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This mysterious object seems like a smoking gun, but what is it?

Portals are not just science fiction

A very interesting new study with new data and also new analysis of old data suggests that there could be life on the red planet in the form of some fun guys.

Is this an anient megalith? A part of a statue? Or just a rock?

Earth is surrounded by interesting things.

Until 2007, most scientists did not believe in this common phenomenon.
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'Oumuamua may in fact be the smoking gun -- unfortunately we were woefully underprepared to study it when it finally made its way to our neck of the galaxy. What was 'Oumuamua, why was it so mysterious?

The story of a flying saucer from somewhere more Earthly

Could there be another planet in our solar system? Is it a nemesis to Earth, or does it have little to no effect on us? We know one thing: Unfortunately, it isn't Pluto.

Few things about the Earth are more mystifying and awe-inspiring than the moon. These are a few of the compelling stories about our beautiful satellite.

This is the story of the Black Knight Satellite, an artificial satellite that has allegedly been detected by sources all over the Earth.

This is the story of the Philadelphia Experiment, an alleged test of secret government technology that occurred in 1943


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There are some stories that are so intriguing and amazing that they compel one to share them, however it is important to retain a skeptical eye. Wonder should come from truth, and it is critical that one can see the truth among the lies.