Penelope Avamour

As quickly as is humanly possible I intend to tie up all the loose ends from my Black Winged Angel series I intentionally left dangling mid last year in this new miniseries.

A woman of my beauty, intelligence and class living in a gormless chickenshit idiot country like Australia amongst an organism that doesn't even qualify as being human can neither be repressed nor oppressed.

She can only be repulsed for which I am constantly.

However, this is usually an inconvenience limited to occasions when I venture beyond the confines of my abode.

Or when family visits.

Or when I maintain a social media account.

In September 2018 - one month after I had published my post titled 'The Room' - Google notified they would be discontinuing with their social media platform G+ in the first week of April 2019, which actually was news I greeted with some welcomed relief as it offered me the perfect exit from the social media scene for which I would never have elected to participate in if not for conspiring circumstances.

Whilst G+ may not have rivaled Facebook in the social media stakes as Google would have hoped it nevertheless had the most aesthetically beautiful interface, especially in comparison to the ugly grotesque interface of Facebook.

Everything I had published at G+ was published in real time mirroring my real life dynamics as they happened.

The only real loss to me was the loss of nuance for any people I may encounter in any future online endeavours who might be curious to know my views, for instance, on someone such as Hillary Clinton for whom I absolutely loathe.

In June 2019 Google terminated my YouTube account, which I had established in 2006 at its very inception.

Between January 2014 and June 2019 I had become familiar with every political activist and pundit on YouTube most of whom I maintained frequent interest.

However, after my Youtube account was terminated I maintained no interest in any of them at all as lowly intelligent people tend to babble on ad nauseam for the sheer sake of creating fresh content despite initially having possessed some insightful perspective.

It has already begun:

Up until January 20th it was speculation about whether Trump would enact the Insurrection Act.

Since January 20th it has been speculation about whether he will run for president in 2024 or start his own political party.

It will never enter the minds of these people the republic has fallen.

Subsequently, it is not my purpose in this brief miniseries I intend to publish to critique Donald Trump's presidency as he is one of the few men to have brought immense joy to my life albeit indirectly arising from his 2016 presidential victory over Hillary Clinton which resulted in the hysterical meltdown of that vile and repulsive fat fuck Churned Yogurt and his insufferable sidekick Anal Colostomybag from The Young Turks on election eve.

Not since Jesus Christ parted the Red Sea whilst singing 'Anything you can do I can do better' when he was on his 40 Day and 40 Night drinking binge whilst in the company of equally intoxicated Galileans singing in time the chorus 'No, you can't' has so much instantaneous joy manifested itself in this world.

Still to this day - unofficially, of course - Jesus Christ's Red Sea beach party tops the list of best rave parties anyone could have attended in the first millennia, which is quite an achievement considering he was a mere carpenter at the time earning a basic wage.

It is even more impressive when considering the lavish parties the Romans and Egyptian pharaohs were throwing during that millennium.

Of course, the Catholic Church has always denied the Red Sea beach party was a seminal event in the life of Jesus Christ having completely scrubbed it from the historical record replacing it with some far fetched notion Jesus Christ wandered around the wilderness for 40 Days and 40 Nights fasting.

But what is more likely?

Satan offering an earthly kingdom abound with boundless wealth, priceless treasure and illicit pleasure to some fuckwit aimlessly wandering around the desert wracked with self-imposed debilitating hunger pains or some hedonistic super cool dude with a buxom Assyrian bikini babe under each arm smashed off his tits whose party tricks include parting the Red Sea, walking on water and turning water into wine, in addition to being able to feed the multitudes with just a packet of cheese crackers.

All of which I mention for a specific purpose because whether someone believes Jesus Christ actually existed or not it nevertheless remains his appearance on the scene in that time period was the natural extension of Plato's Republic.

Did you ever wonder why Copernicus, Isaac Newton as well as the Founding Fathers of the United States of America amongst many other notable historical figures were Freemasons?

It's because Christianity has always been an anti-intellectual affront to God.

To be continued...

Since this will be my final video for the year - quite possibly my final video on this platform as it would seem my uploading capacity has been severely throttled whereby it now takes twelve hours to upload a similar sized video that previously took one hour - I have crafted a compilation Christmas themed video which retraces my past seven years all the way to the present day since events in 2020 have essentially validated everything I've stated with respect to there being a global authoritarian entity that possesses the power to control the world - International Financial System.

I've always stated I only ever identify as a highly fashionable woman hence my reason for publishing Victoria's Secret videos implying I wear the finished product that has supposedly been tailored for me after a long and complex design and tailoring process further implying I am the person most likely to notice if something is wrong with the process because I'm the person for whom the process has been specifically designed to create a finished product, which also duplicates as a perfect analogy for how Western society is supposed to function since I am also a member of the social elite. Suffice to say, for exactly the same reason I am the person most likely to notice something is wrong with society, which is exactly what did occur in the years prior to 2014.

Women's fashion and society share a common similarity insofar as if problems/dissatisfaction are to be encountered with the finished product they usually stem all the way back to the design stage which means if you wish to avoid encountering any problems occurring in circumstances where it is often too late to do anything about it, then, the only sure preventive measure is to be involved at the design stage even if that requires standing around topless in a pair of panties amongst a group of complete strangers.

Of course, a degree of consternation about me with some people has always had to do with the fact why would a socially elite woman like me be interested in National Socialism, which is usually predicated by the false perception National Socialism is strictly reserved for the working/common man when it is nothing of the sort.

When Adolf Hitler democratically came to power in 1933 membership of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) is estimated to be 2 million people out of a population of 90 million. In 1932, Adolf Hitler's campaign pitch to the German people had been if they gave him four years and he failed to improve their lot he would resign as leader and from politics. It is for this reason in 1936 he held a national plebiscite seeking the endorsement or rejection of his economic policies by the German people, which he had monitored and scrutinised by international observers for which he received 99.3% approval. And yet, despite this overwhelming approval rating membership of the NSDAP in 1938 is estimated to be only 8.5 million people which constitutes approximately 10% of the German population, which is the mean average with respect to political activism of most industrialised countries even to this day.

When something in society is freely subscribed to by so few people which constitutes the core component of the existing political power, and yet, still receives such an overwhelming endorsement by such a high percentage of the population it thereafter qualifies as being an elite element in society by virtue of its own dynamics.

These exact same dynamics I intend to apply to Armistice Day/Remembrance Day/Veterans Day which occurs each year on the 11th November around the world which has always been a fallacious obscenity to every intelligent man and woman on this planet as it has never been about honoring the souls of the men and women who perished in World War I and World War II - or any of the other wars - but rather has been used as a propaganda exercise designed to promote the glorification of ritual sacrifice in service of the Jewish cabal.

It is a divisive irrelevant remnant of the past in its current form which is why the Sirens with the assistance of the Valkyrie have established this Christmas the Fraternity of the Souls in actual honour of all the souls who perished in both world wars regardless of their allegiances in purpose of establishing the foundations of a unifying universal hegemony upon which a common perception with respect to intellectual reality can be sustained for the benefit and advancement of humanity.

The path to God is a logical path from which spirituality may eventually spring forth no different to how leaves, branches and grapes will eventually spring forth on a vine after its stem has gradually extended its reach with fresh new growth, which no doubt is why Jesus Christ used the vine as an analogy of God, himself and his disciples in John: 15 - 5, in which he described himself as being the true vine and God the Father the vine-dresser.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The most prestigious and longest running game in the world which has been played for millennia by various monarchs, national leaders and revolutionaries is the game I am now playing for the reason I have alluded to in recent videos which I intend to put into chronological perspective in my next video, which is I am the most evolutionary advanced concept of womanhood in the world.

This game I am playing was first played by Jesus Christ who went to great lengths to explain how to play the game which essentially consists of establishing from the outset a top tier small circle of potentially grassroots inspiring future leaders to whom the people can relate as an intrinsic part of the game is to lull the enemy into a false sense of security by essentially engaging in covert operations in the seemingly unrelated but necessary task of public relations which provides the necessary cover needed to launch a planned assault on the enemy's stronghold when they least suspect it, which essentially involves turning up unannounced and then going completely apeshit trashing the place with mission accomplished vigour, ferocity and zeal just as Jesus Christ did with the Money Changers in the Temple - (John 2: 13-16).

He also went to great lengths explaining this game is not for the soulless because it is a game the enemy mainly plays by subversion for which the only sure defensive countermeasure is in the development of a strong moral character.

Of course, eighteen hundred years later the game would be codified by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America who were mostly Freemasons which proved to be a colossal waste of time because within five generations the very same people for whom the Founding Fathers had worked tirelessly to protect and provide a future of immeasurable prosperity and wealth would abandon everything they had done by allying in World War II with the very enemy the Founder Fathers had fought in securing their independence.

In these endeavours of mine in which the world has followed my every lead since January 2014 I have constantly switched back and forth between my macro objective of deposing and replacing the current world power structure - International Financial System - with my micro objectives of eradicating from this planet all the useless pieces-of-shit that infest it as I am a woman who has grown up in a gormless chickenshit idiot country who observes everyday what can happen to a country when a systematic culling program of evolutionary rejects is not instituted and forcibly maintained for which I have canvassed on numerous occasions on my channel because the Knights of the Round Table is a logic structure that has been designed to discover and maintain intellectual reality, which means it is completely opposed to any form of coercion.

However, the Knights of the Round Table is also a power structure for which coercion is an essential tool of power as all power structures ultimately serve themselves.

As I have previously mentioned on my channel I was raised a Catholic in a family in which my mother was a socially active highly respected socialite within the Catholic Church whose father was a Grand Mason, which I usually mention in conjunction with the fact I am one of the few people - man or woman - on this planet who understands comprehensively Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

I have spent thousands of hours over the years listening to or reading the arguments of detractors of Christianity, Christian apologists, atheists, evolutionists, creationists, theologians, pagans and philosophers which is why I established the House of the Divine as each of these various groups usually do an excellent job of illustrating the flawed arguments of all the other groups without ever being able to make a definitive wholesale argument proving their case.

It is also the reason why the Knights of the Round Table has been designed to be a synthesis concept and not a consensus concept.

This world we live in really only makes sense when viewed through a power prism as it is only through a power prism can all the layers of society be clearly defined, which is essential in the facilitation and formulation of a better understanding of the dynamics of society in which it invariably proves people's personal spiritual beliefs are irrelevant to power because they themselves are irrelevant.

I represent an evolutionary leap in womanhood which is not good news for a lot of white males because a lot of white males can barely cope now with life in this more interconnected world in which we now live, which has technically liberated women from male subservience as far as the blight of ignorance is concerned as now it is completely optional to be an utter dumb bitch.

Nevertheless, the future belongs to those men and women who are able to extensively comprehend the ugliness of our current reality who like to play prestigious games.

The Knights of the Round Table is a concept first proposed in the Arthurian legends.

When I began my Excalibur - Lady of the Lake series at G+ in October 2017 I had the benefit of explaining in the comment section in response to comments posted by my viewership on my original published post in the series my rather dispassionate attitudes towards the Arthurian legends as the only reason I chose it as the title of my series is because once the Lady of the Lake had handed the sword Excalibur to Arthur her active participation was complete, which perfectly reflected my attitudes towards my real life commitments at the time insofar as I am obliged by mutual agreement with my sponsors to attend certain social functions for which I am always the last to arrive and first to leave.

