In the Bootle area of Liverpool an invader for the second time is caught filming girls in a park.

One was dressed in her school uniform coming home from lessons.

Poland defending their border and the gateway to Western Europe with everything they've got, whilst vast stretches of Western European countries offer little to no deterrent, aiding and abetting the invaders even.

The Swedish military has been called upon to help deal with out of control migrant violence in the country.

David Icke on the world waking up this current system's scam and guaranteed income aka universal basic income and CBDCs.

Edward Snowden (✅ Private.

I wonder if any of the truth he speaks makes him the latest to face the chop at GB news?

Elephants assume defensive formations to protect their young from predators ...........

#betheelephant #protectourchildren



Here is the YouTube friendlier version of the FIRST PART. (Rumble fully uncensored speech on Rumble tomorrow at 6.30pm! Straight to the speeches)

The Telegraph sugests he didn't break down...
Obviously these self appointed government experts are now also motor mechanics


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