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How do you gather at a massed rally and stay safe from interference and threat of arrest?

Produced, directed and edited by Adrien K

In this clip we ask the question: what if home education in the UK were made illegal?

In the current insanity, taking boys and girls out of school permanently is an imperative. This is how to do it. A simple letter of deregistration:

Threatened with arrest or intimidation by police at a freedom rally? You need a coherent strategy to maintain freedom and dignity.

Threatened with arrest or harassment for not complying with insanity? These simple strategies can help minimise the risks of being a freethinker.

Whilst all around is chaos and insanity, here are some tips, tricks and hacks to keep your life on track or reclaim it if it was slipping out of your grasp

Are we being gaslighted by government? You bet we are! Typical narcissistic abuse.

Threatened with quarantine on returning to the UK. Now what?

Using conditional acceptance once again to challenge and defeat vaccination requirement

The power of conditional acceptance to deflect requirements to comply by putting the onus back on the employer to justify their requirement in fact or at law.

There is no choice now for responsible mothers and fathers - boys and girls have to be pulled from school right now!

Required to wear a mask in a shop, cafe or other public place- what can you do to stay in your power?

Another info-packed edition of the series to encourage business owners to put their business first

Another example of the power of conditional acceptance to switch burden of proof on to those who claim that swab tests are safe, necessary, and not a breach of fundamental human rights. No proof, no deal.

Legal implications of vaccine rollout

A summary of the options for business owners who wish to keep their business going in lawful defiance of Draconian rules

So you think you need to close your business? Think again and above all, learn your unassailable rights!

We now look at two lawful methods in commerce to combat the scaremongering paperwork that is being generated to frighten business owners into compliance

This is a brief summary of offences committed by enforcement agents and officers when they threaten you or cause you harm,, loss fraud or breach the peace

We take a broad look at how our world has been inverted and ways in which we can take back control over our own lives.

We now look at how to assert sovereign natural common law rights and defend our individual freedoms from tyrannical abuse

You have no rights unless you know what they are AND how to assert them. This talk will help all those who know that something is very wrong with how we are being controlled. It will give you tools and confidence to claim back your power and your life!


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