My final Live video on YouTube, all live videos going forward will be for my Facebook friends only.

I'll be back on YouTube with a non live video and a re-brand some day.

PMDB # 1158

PMDB Live 125

PMDB # 1154

PMDB # 1136

PMDB Returns to America.

PMDB # 1128

For the 1st time in over 9 years, Paul Michael David Bain returns to America.

PMDB in 2015.

Clips for the 10 months I uploaded to YouTube in 2015.

This is the 30th installment to the PMDB Extra series.

Paul Michael David Bain (PMDB)

Bi Scottish & Very Small YouTuber, naebody has heard of.

I started my video series back in 2010 and have over 1000 videos to date.

This year (2018), I started going Live!

My video series is very random and can be raw real at times.

For my entertainment type videos, I turn the volume way up!

I have did a lot of wrestling themed videos, including reviews of every WrestleMania (1-34).

I also talk about mental health issues often and share my thoughts on the LGBT community that I've been part of for 10 years now.

PMDB in 2014.

Clips from every month in 2014.

PMDB Extra # 29

A flash of lighting during my latest livestream.

PMDB Extra # 28

PMDB in 2013.

Clips from the 11 months I uploaded to YouTube in 2013.

PMDB # 1099

PMDB in 2012.

Clips from every month in 2012.

PMDB # 1097

Clips from every month of 2011, my 1st full calendar year on YouTube.

PMDB # 1093

PMDB in 2010.

Clips from each month I uploaded in my debut year on YouTube.

PMDB # 1092

The 23rd installment of the PMDB Extra series and 1089 PMDB video overall.

This video features clips from every year I've been on YouTube.

PMDB # 1089

PMDB # 1086

This is my home (online).

Please like, share and subscribe if you enjoy these videos, thank you!

2nd home (online).

My 250th video of my 2018 series.

PMDB # 1083

Going forward any live video will be unlisted or private.

PMDB # 1077

I was live...

PMDB # 1072

2 more strikes and my original channel is gone.

PMDB # 1069

I won't be going live again and will only return if and when I have something worth putting up and my video series may get moved to another platform if I do.

Thanks for watching and I will continue to support others on here when I can.

PMDB # 1067

As one chapter of my Life ends, another one is about to begin!

Thanks for watching these last 8 plus years.

PMDB 1063/1063

I've nothing left to upload now.

PMDB # 1038

PMDB # 1037

My 200th video appearance of 2018 and final one.

I may or may not return in 2019.

The Complete 2018 PMDB Video Series:

PMDB 2018 # 200

Even though I don't watch it anymore.

PMDB # 1031

PMDB Videos Volume 1 (1-100)

Some videos have been edited since and some are not suitable for all ages.

The original 100 PMDB videos were made during my debut year on YouTube in 2010.

PMDB # 1030


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2nd home of the PMDB video series.

I'm a small Scottish YouTuber whom has made 1158 YouTube videos to date since 2010.

BitChute will now also be where future PMDB video instalments will be uploaded to.

My videos can be very random.