Playing with my .22 Ruger Precision Rifle on the 100 yard range. I have way too much fun I think I've turned into a big kid haha. The camera is on the targets not on me. I am shooting the silhouettes and the spinners. I still have not learned how to splice the vids together so you can see the shooter at the same time as the targets.

Learning my new toy. Learning to dial up my scope. Short vid. Will learn how to edit so I can show the targets on next vid. Not very exciting, mostly for me to see my own form.

Playing with my fun toy on the range. Worked out why I was shooting high at the long distance ... I changed my ammo from the 42 grain I sighted it in with to 40 grain because the shop was outa stock of my favourite 42 grain. I'm still a beginner.

Megan learning her new toy. Tikka "T3x Tac A1" 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle. Rifle Range at 300 yards. Not much wind, slight breeze. Learning to dial up my scope. Scope is a Burris.

Fun day on the Rifle Range. Spotting my mistakes by taking a video then watching at home. Am I still blinking with every shot? lol. I'm still learning. Equipment is Ruger .22 with a Sniper 6.5/24/50. Burris moa mounts. NSW. Australia. Yes. I'm all legal. I jumped through 50 hoops and dotted all my i's. And I was ALLOWED a license. Yeah. Allowed. 'cause only slaves have to ask permission.


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Rifle Range shooting days and Gold Fossicking up the mountain.