything before is deemed to have been transformative.

In essence, old habits and old dogmas are jettisoned for an entirely fresh approach towards life.

Of course, there is no universal timeline for something of this nature as it's an individual endeavour.

It is for this reason I tend to restrict myself to events between March 2017 when I insisted the entire Australian Judiciary be eliminated and October 2018 when I published my post 'The Room', which for me personally represented the finale to a long and arduous journey of personal development as I had been aware I neither possessed the physiological stamina nor the neurological/psychological capacity to go any further.

As I have previously stated, the Knights of the Round Table is an advanced intellectual concept and therefore maintains complete neutrality with respect to gender and ethnicity.

I've also stated it is structured as a power structure in addition to being governed by dynamics and metrics.

A reason it has been designed this way is to avoid any outmoded ethical obstacles due to its elimination component.

Besides the fact 95% of Western white males are vile and repulsive dumb as all fuck pieces-of-shit my reason for focusing on white males is because there is no metric value in a default.

The fact something so precious as maintaining father/son or father/daughter relations can be so entangled in logistics and dynamics in the modern world provides the perfect vicarious vehicle to explore the nuances of the Knights of the Round Table, despite it being a macro socioeconomic concept whereas Family Law is a micro socioeconomic concept.

I have previously used the Victoria's Secret fragrance clip because it contains M83's song Midnight City as an instrumental due to the visual content of the original video having to do with the paranormal.

I've combined it in this video with M83's hauntingly evocative song Wait.

A fundamental difference between my social interactivity and the social interactivity of most other people on this planet is it is common knowledge in my social sphere I was the last person seen alive with certain members of my social sphere who are now dead.

When I induce myself into an accentuated state of being my skin glistens and my eyes shimmer like diamonds. It's a bit like a rocket reaching the upper atmosphere insofar as experiencing a sensation of complete earthly detachment in which I can acutely sense everything around me.

Even though I was the last person seen alive with these people no accusation can be leveled at me due to the fact the corpses are always grotesquely contorted as if their soul had been violently ripped from their body.

Nothing I could have done.

Nothing I did do except wish them dead.

I observed something interesting a week ago online.

Mark Dice published a scathing rebuke of Kanye West's interview with Alex Jones almost identical in its unhinged vitriol as the rantings of that vile slag Anal Colostomybag from TYT about the same interview.


What I found interesting was the ratio of 3:1 up votes to down votes or 66% to 33%.

33% is all anyone needs to rule society.

Just so I'm not accused of male bashing let me state if I were a lesbian I wouldn't fuck 99% of Western women with a strap-on dildo that had an appendage 100 billion light-years in length from the safe distance of the other side of the Universe wearing dark sunglasses and a biohazard suit.


Because they're dumb as all fuck.

I live in one of the most affluent suburbs in Australia and I'm constantly amazed as to how unfashionably unappealing are the women I encounter at my local supermarket.

In the past 100 years the Western white male has excelled in only four things:

🔵 1: Being a Jewish pawn

🔵 2: Being a Jewish puppet

🔵 3: Being Jewish cannon fodder

🔵 4: Being loathed, detested and despised even by white women because despite it being dumb as all fuck it is the most self-entitled piece-of-shit on the planet.

There are two words inscribed on the tiara of the Siren I depict in my videos: culture and protection.

Males lose 90% of custody battles in Family Court and will continue to lose at that rate because there is nothing exceptional about most of them either as men or fathers.

The mother just happens to be the primary carer so the system defaults to her on that basis.

The fact a Zionist gatekeeper like Alex Jones even has a viewing audience as with many of the other male political pundits online is indicative of the tragic state of white males.

These white males will never have any life security as they will never be exceptional.

Due to recent events I've decided to publish this mock news video.

I'm informed according to Bitchute I established this channel 4 years and 2 months ago.

I can't quite remember when the Visibility tab was added here at Bitchute depicting a map of the world detailing which countries have your channel blocked and for what reason, but I'm sure it was after I published my video Shadow Serenade in October 2020, which was a video I published addressing the issue of censorship.

Either way, for some time now I've been aware the following European countries have had me blocked due to my use of National Socialism symbolism:

Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Switzerland

However, since the publication of my Black Tie - Prestige video a month ago I am now blocked by all these additional European countries on the charge of inciting hatred:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

I can only assume this is due to the Death Zone segment in the video as I would accept I was being less discreet than I otherwise could have been regarding the phraseology used in that segment.

Or it could just be because in the video I confidently stated the Knights of the Round Table would become a global phenomenon before the end of this decade.

I'm a little perplexed as to who it is I'm supposed to have incited hatred in, as the only person/demographic not referenced on the list was Santa Claus.

There is good reason why when the New World was discovered and then later Australia and New Zealand; the people of Europe were queuing up at the docks to board passage on any ship sailing to the New World despite its risks and dangers; that reason being Europe has always been a shithole inhabited by the most subjugated people on the planet.

If it wasn't some fucked up despotic monarch ruling over them; it was another fucked up despotic monarch ruling over them.

There are three chronological phases to the Knights of the Round Table resembling a traffic signal:

❤️ Beginning: 2014 - 2016

💛 Interim: 2017 - 2029 (Gold Rose Rhapsody in Adagio Velocity)

💚 Finale: 2030 - 2040 (The Age of the Sirens)

The Age of the Sirens is when all the action happens so any accusation I'm inciting anything now is completely false.

What I have done with the Black Tie series is jump to the Grand Master end of the chess spectrum as there is a specific dynamic built-in to the Knights of the Round Table that is designed to protect men from the ravages of the Family Court systems that now currently exist in the West.

The reason for the high production quality of the Black Tie series is because most of my future content will be in schematic form utilising diagrams and graphics.

