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Petting my Silver Fox Petting my Silver Fox Rabbit Doe. Wanted to show an example of a heavily and evenly silvered rabbit.

My Silver Fox Doe Lila, is pregnant with her first litter. She is due the 6th of February. I regularly give my pregnant does handfuls of hay on the bottom of their cage to determine when to put a nest box in. She isn't nesting right now but enjoying some nice Timothy hay. I always love watching cute bunnies munching on hay.

Info: A fall off is how you know a rabbit breeding has been successful. The males are very dramatic and "fall off" once they have finished. When breeding you wait for at least 3 fall offs before removing the doe from the bucks cage. Rabbits are induced ovulator's and are receptive most days, the act of breeding makes females ovulate. Rabbit gestation is 31 days before kindling (giving birth).

Rabbits in this video : Pepper and Hemlock. Pepper is a 1yr old NZ Black X Cali doe. She had one successful litter before and was a great mom. Hemlock is my pedigreed Silver Fox buck and is 9 months old. This was his 2nd time having a successful breeding.

I will be posting more videos in the future I have a pure pedigreed silver fox litter due on 2/6/21. First time mom so hopefully it goes well.
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Sharing my journey with small scale homesteading through my love of rabbits.

At my rabbitry I am focusing on pedigreed Silver fox rabbits. I am working with Black and Blue currently but, I hope to acquire chocolate and lilac in my lines soon.
Silver Fox are a heritage breed in the USA. They were bred to be a dual purpose rabbit with a commercial body type and unique long fur that sticks up when you brush it against the grain.