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Cocaine is a helluva drug.

Hopefully this time it uploaded properly

I have no idea where this comes from or who the original author is. I got it as a webm file. If I had to guess it's from 4chan

A long awaited sequel to "Kraut hates sand people"

How can a man have so little self awareness?


From now on Anti-SJW Ultradegeneracy will be hosted on its own dedicated channel.


Upcoming show:

Now we know why Krautdolf wanted to gas him.


VICE is truly the paragon of modern journalism.


It's 2018 so why not beat the skeletonized remains of a long dead horse until my face gets tired?


"Women Let Out A Primal Scream Over Brett Kavanaugh. It Didn’t Matter."

Another shining example of quality journalism from Huffing Compost.



As you can clearly see, he had no problem using that word in 2012, despite what he says.

That Poley the polar bear video was still on his channel when he uploaded the video about Pewdiepie.


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