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Does anyone else recognize this rifle? Please comment if you do


This one is in Lafayette OR, a beautiful old barn like structure converted to antiques.

Near McMinnville Oregon. I went antique spelunking with a Gopro basically to review thigns I might have missed the first time. Take a look if you like:

Well New to me:
A Savage Model 1917
a FN 1922
and a MAB
the later 2 are Nazi proffed

or at least in PLAYING at machining

on a Grizzly G0602 lathe

his is a PM-727v Mill/Drill currently working on trimming a base plate for the Grizzly Lathe cross-slide. As you can see I do not have a auto collant system (yet) and am spraying the work with WD-40 to cool and lubricate it as it cuts. This Mill is not very heavy duty so the cuts I can take are only a few thousandths at a time

my Precision Mathews PM-727v it is now set up but still needs to be bolted down and the schmoo cleaned off Oh and the plastic wrap removed.

YES I know, I'm obsessed...

Some years back I bought a busted Dalton Lathe off Craigslist. In consultation with Dennis I tried to get it working well....It never did. Dennis offered to swap it for one he had. I took him up on it and drive to the TEMPLE OF DALTON in McMinnville Oregon, where, interspersed with comments, information and Dang I wish I had record that... Each time the man speaks he reveals another pearl of history, technology, engineering trick or tip.... Anyway among all that he loaded up the new(?) lathe which I took off to my shop to attempt to restore. Folks on the forum no my travails with that one. It works fine today but In the middle of restoration I found an issue I had not clue one about and took it home to the healing hands of the master. That time I brought my son and remembered to film. Now folks I am no Holy-Weird cameraman, and it is absolutely awful. There is no script, no start or end to this, but it just gives a clear insight into a dummy like me talking to Dennis. I will treasure my memories of every time I have been with this guy. Here is one of those memories.


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