About six months ago we ordered a truck cap from an authorised ARE truck cap dealer near us. After delivery and install, we have spent a lot of time putting it through its paces on our weekend adventures.

This is an honest, personal review of the positives and negatives about the ARE MX Truck Cap itself.

We are not receiving and have not received any commission, nor are we affiliated with the ARE brand. These are things that us, the consumer, found using this particular model while putting more "Pins In Our Atlas."

We hope this is helpful and you enjoy, thanks for watching.

Welcome to Pin In The Atlas, and our second vlog. We sincerely hope you enjoy our exploration of this amazing place.

High up in the Eastern Sierra Mountain Range, near the shadow of Mt Whitney, there lies an abandoned Ashram.

Also known as the Monastery, Stone House or Ashrama, this 1930s stone building, hidden from view, was once a mountaintop pilgrimage. People still trek to this beautiful structure today in pursuit of spiritual guidance.

The hike is gruelling and not for the faint-hearted. Transversing up through Langley Canyon, on a steep single track, you'll cross a fast-flowing, narrow waterfall by the use of a rickety wooden bridge.

A hundred or so more feet and the reward is majestic mountain and valley views, peace and tranquillity. Climb the stone steps leading to the 200sqft devotional property, constructed in the shape of a balanced cross and orientated towards the four cardinal directions.

Rest for a while—breath in the clean, fresh air. Listen to the trees rustle, and the birds sing, while small lizards scuttle near your feet.

Leave your worries behind. Seek the answers to your questions. And return feeling vibrant and alive.

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We found this little gem on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) where you can camp for FREE for up to 14 nights.

Firepits, BBQs, picnic tables and shelters. Spotlessly clean. They even have 2 pit toilets.



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Every item, every road, every place has a story to tell. If you sit and listen quietly, they will kindly tell you everything you need to know. We like to believe the places we visit, feel the same emotions as we do, emotions conveyed through the simplest gesture of taking the time to visit.

We love to travel and explore those long-forgotten places. Places most people don't even realise existed.

We're not sure what it is, but there's a draw to abandoned structures, towns, caves and mines. Even lonely roads that wind their way through the countryside or across desolate landscapes.

Maybe it is our morbid subconscious curiosity of glimpsing into our future. Seeing how easily people forget about those who came before and the lives they lived. All the while, hoping somehow, someway, that doesn't happen to us.

There is so much to see in this vast big world of ours. It would be a shame to leave it all unseen. Ghost towns, natural wonders, parks, gardens, mines, caverns, historic cities and monuments they are all part of us. They were built, protected and meant to be seen by people like you.