There is nothing romantic about the Arthurian legend as it essentially is a long drawn out tragic tale about the incompetency of men who even when charged with the noble quest of establishing a just and equitable advanced civilisation were incapable of setting aside their petty rivalries for the greater good. Of course, the original author - male - must have at some stage during the initial draft of the story realised just how pathetic were the men in his tale so in order to salvage some respectability for his male characters he took the standard route males always do by making Queen Guinevere an unfaithful whore whose promiscuous behaviour always struck me as being uncharacteristically odd for a woman of her social status because in order for her to engage in illicit sexual relations with allegedly Sir Lancelot she would have had to willfully:

1: Betray her god

2: Betray her king

3: Betray her husband

4: Betray her people

All the while risking certain death if her illicit sexual affair was ever discovered.

All of which would mean Queen Guinevere in an era when female chastity was hailed as a supreme virtue possessed the most aching sopping wet unsatisfied pussy of any woman in the history of the world, who, was obviously too stupid to figure out how waxed candles have a convenient accommodating smooth cylindrical shape to them, which can be molded with a bit of heat to snugly fit any recess.

Hence my rather dispassionate attitudes towards the Arthurian legends as any woman who can't shape a dildo out of a candle obviously doesn't possess the intelligence to be a queen of anything.

In actuality my Knights of the Round Table concept has little to do with the Arthurian legend as it is primarily based on the Roman Plebeian Council, which was originally established in 494BC fifteen years after the Roman Republic was established in 509BC.

My main interest in the Plebeian Council initially had been the implications for Roman society when Rome ceased to be a republic after which the Council was dissolved some time after the reign of Tiberius having long lost its legislative, judicial and electoral powers to the senate decades earlier because of Julius Caesar's political wranglings.

Of course, in order to understand the implications to Roman society resulting from the Plebeian Council being dissolved you'd first have to be aware of how Roman society was both socially and politically structured, which the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were no doubt aware as it is reflective in the way they structured their political system.

Since January 2014 when I first began my endeavours I have never encountered a single person in real life or on the Internet who remotely understands National Socialism let alone its relations to the Plebeian Council.

I have encountered however thousands upon thousands of lowly intelligent fuckwit males online posting shit about National Socialism for which they obviously know fuck all about.

In my next video with the assistance of graphics I intend to finally explain the underlying rationale with respect to my plans to publicly execute 125 million pathetic weak white males by the end of this decade, which will undoubtedly total 300 million by 2040 as I want this vile and repulsive scourge erased from the planet.

As I will explain logic structures can have multiple logical parameters which usually are denoted as variable constants that act as transitional gateways within the logic structure, however, there can only be a single logical denominator.

I've selected pathetic weak white males as the logical denominator because if I were to use any other logical denominator the logic structure would fail.

It is common knowledge I personally find leftist libtard white women equally repulsive as I do pathetic weak white males.

I haven't used repulsive white women as the logical denominator for the simple reason everyone is born of a woman.

Do you ever stop and wonder just how vile and repulsive must be the mothers of these pathetic trash talking weak white males?

I do.

Do you think a woman like me would simply ignore that influential aspect?

There exists a natural symmetry to life denoted by how many things pair or require pairing to reproduce.

For instance, the human body consists of multiple pairs: feet, hands, legs, arms, eyes, ears, testicles, ovaries, breasts, kidneys, adrenal glands, lungs along with chromosomes.

Photosynthesis is an example of reproductive pairing which is the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy into chemical energy.

A pairing ignored by most people is life in a complex advanced society consists of two components:

1: Agency

2: System

Agency provides people with the unfettered freedom to do whatever they like with their life even to the extent of making a complete and utter shemozzle of it.

Whereas, in contrast, the system doesn't enjoy such freedom as it remains forever blunt, brutal and rigid.

I regularly meet new people at social functions who I may not encounter again for twelve or eighteen months or ever again.

When I first meet these people their priorities in life can either be their career, business, another woman if it is a man or a combination of all three.

Eighteen months later their priorities may have changed to finding themselves a wife which usually is where I factor into the equation as even more alluring than my physical beauty is my marital status of having never been married.

My readership at G+ were aware of the pure happenstance to do with me posting content at G+ as it is not something I would have voluntarily instigated myself just as I had never voluntarily established a Facebook account, which I detailed in the description box on my first video in my series Black Winged Angel - Introduction.

The short story is I had established a YouTube account in 2006 which automatically entitled me along with every other person who had a YouTube account to a G+ account when Google launched their social media platform in mid 2013.

In December 2013 I had tricked a repulsive piece-of-shit - a Jew - I had encountered in 2011 on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart forum into deleting his own precious blogs which initially had me go to another forum to gloat, which was deleted within two weeks as a result of a cyber attack by another repulsive piece-of-shit I had earned my Siren black wings psychologically terrorising in October 2011.

Not to be deterred I availed myself of my dormant until then G+ account Google had given me six months previously to gloat, as the only time I ever get to showcase my phenomenal talents is when I am gloating about the misery I've inflicted on some objectionable piece-of-shit.

G+ was always ancillary to my primary purpose during 2014 and 2015 of developing a new robust life operating system for which Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and Third Reich would bear influence with the intention of purging everyone from my life beginning 2016, which is exactly how everything unfolded.

So, in late 2016 I'm in conversation with this billionaire I had encountered at a few previous social functions who was interested in knowing whether I'd be interested in altering my marital status with him which was the first time the full implications of my G+ activities posting content expressing anti-Jewish sentiments became a real life issue insofar as if I were to marry this billionaire and he and I had children together and something was to go wrong with the marriage and he and I divorced; I could be at real risk of losing my children in any subsequent custody dispute despite the fact:

1: I had been the primary carer being a stay at home mum (Significant determining factor in family law)

2: My children were healthy and well-adjusted

3: I'd been the perfect mum

4: 90% of contested custody cases favour the mother

5: My elite social status

6: My association with the Australian judiciary

7: My connections to political power

So, with all that in my favour as a mother I could still be at risk of losing custody of my children because of a fabricated so-called Jewish Holocaust story because the lawyers representing my billionaire husband would be delinquent in their duties in not trying to paint me as some Jew hating Nazi lover, which I dare say would be an assault on my character I would withstand.

However, I would have no defence against some vile Jew whispering in the ear of the judge the Jewish cable wouldn't be too thrilled if I were to prevail in my custody case.

It was in awareness of this potential scenario that had me proposition my intended billionaire husband to build me a luxury cruise liner that was designed to break apart on its maiden voyage mid Pacific Ocean in shark infested waters causing all the passengers to be eaten alive and killed, who, coincidentally just so happened to be the entire Australian judiciary enjoying a free luxury cruise I had organised.

In March 2017 I published a truncated version of this story on my G+ profile.

To be continued...

Regardless of what the Jews have planned or what happens between now and the year 2030 the third decade of the 21st century will forever be known as the Decade of the Sirens.

A decade that will forever be defined by the unavoidable savage and brutal maelstrom that is a natural occurrence whenever mankind evolves and ascends to a more perfect state of being.

I obviously tread a very narrow line with respect to being accused a feminist, man-hater, controlling woman or a genocidal psychopathic Evil Succubus; none of which is true except for the part about being a genocidal psychopathic Evil Succubus as that part is true.

Well, it will be next decade.

As I've previously mentioned, this particular miniseries of mine has been designed to address the underlying rationale to my rather vexing proposition for a lot of white males of publicly executing 125 million pathetic weak white males by the end of this decade, which is slightly further advanced with this video in which I have symbolically used a tiara to illustrate the two governing/crowning principles of the Knights of the Round Table, which are culture and protection.

All of which is better explained with the facilitation of diagrams, which I'll soon get around to doing.

It was on November 13th, 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy a phrase that has reverberated ever since: “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes".

If Benjamin Franklin had of written in the same letter, "Oh, by the way, the third certainty in life is there is absolutely no risk of intelligence ever becoming contagious so we are pretty much wasting our fucking time with this bullshit notion of establishing government of the people, by the people, for the people, as I am quite sure before the ink used to print the Constitution is even dry the Jews will have duped the people" he would have scored the trifecta in life certainties and no doubt have been hailed as more of an intellectual genius than he already is today.

The prevailing corona virus scamdemic that currently has the entire world locked down is incontrovertible proof in and of itself government of the people, by the people, for the people, long ago perished from the earth - if it ever existed.

I am the youngest - by ten years - and only girl of a three sibling family.

Whereas, I am one of the most beautiful and intelligent women ever born to this world my two older brothers are your typical dumb downed gullible schmucks. That doesn't mean they are unintelligent people as one has his own successful graphic design studio employing a team of people and the other is a gifted medical professional. It just means choosing to follow in our father's footsteps in becoming Freemasons has dulled their perceptions.

I am a woman who has had millions of dollars invested in her to be an ankle up high society social beauty which is why in my Black Winged Angel - Cinderella to Corona video I mentioned except for being provided with the glass slippers I was a finished product as far as my investors were concerned, which I obviously mean as a metaphor inferring nothing I had been groomed to be was remotely grounded in reality.

It is because of this event I developed my own heaven and earth philosophy in which I am always the heaven seeking an earthly anchor, which was the catalyst for my Siren phase as well as what ultimately led me to Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich.

Of particular issue is the fact powerless people think and act powerlessly for the obvious reason they're powerless which invariably leads them to having false illusions about power they'll never possess whereas people who socialise in circles of power tend to be extremely conservative with respect to the benefits of seeking power, which I mention in reference to the phrase 'refined and distilled wisdom' that I mentioned in my video.

When I was at G+ I mentioned how in 2003 I became aware of the plight of fathers with respect to Family Court custody disputes as a result of news reports to do with fathers in the United Kingdom protesting their unfair treatment by scaling public buildings such as Buckingham Palace. Subsequently, here in Australia I followed the fathers movements bid for Equal Shared Parenting in 2005 purely from a legal perspective as I was a fresh young lawyer back then.

In 2016 I confronted a similar situation to Stephanie Seymour who is the bride in my previous video in which a billionaire wanted to make me his trophy wife, which undoubtedly would have been a loveless marriage had I accepted his proposal.

In my next video I will conclude this story of the billionaire as well as explain why I have mentioned my brothers, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, fathers as well as why I have used another rock ballad by Guns N' Roses in this video.

I am most likely one of the very few women in the world who has ever had the romantic princess fantasy experience of being carried in a man's arms unknowing of her destination where she was to be gently laid down in a soft bed of rose petals in a glassed framed garden gazebo located amidst beautiful gardens surrounded by the most beautiful orchids in the world decorating the enclosed space from floor to ceiling.

It is actually this life qualifying event which I experienced at the tender age of twenty-five that has inspired both my Knights of the Round Table concept as well as my adaptive extension of National Socialism titled National Socialism Romance.

National Socialism Romance as with the Knights of the Round Table are in essence a quest for perfection in circumstances where a person is physically immersed in emotionally and psychologically awe inspiring spellbinding perfection whilst simultaneously of the awareness it is not quite perfect for her or him.

In my personal experience the lack of perfection stemmed from the fact my dashing romantic suitor was more than twice my age who was married with children older than me.

The significance of my inclusion of the final scene from the movie 'Captain Phillips' starring Tom Hanks has to do with the fact director Paul Greengrass engaged the services of a professional paramedic - Danielle Albert - to shoot the scene as he correctly deduced an unscripted professional paramedic who actually is a Corpsman on the guided missile destroyer Truxtun who deals with trauma patients on a regular basis as part of her occupation would give a more convincing performance than a scripted actor.

Tom Hanks brilliantly follows her lead throughout the entire scene with her concluding the scene expressing in the most tender lovingly motherly tone, "Everything is going to be okay".

I have selected American rock band Guns N' Roses hauntingly evocative rock ballad 'November Rain' for the following three reasons:

1: In the movie 'Inception' starring Leonardo DiCaprio his character's wife commits suicide by jumping to her death from their apartment window having framed her husband for her death because she couldn't cope with the reality of the real world after experiencing a dream state world together with her husband and children.