The cultivation of high quality people has always been an expensive investment in time and resources, which few people and fewer states are able to provide for their people due to the siphoning off of a nations wealth by the Jewish controlled International Financial System.

The implications being the world we have today.

At one time or another over the course of 8 years I have mentioned those aspects about my life bearing any significant influence including the events of October 2011 which I dramatised in my post titled 'The Room' at G+ in October 2018 where I described myself crawling on my hands and knees wearing only black panties and black bra towards some piece-of-shit - a disgraced knight of the Knights of the Round Table, actually - lying on his back incapacitated in express purpose of dispatching his soul to the netherworld.

All of which I choreographed to Zack Hemsey's hauntingly evocative instrumental 'The Way' because right at the end there are four crescendos signifying the arrival of four spirits from the netherworld.

These spirits suddenly appeared on the scene in 2017 for reasons I eventually figured out had to do with my replicating the frequency of another person with my mind, thereby, temporarily suspending my own frequency, which I can only assume raises some alarm.

2017 was an extremely busy year for me insofar as more people went missing in my near vicinity than the Bermuda Triangle.

All of them Baby Boomers; all of them fucked up pieces-of-shit like our current prime minister Anthony Albanese.

Albanese is a climate change alarmist.

Intellectually, that's the equivalent of an adult male running naked around his backyard wearing baby diapers with a butterfly net trying to catch imaginary fairies.

In any other time and place he would be diagnosed as a certifiable loon and shuffled off to the funny farm.

And yet, somehow this mentally deranged loon has been able to rise through the ranks of a major political party over the course of 25 years to the position of leader without anyone noticing he is mentally impaired.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is standard learning in basic psychology.

It has been around since 1943 so it is nothing I've devised.

Whether people are aware of it or not they invariably live their lives unwittingly in accordance with its hierarchy.

A problem with Maslow's hierarchy is a woman like me invariably forms part of the Self-Actualisation of a man's world as most men desire a beautiful and intelligent wife.

However, I live in a country where a baby diaper wearing fairy hunter can become the national leader.

If the bar was set any lower I'd have to become a miner.

The hierarchy I've detailed in my video is unalterable.

Subsequently, National Socialism is an elevated state of being that can only be realised after all the other previous levels have been achieved in life.

It is not some identity the dumb as all fuck sloth class like to glorify themselves as being.

The V3 symbol at the beginning of my video I'll explain in my next video.

A fundamental difference between myself and most other people on this planet is the International Financial System which is the primary objective of the Knights of the Round Table is little more than pieces-of-shit wearing ill fitting three piece suits to a woman like me; whereas to the sloth world it is a phantom menace with menacing names such as the Globalists or the Deep State or the Illuminati etc

These titles are the manifestations of the clueless Baby Boomer generation resulting in a spectrum deficiency, which detrimentally affects males more so than it does females as males tend to perceive themselves as being protectors - none of which is possible with a spectrum deficiency.

The elite world is a brutal, vicious and unforgiving world, but that is only when I am in attendance, otherwise, I understand it is quite a pleasant and relaxed world when I am not around.

It's not!

The elite world is the reverse of the sloth world.

Although I spend next to no time at all on the Internet these days I have observed in some of my brief engagements quite a few people who possess an advanced perception of the world with respect to the left/right paradigm, especially regarding that Zionist stooge Donald Trump and the fucktards who still support him.

However, what most people who intellectually traverse beyond the left/right paradigm quickly come to realise is all there exists is a world of nothingness.

This nothingness these people encounter is the buffer zone between the elite world and the sloth world.

It's the reason I mentioned Eva Vlaardingerbroek in a recent video because as a Dutch citizen her own personal liberty would be in jeopardy if she were to move beyond the left/right paradigm just as another Dutch citizen recently came to realise when he posted a video on YouTube casting doubt on the so-called Jewish Holocaust for which he was sentenced to serve 50 hours of community service, which on refusing to do caused him to be further sentenced to 25 days in jail.

Black Tie is a formal dress code.

Anyone can organise a Black Tie social function.

It's an altogether different concept in the elite world, though, as Black Tie is also referred to as conformist wear, especially for men.

Women have some latitude with the design of their evening gowns - but not much.

The elite world is a world where achievement counts for nothing; it's whether you fuck up or not is what counts.

All of it designed to keep people in check in addition to keeping the sloth world at bay because fucking up in the sloth world is an habitual standard practice.

It's the reason I've selected a red tie for my video because Elite Black Tie is a real life social status/occasion for which I have no desire to change.

I've selected red tie for purposes of creating a bridge between the elite world and the sloth world for those intrepid people willing to take a leap into the world of nothingness.

This video is the first of an initial three series of the same title I am publishing in reverse.

🔵 Strategic

🔵 Prestige

🔵 Cultivation

The purpose of this series is to indicate I no longer intend to cater for the sloth class in any future published content due to the complexity of future content hence the chess theme.

The term Black Tie is a gender neutral term as it refers to a dress code applicable to both men and women.

I will be addressing the nuance of Black Tie in my next video.

Victoria's Secret do not have an enchanting rendition of the song 'A Spoonful of Sugar' sung by Mary Poppins so I've substituted the song 'My Favourite Things' from the 'The Sound of Music', which was also sung as well as starred Julie Andrews.

I am actually referencing the song 'A Spoonful of Sugar' though due to the theme of the song, which essentially has to do with diligence and dedication by the most expeditious means available - even magic as was portrayed in the film - as the theme is of some relevance.

Victoria's Secret fashion shows represents the pinnacle in feminine dynamics despite the fact 90% of the musical artists they select should die excruciating agonising deaths - if there is any justice in this world - which is a perfect analogy/real life dynamic for the Knights of the Round Table, which in simplistic terms is a choice between:

🔵 Beauty

🔵 Death

For specific reasons - too complex to detail here - my only loyalty is to Western Culture, which is only suitable to beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated and elegant women.

