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Hey Crew, Here begins a series of possibilities, and we will explore them.

Hey Crew, the stories of Deborah and Gideon

Hey Crew, This one is gonna step on toes

Hey Crew, it's @Suspicious0bservers

Hey Crew, Here's the Last of the Argument, Socrates Embraces his END and Loves every minute of it.

Hey Crew, We start to talk about why the lands are still unclaimed, despite being told they were claimed.

Hey Crew, This was a great discussion on choices

Hey Crew, Here Socrates defends himself from Meletus

Hey Crew, Here's the wrap up for the Book of Joshua.

Hey Crew, Here's something I've never done before (and shown anyone)

Hey Crew, YOU can SHAPE reality

Hey Crew, Start growing today!

Hey Crew, Never let evil flourish.

Hey Crew, Today we begin rectifying my lack of knowledge.

Hey Crew, Here's a record of cities taken

Hey Crew, Today I begin trying to fix a hole in my knowledge #Socrates #Plato #History

Hey Crew, Here's a deep look at what went into the LAND of Israel

Hey Crew, always keep this in mind.

Hey Crew, And so it begins, there's a throttle out there on me for this stuff. Have a blessed day.

Hey Crew, Another Great Song

Hey Crew, Last warning before things get real.


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