2: The ballad 'November Rain' is the second song of a trilogy Guns N' Roses were inspired to write based on a short story titled 'Without You’ written by journalist and author Del James who was a friend of lead singer Axl Rose. It is a horribly written short story in which the girlfriend of a rock star commits suicide by shooting herself in the head with a revolver.

3: Stephanie Seymour is the bride in the video clip who is a model and actress whose modelling career includes being a Victoria's Secret supermodel in the late 90s who was actually the girlfriend of Axl Rose when filming the video for 'November Rain'. He and her would become engaged before soon afterwards separating only for her to even sooner afterwards marry a billionaire who was still married to a woman with whom he had sired five children thereby becoming the quintessential trophy wife. She already had a child from a previous short lived marriage a few years before and would give birth to two more children sired by her billionaire husband. I've mentioned her because she is now a recovering drug addict and alcoholic which illustrates the implications of Beauty Anesthesia I've previously mentioned for which being a trophy wife is the ultimate incarnation.

All of which I now mention because there obviously exists a lot of white males in this world who have never heard of Newton's unpublished first law of judicial discretion which states for every non-action there is an equal and opposite non-action, which when translated into the vernacular essentially means if you don't give a flying fuck why should a judge.

It also appears a lot of white males are of the false belief the agency to say and do anything they like if not compatible with the system then the system is at fault.

Not only is this the mindset of a complete and utter loser it is a mindset the Jews encourage white males to possess because it then makes them social pariahs to be avoided and shunned.

There is not a white male on this planet who doesn't have at least one, two or in excess of a dozen of these loser white males in their social sphere of influence who have always unwittingly acted as conscripts of the Jews doing their bidding.

In fact, so irrelevant to the system are these white males that representatives from the World Jewish Congress would never have had reason in July 2020 to address the United Nations Human Rights Council urging them to take a stand against so-called Holocaust denial, which is not something they'd ever have imagined they'd have to do prior to January 2014 before I appeared on the scene.

To be continued...

If I were a white male and had published my previous video extolling white pride as I did with a gorgeous white woman jogging along in slow motion wearing a crop topped white singlet with white bikini bottoms without a bra; which in turn had her rather sumptuous breasts bounce up and down and from side to side on her chest; whilst claiming as I did she is the greatest achievement of Western civilisation in the past two hundred years due to Western white males; I would have received an overwhelming positive response from white males by a show of hundreds of green thumbs up votes.

However, because I am a white woman who has openly declared she plans to publicly execute 125 million vile and repulsive pathetic weak white males worldwide by the end of this decade I only received a lukewarm tacit positive response from only a few white males having received only a mere 15 green thumbs up votes some of which I assume are from females despite my video having received in excess of 670 views so far.

All of which goes to confirm the undercurrent of resentment and hatred that now exists towards white women by white males is so entrenched and so visceral they lack any and all discerning capabilities regarding women as if the vast majority now possess a hive mentality where it is perceived any attack even on the most vile and repulsive of their kind is an attack on the entire colony.

Of course, I could flatter myself it is only me they resent but to do that would be contrary to my overall critical observations of white males.

As most people are aware who subscribe to my channel I'm an Australian woman living in Australia which has been the topic of worldwide discussion these past few days due to the decision by the Victorian Government declaring a statewide State of Disaster in response to the fake corona virus scamdemic, which has resulted in curfew restrictions being implemented across the state attracting a $5000.00 fine for anyone failing to comply.

There are three reasons why Victoria is the only Australian state so far to introduce these draconian measures:

1: The premier Daniel Andrews - same as a governor - is a Jew.

2: The Victorian Jewish Lobby which is the most powerful Jewish political lobby in Australia is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria.

3: The Victorian Police are the most vile and corrupt police force in all of Australia, which is something that invariably can only ever eventuate when the judiciary is as equally corrupt.

A few months ago I published a video titled Black Winged Angel - Beauty Anesthesia which partly explained my dynamics as a woman in which beautiful looking women like me are sought after by wealthy and powerful men - or any man if he had the opportunity - for reasons of confirmation of his own self-worth as opposed to any compatibility with a woman, which is a reflection of just how one dimensional is the rationale of most males when it comes to women as well as the reason why they invariably end up marrying some stupid dumb bitch for which they'll later regret.

Australia has a two party political system similar to the USA in which the Australian Labor Party is the equivalent of the American Democratic Party and the Australian Liberal Party is the equivalent of the American Republican Party.

Of course, as a socially elite woman it is virtually impossible for me not to be in someway entwined in the Australian political sphere which mostly consists of your standard garden variety left/right paradigm political hacks who identify with one brand of politics and not the other for reasons even they usually can't explain for whom it would be pointless raising the issue of Daniel Andrews Jewish heritage because they are all dumbed down Holocaust believing Baby Boomer virtue signalling pieces-of-shit - so I don't.

Instead, I simply designed my Knights of the Round Table concept as a metaphysical concept which means it functions exactly the same as a physical concept as it does as a spiritual concept in anticipation of the Jews - aka International Financial System - enacting measures that would destroy the world economy as part of their 2070 agenda, which they are obviously now doing by way of this corona virus scamdemic.

I have specifically selected this hauntingly beautiful piece of music from the movie 'Inception' because the composer Hans Zimmer is of German Jewish heritage whose career contributions to music have been breathtakingly astonishing for which Western civilisation would indeed have been diminished in its beauty and therefore the poorer had or should any harm come to him because he is a Jew, which is what is so disconcerting about this hive mentality I observe in white males towards white women as all Western white males seem to do is trade one drone state for another drone state.

I intend to address this matter in my next video as well as expand further on the content in this video.

In this new miniseries of mine I intend to address my plans regarding having 125 million pathetic weak white males publicly executed by the end of this decade, which I am well aware has been quite a vexing issue for some males despite it being only a logical parameter at this stage.

As I previously mentioned on my Aryan Goddess - Class of 2014 video when I was at G+ I skipped over the middle phase - Black Winged Angel series - because middle phases are always dull and boring preferring to jump to the final phase which is always a lot more exciting which as a consequence had me mention things on my G+ profile I haven't yet gotten around to mentioning here on my Bitchute channel.

The three most critical components I haven't yet mentioned are as follows:

1: In 2008 I sunk a ten million dollar yacht at its mooring by opening up all the seacocks, which ushered in my Siren phase.

2: In 2011 I earned my Siren black wings by an act of psychological vengeance towards some American piece-of-shit living in Seattle who mistakenly thought there would be no consequence to him spamming my thread on the Jon Stewart forum for which I was a member at the time which ushered in my Black Winged Angel phase as I was able to duplicate the frequency of his mind with my mind, which meant instead of the Pacific Ocean separating him and me nothing separated him and me.

3: The Jews 2070 agenda.

The sinking of the yacht was a pivotal moment in my life as there were multiple compounding reasons for me choosing that particular course of action one of which is best illustrated by a song by rock band Radiohead called 'Creep'. I, therefore, am going to leave most of the details concerning this event which I related on my G+ profile in 2016 for my next video as this song does a far better job at explaining my personal dynamics than I could ever do.

We now live in visceral discerning times in 2020 as opposed to purely intuitive discerning times as they were back in January 2014 when I began these endeavours of mine due to this corona virus scamdemic which has revealed to the world there actually does exist vile elements in this world - Jews and their Shabbos goy minions - who are actively engaged in implementing the architecture for a Jewish controlled dystopian future that will be far worse than anything George Orwell had ever imagined in his novel '1984'.

Additionally, it has also exposed just how extensive is the Zombie Muppet class that exists in Western society which is something I had become aware of as early as 2005 whilst still in my early twenties which would lead me to devising a 0 to 100 scale system by which I could gauge people's perceptions of reality, which I've previously mentioned on my Black Winged Angel - A New Decade video in which I stated 99.99% of people in Western society possess less than a 10% perception of reality, which means most people have more in common with an inanimate rock than they do a cognisant intelligent human being.

The devastating implications of which are visible today in Western society as it thwarts the ability of any semblance of societal cohesion being sustained due to the endemic disorientation of the populace.

None of which has occurred naturally as it's the antithesis of the concept of society.

My mentioning of Abigail Adams in my video primarily has to do with this quote of hers "If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, we should have learned women" which is statement that obviously fell on deaf ears with women of the Baby Boomer generation as they've struggled to produce any decent men at all let alone heroes, statesmen or philosophers.

I've also made mention of her because feminists like to lay claim to her as being a feminist despite the fact she remained the wife and mother of the children of her husband John Adams until the end of her life who was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America whilst also supporting him in his bid to become the second president of the United States of America.

In contrast, a feminist is a self-absorbed lowly intelligent stupid slovenly slut whose worldview doesn't extend beyond its vagina.

Abigail Adams championed the rights of women because it was a just cause back then as women had little to none legal protections in her day as she no doubt thought it would facilitate in the establishment of a more equitable, just and enlightened society if women had the same opportunities and legal protections as men.

If my social sphere of influence were the Founding Fathers of the United States of America I'd probably be of a similar view to her.

Alas, I live in a gormless chickenshit idiot country at the dumbest time in human history living in the shadow of the most abysmal generation in the history of Western civilisation so I am more intellectually persuaded by the mass slaughter hypothesis if for no other reason than I look stunning wearing black attire.

I am dedicating this video in tribute to all the people who up-voted my previous video titled House of the Divine - Noble Heart as the few people who did truly do possess noble hearts, which doesn't say much for all the other people.

Austrian psychotherapist Alfred Adler - 1870 ~ 1937 - stated it accurately when he wrote, "It's easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them" as this observation relates directly to my endeavours here at Bitchute which I clarified in the opening paragraph of my Black Winged Angel - Beauty Covenant titled video where I stated, "There never was a time in all my time at G+ in spite of me having decided to embrace a poisoned chalice with its toxic cocktail of expressed anti-Jewish sentiments intermixed with expressed endorsing sentiments of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich did I ever fail to remind my readership my purposes are in the refinement of pure beauty" which I wrote in accompaniment to a video depicting the Ark of the Covenant scene from the movie 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' starring Harrison Ford where the beautiful apparition transforms into a nightmarish vision of death and destruction.

The operative phrase in this paragraph being " purposes are in the refinement of pure beauty", which is the only sure countermeasure against evil.

The best thing about being raised Catholic is we are taught from an early age we have guardian angels for our protection who accompany us everywhere we go which has the positive effect of teaching a young child to attune his or her mind to the possibility of an invisible presence existing in his or her midst thereby encouraging the rudimentary development of extrasensory perception.

This is especially so since guardian angels are notoriously shy spirits.

In fact, so shy they're impossible to detect under normal circumstances as it is only when danger is imminent do they ever reveal their presence.

Of course, guardian angels are only one class of spirit as a goddess I will forever have an eternal girl crush on is the Goddess Serendipity who arranges the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

For instance, just as I was about to explain my exceedingly complex logical architecture to my plans to publicly execute 125 million pathetic weak white males - 20% of the entire worldwide white male population - by the end of this decade racial tensions have escalated in recent weeks due to events in Minneapolis, Minnesota which has gotten the entire worldwide Jewish media juggernaut propagandising the evils of white supremacy, white privilege, white goods, snow, milk, vanilla flavouring and anything else white related.

A focused campaign the Jews no doubt intend to promote for this entire decade which is perfect for me as that means I won't have to do anything to convince the world 125 million vile and repulsive pathetic weak white males need to be publicly executed in purpose of finally absolving this world of their detestable presence.