It is not suited to ugly dumb as all fuck Cultural Marxist woke slags whose existence is extremely temporary.

As I've stated on numerous occasions despite being a woman I maintain a gender neutral position.

However, even though the pigmentation of someone's skin colour has no bearing on anything due to the Knights of the Round Table being an intellectual concept I selected white males as my focus group for the following reasons:

In January 2014 when I entered the fray there was nothing but wall to wall pathetic beta males publishing content online as is much the same today.

I, actually, addressed this issue in a post on Gab -

A mice experiment was done a few years ago with surprising results with respect to the fact when all the alpha male mice had died the beta male mice simply perished.

There was no usurpation of power by the beta male mice despite the power vacuum that now existed.

These dynamics can be observed in real life where male content creators - most of whom are gatekeepers - assume the role of alpha males who are then subscribed to by hordes of beta males.

It's the reason why some of the dumbest male pieces-of-shit on the Internet have such a huge subscriber base.

However, as the mice experiment revealed these beta males are literally the walking dead incapable of fending for themselves.

A strategic forgone conclusion.

I once described my approach to publishing videos being similar to that of a wearing a garter whilst in the preparations of getting dressed to go out.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a garter it is a dainty item of feminine intimate apparel worn around the waist much like a belt that has straps with clasps at the end hanging off it, which are used to hold up stockings.

When in the process of preparations to get dressed these straps have the tendency to jiggle and bounce about as a constant reminder they are not attached to any stockings yet.

This video - as with most of my videos - is imbued with so much symbolism it would be impossible to detail all of them within the character restrictions of this dialogue box.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died when he was 35.

He composed his first musical composition at the age of 5.

As is stated in the video: he composed all his music in his mind without need of drafts or instrument sessions.

Victoria's Secret supermodel Romee Strijd is 22 in this video.

Between the age of 22 and 35 I conceived the Knights of the Round Table in my mind without draft or think tank sessions.

Much like wearing a garter I was always aware of its unfinished status during the course of those years as much of it was beyond my life experience at the time.

The following chronology is of imperative significance:

🔵 In November 2013 aged 29 I decided I needed a more robust life operating system as the ad hoc system I had randomly meshed together since I was a teen was failing on almost every level mostly due to romantic pressures.

🔵 In January 2014 I began the process of devising a new robust operating system inclusive of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and Third Reich sentiments, which was completed by late 2015

🔵 In 2016 I purged everyone except family from my life

🔵 In October 2017 I began posting my Excalibur - Lady of the Lake series at G+ concluding with the post titled 'The Room' a year later in October 2018, which was a theatrical production combining completed aspects of the House of the Divine and the Knights of the Round Table

🔵 In April 2019 Google abandoned their social media platform G+ as well as terminated my YouTube channel in June 2019

🔵 In October 2019 I published the video Aryan Goddess - Beauty Anesthesia - - as a prequel to my planned Black Winged Angel series.

What is significant about the Black Winged Angel series is I had already figured out two years before what time frame the Jews were using so I was confident 2020 would be the action year.

You don't need to be a beautiful woman to experience Beauty Anesthesia as you only have to be an insightful person trying to explain to some dense fuckwit the COVID-19 vaccinations are a bioweapon to experience its effects.

In essence, you are forced to adjust your communication style accordingly to being less incisive and/or decisive, which is exactly what occurred with my Black Winged Angel series.

There are very few women in this world - none other than me - who can cite contravention of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights as justifiable reason for her non-attendance at certain elite social functions due to the abysmal low quality of the attendees.

An indication of the complexity of the Knights of the Round Table can be deduced by the fact this video is in addendum to a video I published in September 2020 titled 'Subliminal Serenade - Statistical Analysis' -

In that video I made reference to the movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as it is based on a true story in which the up until then traditional method of player recruitment that had relied on the intuition of talents scouts was superseded by a more reliable statistical analysis methodology.

My reason for referencing this movie back then had been to provide some insight into the functionality of the Knights of the Round Table, which utilises a completely new innovative methodology of psychologically profiling people with 100% accuracy.

I concluded that video with a father and daughter scene from the movie in purpose of inferring just how nuanced is this new innovative psychologically profiling methodology, which can determine years in advance whether a person - male or female - would make a suitable parent.

Whilst the Knights of the Round Table is an advanced intellectual concept it is structured as a power structure for various reasons; the main reason being power structures ultimately serve themselves.

Subsequently, as an intellectual/power concept it is in its own interests to facilitate in the cultivation of an intelligent society, which is the complete opposite to what the Jews seek as they require a dumb downed society for their interests to be advanced.

I, also, made reference to the movie Moneyball because only the game of baseball provides the most accurate metaphorical illustrations for which most people would be able to understand:

🔵 The game of baseball is played on the concept 3 strikes and you are out

🔵 The game of sloth is played on the concept 100 strikes and you are never out

🔵 Whereas, the game of the elite is played on the concept 1 strike and you are out

These behavioural mannerisms of the sloth are both observable as well as psychologically determining of their projected future.

A reason for mentioning Eva Vlaardingerbroek in my previous video is she perfectly illustrates a dynamic lacking in Western society insofar as her identifying as a conservative is as useless as wearing a bikini in a blizzard because conservatism has never conserved anything, which is why I have recently mercilessly mocked it as being the gayest political identity on the planet.

This all relates to my Champagne Analogy because the dynamics just don't exist in Western society for broad spectrum evolution of the sloth class.

It has to be an individual pursuit for which there exists little in the way of guidance.

In recent weeks I have made a series of posts at Gab drawing from memory content I had originally posted at G+ in 2017/18 often using the exact same phraseology.

The only new addition has been Eva Vlaardingerbroek who is a Dutch political commentator/host born in the Netherlands in 1996, which makes her apart of Generation Z.

