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and since I forgot my glasses, the target was just a blur

I and several friends went shooting... In backwoods Oregon. My cousin, and I, plus 2 friends in the back of beyond in western Oregon that is to say God’s Country. Just LOOK at it! We took several rifles and pistols out to baptize them. The targets do not show but it is a stand WAAAAY out loaded with a rack of frying pans and clay pigeons. I personally cannot hit the broadside of a barn (Note to self: next time bring my glasses). I did not film myself but there might be a few places I show up.

If I may suggest an Excellent video on the Spanish American War, and Roosevelt's participation: look to this one Superb.

a walk about

there will be a quiz Friday 3rd period :)

Note: I made an oops. In my rambles I said "Made in Spain" I meant Made in Italy.

in my garden


I bought a new gun

Note: the only major difference between a Beretta model of 1951 and a92 are: it is single stacked vs double stacked in the magazine, and, it is a single action trigger vs double action on the 92

I have been told I could break an anvil......

and an 1859 Frank Wesson Double Trigger 32 Rim-fire Rifle

A 1981 example beautifully made.

A look around my land on a hot hot day.


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