As I wrote in the description box on my Black Winged Angel - Beauty Covenant video the Beauty Covenant consists of the following components in chronological evolutionary order:

1: Socratic Methodology

2: Jesus Christ

3: Scientific Methodology which was first advanced by Galileo Galilei

4: National Socialism

5: Me

The hauntingly beautiful song I have selected for this video is a requiem - death song - titled 'Pie Jesu' composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and sung by Sarah Brightman and Paul Miles-Kingston which can only be fully appreciated by understanding Latin as opposed to Italian, which is the most common language used in opera.


Pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu - Holy Jesus, holy Jesus, holy Jesus, holy Jesus

Qui tollis peccata mundi - Who takes away the sins of the world

Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem - Grant them eternal rest, Grant them Thine eternal rest

Pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu - Holy Jesus, holy Jesus, holy Jesus, holy Jesus

Qui tollis peccata mundi - Who takes away the sins of the world

Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem - Grant them eternal rest, Grant them Thine eternal rest

Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei - Lamb of God, Lamb of God, Lamb of God, Lamb of God

Qui tollis peccata mundi - Who takes away the sins of the world

Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem - Grant them eternal rest, Grant them Thine eternal rest

Dona eis requiem - Grant them eternal rest

Sempiternam - Everlasting

Dona eis requiem - Grant them eternal rest

Sempiternam - Everlasting

Requiem - Rest

Sempiternam - Everlasting

I have crafted this undeniably beautiful video in purpose of illustrating the central theme of this new miniseries of mine is Pure Beauty and not death as death as it relates to me is something that only happens to people who fuck up.

If, as George Orwell stated in his novel '1984', "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" is true, then, by extension it is also true the ability to discern the truth in a time of universal deceit is tantamount to an act of revolutionary advanced intellectual perception, which is an accolade few people on this planet will ever be entitled to have bestowed upon them as I well remember how desolate and barren was the landscape in January 2014 when I began these endeavours of mine.

In fact, so desolate and barren had been the landscape I could have stood naked on the main highway with the words 'Free Sex' written on my skin below my navel with an arrow pointing to my bare pussy throughout all of 2014 and still qualified to be ordained as a Vestal Virgin at the beginning of 2015.

Whilst all my videos are imbued with symbolism this video of mine is entirely symbolic as the time lapse drawing of my involuntary surrogate publicist Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima in combination with rock band The Cars song 'Drive' is my declaration to the world that from this day forward and until the end of eternity I possess exclusive rights to the honorific title 'Noble Heart' due to the fact I am the only living person on this planet with the qualifications to make such a determination.

I only recently mentioned projected flawless beauty here on my Bitchute channel on my Grand Council of Disney Princesses - Comments Disable (Part 2) video even though I regularly made mention of it on my G+ profile for reasons projected beauty is not unique to me as every woman is subjected to some form of it.

What's unique to me is people project flawless beauty onto to me which is rather burdensome for obvious reason in addition to stripping me of my individuality which is why I've always stated I'm a 99% white winged angel of pure goodness and a 1% black winged angel of pure evil as it is an accurate description of my life dynamics in which I just go along to get along most of the time just like most people do.

As I have previously stated on numerous occasions on my channel my Knights of the Round Table concept has primarily been designed for men in response to me having received multiple marriage proposals since 2007 all of which I politely declined for reasons that proved to be less convincing than I would have preferred, which invariably resulted in deteriorating relations with men I loved.

Whilst it is a concept that has primarily been designed for men it nevertheless has been designed as a modern power structure in specific purpose of deposing the International Financial System - shadow world government - which I've previously described as being a multi-headed hydra-dragon for the obvious reason knights, chivalry, heraldry and the slaying of dragons are the ingredients of romantic fables.

The simple reason being the International Financial System essentially consists of pieces-of-shit - Jews - wearing ill-fitting three piece suits or unfashionable dresses which can make for a nice trophy to hang over an ornate mantle piece bordering an open fire place in the living room, but it doesn't anywhere near compare to lying naked on a plush rug in front of a roaring fire on a cold winters night with the man or woman you love, which is why in addition to the Knights of the Round Table concept I devised National Socialism Romance which is an adaptation of National Socialism because the true reward of possessing a noble heart is in the encountering of a life long soulmate with whom to share the escapades of life as there will always be plenty of pieces-of-shit in this world to keep a person occupied with his or her time, however, there are very few compatible people with whom to share life's loves and dreams.

Did you ever wonder why we no longer have an intellectual class in Western society?

It's because the International Financial System can buy anyone they like with such consummate ease these days - Baby Boomers - it makes any notion of a person possessing honour and integrity the theme of mythological legend.

It is for this reason my Knights of the Round Table concept has been designed to cultivate a class of men and women who possess the necessary qualities of character to withstand the corrupting influences of the International Financial System which can only be done by people who have developed a refined finesse for the salt of life which in essence is a reflection of the quality of their soul as all souls are perfect, which is why even as a raised Catholic woman I completely reject the absurd Catholicism doctrine regarding Original Sin as it is inconsistent with the observable dynamics of life.

In purpose of proving the fallacy of this absurd doctrine I devised my House of the Divine concept which I've designed to reflect the aspiring perfection of the soul in contrast to the imperfect fallen souls spoiled and harvested by the International Financial System.

I'm the only woman in the history of Western civilisation who has ever openly articulated an agenda to publicly execute 125 million pathetic weak white males by the end of this decade and still maintain a substantial support base from white males, which truly is a complement to white males considering the snowflake era in which we now live.

It is even more impressive when considering the reasoning behind this particular line of rationale of mine I still haven't fully explained as to do so prematurely would mean becoming immersed in a world of meaningless specifics which is why I have chosen to begin my video with a scene from the movie '27 Dresses' starring Katherine Heigl and James Madison, as it depicts two people in a New York bar a few years after 911 searching for love.

Whilst I am not a fan of the movie I do love this scene which really can only be fully appreciated from having watched the entire movie because if you were to switch roles with her being the eternal romantic cynic instead of being the eternal romantic optimist you'd have a fair replication of my life dynamics where it was me constantly thwarting romantic overtures from males for whom I was happy to spend an evening with socialising just so long as they didn't start building castles in the skies in their minds with respect to long term romantic relations as I have always been naturally aloof on the subject of romance to the obvious frustration of many a man as to have something so precious and rare in hands reach as me and not be able to possess it is how the seeds of obsession are sown, which has been the rue of my life.

The remainder of the video represents a belated oversight by me towards my American cousins insofar as having neglected to explain how elite society functions in countries like Australia which still has political ties to the British Crown as we never had to fight a war of independence for our independence as we secured our independence by good ol' reliable human apathy insofar as if you don't give a flying fuck for long enough it eventually becomes the norm.

The proof of which is the world my generation has inherited from the abysmal Baby Boomer generation.

As I mentioned in the description box of my video Black Winged Angel - Declassification (Part 1) I use my Bitchute channel to communicate with my own social sphere as I don't use any other social media platform these days, who, are well aware I possess the real life dynamics of Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima's runway dynamics despite our physical differences which is why I use video of her as I don't want a professional camera crew following me around everywhere doing take after take just to get a few seconds of video content perfect.

Adriana gets paid millions of dollars to play to the camera which she is brilliant at doing which means I am able to sit here at my computer with smudged lipstick and mascara running down my cheeks wearing a tattered $2 wet t-shirt without a bra after having engaged in a wrestling match with my garden sprinkler that suddenly decided watering lawns all day is beneath its dignity and so it decided to go on a water sprinkling rampage in my garden drenching everything in sight including me as opposed to strutting the Champs-Élysées in Paris wearing expensive black evening attire.

All of which I mention because if the White Race were a majestic beautiful bird of prey whose only issues were it had become entangled in a web of vines/tentacles - lies - high up in the forest canopy that prevented it from unfurling its wings and gracefully resuming its flight then all that would be needed to be done in restoring it to its former graceful beauty is in the removal of these external restraints.

And, by external restraints, I mean non-white people.

However, the White Race is anything but a majestic beautiful bird of prey incapacitated by external restraints but rather some gullible lowly intelligent chickenshit ground slurring shrew that has been little more than cannon fodder for the Jews these past hundred years, which is why I have always been an aloof woman despite my beauty because even though I couldn't explain the reasons why at the time I was not about to 'I do' and die.

It is for this reason I have always stated it is the preservation of Western culture I'm about as opposed to the preservation of the White Race for the simple reason the vast majority of white people are so intellectually challenged I would have to stipulate it is the preservation of an enclave of white people rather than the preservation of the entire race I am about, which is what I do by confining myself to the phrase Western culture.

My Knights of the Round Table concept has been specifically designed for a majestic beautiful bird of prey regardless of whether it actually exists or not in this day and age because there once was a time when it did exist majestically ruling the heavens.

A time to be alive.


The purpose of this mini-series of mine titled House of the Divine besides being a compendium to my Social Elite mini-series is to bring about a degree of conclusion to something I described back on July 30th, 2019 in my Aryan Goddess - Penelope Avamour video as the beginning of Phase 2.

As I anticipated at the beginning it most likely will take me until July 30th, 2020 or a little bit beyond to achieve this desired outcome which is precisely a year, so bear with me as I am well aware there exists lots of dangling unattached threads of rationale I've canvassed this past year hence my reason for making my recent garter belt analogy.

I've always stated my primary objective in these efforts of mine is in the dismantling of the International Financial System which I've stated acts as the shadow world government because it represents the ultimate challenge to a woman like me for which no mere mortal man or woman would stand a chance deposing thereby inferring it is a challenge beyond the average person living today.

Of course, strategically significant in this objective of mine has been the development of my Knights of the Round Table concept in conjunction with my House of the Divine concept, which are two of the most advanced concepts ever devised in this world.

The design and development of both in and of itself representing a phenomenal application of logic and reasoning which most fair minded people would be of the opinion warrant being an end unto themselves for which they normally would be if not for the fact whilst heights are scalable there will always be people prepared to risk life and limb in the scaling of those heights regardless of the reward.

In this instance those heights are the heights of the evil empire known as the International Financial System.

I'm a heterosexual woman who delights on occasions in the tender loving caress of another beautiful woman which is why I chose to post scenes from the movie Wild Thing starring Denise Richards in my video Social Elite - V is For as I had been contemplating making the following girl on girl hypothetical scenario in purpose of illustrating how everything comes together independent of any male influence.

In these endeavours of mine I've selected Taylor Swift as my lover as she appears in my most favourite Victoria's Secret video, which I will be publishing in the near future.

Additionally, Taylor Swift is:

1: A beautiful young woman of my generation

2: A successful world famous award winning musical artists

3: Wealthy

4: Possesses a completely different mindset to me

Notwithstanding the fact she is a world famous woman who lives in the public glare and regardless of her own sexual orientations if I wanted her and myself to be lovers I have no doubts given the facilitating circumstances it is something that would eventuate so confident am I in my seductive powers.

Of course, this scenario between Taylor and myself would never eventuate because she and I are two different types of women inferring neither her beauty, fame nor her wealth could ever compensate for our personal differences which is why I specifically selected another woman for this scenario because males tend to prioritise things differently with women, which ultimately leads to their demise with women.

Whereas, Taylor and I may be able to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh together in the bedroom; outside of the bedroom she and I would share little in common as her dumbed down liberal crowd of friends are the very people I intend to have publicly executed by 2040, which wouldn't change anything for me as I intend to publicly execute my own elite class by 2040.

Furthermore, whereas Taylor's and my lips may be able to unite in perfect tender loving embrace as one our minds could never unite as one for the obvious reason I could never dumb myself down to fit into her liberal world whilst she could never leave her world for mine without forsaking her musical career, which obviously is the essence of her life.

