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Who would win? A bunch of wallstreet bankers with too much cash or some retards on a reddit board?

I got kicked out of the army lol

Time to take the house of ideas and burn it to the fucking ground.

and thats it folks im gone for the next few months to military boot camp, im gonna be serving the good old USA proudly and im gonna be looking forward to see what the land of opportunity has in store for me, in the mean time i wish you all a happy rest of the year and hope you all stay safe out there and whatever you do stay away from snake oil peddlers like a fuentes, like a Cernovich, the lefty channels like Armored skeptic and amazing atheist who upon seeing the cities burn down hit the hard left button to try and save there hides.

Alright then once again i'm the mighty achileus! once again, stay safe out there and so long for now.

"It's not about the money its about the message"

BIG IRON ON HIS SLING! more to come during next week folks hope this and the random shit i find online holds you guys over.

God bless the commies little red starving hearts, there all reeing about a kid defending himself all the while they attack loot and pillage from the "proletariat".

*ANNOUNCEMENT* I will be uploading this Friday so stay tuned, hopefully this and another meme post will be up by tonight.

God bless you Kyle, your a fucking hero.

"What a shame"

Riffle right beside me, Bible in my hand, family in my heart!

I will do what I must...

"what a shame" -JC

Middle aged Aussie pounds the English language hard

Just for fun ūüėā

I thought i was a filthy fucking racist, until i saw what Nick Cannon and his theories and beliefs on melanin and how yakub the scientist is our savior and how all the non melanin people are stealing there legacy.

FUCK YOU I WAS RIGHT! and a year later Achileus once again visits the company that's got smark briefs stained with crusty yellow spots.

Star wars disney rumors and lots of KK bashing, support the channel and bitchute!

Sorry if there's a small gap of dead air, my PC went to shit in terms of power and locked up on me for a minute but it picks back up again luckily.

Today i tear into the world of comics for a bit and discuss why race swapping characters is fucking retarded.

I was all over the place with this one but there's been so much to talk about i may has well do some more later in the week when i'm not too busy with paperwork.

Yes im aware i changed my name but the video was made before hand and the editor took his sweet time but! we managed to get it out just in time to strike while the iron is cooling down! stay tune i got two more coming either this weekend or during next week. Oh yeah and the next two will be the last episodes i use with the current show name since im changing it to something else that fits my current name.

Re-uploaded, last upload was a mistake, sorry everyone but you will agree this is much better, Anyways in this episode yelling about THE LEAKS OF US 2.

LIVE FROM MEGA CITY 1! IT'S THE EPSTEIN BLOCK! this time we continue to suffer from the effects of the horrible fan fiction of the same name has the horrible song from a shitty 2000's band.

We decide to torture ourselves by reading vampire goth kid harry potter fan fic......its has horrible has it sounds so come join us for this innagural first episode

I'm Back for the attack! okay but seriously....

This time around i'm back to talk about the increasingly creeping political correctness seeping into Pro wrestling and more specifically AEW.


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