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If they were smarter, they'd have likely figured that I'd make such a video.

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Contemporary leftists have a habit of re-purposing Dr. King's statements from a Birmingham jail-cell to suit their contemporary far-left agenda, and I have a different take of what is wrong with the moderate left.

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Art by: @needledolly


spacepan will be around helping me to raise some funds for my living situation.

Please believe me when I say that there was no way to make this video any shorter, but I think the name and subjects should explain why it has to be long.

Very special thanks to Mitch (Charmingman93):

Thanks spacepan for cracking the joke about "grooming" and making the thumbnail (not his area of expertise, but better than I can do):

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Radical unschooler, Dayna Martin, will be doining spacepan and I.

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We're going to be chatting with one of the LGBT, NYC talks of the town, who recently had a panel discussion with other notables, such as Blaire White, and Brandon Straka.


Mueller = WRONG!!!!

Jussie Smollet = The TRUE Prince of Queens... because he is a real victim in an organized conspiracy from the cops, or something.

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Running a tiny bit late. 4:15 or so.

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I have to do this because if I don't, people can always say "WHY DO YOU NEVER CRITICIZE THE FAR RIGHT?" which I do, presuming white nationalist identitarians are "far right" (which is a lot to presume, it turns out).

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Chatting with one of the first people I met on YouTube.


The first episode of my animation series. Season one will have 6 episodes total, and I will need your help to get the next ones made.

Episode 1: Antifa
Episode 2: Queer
Episode 3: Alt-right
Episode 4: Black Lives Matter
Episode 5: Universities
Episode 6: Season Finale

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We'll only have him for an hour, so make sure to have some questions ready in superchats!!


This seems like a good enough strategy to me, and worth doing... but it almost seems to simple.

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Do people legitimately believe they are fooling people with this? Do they think I won't see them spewing nonsense and attempt to correct this?

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Chatting about stuff with our friend Saiyomi.

At least I very often don't FEEL like acting like it, which I realize I should get over.

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Bringing it back to old-school listicle style videos to make some important translations before the 2020 election.

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Tell him how he should style his hair, while we discuss things like far leftist critics going back to the left, and a few more things.

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I just had a major disagreement with a friend, so I made a video. Also, tune in to Gaytriarchy HERE at 3 pm PST.


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I'm currently out of patience.

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Art by: @needledolly


Guest video from spacepan, my Gaytriarchy co-host:

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I am a homosexual guy in his mid 30s taking apart the mentality of "4th wave intersectional feminist social justice bigoteers" one dramatic and nasal-voiced opinion video at a time. I have about 20 years experience with these people and a writing degree... those are my qualifications to be such a 'know it all'. I also talk about politics a bit.

Skeptic. Agnostic.

If you like my writing style, I have a full length screen-play that i want to get made, and it would be a super low budget. I also have a good full length play that I would give to theater troupes for a small fee. Ask me about these things if you like my videos.

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