Google uss liberty google operation highjump google rich piana faked death google skeletons on the moon google italians aren't white google stonehenge fake conspiracy google jurry nullification
RIP rich piana tho

how am I the first person to think of this joke you niggas dummy retarded

Look ma no hands

"...he is a desperate caricature of human vice, bred in an unknown, desolate terrain that’s filled with guns, weed, and casual homicide. And since the majority of Ugly Mane’s identity remains a mystery, a lot of questions go unanswered. Does he do any of the wild things that he describes in his songs or are they only hyperbole? Are the disparate voices of Lil Ugly Mane even contained within the shell of one man? Where will Lil Ugly Mane take us next?"

Featuring footage from Lost Highway (1997), and Surviving Edged Weapons (1988)

A bit of an easy path to take tbh, but why not?


Eric Packer has everything. Beautiful looks, perfect health, money unbeknownst, his own stretch limousine, and death on the mind.

Disgusting. This is Macron's france.

completely forgot I made this - sorry about the resolution

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"The catch is, a deal with the devil gets made, and Ugly Mane is quite the devil, dispensing crack rocks, his one partner-in-crime (his dick), and gun shots to all aspiring custies, hoes, and haters with no remorse. Nothing new for rap really, but the dynamic is flipped and what was once a tale of humanity forced to confront the inhumane has become just the opposite: a spirit from the other side rampages through our realm..."
Alt title: Ugly Mane, W.I.C.K.E.D. City

No mercy, no respite.
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it's max payne nigga

plunderfucknics is back baybee

your entire information environment is either the operation or the byproduct of a military cyberweapon

"Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal, I am rejecting your verdict with contempt."
Original video and edit by @TrapProtector on Twitter (, check him out he makes great stuff.
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Music Source: Gost - Without A Trace (feat. Hayley Stewart)

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truly one of the greatest conservative thinkers of our time
Special Thanks to: Zone Eater, SoD, Goreshit

Presented without commentary. Audio by James LaFond.

My deepest feelings and sincerest condolences to all those who have been effected by that wretched boomer cunt in Las Vegas.
My love to Cody and the boys.
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Meet the Rohingya muslims, the most persecuted minority in the world, tonight on the Dean Martin show!
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Satire? We just don't know.

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