Patients kept waiting for hours secretly record NHS hospital staff doing TikTok rehearsal

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Coercion: "the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats or force." We now know that over the course of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’, scientific advice to the UK Government has been co-ordinated by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). SAGE is co-chaired by Sir Patrick Vallance (the Government Chief Science Advisor) and Professor Chris Whitty (the Chief Medical Officer). We have already seen how SAGE has used external advisors to help direct the medical and social response. But the UK government also claims that “many issues around the coronavirus response relate to behaviour”. Here we present internal government documents which confirm the the government set out to enhance fear and manipulate public opinion in order to accept extended 'lockdown' measures. Their document states: "The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent..." This type of directives from SAGE are designed to push the populace in a direction which they naturally do not want to go. It seems that the government's main objective here is not to eradicate COVID-19 which SAGE knew was already into the population by March 2020, but rather to extended the lockdown a few more months. But why? There are a number of reasons for this, but certainly one reason has been to implement sweeping changes in the structure and functioning of the state and the economy - radical reforms under the cover of the COVID crisis, but changes which the electorate were never informed of despite the fact they may be unconstitutional.

This segment is from the UK Column News presented by Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson which aired live on May 11, 2020.




Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at the W.H.O., addresses the world in a promotional video where she ensures the robust existence of effective vaccine safety systems and the overall safety of vaccines. Five days later, here is her diametrically different opinion behind closed doors at the Global Vaccine Safety Summit on Dec. 3rd, 2019.

SOURCE: World Health Organization
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Often a comet will streak
across the night sky
and we will miss it.
So our true champions
are murdered and flushed down
the memory hole while
charlatans and traitors get Nobel Prizes.

The healthcare industry cannot leave sickness to chance. It is a bigger business than war.

by Henry Makow PhD

Andrew Moulden should have been awarded a Nobel Prize for showing how the "healthcare industry" is poisoning the general population with vaccines. He showed how vaccines were responsible for causing "microscopic strokes" by limiting the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream reaching capillaries.

In his 2009 interview on, Moulden stated: "I have now conclusively shown that ALL vaccines, from infancy to geriatric, are causing the exact same brain damages irrespective of what disease or disorder comes out. The damages are specific to end vascular "mini-strokes" that are beneath the resolution of our neuro-imaging, but measurable in a before/after vaccination protocol. They are also directly measurable in real time - however, this involves techniques and technology I have not disclosed to the public as yet."

AND "The evidence is now self-evident. All you have to do now is receive the education you need to appreciate and see what is before your very eyes - layperson and Doctor."

AND "It is no longer an opinion as I now have conclusive evidence to show that ALL vaccines are causing the exact same damages for us all in the exact same manner that wild poliovirus caused paralysis, respiratory failure, death, bleeding into the brain, and more."


Finally we reach a point where everything becomes remarkably clear, again - and not just because reviewing the Imperial College report has reignited my anger at the initial fraud. No, their own data reveals an astonishing and simple fact: the best treatment for the Covid-19 pandemic (or political games) is to move your country away from one of the three western power centres: NY City, London and Brussels. Practical? Sadly not... in which case, watch this, share the heck out of it, and stock up on pitchforks.

Naive and loyal subjects routinely still repeat the exponential mantra they've been sold, and think that any "flattening of the curve" is evidence of lockdown. Time to put a telegraph pole sized stake through the heart of these lies that just won't quit. No, there has not been one instance of the virus in the world that satisfies the Gates-Johnson-Ferguson "exponential" myth, and no, EVERY viral propagation demonstrates "flattening" (curlover in our terminology) from day one. Reducing growth rate isn't evidence of lockdown: it's an intrinsic feature of a humped curve, eg: a normal distribution which uninterfered with viral propagation defaults to. Loyal subjects are defending governments which have lied to them from the very beginning, and they do so based on poor logic and ignorance. We cannot resolve their compulsion to defend people who have taken their liberty, livelihoods and destroyed our economies, but we can take viewers on a world tour to see just how universal humped curves, and the complete absence of that mythical creature: an exponential virus.

World wide - not just America

The Residents Of Madrid, Spain Take To The Streets To Call For Their Government Officials Resignation

UK's Hidden Shadows is a new documentary examining the recent history of allegations of child abuse and cover-ups within the British establishment. Filmed over the course of a year, the 90-minute documentary features interviews with victims of child abuse, journalists and police whistle-blowers. Each interview offers a unique insight into the alleged Westminster VIP paedophile ring that has darkened politics for the last five decades.

UK's Hidden Shadows was inspired by Out of Shadows: the brilliant exposé on how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Directed by Mike Smith, you can watch Out of Shadows on YouTube here
We are not part of the USA-based Out of Shadows group. We are a London-based group operating independently.

UK's Hidden Shadows will be free to watch on all platforms. This Vimeo page was set up only for Shaun Attwood’s YouTube viewers who wanted to contribute to the production costs and to view the video before its official release here:

We hope to follow up this documentary with films about Jimmy Savile and Madeline McCann, which will also be free for everybody to watch.

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Shaun Attwood and Underground Films

Why they don't want to release the lockdown

Ireland - shows the way

5G bigger brother in China now

NASA Astronauts Violently React to Being Asked To Swear On Bible they Went To Moon

Activist & Former Medical Researcher
Judy Mikovits is an American activist.

As research director of a CFS research organization Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) from 2006-2011, Mikovits led a research effort that reported in 2009 that a retrovirus known as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) was associated with CFS and may have had a causal role.

In 1980, Mikovits was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a specialization in biology at the University of Virginia. After graduation, she went to the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, where she developed purification methods for Interferon alpha.

Mikovits has gained attention on social media for promoting her ideas about the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. She does not believe that a vaccine is needed to prevent COVID-19, and claims that the coronavirus was “caused by a bad strain of flu vaccine that was circulating between 2013 and 2015“. She also claimed masks will “activate” the virus and reinfect a mask-wearer over and over.

From the 1988 Film "They Live"

In this powerful interview Spiro is joined with Doctor Andrew Kaufman. Spiro and Dr. Kaufman discuss the expanding curtailment of basic civil liberties being normalized under the false pretext of a global health emergency.

Doctor Kaufman lays his reputation and his career on the line as he blows the whistle, on what he describes as a manufactured crisis to carry out a preplanned agenda to facilitate global governance and population control.

Doctor Kaufman is a well educated medical professional who convincingly illustrates, using the CDC's own technical data, how the public has been manipulated on the grandest scale.

CDC UNDER FIRE FROM VACCINE AUTISM LAWSUIT ICAN sued the #CDC for studies which back the claim ‘vaccines do not cause autism’ for 7 vaccines. Their response is shocking for parents everywhere.

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, is the Medical Director for the Center for Advanced Medicine in Mooresville, NC.

He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army.

During the coronavirus pandemic, a series of videos featuring Dr. Buttar were posted to YouTube in which Buttar advanced a theory claiming that NIAID director Anthony Fauci's research helped create COVID-19, as well as numerous other claims, such as that 5G cell phone networks and “chemtrails" cause COVID-19.

YouTube has subsequently removed several of his videos, replacing it with a message saying, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Dr. Buttar has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, 20/20, PBS, Time Magazine, NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN as well as several prominent podcasts, blogs and websites discussing his beliefs on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brad sat down with Dr. Buttar to talk about what’s coming if people don’t educate themselves on the real dangers ahead.

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