A Theory about Plant Based.

Going over the difference between a "theory" and a "fact."

Burning piles at the end of Fall....Fall has ended at least in Yakima.

The Moon filmed in negative.

Weather systems seem to develop over this Training Center frequently.......

An area of suspicion......

When the description is more accurate than the program.

Stacey Scott from 710 ESPN Seattle on SWX........with an Adam's Apple?

FlatEarth meme compilation 11

Theres two sides to every story.

I do not support theNASAchannel. Matt Powerland is a Shill, just like Owen Benjamin.


FlatEarth meme compilation X.

What we are told is FAT is actually your body insulating itself from the poison that keeps getting pumped into it.

FlatEarth meme Compilation 9.

Here we have both in the sky appearing in the same temp. and atmosphere with different why is that?

FlatEarth meme Compilation 8 of memes I made.

Pointing out the lack of science that was done for the MoonHoax.

Memes I made.

More footage of the HAARP setup in Yakima Washington in a military area.

A sbx-1 looking ball next to a huge satellite dish on Indian Ridge in the Military area of Yakima County. Visible from i82 westbound.

A strange hill located in Yakima Washington on the Yakima Training Complex's military property. (Off Limits-the public is not allowed near it.)

FlatEarth Meme Compilation 6.

Lack of curvature on display. FlatEarth Meme Compilation 5.

When the truth is halfway spoken.....

A perspective of Flat earth told through memes. FlatEarth Meme Compilation 4.


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