Subsequently, if Taylor wanted her and I to remain lovers she would have to desire me more than her own life which is not something I would ever expect of her even though it is quite possible she may desire me more than her own life, as it is quite unlikely a woman like Taylor Swift will ever find true happiness amongst the soyboy type males who inhabit her world as it is a false reality thereby making everything false especially love.

A desire that could only ever lead to heartbreak for her unless I was prepared to shower her in love and empathy during her transitional period to my world, which is the essence of National Socialism Romance.

This scenario I've just now illustrated between Taylor and myself is the dilemma everyone confronts living in Western society due to the distortion of reality by the Jews.

My only role as an Aryan Goddess is to correct that distortion leaving it to dynamics to sort the rest out.

I intend for this titled mini-series to be a compendium to my Social Elite mini-series.

In October 2017 I commenced my titled Excalibur - Lady of the Lake series on my G+ profile, which I maintained until April 2019 when G+ ceased operations.

Despite my personal antipathy for the Arthurian legends I specifically chose this title because the Lady of the Lake perfectly symbolised the anticipated limits of my personal engagement in these affairs insofar as she had relied upon her infinite wisdom in deciding upon Arthur being the most worthy of men to be king thus entrusting him with the sword Excalibur, which then allowed her to go shopping for the rest of the legend with an easy conscience knowing she had fulfilled her part-time employment obligations as the Lady of the Lake confident in the knowledge Arthur had a trusted mentor in Merlin to guide him on his journey in life.

It's why when I devised my Knights of the Round Table concept I also devised the House of the Divine as a separate entity just as the executive and legislative branches of government are separate to the judicial branch today.

It's why I also devised the House of the Divine to be an institution of last resort after every other dispute resolution pathway had been exhausted.

My rationale in this regard is perfectly consistent with the Arthurian legends and the role played by the Lady of the Lake who I amalgamated with Lady Justice - Goddess Justitia - in purpose of making her a more complete woman more reflective of myself, who, would be quite happy to leave the affairs of state for men to do if not for the fact that never in the history of the world has a single identifiable demographic component of society found more excuses for its inadequacies than that of the white male.

The list of excuses white males are prepared to bleat out ad nauseam for their inadequacies is literally boundless ranging from chemicals in birth control pills, mothers nutritional diets, food additives, water additives, air additives, social engineering and let's not forget the all time favourite excuse women.

Of course, it never has anything to do with them having a dick between their legs.

The 333/666 combination dates back to the Roman Empire before the concept of percentages were invented which is why it appears in the Book of Revelation in the Bible as it does as it was a standard mathematical formula - 1:3 ratio - the Romans had found effective when deciding whether it was better to enter into a treaty with an enemy or choose conquest.

The Age of Enlightenment which was an intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 17th to 19th centuries could not be permitted to continue in the 20th century if the Jews plans to dominate the world were to be realised hence a contributing reason for both world wars, which resulted in the culling of Europe's best white male stock.

Hence, also, the reason for the dumbing down of the white population since the end of World War II.

The manifestation of which can be observed now by the fact when the entire world is literally locked down due to some bogus virus scamdemic does it even remotely register in the minds of some white males there is something seriously wrong with this world, which obviously has nothing to do with the length of a woman's skirt.

It truly is astonishing to me as a woman to observe how any man - the supposed protectors of women - can not only be so completely divorced from reality, but also have the impertinence to think they know better than me.

I don't dismiss any of the alleged probable causes for white male inadequacies as I will accept any admission by white males something is tragically wrong with their gender as at least by acknowledging their own faults instead of always blaming others for their inadequacies there is hope for improvement.

I'm also very well aware of how comprehensive is the Jews global network of intellectual talent scouts whose mission is to recruit the cream of the intellectual crop from around the world each year in expressed purpose of preventing the emergence of any potential leader who may rise to challenge their power since they recruited me.

What more confirmation does any white male need the world is not how he has been led to believe it to be?

The corona virus scamdemic confirms everything I've stated about the International Financial System being the shadow world government for more than six years now, which obviously wields enormous power in the world if it can lock the entire world down.

And yet, they're just pieces-of-shit wearing ill fitting three piece suits or unfashionable dresses to a woman like me.

Powerful, yes!

Invincible, no!

The dictionary definition of the term altruism is: a selfless concern for the well-being of others.

It is a term used to describe a behavior characterised by acts with no apparent benefits for the individual who performs them but that are beneficial to other individuals.

A synonym of altruism/selflessness is self-sacrifice.

An extension of which is the phrase 'ultimate sacrifice' which is usually a term reserved for men and women who gave their life whilst defending a nations sovereignty or principles during a time of war.

It's why in every Western English speaking country we have war memorials dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of men and women who died in World War I and II who paid the ultimate sacrifice supposedly it would seem so Western governments from English speaking countries can blatantly lie to their people about a supposedly infectious virus of supposedly pandemic proportions in purpose of depriving those people of their liberties as well as the means by which to pursue a prosperous future.

All for the benefit of a tribe of vile and filthy degenerate Jews for whom world domination is no more than a hobby they're so good at it in comparison to the gullible dumb ox White Race.

In essence, a reality so far removed from the general perceptions of the inhabitants of Western society - refer dumb ox - it literally constitutes an invisible parallel dimension which if not for the fact of me being born to a gormless chickenshit idiot country inhabited by an organism so vile and repulsive it doesn't even qualify as being human it is very much likely I would have never discovered it, which I had only done after exhausting every other conceivable possible avenue that may explain how this repugnant organism came into being.

In April 2014 Google introduced view counters on G+ profiles which were obviously programmed to provide highly inflated visitor numbers in purpose of giving the impression their social media platform attracted just as much traffic as Facebook, so I always found it odd when they began throttling my view counts which were genuinely high as it was in direct contrast to what they had been wanting to achieve with their falsified tallies.

It is for this reason as a means of gauging my actual traffic to my G+ profile I would post various YouTube videos and then monitor the view count of the video on YouTube in purpose of observing if the video attracted a noticeable increase in viewership for which they invariably did by the hundreds of thousands of views depending on the video.

A video however I posted on my G+ profile where the views increased by millions was Zack Hemsey's hauntingly evocative instrumental titled 'The Way' due to the fact I had described myself crawling on my hands and knees wearing black panties and black bra towards the centre of this magnificent architecturally designed room dedicated to God in expressed purpose of dispatching the soul of a person lying on his/her back in the centre of the room to the netherworld having summoned the forces of the netherworld as I had crawled to my intended victim to assist me.

A description I had perfectly choreographed to the music.

What I found to be truly astounding is before I published my post in mid 2016 Zack Hemsey's instrumental 'The Way' had received 21 million views in five years since it had first been published on YouTube in 2011, which would more than double to 44 million within a year of my publishing my post.

The post I had made titled 'The Room' is actually the definitive final version of my Black Winged Angel - House of the Divine (Parts 1 and 2), which is an indication of the vastly different tact I've been taking here on my Bitchute channel due to the fact before a person can pursue a selfless life - Knights of the Round Table - they must first have pursued a life in the discovery of self for which if they earnestly had devoted themselves to doing they would surely have never found the harmony they sought between themselves and the world around them because this dimension in which we live is a manufactured false dimension incompatible with anything naturally spiritual, which is why I selected Joni Mitchell's song 'Both Sides Now' as her song beautifully illustrates the confusion of mind that ultimately occurs to a person attempting to seek any type of universal understanding in this false dimension.

Something that obviously is understood by more people than my Bitchute channel would indicate as the exact same throttling of views that used to occur on my G+ profile has been occurring here on my Bitchute channel in noticeable contrast to the dramatic increase in viewership of Joni Mitchell's song 'Both Sides Now' on YouTube these past few days, which is proof in and of itself Bitchute is far from being an independent free speech platform it purports to be.

There is specific reason for my selection of this video, which I'll explain in Part 2 of this same titled video.

Those people who regularly view my videos will have been aware since mid last year my channel had become home to a few resident freaks for whom I had politely initially engaged on my channel as I generally always had done in response to any posted comment I felt warranted a civil reply, but for whom I exercised my prerogative to discontinue engaging with them either immediately or soon afterwards for which these freaks took personal umbrage.

However, what my regular viewers may not be aware of is for every visible freak there are at least ten freaks lurking in the shadows consumed with malice and hatred of me.

Some of whom I've encountered on other channels with me similarly having been dismissive towards them whilst the vast majority have simply developed a hatred towards me in observation of my attitudes towards either these freaks or in combination with the content I publish on my channel electing to become a freak themselves.

What seems to bother these freaks most about me is the fact them being freaks doesn't bother me in the slightest, which doesn't quite comply with their whole psychological intimidation agenda they've devised in their minds.

That's only because I have lived with men - mostly - obsessing over me my entire adult life for which I have developed an extraordinary skill set over the years in countermeasure as a consequence.

It's how I am able to psychologically profile people I encounter in a matter of seconds even over the Internet.

It's how I know beauty is mostly a projection rather than a perception because if there is any woman in the world who should inspire perceptions of exquisite beauty it is me, and yet, I am still the recipient of projected beauty.

For instance, if a man or woman's concept of a beautiful woman is she is able to speak six languages fluently then it is immediately assumed I speak six languages fluently. Or if a man or woman's concept of a beautiful woman is she is a brilliant chef then I am assumed to be a brilliant chef. Or if a man or woman's concept of a beautiful woman is she has a loving, caring and nurturing nature then I am immediately assumed to have a loving, caring and nurturing nature. And, so on and so on.

I can stand in front of a person - man or woman - in such proximity my breasts brush against his chest or her breasts, and yet, the woman they perceive standing in front of them is not me as all I am is a blank space on which people tend to project their own personal concept of a beautiful woman.

At the beginning of April my channel experienced an upsurge in shady characters using multiple accounts pretending to be unrelated to each other who seem to have had the expressed intention of gaining my trust in purpose of garnishing private information about me for purposes of doxing.

When they failed in those endeavours they decided to just invent a personal profile of me they supposedly had garnished by hacking into my computer after having inserted a redirection URL inside a web address that I actually clicked on which would have only furnished them with basic information about my computer operating system in addition to my IP address, that is, if not for the fact I use a VPN.

The personal profile they invented was of a woman named Olivia who it would seem is a practicing lawyer living in Brisbane, Australia.

A name they obviously derived from a comment I made in the comment section of my Black Winged Angel - House of the Divine (Part 1) video in response to someone querying whether the woman appearing in my video was me, which it is not. In my reply to this person I mentioned the only woman who shares a similar facial resemblance to me on some occasions is actress Olivia Wilde.

In addition, I had two obnoxious supposed Baby Boomers posting on my channel who appeared out of thin air for no apparent reason both of whom on a crusade to spare the poor white male from my harsh condemnations.

Of course, this all had occurred before spamfreak appeared on my channel spamming all my videos who is definitely a male I can proudly claim to have been responsible for it having a complete and utter psychological and emotional meltdown.

Something I usually have to put considerable effort into achieving but not with it as I usually put more effort into making a cup of tea than I ever did messing with its head.

On Sunday morning May 3rd I published the second installment of my new mini-series Social Elite only to watch in amusement all these freaks congregate together in my comment section and trade conspiracy theories with each other about me.

Something they obviously had intentions of being a regular event on all my future published videos hence my decision to disable comments on all my videos.

A decision that now brings my channel into perfect harmony with whom I've always described myself to be as a woman:

99% White Winged Angel of Pure Goodness

1% Black Winged Angel of Pure Evil

In a recent sitting of the Grand Council of Disney Princesses the motion was tabled and voted upon regarding the disabling of comments on my Bitchute channel receiving unanimous support from the eleven inducted Disney princesses resulting in there being five "What's a comment section?" and six "What's a Bitchute channel?" votes.

