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The lies they spread among the populace are truly amazing. It almost seems like people want to be deceived and won't accept the truth.

They knew right from the very beginning that ivermectin was a safe way to combat corona viruses.

here's video footage of Stonehenge being built by hand by modern man

An attorney in Japan has been able to tell the truth. The vaccine is causing more harm than Covid.

She is the president of her association and she believes that transgenderism is a mental illness

We use chat GPT to discover what's going to happen next when the spike proteins from the vaccine damage cells from all over the body. When this happens senescence occurs for the cells that regenerate. What happens when the cells don't regenerate like the neurons in the brain and the smooth muscle and heart? What's gonna start happening next?

From the mouth of Biden himself accidentally gets caught again, releasing the cat out of the bag. Twitter will not allow you to upload this video. I wonder if it hit a nerve? What's the cover?

People intentionally visit his channel to express their disapproval of his content, particularly when he discusses the Covid vaccine. Salty Cracker has not received the vaccine and has faced mistreatment, intimidation, and mockery from those who have, but in light of recent revelations about the detrimental impact of the inoculation, he is experiencing profound compassion fatigue.

After forcing people to get injected with their poisoned antidote, Anthony Fauci writes an article to explain why his vaccine campaign didn't work.

With all of the hype ChatGPT has been given, the information it contains about the coronavirus "vaccine" stops at the peak of expert misinformation and disinformation in 2021. ChatGPT cannot and will not write about a fantasy story on the depopulation process that is happening to a unsuspecting and gullible public. This shows the limitations and bias of this writing tool.
The Rat-catcher:

Brainwashing continues as they try to convince those who outsource their opinions to the main stream media, that the reason why there is so much excess death is due to what caused the lockdowns. They are steering the gullible away from the possibility of "vaccine" related death.

URGENT/BREAKING: UPDATED SUMMATION: The Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 is “Delivered” to All Organs via the Endothelium and Induces Systemic Nonsense mRNA Translations Resulting in Hyperaccelerated Aging.

It's amazing that after getting caught lying about gain of function research, Anthony Fauci gets his wish. It was one hell of a prediction.

It was a coordinated effort from those in charge. Some of the most evil people and media companies were lockstep in to pushing the "vaccine". Now, people are waking up to the fact that this poisoned antidote damages humans and those in charge are ignoring the warning signs.

The depopulators gained our trust and we fell for it. Now, 80% of the worlds population face immune destruction. From their own word salad, they told us.

Once it enters the body, the body breaks down the separating factors and causes fibroid blood clots? Who would of thought?

Was the "vaccine" antidote poisoned? We haven't learned the truth and now we are giving it to children without outrage. Misinformed people are propagating the lives and harming people.

It's a complete shock to the body. It's the first step to the end of life. They have betrayed mankind and they used people like Trudy to finish the Canadian people. So sad.

Some insurance companies will not accept and pay out death by vaccine because they consider it suicide because it is experimental.

The conspiracy theories were mostly right. They found a way through gain of function research to replace squalene something more powerful, the lipid nanoparticles. With this research, they were able to make the gain of function undetectable (no see technology) for accelerated deadly expressions of long term damage to the human body like cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases and infertility. You got to hand it to Alex Jones for helping to bring this to our attention.

2009 – Season 1 Ep. 5 Secret societies.
They kill you slowly over time. That’s why they’re called “soft kill”.

Just received a warning. They took it down. The question is...why. What's funny is I got this clip from Twitter.

They know we are fools, zombies of the propaganda put forth through the main stream media. It's embarrassing for Americans that our leaders have put us in this position. It's criminal on who was exhanged.

This is sickening. Their experts delayed their response to this poisoned antidote. They continue pushing it. Now it is too late. Natural selection is now implemented. Horrible monsters. This is how they did it. The template was the Rat-catcher 1986. See it here:


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This vaccine is so deadly, it will initiate an autoimmune response that will be like HIV on steroids.