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WARNING: I had to record on my lap for the camera and audio to be just barely decent.

This Video is a response to StyxHexenHammer666 and his video on Puerto Rico's statehood question and the current government supporting "The Go Ahead" for the vote. Now sit down,shut up and enjoy me stroking my brown privilege in you're fac...hehehe.

YouTube Version:

I cant believe I forgot to upload this shit the first time around....

I will be doing episode 3 very soon and uploading it here, it wont be my last upload this month since hopefully I will be passing my college classes and getting winter break. Also wish to mention I will be uploading much more frequently here since youtube isn't exactly the most hospitable place for small times such has myself.

Player Juan speaks on the senate race in some of the weaker states has well has explains why he cant vote in them.

I don't think at this point trump himself is loosing the senate however the house is another story, we have some of the mid western states in a bit of rough shape because of the trade war with china but I think its safe to say will hold on to the majority. Just enough for trump to pass the wall and some other necessary legislatures.

Player Juan returns Once more with an all new series,today I play Pokémon Emerald after a grueling cold that has left my throat somewhat wrecked. has always if you enjoy my content please feel free to subscribe and support the channel.

Do yourselves a favor and just don't buy products from a company that dosent give a shit about quality or its fans.

Watch has I rip Mundane matt a new one and later Read his dog shit apology,do not trust Mundane matt, he is now in the same boat has kraut and tea and many others are soon to come. This is the link to the youtube version

Link to my youtube channel

Team Fourstar editor Kaiser nekos tweet about fan base gets put into scrutiny, I stopped being a fan of the a some time ago after they began to use their channel has a glorified advertisement and update site. Kinda sad they kinda killed off abridging.

Welcome to Player Juans Bitchute channel,if you have any questions on the hurricane and such please feel free to comment and ask,if you like my content feel free to subscribe.

Not even trying to hide it anymore really,my first video on Bitchute!


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Welcome to my bitchute account I'm player Juan and I talk gaming,politics,comics,anime,etc.

I'm currently studying in college for a bachelor's degree in technology and training to become a Pro Wrestler in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. I also like many other things such has world politics and history,religion and philosophy.

And yes I am a JoJo fan ladies and gentlemen. ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!!