On Sunday May 3rd around 5pm in the afternoon - eastern Australian time - I disabled all comments on all my videos and so in honour of this long anticipated auspicious occasion I am publishing a two part mini-series to be published simultaneously.

My decision to disable comments had been made at the beginning of this year with the first indication of my intentions appearing in the description box of my Adolf Hitler - Women of the Third Reich video, which I published on January 17th. A more recent indication appeared in the description box of my Black Winged Angel - Wasted Time (Part 1) video, which I published on April 4th.

There is nothing more enjoyable than remembering a specific scene in a movie or television drama/sitcom and then going to YouTube to find the scene published in a short clip which upon reviewing to then scan the comments section below the video to read the comments of people who seem to have had similar reason for having sought out the scene as it always provides a relative degree of welcoming emotional positive confirmation, which is the most satisfying of all positive confirmations.

If the comment sections below my videos had provided viewers of my videos similar positive emotional confirmation the recent spamming attack of my channel by a mentally deranged individual who we know for certain to be male would have indeed been a tragic event, however, the comment sections below my videos whilst offering a degree of positive confirmation to my viewers rarely ever offered emotional positive confirmation despite the emotional content of my videos.

I have always been well aware there is a significant proportion of pathetic weak white males who view Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich as some kind of time machine which they hope one day will transport them not just back to the 1930s, but rather to the dawn of time where it was possible for a man to drag a woman by the hair to his cave and fuck her without any recriminations being leveled at him.

In essence, these pathetic weak white males are so ill equipped to engage in any type of social interactions with modern women due to the fact Western society has evolved to the extent there now exists compulsory adherence to standard social conventions and protocols with respect to women they prefer to dream of living in a society predating the invention of the wheel.

Is it any wonder Western white women look upon the vast majority of Western white males as being either tragic figures or pitiful wretches when in the 21st century there exists these types of males or some variation of them?

Does it come as any surprise then I didn't want these types of males making a habit of visiting my channel in expressed purpose of polluting my channel with some further vile comment(s)?

Even so, I was always well aware my efforts to keep the comment sections open on my videos by swiftly engaging with every pathetic weak white male who commented on my videos in purpose of thwarting any potential invasion of their ilk was always a limited battle that was always destined to become the very thing I had been attempting to avert insofar as it becoming a negative influence on visitors to my channel.

A sensation that has everything to do with perceptions of beauty as every person possesses a distinct concept of beauty in their mind inferring it had absolutely nothing to do with these pathetic weak white males or me labeling a portion of the white male population as being pathetically weak.

It's a simple beauty dynamic which has to do with the emotional content contained within my videos being in conflict with my activities in the comment section.

It's the exact same dynamic that has always had beauty throughout millennia retreat from the public gaze to more and more protected and secure locations over time in direct correlation to its appreciable value until it becomes the caged bird it had always hoped to avert becoming as there is nothing more prone to stereotyping in this world than that of a feminine beautiful woman.

A dynamic that has always coexisted with feminine beauty as feminine beauty has always inspired mixed emotions in various different people ranging from love and adoration to hate and envy.

(To be continued)

I've always limited myself to a few definitive statements about myself two of which are the following:

1: I'm the social elite

2: I live in a gormless chickenshit idiot country amongst an organism that is so debased it doesn't even qualify as being human

Despite the drawback of the latter I simply wouldn't be me if I weren't the eternal optimist as I've always been of the opinion there is no problem insurmountable Australia confronts that a few vials of bubonic plague strategically released around the country couldn't solve, which is somewhat ironic considering the current corona virus scamdemic.

A fundamental difference between myself and the Jews with respect to me being a woman and they being a tribe of vile pieces-of-shit is I rationalise everything from the perspective of my biological clock whereas the Jews tend to rationalise things in terms of millennia or centuries.

Subsequently, my schedule is time restricted as I neither have the luxury of time nor the sinister intent to subject the peoples of the world to a slow death by an assortment of various lethal methods in which they become so health afflicted they are forced to spend what little wealth they possess on medical treatment.

Even so, a champion of the peoples of the world I am not as I am of the view the vast majority of the peoples of the world have forfeited their right to exist, especially those peoples living in Western society for the simple reason they are just too fucking stupid.

There is specific reason I have titled this video Social Elite - V is For, which mainly has to do with the fact the term vasectomy begins with the letter V.

Vasectomy is the term given to the surgical procedure of sterilising a man which essentially involves cutting and sealing part of each vas deferens, which is a duct that conveys sperm from the testicles to the urethra.

Radical Vasectomy is a term I invented which essentially refers to the act of cutting off a man's penis and testicles in purpose of subjecting him to a slow excruciating agonising death.

My only issue with this term is the word radical begins with the letter R whereas I'd prefer both words to begin with a V due to the fact vagina also begins with the letter V.

I have specific reason why I require both words to begin with V, which are:

There is an idiom that has been around since the 1940s that states "Behind every great man is a great woman" which has undergone various revisions as people have tried to give more definition to the expression along the vein of "Behind every great man is an even greater woman".

The meaning behind the idiom is that no man gets to be "great" in a vacuum implying some woman, somewhere, had a hand in the man's success whether she be his mother or wife.

The revisions of this idiom tend to emphasise a greater recognition of the woman's role in the making of a great man for the obvious reason women tend to feel unappreciated invariably due to the fact men are generally unappreciative pieces-of-shit who live in a fantasy world of entitlement inside their minuscule tiny little minds.

As a woman, as a socially elite woman, as one of the most beautiful and intelligent women ever born this world I've naturally been in observation of everything other women have done in the past and do now in the present for which I can't say I've been too impressed with how they've gone about doing things as they always tend to add caveat after caveat to even a simple expression as "Behind every great man is a great woman".

Whereas, in contrast, I like to keep things simple so I've always been quite happy with the original version of this idiom because standing behind a man provides the perfect opportunity to push him in front of a moving train or bus if he should ever cause me any displeasure.

Moreover, I'm happy to attach my good fortunes in life to his sails even if that means when he fucks up my life spirals into an irretrievable decline:

Cynthia: Isn't Penelope just the greatest standing behind her man?

Natasha: You obviously haven't heard the news.

Cynthia: What news?

Natasha: Last night at a social function her man told a lame joke.

Cynthia: Oh no, you mean...

Natasha: Yes, Penelope is now perceived by everyone as being a common street whore.

I will be continuing with this same topic in my next video as it is only partially complete where it stands now.

I have crafted this video in specific response to the activity on my channel by some pathetic weak grotesque ugly insignificant little dweeb spamming my channel to emphasise the fact I can get more heterosexual women than it will ever be able to do as I've always had intimate relations with heterosexual women, which I obviously mean in distinction from bisexuality or lesbianism.

The fact it has devoted all its time these past five days to spamming my channel is indication of the pitiful wretchedness of its life as well as its mental instability.

If Taylor Swift had of changed the title and lyrics of her song 'Shake It Off' to 'Cut It Off' she would have had on the same album - 1989 - written both the anthem for the highest evolution of woman in this world similarly as she had done for elite women with her song 'Style'.

There are five distinct categories of human beings in this world, which I've listed in descending order:

💙 1: Elite Human of which Phantom Class is the elite of the elite of the elite.

💚 2: Human

💛 3: Subhuman

❤️ 4: Nonhuman

💔 5: Bacterial Subnonhuman.

A perfect illustrative example of these five categories which is a hierarchical system I've based exclusively on Bruce Lee's life philosophy to assist you figure out to which category you belong can be simply and accurately determined by your activity on my channel:

💙 1: Elite Human - Indeterminable

💚 2: Human - People who regularly vote up my videos

💛 3: Subhuman - People who watch my videos without voting either up or down my videos

❤️ 4: Nonhuman - People who vote down my videos

💔 5: Bacterial Subnonhuman - People who vote down my videos as well as leave a negative uncivil comment(s) in the comment section

As a woman who doesn't invent anything I am obviously loathe to reinventing anything which is why I intend to suspend publication of my Black Winged Angel series for an indefinite period for the analogous reason I mentioned in the description box at the beginning of my previous video when I mentioned my bra, panties, stockings with garter analogy, as I purposefully intend to leave things dangling and unattached for now.

Instead, I've decided to publish this Social Elite titled mini-series exclusively for those people who by their own assessment using the hierarchical system I've described above qualify as being human.

Not that I really care what subhumans do, but if you've determined yourself to be a subhuman using the hierarchical system I've described above, I highly recommend you go back and review all my Black Winged Angel videos in purpose of doing what is necessary to elevate yourself to human status.

Of course, you need not do any of that as you can simply just fuck off back to whatever hovel you inhabit as I can assure you I won't miss you or will I care whether you choose to unsubscribe from my channel which I highly recommend you do because you are not going to understand anything I publish in this mini-series unless you've viewed all my Aryan Goddess titled videos in addition to my all my Black Winged Angel videos.

Something I've deliberately orchestrated to be of a problem for subhumans from the very outset of establishing my Bitchute channel because it perfectly illustrates why it is subhumans are invariably subhumans which is mostly due to the fact they are lazy self-entitled pieces-of-shit; whereas, in contrast, the single most defining quality an elite human and/or human possesses is devotion in dedication.

It has nothing to do with birth and/or privilege as being born with a silver spoon in your mouth doesn't mean shit on my Bruce Lee inspired hierarchical system.

A perfect example of not being able to comprehend anything in this new mini-series of mine can be demonstrated by the cover I've selected for this video the reason for which can only be found at the start of my Aryan Goddess - The Goddess Collection video.

In this new mini-series I intend to avail myself of a heart colouring system which I assume is cross platform compatible which for obvious reason will mainly focus on the blue and green coloured hearts, however, for demonstration purposes now I intend to raise a broken red heart 💔 issue to do with a bacterial subnonhuman element that is currently spamming my channel using multiple accounts even though it is just a lone solitary pathetic ugly grotesque insignificant dweeb who has obviously got its dick caught in its zipper over me.

Subsequently, I request you simply block it and not respond to it in anyway as that way there will be minimal trace of its existence leaving only my responses to it in the interim, which I eventually intend to delete at some stage so there is absolutely no trace of it at all on my channel.

I appreciate your cooperation in these hilariously futile bacterial subnonhuman times.

Have you ever observed a beautiful naked woman dressing herself in bra, panties and stockings with garter?

The last thing she will invariably do is attach the garter clasps to the top of her stockings preferring to let them dangle by her sides whilst she attends to other matters in her dressing preparations due to the fact her stockings are usually the final item of apparel she'll put on along with her heels.

I've essentially gone about things exactly the same way here on my Bitchute channel insofar as posting various threads of rationale without ever having attached anything to what I had always intended to be a central hub because just as all roads led to Rome due to the fact it was the power hub of the Roman Empire so it has been the same with me with all threads of rationale I've conveyed having been devised to lead to a similar power hub.

A common occurrence on my channel has been whenever I publish videos with a high feminine content in combination with publishing detracting comments about white males in the description box below my videos receive a proportional amount of down votes to up votes as has done my previous video.

Of course, I am well aware I now have some resident freaks on my channel who automatically down vote anything I publish but they only account for a few down votes.

Whilst I would happily claim authorship to terms such as beta-male, soyboy and cuck, unfortunately, they are not terms I invented as they were invented by males in description of other males.

A commonality I do share with many males is just as I find stupid ugly feminists an embarrassment to my concept of womanhood there are obviously a lot of males who possess similar sentiments towards pathetic weak white males with respect to their concept of manhood.