Like me, Eva is an exceptionally beautiful woman.

Unlike me, Eva has chosen to identify with the gayest political identity on the planet with respect to Conservatism, which subsequently inspired me to make some rather sexually explicit gay orientated descriptions regarding conservatives.

All for the cause, of course.

In a post to do with Bruce Lee I made the statement, "If life has a purpose it's not to be intellectually eviscerated in public by a woman like me", which is a very mild description of the actual reality in comparison to the description I've made of myself crawling on my hands and knees wearing black panties and bra in express purpose of dispatching someone's soul to the netherworld as I did in my post at G+ titled 'The Room', which I choreographed to Zack Hemsey's hauntingly evocative instrumental 'The Way'.

A post that received 40 million views in six months.

My most recent post at Gab has to do with Sun Tzu who is accredited with having written The Art of War.

Here at Bitchute I have made constant references to the movie The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise, which portrays a man of European descent - American - immersed in an oriental environment.

For similar reasons I posted a video of Alan Watts at Gab primarily to do with the topic of Christianity after having made references to Eastern spirituality.

At G+, I published a post regarding this philosophical thought experiment that raises questions regarding observation and perception, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

It's a philosophical question that can only be satisfactorily answered by combining/blending knowledge of physics and biology because although the answer is no - no invariably is not a satisfactory answer to most people.

My reasons for making mention of Eva Vlaardingerbroek is because most men would find her to be an extremely attractive woman in addition to the fact she is born in the Netherlands.

A country invaded and occupied by the Third Reich during WWII for which she may hold some patriotic resentment, especially if any family members had been injured or killed.

If so, the last thing a male would want to do is speak glowingly about Adolf Hitler when on a date with her as that most certainly would dampen any romantic prospects with her.

An extraordinary situation which raises the philosophical question: is her exceptionally rare beauty worth a man being less than himself - or worse living a lie.

In contrast, if a male were to declare on a date with me he was a conservative whilst also speaking ill of Adolf Hitler it would be the last thing he ever did.

The complexity of the Champagne Analogy far exceeds the 3000 characters I have available in this description box so I only intend to detail the basic schematics.

Everything begins with me.

I could be a devolutionary leap backwards on the evolutionary scale and I would still be the most advanced concept of womanhood on the planet in comparison to other women either past or present.

Sir Francis Bacon - 1561 ~ 1626 - once said, "A man is but what he knows".

This is not quite the same thing as B.J. Neblett somewhat axiomatic statement "We are the sum total of our experiences".

Sir Francis Bacon was alluding to the fact a man - or woman - is but a mere reflection of the people he or she has encountered in life.

This becomes particularly problematic when the only people a person encounters in their life are dumb as all fuck Jewish indoctrinated drones.

There are three components to the Champagne Analogy:

🔵 1: Bubbles - (Dynamic)

🔵 2: Glass shape - (Optimisation)

🔵 3: Liquid level - (Optimisation)

Components 2 and 3 have to do with depopulation, which I won't be addressing here.

The Knights of the Round Table consists of two components:

🔵 1: House of the Divine - (Judicial)

🔵 2: Knights of the Round Table - (Finance/Socioeconomics)

The essence of the Champagne Analogy stems from the fact the bubbles in a glass of champagne are called 'Perlage' which is a term derived from the French word 'Perle', which translates in English as 'Pearl'.

Just as champagne wouldn't be champagne without the perlage/bubbles; Western society wouldn't be Western society if the most impoverished people in society were not provided with the means by which to escape their menial existence.

Just as Helen Czerski mentioned in her presentation champagne is infused with carbon dioxide, which is activated by imperfections inside the glass.

Similarly, Western society is infused with Christian generosity as it is a seriously fucked up piece-of-shit - commonly known as Jews - who doesn't want people to prosper and flourish as well as find fulfillment in life.

The dynamics of a glass of champagne is the perlage/pearls start at the base of the glass making their way to the top dragging the surrounding liquid with them.

This same dynamic exists in Western society with respect to aspiring people.

And just as the bubbles of carbon dioxide are noticeably different from the surrounding liquid so are these people discernibly different.

Something only observable to someone or something such as the House of the Divine with both an invested interest as well as the psychological profiling abilities to discern these pearls within society.

The Knights of the Round Table is in competition with Freemasonry even though 100% reality perception verse 5% reality perception is not really competition.

It is has no interest in the sloth of humanity because the sloth of humanity is going to be eliminated either by the Jews or the Sirens, anyway.

Due to the sheer complexity of the Knights of the Round Table a significant proportion of all my future videos will be accompanied with voice narration.

I've been reluctant to add voice narration up until now for various reasons amongst which is it doubles the production time.

Another reason is adding voice narration would have compromised the aesthetic qualities of most of my videos, which is why I have always preferred to utilise text frames.

Additionally, narration tends to resonate in people's minds similarly to lineal story telling in which there is a start, middle and climax in that order, which can then cause premature attention fatigue when that prescription is not adhered to by the content creator.

A prescription incompatible with the Knights of the Round Table's complexity.

However, now that the topic of wisdom - the final frontier - has been broached in my video 'The Magi - Alnitak' it can be rationalised a climax of sorts has finally been reached; thereby, necessitating the production of a cohesive overview for which voice narration is perfectly compatible.

I've always described the Knights of the Round Table as being an intellectual concept when in fact it is actually an elite intellectual concept.

There are only two types of people in this world:

✅ 1: Elite

❎ 2: Sloth

The world of the elite for which the Knights of the Round Table has been designed is an unforgiving, brutal and vicious world governed by conventions and protocols, which people adhere to religiously in fear of expulsion and excommunication.

There are no second chances which was something I was addressing in my uncompleted 'Black Winged Angel - Wasted Time' miniseries when I suddenly switched to the unveiling the Knights of the Round Table in April 2020 when I realised the coronavirus scamdemic was the Jews next big play.

