Yes im aware i changed my name but the video was made before hand and the editor took his sweet time but! we managed to get it out just in time to strike while the iron is cooling down! stay tune i got two more coming either this weekend or during next week. Oh yeah and the next two will be the last episodes i use with the current show name since im changing it to something else that fits my current name.

Re-uploaded, last upload was a mistake, sorry everyone but you will agree this is much better, Anyways in this episode yelling about THE LEAKS OF US 2.

LIVE FROM MEGA CITY 1! IT'S THE EPSTEIN BLOCK! this time we continue to suffer from the effects of the horrible fan fiction of the same name has the horrible song from a shitty 2000's band.

We decide to torture ourselves by reading vampire goth kid harry potter fan fic......its has horrible has it sounds so come join us for this innagural first episode

I'm Back for the attack! okay but seriously....

This time around i'm back to talk about the increasingly creeping political correctness seeping into Pro wrestling and more specifically AEW.


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