Quite obviously the sentence that has triggered this negative response has been, "...because apart of my concept is to eradicate once and for all the brow beating only good for Jewish cannon fodder dumb ox white male that has plagued Western society for the past 100 years".

The only people who could even remotely be offended by that statement of mine are pathetic weak white males who are of the perception they themselves are a brow beating only good for Jewish cannon fodder dumb ox white males.

If so, what are they doing visiting my channel anyway as it is old news I intend to publicly execute these type of pathetic weak white males by the end of this decade.

In fact, these pathetic weak white males should be out frolicking in the sun enjoying themselves as they've only got a maximum of nine years and eight months to live.

Oh, that's right, there is the corona virus stay at home lockdown which obviously these pathetic weak white males would be in full compliance of because there is absolutely nothing phoney about this corona virus scamdemic.

The power to which I allude is not so much a new power but rather an unharnessed power for which only the advent of the Internet makes even remotely possible to harness.

It's something I have been reluctant to mention before now because even now it is premature concept to be canvassing due to the fact there still exists way too much confusion regarding the definition of National Socialism as for a lot of people it is an all encompassing term whereas I require it to be a definitive term that is completely separate and which bears no relation to anything else I am about.

National Socialism is a beautiful ideal.

It is a lush green garden in which only the most beautiful exotic flowers grow in an otherwise bleak and miserable desolate landscape.

It is an oasis of the mind.

It is a haven for the soul.

It is an aspiration that binds men and women together in common endeavour as it is the teat of cultivation.

It is a rare precious jewel to be safeguarded and protected from all adversaries.

That's where I enter from stage right because as pretty as I look wearing a white summers frock with a wide brim hat it doesn't even compare to what I look like wearing a haute couture spaghetti strap little black dress which I have had exclusively designed as there is something about the whole chic black attire thing that sets me apart from all other women even to the extent without tarnishing my feminine beauty in the slightest I can have some piece-of-shit white male grovelling on the ground within a second pleading for his life as I stand there above him looking down at this pitiful slobbering wretch who only a few seconds ago was of the opinion my vivid white panties for which he now can observe from his supine ground position would soon be part of his trophy collection of conquest women.

The fundamental difference between myself and any Victoria's Secret supermodel is she can strut about in public wearing panties and a bra in front of a huge audience with multiple camera crews recording her every move because what she does is still considered to be quite legal.

My previous published video was the 25th video in the series of my Black Winged Angel series so I've decided to conduct a basic review of everything with this video.


Everything I am about has to do with my Knights of the Round Table concept which I primarily designed for men in purpose of deposing and replacing the International Financial System (IFS), which is the shadow world government.

My Knights of the Round Table concept has been designed in spite of the declining standards of men and women.

Most everyone subscribed to my channel is aware the Jews are the enemy of humanity.

The Jews worldwide population is approximately 16.5 million which in a world population nearing 8 billion represents a ratio 484:1.

The worldwide white population is approximately 1.3 billion representing a ratio of 79:1

Despite being overwhelmingly outnumbered the Jews control the world, which they do to the utter shame, humiliation and embarrassment of the White Race.

The IFS are just pieces-of-shit in ill fitting three piece suits or unfashionable dresses to a woman of my social status that can only be deposed by brute force, which obviously means people have to be eliminated.

In fact, I could eliminate most of these pieces-of-shit myself whilst wearing a beautiful daring evening gown without a bra holding a champagne fluted glass in one hand, but that wouldn't change anything.

Subsequently, I only want these pieces-of-shit eliminated in coordinated uncoordinated effort by the perfect human being because apart of my concept is to eradicate once and for all the brow beating only good for Jewish cannon fodder dumb ox white male that has plagued Western society for the past 100 years.


As I stated in my Knights of the Round Table introductory video I have designed it for a human being that currently doesn't exist anywhere in the world.

That's because the IFS can only be deposed in a coordinated uncoordinated effort due to the fact it is a global power structure that is quick to eliminate any coordinated organised threat thereby necessitating individual development to a level of perfection that has never been achieved before in human history.


As I stated in my Black Winged Angel - A New Decade video I only ever use a heaven and earth philosophy, which in this case is:

1: Logic and reason

2: National Socialism

99.99% of the enemies of humanity can be deduced by the simple use of logic and reasoning.

It is for this reason I have previously stated on my G+ profile as well recently here Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and Third Reich is the equivalent to a new shade of lipstick or a beautifully scented perfume to a woman like me because it could only ever be an earth aspect to a socially elite woman like me who is always the heaven.


In my previous video Black Winged Angel - Wasted Time (Part 3) I mentioned there were five types of female ice fields.

The only navigable ice field for any male is sheet ice for reasons I will illustrate in my next video.


A perfect human being is a relative concept meaning a person is invariably only perfect relative to the quality being sought.

I am possibly the only extremely competent beautiful and intelligent woman in the world now in her thirties who needs assistance to peel, slice and dice vegetables as if I am still only five years old.

That's because a world of sorcery and magic exists between the mixing bowl and the baking tray which only the perfect human being in their own specialised environment for which is not mine are able to harness due to their consummate acquired cooking skills.

All there has to exist is a slight power or knowledge imbalance for people - men and women - to play to their best advantage with a desirable woman like me, which I learned to cope with in my Morticia Addams phase otherwise I would never get to learn anything new.

The quality most sought in my Knights of the Round Table concept is protection.


National Socialism is a community spirited philosophy specifically designed for dads, mums and children.

In a future video I intend to provide an example of National Socialism using a fictitious mining town to illustrate the problems that exist when the highest held metric is the quality of the people the state produces.

Adolf Hitler always stated National Socialism is not exportable as it is only suited to the cultural efficiency of the German people for which he no doubt was right.

Subsequently, it can only ever be a model on which to base a modified adapted version for other countries.


The corona virus hoax is proof in and of itself the Jews have always planned to impose the exact same tyranny on the rest of the world as they did in Russia after 1917 using the exact same methods.

Hence the reason for my Knights of the Round Table concept.

As I mentioned in the description box of my Black Winged Angel - The Perfect Human Being (Part 2) video I try to avoid placing an abstraction upon an abstraction as was the case with my video Black Winged Angel - The Perfect Human Being (Part 1) which essentially extolled a Bruce Lee philosophical quote "Be water, my friend" without acknowledging that is what I've done, which is why I deleted my original publication Part 1 and published both Part 1 and Part 2 together.

The exact same thing is likely to occur when I publish my video The Last Samurai which is why I have decided to publish this mini-series in the middle of my Black Winged Angel - From Cinderella To Corona mini-series in advance.

The most controversial topic I have ever canvassed is obviously the public execution of millions of pathetic weak white males at the end of this decade which seemed to have been greeted with relative indifference by most people as far as I can appraise as most people are aware despite being directly responsible for the possible mass murder of half a billion people by the year 2040 I try and keep things family friendly.

Both women and men would agree wholeheartedly women and men evaluate different things differently, which is why I will state things in a specific way.

For instance, when I state 99.9% of Western white males are pathetic weak pieces-of-shit as I recently did in the description box on my Black Winged Angel - What Is A Man? video it is not males I am addressing in that statement but rather women.

Imagine in your mind Melanie Trump and me encountering each other at a social function where she says to me:

Melanie: I'm married to the President of the United States Donald Trump

Which in turn has me respond:

Me: Yes, I know, as it was quite obvious to me after viewing the photos from that nude photo shoot you did when you were a B grade model you were a woman only capable of getting a Jewish puppet as a husband.

Who do you think would stand superior in that brief exchange?

I would, of course.

Especially as the woman who had designed the most superior hierarchical social structure in the history of the world referring to my Knights of the Round Table concept.

My reason for using such a high percentage is so Western women don't have any wiggle room insofar as establishing a perception in which the only man any of them could get is a pathetic weak piece-of-shit for whom I obviously would never be interested in as a boyfriend/husband as I'm the woman who felt it necessary to conceive her Knights of the Round Table concept in specific purpose of avoiding becoming just another Melanie Trump in this world.

As I mentioned in my video Aryan Goddess - Beauty Anesthesia women can't create better men as that is an endeavour only men can pursue by themselves for themselves.

The only thing women can essentially do is cull the herd.

Subsequently, every Western white male should view his life as being that of a ship on its maiden voyage which at some stage will encounter an ice field on its voyage, which I obviously mean as a euphemism for women.

There are five types of female ice fields:

1: Sheet ice

2: Brash ice

3: Drift ice

4: Floebergs

5: Icebergs

Only sheet and brash ice are nonthreatening to sinking.

Not only do I have substantial sailing experience I once sunk a ten million dollar yacht on purpose at its moorings by opening up all the seacocks which is an event I intend to relate because it was the opening salvo of my Siren phase in life following my Morticia Addams phase, which I mentioned in the description box of my Black Winged Angel - Faux Pas video.

What is significant about this video I have posted about the Titanic is First Officer Murdoch doomed the Titanic to a watery grave when he impulsively decided to stop all engines and put them into reverse because had he only stopped and reversed the port engine applying full power to the starboard engine the Titanic would have averted disaster.

There are Western white males in this world who regardless of women are destined in life to slam head-on into an iceberg because they're born fuckwits; whereas there are other males who due to their own arrogance and complacency are ill prepared for navigating ice fields - relations with women - and therefore incapable of averting disaster when it looms on the horizon.

But there are also Western white males who have circumstances conspire against them despite their best efforts.

Just as I can instantly psychologically profile a woman bashing piece-of-shit such as Jesus1488 I can instantly profile these types of men too, which has assisted me in developing my Knights of the Round Table concept insofar as incorporating a specific monitoring metric with respect to Family Court custody dispute proceedings.

None of which will make any difference to those males for whom my The Last Samaria video when it is published fails to resonate.

I am well aware the vast majority of my subscribers are male however it has never been my intention or purpose to appeal to all people.

Just as Adolf Hitler had no use for the SA after 1933 I have no use for them either.

The SA - Sturmabteilung - mostly consisted of uneducated working class men whereas the SS - Schutzstaffel - mostly consisted of educated middle class men.

Even though the NSDAP stands for The National Socialist German Workers' Party that still didn't stop Adolf Hitler having no use for the SA after 1933, which is why he disbanded it.

As one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world I can't even imagine the accompanying anxiety associated with being an uneducated working class man in today's technologically sophisticated world.

Even though I don't have any strategic use for these type of people that doesn't mean I don't try and alleviate some of their anxiety by simplifying extremely complex philosophical and socioeconomic issues, which is why I have published this video of the Titanic sinking.

There are three distinct but overlapping categories for which I am applying this video:

1: Overview/Personal

2: Macro

3: Micro


My selection of the final scene from the Disney animated classic Pocahontas in my original video is personal for which I will have to leave for a third installment of this Wasted Time title to explain due to text restrictions.

There is an idiom associated with the sinking of the Titanic that is intended to convey a futile action in the face of impending catastrophe, which is 'Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic'.

I am a woman who because of her elite social status can do anything she likes and so does anything she likes.

That means if I want to be a National Socialist despite the fact my own father was a Grand Mason and despite the fact most of my professional associations are with Freemasons I'll be a National Socialist for the simple reason it's a far superior social status for a woman like me than Freemasonry for the obvious reason it is an exclusively male orientated social society.

This is an extremely significant aspect in my choice which is why I don't much care for useless uneducated pathetic weak misogynistic white male shit identifying as National Socialists because whereas it means fuck all to me personally whether they do or not it may not for other women to whom I am interested in extending the franchise.