If you had bothered to follow the links I posted in my recent 'Persona Non Grata' video to my Gab account you'd be aware I ended the latest posting with this declaration:

"In this respect, I have never encountered a white male who identifies with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich who isn't seriously fucked up".

In this post I made on January 26th 2022 titled 'Zwischen Beinen Nationalsozialisten' I detail my observations of people since January 2014 who identified with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich:

If you are a white male you have ZERO role models on this planet.

You don't even have any role models in my elite social sphere because if you did I wouldn't be plotting to eliminate all of them.

The people who identify with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich in 2022 are of negligible character improvement to the people I observed in January 2014 for the simple reason these people are the sloth of humanity for which they will always be the sloth of humanity.

All you've got is me if you want out!

This video is in compendium to my video titled Persona Non Grata

In my introductory video regarding the Knights of the Round Table I purposely included the scene from the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray does the beautiful snow sculpture of Andie MacDowell's face with his hands; as the movie itself and that particular scene encapsulates the entire essence of the Knights of the Round Table insofar as the pursuit of perfection being inextricably linked with repetitiveness.

Bruce Lee once said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times".

In this respect, my Angel of Light series had always been intended to be my final series with respect to unveiling details about the Knights of the Round Table, which is still yet to be completed.

Anything else beyond it will be in repetition of something else that has come before because the Knights of the Round Table is not a ceiling elevating concept, which is sometimes referred to as moving the goal posts.

It's an ever ascending floor elevating concept.

A fundamental difference with me as a woman: is this world was never designed for a woman like me because when all the Western institutions were designed women not only had no established political organisation - they didn't even possess the right to vote.

Subsequently, there was nothing for the Jews to infiltrate as they have done with every established male political organisation and association.

As I have previously stated on numerous occasions I have never been challenged in real life or online by any woman.

This is the reason why.

In essence, there is no resistance for me to contend with in my world.

However, my world is a dramatically different world to a males world where they can expect to encounter resistance every step of the way - and do.

This resistance is built into the system because the system doesn't want independent thinkers - it only wants automatons.

The system seeks compliance and conformity which invariably entails compromising morals and integrity which cannot but negatively effect the disposition of a person, which ultimately leads to various psychoses severely undermining any quality of life.

It's always been this way for which the Jews have mercilessly exploited.

I have selected this video because for most people born to an English speaking Western country the pilot flying the Spitfire has always been perceived as our champion; whereas the pilot flying the Messerschmitt has always been perceived as our enemy.

The deteriorated state of Western society would suggest this perception to be grossly misguided, if not, completely false.

Understanding why this would be is not a simple assignment as the only confirmation anyone is on the correct path is essentially a personal desire to not want to live inside themselves - either at the behest of someone else or something else.

In this endeavour men and women are of mutual companionship.

It's common knowledge amongst my long term subscribers I am the youngest of three siblings by ten years and only girl, which meant I grew up listening to a variety of music from the 60s and 70s.

A song that always resonated deeply with me has been the Bee Gees song 'Don't Want to Live Inside Myself' because although I had a very happy childhood I always sensed I was a bit of an inconvenience having been born so late in comparison to my two older brothers, as it just seemed to me my parents had moved on in life from the rearing of children to some extent.

The two lyrics that resonated most with me as a young girl were the opening lyric:

"I am the searcher of my fortunes"

And the lyric midway through the song:

"I'm much better off alone"

Later in life all the other lyrics would equally resonate with me as they were a reflection of either control, finality, despondency or identity:

"I've got my right hand on the wheel"

"I went walkin' through a graveyard
Where the darkness is my friend
I heard all about the beginning
I wanna see just where it ends"

"I have fed the jaded tiger
And every tiger knows my name
But just as long, as long as I can see my face
I can tell myself my name"

In my previous video I stated 95% of white males are dumber than sphagnum moss.

This post at Gab would indicate the percentage is actually far worse:

So Many Guns, So Little Balls:


I have absolutely no intention of summarising my Gab posts for my Bitchute subscribers, as that would defeat the whole purpose of reactivating my Gab account.

All I'm prepared to do is include the title of the post next to the link for those people who have no desire of establishing a Gab account, and prefer just to browse my profile anonymously in purpose of sparing them the inconvenience of clicking on a link they may have already read.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The following post is the first post in an intended series of three relating to a yet to be published video, but it does disclose some personal details about my life relating to this video:


The judiciary has always been a central element to the development of the Knights of the Round Table due to the fact the House of the Divine is a superior incarnation, which is why I have always been scathing of the judiciary:

The following two posts relate to the judiciary:

Yellow Mushrooms:

Festival of the Ascension:

The following three posts - to be read in sequence - explains the title of this video:




The original intention of this video had been to address once again the issue of censorship of my channel due to my recent communications with Bitchute.

However, due to character restraints I've decided to forego addressing this issue for now in preference for simply stating I am an extremely affluent woman, which is a topic I indirectly addressed in my video titled 'Honey Trap' last year.

As I mentioned in that video I have never publicly solicited at anytime for financial remuneration nor do I ever intend to do so.

Subsequently, unlike other content creators who do solicit for financial remunerations; I'm under no obligations to provide a perspective agreeable to any financial donors - or anyone for that matter.

That means when I state the only living organism on this planet that is more despised than the Jews is the pathetic weak dumb as all fuck white male - I mean it.

I, also, mean it when I state the white male is a plough animal - a dumb fucking ox.

Of course, there is the 5% exception.

As I have always stated the primary objective of the Knights of the Round Table is to depose and dismantle the International Financial System - aka the Shadow World Government aka the Jews - because it represents the ultimate challenge on this planet.

