I give some ALDI frozen sushi a try.

Me blundering through my current version of my printed frame.

Quick start guide from CTRL+Pew https://ctrlpew.com/the-complete-getting-started-guide/

Gunny's website https://www.gunnymcgunsmith.com

I used Filacube PLA2 olive green and black to print this frame, None printed parts will be listed in a parts list when completed.

virtual gun p0rn

Just a small update on how things are going. Remember to like and subscribe for more.

I have no idea how old it is but outside of a few spots it is very nice with original bluing. I should have just loaded up when I could have filled my bag full of them but I suppose someone made a bunch of repo guns or something.

A quick update to let you know where I currently am in my printed gun adventure.

Shooting my PDW lower and the SVTR lower. And some thoughts about how it is going.

Just a clip show of my wolfdog showing me love with her teeth. They are sharp and she will do this till she is about a year old.

I reload my 1911 with one hand. What more do you want? Well I don't want you to try it at home, leave it to the (fake) pros like me.

I got her a toy that hides snacks and now she guards it with her life.

I have a new pile of scrap and thought I would go over briefly how it worked once when it was a proper gun.

Want to know where I have been? I have been working a full time job and raising a wolf-dog hybrid.

I go over the reason I use a case block to make sure my reloads are in spec.

A small update to show I'm not dead.

The channel testing the other printed mac. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbnZW7dMT9f_qgOo0OPt1aA/videos

The guy you have to talk to if you want the files: https://keybase.io/fmda1776

I am not affiliated with anyone linked to via the internet. Any views expressed in my channel are my own and vice versa.

My first attempt a printing a functional gun of my own design, Nothing world shattering but you have to start somewhere and it is another option on the table.

An update with firing of a project I have been working on. Took awhile for the upload to take but just in time for new years.

Today I install a charging handle mod.

This was supposed to be uploaded like a weak ago but my internet was more or less down.

Just a relaxing day shooting my c96 M30, my particular example is a Chinese contract and the bore was shoot out by ether Nationalists or Communist forces in the Chinese civil war. It was then re-bored to 9mm luger.

I have nothing this week, sorry. Here is a glow in the dark 3d printer.

Today I take you with me as I develop a load for the 7.62x25 cartridge. Developing loads can be dangerous and this is for entertainment purposes and is not a how to.

Edit: The speed came out to about 965fp/s. Not exactly making anyone faint but for pinking it should do fine.

The basics about recovering components and fixing some Dud rounds.

Still doing R and D on printed cases/ ammo.

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Part 2 of my change to make make printed/craft ammo anyone can make themselves in the comfort of their own home.

I am experimenting with printing ammo for popular calibers and the challenges that brings.


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