If you were to change the name of planet Earth to planet Titanic; National Socialism is the only philosophy in the world due to its originating heritage that actually prevents a person living a futile life as if they were shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

It is a to die for social status for a woman of my elite social status because a woman like me likes nothing better than to think she is superior to everyone else; which is obviously not something I would want to exclusively reserve for myself due to the fact National Socialism is a community spirited philosophy meaning I want everyone else who identifies as a National Socialist to have the potential of also being of the mind they too are superior, which doesn't just occur because someone likes to claim they are a National Socialist.


The Corona Virus plandemic irrefutably confirms:

1: The Jews world influencing power

2: The subservience to this power of both Western and Eastern governments

3: The cowardly spinless pieces-of-shit the people of the world have as their national leaders/politicians

A fundamental difference between me and any pathetic weak white male is I learned basic arithmetic which means when I observe the makeup of any Western government I am able to count all the male members of the House of Representative and the Senate, which overwhelmingly exceed female members.


Even being a moderately well-adjusted and confident white male in the 21st century is tantamount to creating a perfection of art these days implying it's not easy being male these days.

What doesn't cut the mustard though is a male giving himself self-titled acclamation as in the case of Jesus1488 who established his own Bitchute channel where he likes to post all sorts of shit with a better world theme to it because there are women/men like me in the world who possess extraordinary powers of perception who can deduce in an instant he is just some dirty grubby cowardly woman bashing piece-of-shit for which identifying as a National Socialist means jackshit.

The iceberg in every males life is the Family Court System, which would change little even in a National Socialist society.

What would make a difference is if males like Jesus1488 who identify as National Socialists are publicly executed at first opportunity because they will always be human excrement as its in their DNA.

These males are the born losers of this world.

I will continue with my Titanic theme in my next video.

Even though this final scene in the 1995 Disney animated classic Pocahontas is my all time favourite romantic scene my purpose for publishing it is to emphasis wasted time, which I intend to further emphasis in my next published video titled Wasted Time (Part 2) using the American rock band The Eagles instrumental Wasted Time Reprise.

If the worst affliction a woman can suffer with in this life is that of being smothered in love and affection from an endless stream of people for whom she has encountered in her life; it is an affliction I will gladly endure.

My problem has always been these same people wanted to make a life commitment out of smothering me in love and affection for which I literally was at wits end to control due to changing life dynamics, which I intend to give a basic overview when I continue my Black Winged Angel - From Cinderella to Corona three part mini series.

Disney's 1995 animated classic Pocahontas which was loosely based on the lives of Native American chiefdom daughter Pocahontas and English explorer John Smith, which when it was released was received with critical acclaim.

However, unbeknownst to everyone at the time Disney planned to release a sequel titled Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, which they did in 1998 to justifiably scathing critical rebuke even though this sequel was also loosely based on the life of Native American chiefdom daughter Pocahontas.

If you remember 2013-2016 was the zenith of the lunatic left defined by people who described themselves as social justice warriors championing issues such as rape culture, the patriarchy, pay gap, gay marriage, transgenderism as well as promoting the amusing notion of there being multiple genders who were entitled to their own pronouns.

In essence, a world gone mad.

A period of time in which history will record as being the most embarrassing period in the history of the world to be a female belonging to the homo-sapient species.

Of course, I haven't even mentioned Third World immigration or the plethora of other issues that occurred in this period.

Even so, everything I've just now mentioned was incidental to my motivations.

It is at this juncture people tend to get confused about me and associate me with being some social crusader.

In April 2019 Google abandoned their social media platform G+.

In May 2019 Google performed another of their YouTube purges in which my account that I had established using a generic name in 2006 was terminated because I had published some of The Impartial Truth's videos on my channel.

Significantly, I have never reestablished another account with YouTube which means I no longer have the convenience of receiving subscribed notifications from my preferred channels or am I able to post comments anymore preventing the ability to engage in any discussions.

A new social media platform by the name of MeWe offered G+ users the ability of uploading their entire G+ content to their platform which I took advantage of for archival purposes just in case anyone wanted to validate any future references I may make regarding my previous publishing of something.

However, not only does MeWe have an almost duplicate interface to Facebook which I've always found grotesque it doesn't even offer the ability for non-members to view the profiles of its members without first becoming a member unlike with Facebook which as soon as I realised was the case made mirroring my Bitchute content on their platform completely useless to my purposes, so I abandoned posting any further content on the site.

I've investigated and even tried other social media platforms such as Minds and Steemit neither of them being to my satisfaction.

All of which I mention because this Bitchute series Black Winged Angle will be my final interactions with social media with these videos I am publishing now being the last in the series.

Something I mention because for me to even write the text that appears underneath my Black Winged Angel - What is a Man? video I had to spend two days on a Black Pigeon Speaks video canvassing the subject of MGTOW just to refamiliarise myself with the vile and repulsive nature of the vast majority of Western white males as I don't encounter these subhumans in my everyday real life.

I've also been spending time on a channel here which I have mentioned in a previous video by the username Jesus1488 due to the fact I have the ability to accurately psychologically profile people within seconds even over the Internet now, which should come as no surprise after nine years.

My interest in him, in part, had everything to do with his username which obviously is a reference to Jesus Christ whilst also being a reference to the White Nationalist 14 Word/Heil Hitler theme.

My other interest in him had to do with the fact he is a category 1 domestic violence abuser of women.

The irony of which I'll address in my next video.

Besides the freaks who subscribe to my channel if you are a male subscriber to my channel and you don't already perceive yourself as being exceptional then there is not a lot I can do about it

In fact, if you are a male subscriber to my channel and you are aware:

1: The official story of 911 is bullshit

2: The so-called Jewish Holocaust is bullshit

3: The corona virus pandemic is bullshit

You undersell yourself referring to yourself as an alpha male as you're practically a god.

As I have previously stated I am restricted to 5000 characters in these Bitchute description boxes which doesn't allow me to add caveats to every blanketed statement I make such as the Baby Boomer generation is the most vile and repulsive generation of people to have ever walked the earth.

It should be patently obvious a highly nuanced woman like me would only make blanketed statements for reasons of expediency.

I am the only woman in the world who has found it necessary to invent a new word to describe the dynamics beyond obsession she encounters with males.

I dare say I am also one of the few women in the world who has ever received in excess of five marriage proposals all of which I have declined not to mention the countless suitors I've had to politely discourage.

When I was at G+ there were people I had encountered on the Internet before G+ who kindly validated everything I stated about myself by simply being the obsessive pieces-of-shit I naturally attract confirming to everyone I had had previous experience with this type of male.

Miami Vice was an American crime drama that first aired in 1984 when I was two years old so for this reason not only did I not become a fan of the show; I've never watched an episode of the show in my entire life despite being aware of who is Don Johnson.

I dare say due to the fact I had recently listened to Hanson's song Weird on YouTube this video appeared in my feed because of the Godley and Creme song Cry which is of the same era so I decided to watch it when I noticed in the comment section this comment:

"LOVE this episode. That whole stance, doesn't even look at her. Just takes three steps, the heli comes in, puts the shades on and walks away.

Every man should aspire to be THAT alpha".

Admittedly, Don Johnson does look superb in this video clip due to his attire and grooming whilst also possessing an extremely cool demeanor, however, he is a police officer vested with the power of the state to arrest and detain people whereas she is obviously a woman suspected of having committed a crime.

Subsequently, a significant proportion of his 'alpha' status is due to his occupation as opposed to anything to do with him.

I have previously mentioned my primary interest in Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich had been in the development of a new more robust life operating system, which I immediately put into effect at the beginning of 2016 by purging everyone from my life.

In purpose of avoiding in creepback in March 2017 I made the following statement on my G+ profile whilst simultaneously subtly conveying the exact same sentiments in real life:

"If I could use my beauty to lure the entire Australian Judiciary under the false pretences of travelling on a luxury cruise-liner on a South Pacific cruise which I deliberately had engineered to break apart and sink mid Pacific Ocean in shark infested waters, whereby, they were all either eaten alive or just succumbed to the elements and drowned; I'd do it tomorrow. I'd even risk death myself in my efforts by going to a solarium and getting an all over golden tan just so I looked the picture of perfect health with glowing golden skin as I waved them all off at the dock on their voyage of the damned."

Just for the exercise of it let's make Don Johnson a real alpha male by stripping him of his police badge and making him a self-made billionaire.

I have no idea what this episode of Miami Vice was about or what crime she is alleged to have committed or her relations with him.

I am however well familiar with that male sense of betrayal/crushed hopes demeanor Johnson portrays in this clip.

Now imagine in your mind Don Johnson standing on the shoreline as he is at the end of this clip staring out to sea; gorgeous physique, stylishly attired, immaculately groomed, billionaire, a man who could have any woman in the world he wanted, but who only wants me.

Now imagine me wearing a white summery ankle length dress with white wide brimmed hat walking up behind him to stand alongside him to also stare out to sea not saying a word.

I would stand there in silence for exactly one minute after which I would turn to walk away walking out of his life forever if in that one minute he failed to engage me in conversation.

A conversation I will unfortunately have to relate in my next published video.


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Welcome to my Bitchute channel!

I'm an Australian woman living in Australia who is a member of the Australian social elite.

I'm the woman who since January 2014 has been the main prime mover in the global rise of so-called anti-Semitism in conjunction with having altered world perception of Adolf Hitler from one of disrepute to one of reverence.

All of which I was able to achieve from my G+ account which Joogle provided to me in mid 2013 when they established their G+ social media platform which they provided to everyone who had a JewTube account just as I had done since 2006 when Joogle purchased YouTube.

All of which makes me an inception member of both G+ and Jewtube which I mention because Joogle abandoned - terminated - their G+ social media platform in April 2019 as well as terminated my JewTube channel in May 2019 in a site wide purge of various channels.

No prizes for guessing why.

I, actually, only established an account here at Bitchute in August 2018 to mirror content I was now publishing on my JewTube channel which I had only begun doing in July 2018 as before that all I had published on my JewTube channel had been two Victoria's Secret videos in 2014 with the addition of an Adolf Hitler speech video - the German Volk - sometime soon afterwards. The new content I was publishing to my JewTube channel as well as here was content by The Impartial Truth. All of which means from 2006 - the same year Facebook began - until 2014 I had published not a single video on my JewTube channel just as I had never published any content at Facebook for the simple reason I never established an account with Facebook.

Just as I have never bothered to establish an account with Twitter or Instagram or any other social media platform for the simple reason I've never been a fan of social media as it is just not something a woman of my social elite class would ever think to normally do as people of my social class are of the firm opinion the whole notion of sharing details about one's private life with total strangers to be completely abhorrent. Although I did eventually establish a Facebook account in July 2016 after the narrow win in the Brexit referendum held in the United Kingdom as I had intended to mirror content from my G+ profile on Facebook, which is an idea I quickly abandoned because I found the Facebook interface - especially compared to G+ - to be just too grotesque.

I've tried a few other alternative social media platforms since July 2016 such as Minds, Steemit and Gab all of which I have instantly abandoned for the same reason. I established a MeWe account in March 2019 because they were the only social media platform to offer G+ members the ability to transfer the content of their G+ account, but which I have since abandoned because it has the same grotesque interface as Facebook. The only good thing about MeWe is it serves as a repository of my G+ content if someone is curious enough to know how it is I was able to influence world opinion from such a relatively minuscule social media footprint.

In this respect, I've been able to influence the world because it is patently obvious to most people I am exactly who I claim to be which is one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world even though my profile avatar is a picture of Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima - which is a precautionary measure I've taken for my own personal protection - for the simple reason only a woman of exquisite beauty would refuse to use grotesque ugly social media platforms to promote beauty.

I've selected Adriana Lima as my avatar because her runway dynamics are the most comparable to my life dynamics even though she is a raven haired Brazilian beauty and I am a brunette haired beauty of Irish/Welsh descent.