It is a challenge only suitable however to people who already own the mansion, who already own the Lamborghini sports car, who already can list amongst their associates gorgeous sophisticated and intelligent men/women.

The only reason any of these people would be prepared to risk their wealth and health on such a treacherous venture is because of the substantial personal rewards they can envisage by doing so - amongst which is the accumulation of profound wisdom.

A highly sought after attribute by intelligent men because the wise and cultured white male is a concept still yet to be realised on this planet.

The four main components of depopulation are:

1: Population

2: Communication

3: Robotics

4: Artificial Intelligence

A wise and intelligent person would be able to extrapolate all manner of information from just the listing of these four components.

They would be able to determine just how socioeconomically mismanaged has Western society been these past 100 years.

They would be able to better comprehend the global strategy of the Jews.

They would also be able to rationalise just how expendable life has now become in the 21st century on this planet due to over population.

All of which brings me to the title of this video 'The Power of Incel - We Shall Prevail'.

The incel beta white male is going to become more and more prevalent in the years to come as women of all ethnicities - most of all white women - distance themselves from wanting anything to do with this fucked up dumb as all fuck self-entitled delusional plough animal, thereby, assuring its own elimination.

A vile and repulsive relic of a bygone era for which the world will be eternally grateful when it is finally no more.

The Knights of the Round Table is an intellectual concept governed by dynamics and metrics.

It's uncompromising.

It's merciless.

It's brutal.

It's efficient.

In George Orwell's novel 1984 he described a future in which psychology had advanced to a stage where it was possible to 100% accurately profile a person's entire life.

That future is now as I possess the psychological abilities to 100% accurately profile any person.

All of which I mention so people don't get lost in the following details regarding the title of this video.

This video is so titled after the three biblical magi - the three wise men also referred to as the three kings - who appear in the nativity story regarding the birth of Jesus Christ.

Even though I was born and raised Catholic I've never had any difficulties intellectually accommodating the astro-theological roots of Catholicism/Christianity - a lot of which having to do with the fact Catholicism/Christianity is now a pathetic remnant of a once inglorious past - with respect to the Winter solstice and the Orion constellation from which the three magi are deduced to have been originally conceived.

All of which I mention because the three stars of the Orion constellation deduced to be the inspiration of the three magi are named Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, which will be the titles of my next three videos including this video.

However, this is the only video with a cosmic theme due to my use of the theme music from the movie Interstellar composed by Hans Zimmer.

My reason for the long drawn out light sequence is symbolic of the incredible amount of time a person needs to invest in themselves to acquire wisdom.

A virtue comprising life experience, knowledge and intuition.

My reason for choosing this theme is because the three wise men will always be the three wise men as they only have historical/mythological relevance as a combined unit, as you never hear of one of the three wise men deciding to leave the band and start a solo career.

In similar vein, the Knights of the Round Table will always consist of three components as illustrated in my video in which each component has a specific dynamic relation in concert with the other components.

This dynamic relationship is the essence of the Knights of the Round Table for which nothing else in the world remotely competes.

In the past few weeks I have made a series of posts at Gab highlighting the sheer folly of people who elect to dress themselves up in some cosplay costume possessing none of the intellectual attributes to play the role.

The most memorable encounter for me being all the self-professed 'Zionist Slayers' who were duped out of $US113,000.00 by Ken O'Keefe, which I detail in this post:

An event where fucked up pretentious delusional keyboard warriors met with a harsh reality.

The same harsh reality that is coming their way with depopulation.

This video titled 'A Utopian Vision' is published in conjunction with an accompanying video titled 'A Vision Splendid', which is a modified version of my introductory video to my Black Winged Angel series I began in November 2019.

The phrase 'a vision splendid' is derived from a famous Australian poem titled "Clancy of the Overflow" by Banjo Paterson, which I've posted at Gab for your convenience as it is a poem about living a life in the quiet solitude of the Australian Outback in comparison to living a life contending with the clamor and congestion of city life.

It is a theme I have consistently promoted here at Bitchute especially in regard to the movie 'The Last Samurai' starring Tom Cruise for the following reason.

The Knights of the Round Table (KORT) has been designed as an intellectual concept as opposed to an ideological or philosophical concept.

Ideology is a belief structure whereas philosophy is a theoretical construct of ideas in purpose of achieving a desired outcome.

Neither of which can be subjected to the same dispassionate intellectual scrutiny as an intellectual concept.

It is for this reason - and only this reason - the KORT has been designed as an intellectual concept as few of the problems confronting Western society can be solved intellectually.

They can only be solved philosophically.

For instance, the primary objective of the KORT is in deposing the International Financial System (IFS) because Western society would prosper and flourish better without it.

Flourish by definition means an increase in population.

However, Western society is already overpopulated.

Subsequently, deposing the IFS could be intellectually rationalised as being counter intuitive to its desired objectives.

I have specifically chosen the theme of the oasis in the desert for the thumbnail of these two videos because in 2022 through a sequence of videos containing easy to understand diagrams I intend to detail the dynamics of the KORT, which should provide sufficient enough clarity in conjunction with everything else I have published relating to it for intellectual and philosophical pockets to start springing up much like an oasis in the desert.

The reason I chose this desert theme for this video is because there is a specific dynamic I wanted to address that can only be explained by the following dialogue:

PERSON A: I think Penelope is the most beautiful and intelligent woman ever born to this world.

PERSON B: Didn't she perish attempting to cross the Sahara Desert without taking with her sufficient life preserving provisions?

PERSON A: Oh yeah, I forgot, she was a stupid bitch.

The Sahara Desert in this video is symbolic of the hostile environment we traverse everyday in Western society only it's not the scorching sun we have to fend against to survive, but rather Jewish saturated disinformation.

The moral being little sympathy is ever shown towards someone who goes swimming and then drowns because they never took the adequate life precautions in learning to swim.

