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This is a clear direction for WE THE PEOPLE to go. You don’t defund the police. You create an army to oppose them and get back to protecting and serving the communities of America. Keeping the peace doesn’t work, as the police have proven, because Satan’s idea of peace is different then GOD’s. Militia’s are literally the answer to moving forward for all truther communities. It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our lives and uphold our freedoms…….TOGETHER WE STAND!

By not showing support for a national holiday and instead representing themselves as “grey” Google is telling us they consider American values and laws as grey areas to be interpreted and manipulated however they see fit. Google does not share your American values.

Look who is sporting an Adam’s Apple. Look carefully at the neck area of this alleged woman during this clip. Now go watch other clips of “it” and ask yourself what biological woman has an Adam’s Apple?

PlayStation got rid of the communities feature on its platform as it had become a sounding board for FlatEarth and anti Covid-19 vaccine groups.

Technology is killing the Human.

America doesn’t care about your health…..

I found that the pacifier on one of my daughters toys resembles a penis. Furthermore upon further inspection I found the pacifier to be pulling some kind of white powder out from inside the head. I rinsed this powder and it turned blue and then turned to a slimy gel. As it dried it turned into more of a rubbery latex. I have no idea what this substance is but as it is on the pacifier and I would say this is potentially very harmful as kids will copy what their toys do. My daughter could have easily ended up with this substance in her mouth.

I found a Baphomet head and a hidden 666 in the TOTY tokens players are rewarded with while playing through MUT missions.

I have no idea what these are. Neither do the doctors who have examined them so far......

UPDATE: I had them removed in Houston while filming it all with Derrel Sims for the History Channel………stay tuned.

This is the last video game I ever buy. I'm done with this unrealistic BS. Every other game your qbr is 66.6

This mammoth bee landed in front of me while out fishing.

Not sure about that basalt being fossilized tree's theory. This thing goes on for awhile.

Traffic stopped on me while crossing westbound on I-90 due to a semi catching fire. This is what it looked like.

This guy scared the shit out of me while I was cleaning the gutters.....

In a quick scene on the Amazon Prime show "tales from the loop" we get exposed to transgenderism and transhumanism.......

In Central Oregon you can view the entire Cascade Mountain range and beyond during sunny weather up and down the west coast.

A Theory about Plant Based.

Going over the difference between a "theory" and a "fact."

Burning piles at the end of Fall....Fall has ended at least in Yakima.

The Moon filmed in negative.

Weather systems seem to develop over this Training Center frequently.......

When the description is more accurate than the program.

Stacey (formerly Scott) Rost from 710 ESPN Seattle on SWX........with an Adam's Apple?


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