Opposites on mask debates. It still rages on, even after all the science.

They want to skip variant update trials so they can inject anything they want into the unsuspecting sheeple. This was the next step of their depopulation window of opportunity. How can you expect to stop a pandemic if you can't stop infection?

If this isn't tyranny, I don't know what is. But this is the world we are living in. How can this happen if their wasn't major corruption? For those who support this type of tyranny, wake up before they kill you. This is Hitler style corruption. Please recognize this!

The lying propaganda media pulled off another hoax when we were most vulnerable. Only one percent of those had serious illness enough to the hospital. Most thought it was over 50%. With this fake information, they used it to manipulate world spreading articles in order to convince people to be injected with this poisoned antidote.

People like him, would have thrown the unvaccinated into concentration camps and prisons because they were lied to by the media propaganda Rivera promoted. They should all apologize and make sure they do their job by looking at both sides of the coin.

This is what is going on as we speak. Most people have been conditioned to trust the authorities to do what is right and healthy and believe everything they say. Unfortunately, this is their downfall. Along with the corporate media, the trap was sprung.

Do you think that lessening symptoms is going to stop the pandemic? Is that the primary endpoint for the vaccine? How about Paxlovoid? Is this going to stop the pandemic? No, it's just for symptoms. WTF. Fauci and the Big Pharma are not interested in stopping the pandemic. They want continued infections and transmissions. When are we going to wake up?

The fear mongering is happening today with Monkeypox. I think they continue to throw mud against the wall to see what sticks. It didn't worked before but the tactic fails to work today even with the increased propaganda campaign.

The lie trickled down the pipeline from the "experts" to the media, and to the doctors you trusted. They spread the lies and people fell for it. For those hold-outs, they mandated the experimental poisoned antidote. The "vaccine" was made for symptoms, not infection. Obviously, they continue to lie.

If they had years of experience with this technology, why are we going through multiple boosters to repair damaged immune systems? They knew the damage it would cause and they did it anyway. Utterly disgusting and a crime against humanity.

What they've done is catching up to them. And they are accelerating their efforts. It's going to get bad for them. If someone doxes the police, it's over.

Many stopped taking the boosters because their hair is falling out and feeling dizzy. I think they are beginning to wake up and realize that what they took is really, really bad.

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Autoimmune diseases a coming. These people are evil.

Molecular mimicry of SARS-nCoV-2 spike to human proteins including thrombopoietin and TLR-8
This one will make you dizzy. The vaccinated will go down in history as "Heroes" instead of being tricked and coerced into getting the poisoned antidote.

High autoimmune potential shown via cross-reacting antibodies.

Remember they used to be cocky when the media was telling us that being vaccinated was cool? Now the vaccinated are getting sick. The conspiracy was obvious for most and as they pushed the "vaccine" harder, the obvious it was. Watch how it unfolded.

Do you think the next generation of people will watch CNN?

STOP VACCINATING THE CHILDREN!!! The "vaccine" doesn't work on what is going on in the world. STOP IT unless you want to cause damage to the human population!

They should just stick with the depop agenda (at least until they get caught)

The agenda is being carried through. The vaccine timebombs is taking effect as predicted. The masses are still asleep. The spin doctors have done a great job. Make sure they are rewarded handsomely.. Nearing completion.

They are dropped off at certain location on purpose. The purpose is to make it easier on the peaceful protesters.

The vaccine produces something very different from what is produced naturally and subsequently, DOESN"T WORK to stop infection, nor transmission. It doesn't stop replication of the virus and doesn't teach the body to defend itself against it.

Is this one of those "deep fakes"? I don't think so.

So then, stop the EUA! What the hell!!!?? There is no proof it is working. Stop all "vaccinations" until they figure this out. This is insanity.

Allowing the mainstream to propagate their misinformation

The people were tricked and we are all gonna pay. Covid was god's gift to the left.


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This vaccine is so deadly, it will initiate an autoimmune response that will be like HIV on steroids.