This video titled 'A Vision Splendid' is published in conjunction with an accompanying video titled 'A Utopian Vision' as this video is a modified version of my introductory video to my Black Winged Angel series I began in November 2019.

My reason for republishing this video with a different narrative is there is no way I can improve upon the vision and scope succinctly detailed in the original video as well as in the description box below.

Original video:

Of course, November 2019 was still six months in advance of the impending coronavirus scamdemic that began in March 2020 so my video was not so well received by all the vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit with a dick between its legs that infest both this platform as well as the world at large.

In fact, so vile and repulsive is this element I posted three videos in September and October 2019 addressing this very issue;

1: Canis Sapien - September 5th

2: Aryan Goddess - The Pathetic Weak White Male - September 30th

3: Cartoon Nazis - October 9th

Of course, the good news is - something I've always known - this vile and repulsive fucked up piece-of-shit with a dick between its legs is soon going to be eliminated as neither the Jews/Western governments nor me wish to tolerate its offensive existence any longer than necessary.

For the exact same reason insofar as neither the Jews nor me want it: our world is never going to return to what it had been prior to the commencement of the coronavirus scamdemic, which is perceived as being a good thing by culturally sophisticated people - women and men - like me regardless of the Jews antithetical agenda.

It is because the Jews agenda is antithetical to mine I decided to publish this video in a double upload because a fundamental difference between the Jews and me is the Jews have obviously never heard of a woman's biological clock because if they had they wouldn't have spent the last two thousand years fucking about with this world domination bullshit with no result.

I've got hairdressing appointments to keep.

I've got clothe fitting appointments to keep.

I can't afford to be dithering about with this world domination bullshit when I no longer have firm supple breasts, which is why the forthcoming Age of the Sirens is going to be the most brutal and savage age in the history of Western civilisation, as I won't have firm supple breasts forever.

It is for this reason I will be revising some of my previous published videos either in whole or in part in 2022 as I have no desire to revisit anything that has already been succinctly detailed as it had been in my original introductory video to my Black Winged Angel series.

My Black Winged Angel series although only published two years ago was published in completely different times to the times we live in now so where I am of the opinion something can be better clarified or condensed, or both, I will attempt to do so.

The expression “the elephant in the room” is a proverbial metaphorical idiom in English used in relation to an important or enormous topic, question, or controversial issue that is obvious or that everyone knows about but no one mentions or wants to discuss because it makes at least some of them uncomfortable and is personally, socially, or politically embarrassing, controversial, inflammatory, or dangerous.

I still vividly remember the three phases of revised devolution I observed beginning as a young inexperienced woman in my early twenties with Baby Boomers between the years 2006 through 2016:

1: Diminished perception of reality

2: Detached from reality

3: No concept of reality

So much so, the singular case proverbial expression 'elephant in the room' had morphed into the plural 'elephants in the room' of which one of these elephants had been depopulation.

Another the Jews.

Australia is the same sized landmass as the USA with less than 10% of the population so it would be quite understandable depopulation was not perceived as an imminent concern if not for the fact every other sustainable development issue such as climate change and clean energy have been suicidally embraced and adopted as an imminent concern despite Australia's almost zero carbon footprint.

These are the fucked up leftist/green/Cultural Marxist pieces-of-shit I live amongst which is why I have always viewed depopulation as something to celebrate as the sooner these fucked up pieces-of-shit are dead the happier I will be, which is obviously a sentiment not exclusively reserved to me as most of my subscribers seem to be enthusiastic depopulationists, too.

Regardless of whether the Baby Boomer generation had been the most vile and repulsive generation ever to grace this planet my generation was always going to encounter a whole different array of impending issues to solve as a consequence of the world population explosion that has occurred since the end of World War II when the world population was only 2.5 billion people.

It is now almost 9 billion people.

The fact 90% of my generation are either pathetic weak stupid soyboys or stupid slovenly sluts whilst Generation Z have even worse percentages actually makes the whole process of depopulation so much easier.

Conversely, it makes the process of determining which people should survive all the more difficult hence my devising of the Knights of the Round Table in countermeasure to the Jews own depopulation agenda, which is premised on a whole different set of parameters.

Something I've obviously done because it satisfies my own vanity insofar as being one of the most beautiful and intelligent women ever born to this world who enjoys something of an elite status albeit in one of the dumbest fucking countries on the planet, which is why I don't overly emphasis the elite status too much.

As heiress to a ruinous civilisation bequeathed to my generation by the most vile and repulsive delinquent generation to ever grace this planet - Baby Boomers - there are obviously lots of things needing of change.

Subsequently, the ability to thread all these things needing of change into a cohesive organised structure has always been the challenge hence my devising of the Knights of the Round Table, which is a multilayered concept.

Long before the advent of the coronavirus scamdemic in March 2020 the term 'NPC' - non-player content - became part of the disenfranchised lexicon in description of the discernible soulless drones who inhabit Western society.

It was a term invented by Gamers who obviously noticed a similarity between people they encountered in real life and computer generated characters in computer games.

Subsequently, all the coronavirus scamdemic did was to provide visual aid in the discernment of these death jabbing oxygen depriving mask wearing soulless drones who are not only a menace to themselves; they are a menace by their submissive compliance to the Jews world domination agenda to all freedom loving people.

Soullessness is a non-discriminatory ailment affecting people from all walks of life, which is why I have never aligned myself with anything ethnic based as to do so would be to embrace some of the very people I despise.

It is one of the reasons - there are many other reasons - the Knights of the Round Table was designed to be an elite concept as elite people only ever associate with other elite people.

That's its privilege.

The term elite is a controversial term these days because it is often used by the 99% to describe the 1% wealthiest people in the world.

Wealth, however, can only ever provide the superficiality of elitism, as most of these people are discernibly vile and repulsive pieces-of-shit.

