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the 1907 Roth-Steyr and the 1912 Steyr Hahn
Austro Hungarian handguns of the Great War

a video reply to Blackie Thomas

a little Farmer Giles of Ham action :)

Note: I say "Hugo Luger" I was thinking of Hugo Borchardt I SHOULD have said Georg Luger.

these are 5 of the most common Civil War revolvers. All Replicas all by Pietta. A link to Mike's channel:

The Standard police rig of that era.

the CZ-52 pistol and the VZ-52 Rifle

This is the Egyptian made copy of the Swedish AG-42 Ljungman.
Built in Cairo in the State Armory on tooling provided by Sweden.

The Egyptian "SKS" variant. with a brief discussion of Egyptian martial history from the 1950s and some of the Rashid's origins and how it works also a field strip.

This is the cavalry pistol of the Austro Hungarian Empire.
For a good history of this pistol might I recommend Ian McCollum's Forgotten Weapons on Youtube or, if you happen to read German: Josef Motz and Joschi Schuy's work Vom Usrprung der Selbstladpistole ... Osterreichische Pistolen Band 1 2007

This was my Great Grandfather's rifle. He used it in the Spanish American War. The Thumbnail here is the only known photo of him taken in around 1925 or 1926. He Died around 1929. The baby in the farm scale he is holding is my father who was born in 1922 and died age 86.
This is the second attempt to upload this. Sorry about the quality

For those interested, My Great Grandfather is an example of an American:
He was a lead miner from Missouri. Somehow he ended up traveling through Cincinnati Ohio where he had some ailment and sought help from a prosperous doctor. He met this Doc's teen daughter and both were smitten. They eloped. He took his new bride with him as they moved to Texas. There he got a job with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway working on laying rail and worked his way up to foreman for a bridge building gang. In those days such men could get rowdy and troublesome so I know he bought a Colt revolver for "labor relations dispute management". I still have that gun. My own grandfather (his youngest of 6 kids who survived) was born in the original RV where they lived: a Caboose.

Some Civil War vintage breechloaders. NOTE: the plate at the wrist of the stock is a repair to a break. a very OLD repair probably during or soon after the Civil War.
Here is an article on this type of rifle:
NOTE #2 I say "Sam Wesson" I meant "Horace Smith" and "Daniel Wesson" that Sam Colt stuck in my head...

My collection of American made 32ACP small caliber self defense pistols from the turn of the 20th century Shown: Savage 1907 Savage 1917 Colt 1903 Smith and Wesson 35 S&W Warner Infallible

small concealed carry pistols of the 19th century

a look at a tool junkie's hord

Black Powder 12 gauge cut down to make a typical Stagecoach Shotgun Rider weapon for repelling highwaymen or Indians

a look at a small shop accident.

no audio. This is off a VHS tape. The audio was totally corrupted and was removed. Also the video is very poor quality. This is of My ex Wife and I getting married in the university Chapel of the University of New Mexico Albuquerque in 1987. the Officiating clergy was the High Priestess of our coven. I am no longer married but, I am a life-long Wiccan
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