I am experimenting with printing ammo for popular calibers and the challenges that brings.

I had an out of batter leading to a case head separation. This is how I removed the stuck case using only some epoxy.

Semi regular uploading, I know, the world is ending after all.

I will go over some cases and weather or not I would reload them.

I will go through some basics about reloading cartilages. Minus the things I have forgotten to tell you.

Leave a comment and I may address it in a latter.

This was originally going to be me repairing and upgrading my lathe with some printed parts and cleaning out the internals. But I somehow lost all that footage and all I had was this so enjoy anyway.

Song: Heaven Can Wait performed by Glen Gray

Digitized off my 78 shellac record.

Examining the parts for my next project.

Some lathe is better then no lathe. This lathe can be described as, "some," of a lathe.

I go through a box of mixed shot shells. What is in it? I find out. Just some filler.

It was number 2 bird.

Sorry for not uploading, Life has gotten in the way of living. Working on my house consumes most of my time and money. I make videos in my spare time.

https://www.classicfirearms.com/zastava-m57-tokarev-yugo/ If you want the version I have. I do not get paid for you clicking the link.

I don't understand.

On a side note, I'm trying to be more regular in my posts. But just a warning my next incoherency will be political.

I once again stumble though the internet and talk about things. Enjoy more to come.

How to take apart and put back together a C96 broom handle Mauser.

One minor correction: You can buy new grips and reproduction buttocks for the c96. As long as you get a reproduction stock that matches what the gun came out with it is NFA exempt

https://gab.ai/PotatoMedia If you want to fallow me on GAB.

NOTE: my footage wasn't this bad when I uploaded it. Not sure how to improve that.

We live in the age of desktop manufacturing and yet people think they can prevent you from owning something with paper on file in a courthouse somewhere.

Legally speaking, In USA the part of the gun that houses the fire control group is the part of the gun that is considered, 'the gun,' under law and is the controlled part. There are exceptions to this. but it is almost always the case. All other parts are uncontrolled and can be purchased and sent through mail. It is also legal to manufacture your own firearm under federal law so long as you are in compliance with Federal, state, and local laws.

Sorry for the bad angle and lighting. I am moving into a cabin I inherited and moving out of an RV. So I don't have much in the way of furniture or even lights yet.

I make allot of things in life. This printer will help me with that.

Just a simple vid. to learn some basic editing and to get the first post jitters over with,


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