The elitism to which I allude is illustrated in the movie 'A Civil Action' starring John Travolta who plays the role of a personal injury lawyer.

In the movie he successfully sues two powerful corporations for causing environmental damage associated with the deaths of young children.

However, a successful civil legal suit of this kind invariably results in a non-admission non-disclosure financial settlement with the plaintiffs, which is not what the parents of these deceased children had sought.

If, ever, love was to be portrayed depicting its most desired essence it is by Kathleen Quinlan who plays the role of one of the grieving parents who is broken beyond repair at the loss of her son.

That's true love.

John Travolta's character plays the system and wins.

A system where multinational corporations perceive legal suits as an occupational hazard to be deterred where possible.

Somewhere in the mix: no doubt influenced by the parents love, dedication and desire for answers of their now deceased children John Travolta's character's system win didn't satisfy his own vanity.

The true trait of elitism.

In 2022, my approach to publishing content here at Bitchute will be slightly different to other years, which I alluded to in a previous video.

This change has nothing to do with the heavy censorship of my channel by Bitchute because as I've stated my Bitchute channel has been my method of communication with my own inner circle of acquaintances since I don't use any other social media none of which has been effected by the censorship.

The main reason for the change has to do with the fact the complexity of the subject matter has long exceeded the posting of an occasional video in addition to a 5000 character monologue in the description box below, which was reduced to 3000 characters late last year.

This reduction in character availability has proved quite beneficial in harmonising posting requirements with Gab which already had a 3000 character restriction, which means I am now able to post my Bitchute videos on that platform without having to truncate the monologue description - something I was not prepared to do.

Another reason is in 2021 I became aware my lack of an interactive device such as G+ which had proved to be extremely useful between 2014 and 2019 in assisting me prioritise as well as condense the machinations of my mind - which if nothing else kept my mind occupied as I whiled away the hours soaking in a hot steamy bubble bath - was noticeably absent in my publishing preparations.

Subsequently, my planned method of approach in 2022 will be to post content at Gab relating to a planned Bitchute video in which I will post any relevant links in the description box here at Bitchute.

A standard theme of mine since January 2014 whether I emphasis it or not has been:

💚 Beautiful people are inspired by beauty

💔 Ugly people are inspired by the threat of death

In this respect, I thought the best thing about Charlottesville in 2017 - Unite the Right rally - even though it was organised by a notorious Zionist shill in Richard Spencer was the tiki torch night march as I have always been enthralled by the besieging pitch fork and torch rallying march by the people on despotic authority as there is no more perfect theatre in the pursuit of justice than that action to my mind.

Subsequently, just for the theatre of it regardless of motives I wholly endorse the Ottawa truck convoy as well as people demonstrating around the world against the vaccine mandate and passport as there is beauty in all these actions because the preservation of freedom is the crowning glory of all beauties.

So much so, I have decided to dedicate my first video for 2022 to all the participants of these rallies around the world as they certainly will have a glorious story to tell in years hence.


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Welcome to my Bitchute channel!

I'm an Australian woman living in Australia who is a member of the Australian social elite.

I'm the woman who since January 2014 has been the main prime mover in the global rise of so-called anti-Semitism in conjunction with having altered world perception of Adolf Hitler from one of disrepute to one of reverence.

All of which I was able to achieve from my G+ account which Joogle provided to me in mid 2013 when they established their G+ social media platform which they provided to everyone who had a JewTube account just as I had done since 2006 when Joogle purchased YouTube.

All of which makes me an inception member of both G+ and Jewtube which I mention because Joogle abandoned - terminated - their G+ social media platform in April 2019 as well as terminated my JewTube channel in May 2019 in a site wide purge of various channels.

No prizes for guessing why.

I, actually, only established an account here at Bitchute in August 2018 to mirror content I was now publishing on my JewTube channel which I had only begun doing in July 2018 as before that all I had published on my JewTube channel had been two Victoria's Secret videos in 2014 with the addition of an Adolf Hitler speech video - the German Volk - sometime soon afterwards. The new content I was publishing to my JewTube channel as well as here was content by The Impartial Truth. All of which means from 2006 - the same year Facebook began - until 2014 I had published not a single video on my JewTube channel just as I had never published any content at Facebook for the simple reason I never established an account with Facebook.

Just as I have never bothered to establish an account with Twitter or Instagram or any other social media platform for the simple reason I've never been a fan of social media as it is just not something a woman of my social elite class would ever think to normally do as people of my social class are of the firm opinion the whole notion of sharing details about one's private life with total strangers to be completely abhorrent. Although I did eventually establish a Facebook account in July 2016 after the narrow win in the Brexit referendum held in the United Kingdom as I had intended to mirror content from my G+ profile on Facebook, which is an idea I quickly abandoned because I found the Facebook interface - especially compared to G+ - to be just too grotesque.

I've tried a few other alternative social media platforms since July 2016 such as Minds, Steemit and Gab all of which I have instantly abandoned for the same reason. I established a MeWe account in March 2019 because they were the only social media platform to offer G+ members the ability to transfer the content of their G+ account, but which I have since abandoned because it has the same grotesque interface as Facebook. The only good thing about MeWe is it serves as a repository of my G+ content if someone is curious enough to know how it is I was able to influence world opinion from such a relatively minuscule social media footprint.

In this respect, I've been able to influence the world because it is patently obvious to most people I am exactly who I claim to be which is one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world even though my profile avatar is a picture of Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima - which is a precautionary measure I've taken for my own personal protection - for the simple reason only a woman of exquisite beauty would refuse to use grotesque ugly social media platforms to promote beauty.

I've selected Adriana Lima as my avatar because her runway dynamics are the most comparable to my life dynamics even though she is a raven haired Brazilian beauty and I am a brunette haired beauty of Irish/Welsh descent.